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I guess I'm still sick afterall

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I slept over twelve hours last night and woke up still feeling tired. My stomach ache is back with a vengence. I am skipping a workout today and will just rest.

My prediction about having a "new low" today was right - I am 135.0 today. It was my first "new low" since Nov. 13. I have no idea if anyone gets what I mean by "new low" - basically I just mean that I haven't seen my weight this low yet, at least not since my short-lived stint last year. Now I will probably go several weeks hovering around/above this number before I see any more new lows.

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TRACYZABELLE 11/27/2008 6:19AM

I am so sorry you feel poor, you know what you need to do to feel better and one thing is to relax! Congrats on your new low.. but be sure to get enough nutrients in , even if you feel ill.


PS Happy Thanksgiving!

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FITGIRL15 11/27/2008 12:28AM

    Beimg sick is hard on the body... I used to lose a full pant size when I'd get sick (mostly water retention though, quickly comes back after cold is gone unfortunately) I hope you start feeling well soon! And yes, rest is very important! Your body will thank you for it!!!

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LYNN248 11/26/2008 8:50PM

    feel better:)

COngrats on the new low:)
go you!!

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BRUIN2 11/26/2008 7:46PM

    Sick on a holiday?!?! Boooooo. Feel better soon!!!

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TERRIANGEL 11/26/2008 7:25PM

    Awwww, I hope you get all the rest you need this long weekend.

Have a really great Thanksgiving, hon. We have our plans, so now we can relax and enjoy.

I've gotta go prep some food for tomorrow (cauliflour "gratin" and this yummy low-calorie pumpkin pie on a nilla wafer thing I got the recipe for on Spark. Did a trial run to see if they were any good the other day, and they are indeed DELISH!) I actually need to go see where I got the recipe and rate it. 17 calories per piece, and wicked good!

Anyway, have a great day tomorrow. Feel better. Congratulations on your new low! Woo hoo!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Susan!!

p.s. no ring today, huh? Heee!!!!! emoticon

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/26/2008 5:47PM

    feel better soon.

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WWGAL23 11/26/2008 5:06PM

    I totally understand what you mean about your "new low" thats what I am thinkin 145 will be for "new low" but we can both stay strong and push past them! I am sorry you are sick..keep hydrated and I am glad you are gonna rest and not push the gym..happy thanksgiving!

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PAMELA984 11/26/2008 4:55PM

    I hope you feel better soon - at least enough to enjoy family and friends for Thanksgiving! emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Longest Streak

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today I realized I've currently been on track with my weight management longer than I ever have before. My second-longest stretch was from January to the middle of May 2007. I've been tracking my weight on SP since January 2007 and the weight loss during the 1/07-5/07 stretch was a straight sharp line. After all the spikes up and slides down (between 5/07 and 7/08), the weight loss from 7/08-now starts off with another steep decline, but has gradually curved into a much slower pace. And I like it that way, because it looks like a curve that is starting to level off into a horizontal line. And a horizontal line means a stable weight.

During this July-to-now stretch I definitely have had my moments of indulgence. There was a party where I ate three different kinds of cake, and a birthday dinner when I ate three different kinds of ice cream (AND a piece of cake). But I was still on track then, because I recognized that those were exceptions for special occasions, and not excuses to blow off diet and exercise the rest of the day. I didn't feel guilty, I just went right back to planned meals and workouts immediately afterwards. And other than maybe a couple pound temporary gain, my weight really didn't suffer. I never overindulge when it's not a special occasion anymore.

Yesterday I weighed 137.4 for the third day in a row. I had stomach issues yesterday that seem a bit better today. It turns out that a stomach bug is a sure way to get out of a mini-plateau - I was 136.2 today. Tomorrow morning will be a) my first weigh-in at Jess' condo in a long time and b) my first chance to sleep in late in a long time, so I am expecting a new low. I keep thinking I should keep track of my "new lowest" weights.. but then I forget to. I haven't seen a "new low" in a long time now - not since the first time I saw 135.8 a few weeks ago(?). I'm due for another one!!

Yesterday despite not feeling that great I made it to Body Pump and then I rode a recumbant bike for a bit over an hour. Then I stretched and went home and went to bed early. I was still tired today at work... but somehow I started to feel better just when it counts - evening gym time! I went to the gym around a quarter to 8 p.m. tonight (it was a late one at work - last day of work all week, had to get things ready for next week!) and needed eight minutes of walking on the treadmill to feel warmed up enough to stretch. But then I ran - and I was surprised. I wasn't too sick/worn out to do it! Granted I didn't go all that fast (mostly around 6.2 mph give or take) but I went strong for over a half hour. The only reason I stopped was because I was in a sleeveless shirt and my armpits were chafing. Does this happen to anyone else?? I need sleeves to run, which stinks because I prefer sleeveless! My underarm area is definitely a place where I suspect I have extra loose skin from being previously overweight, so maybe that's why it chafes. In a magazine I was reading on the bike I noticed photos of runners all in sleeveless tops - I guess they don't have this problem. :(

Anyway, so I tried walking fast at a huge incline for a while (6-7), a bit more running, and then I spent over a half hour on the bike. They were doing my favorite part of BL when I left - the weigh-ins - but enough was enough and I needed to drive to my cutie's place in the city!

Looking forward to having tomorrow off. I am going to sleep in, read in bed, use a lot of Spark, maybe run outside if the weather's OK, and strength-train by myself at the gym (no Body Pump this week). Maybe I will make the cranberry spiced pear recipe SP featured the other day to bring with me to Thanksgiving...not sure. Regardless, it's really nice to get to have a restful day when I really need one. :)

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WWGAL23 11/26/2008 4:41PM

    I totally understand the sleeveless issue! I HAVE to run sleeveless because I get way overheated but I totally chafe so im sure by the end of my runs I start to look like a chicken haha. I wonder if we can eventually find a solution! Congrats on your long streak! I am glad that you are feeling better..Have a great thanksgiving sweetie!

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SEEHOLZ 11/26/2008 1:59PM

    I cannot stand sleeve on the treadmill- I overheat easily. I only chafe when I run for long periods of time, but it sure hurts--- put vaseline in the trouble spots and try again! It works for me 100%--- as long as I put vaseline under my armpits before I run, I am golden! No one has ever noticed it---well, except for my DH!
Enjoy your Thanksgiving and congrats on your longest streak!!!

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RA4945 11/26/2008 12:27PM

    I highly recommend Body Glide too! It's about $6 for a tube thing but it works great! How many days of rest from working out do you give yourself? You're starting to show signs of over-training (if you don't mind my far away assessment. haha). I'm just concerned because you've mentioned a few times that you aren't feeling so great. I hope you have a day of complete rest (no work outs!) soon. Your body needs it! So glad you get to sleep in tomorrow. That will definitely help! Take good care of yourself and have a happy Thanksgiving.
Great job on all the hard work!!!

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/26/2008 12:04PM

    way to be consistent. i don't chafe that often. before long runs if i am wearing shorts i will put the body glide breigh talked about on my inner thighs.

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ZIRCADIA 11/26/2008 8:22AM

    An SP friend of mine posted an amazing looking Fresh Cranberry Relish the other day if you're a cranberry fan -- SLCOLMAN -- just look at the left hand side of her page for her recipes and it's on there. If I was Thanksgiving at home this year, I think I'd make it. :)

Congrats on your consistency! :D My weightloss was pretty much a straight line until after 100lbs lost, then it curved out to a flatline. I think that's pretty typical, and I agree a good thing! :D

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BRUIN2 11/25/2008 11:34PM

    What a day!!

Chaffing: everyone chafes in a different spot, and it's hard to predict when it's going to happen (unless it happens every time - I feel sorry for those people!). There is a product called "Body Glide" that many people swear by - it's a deodorant stick kind of thing with some lube in it so you don't chafe....

I only ever got one little chaf on my inner thigh once - no fun... Does this happen to you in all sleeveless tops?? Maybe it's just how that one is cut...


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The Yoga Report

Sunday, November 23, 2008

So who woulda guessed it - it turns out Jess is a natural at yoga!! The instructor kept praising him - and telling me to square my hips. I am most impressed that he was able to do the "crow" - exactly the pose Fitgirl15 is demonstrating in the background on her page - on his very first try. We were doing Hatha yoga and I actually really liked it - I loved all the stretching and I realize even more now how far I need to go to work on my balance.

After class we went to TJMaxx and I tried on some pants from the clearance department. Did you know they don't even HAVE a clearance section for pants smaller than a 6? There were a few smaller sizes sprinkled in with the larger ones though. I mostly tried on 6s, which ranged from fitting to being very slightly baggy, but it turns out that just because you fit into a size 6 does not mean that you love how they look on you. It also turns out that when you suddenly need to make a multi-thousand-dollar purchase you didn't know you were going to make (i.e., a car), you suddenly don't feel like buying anything, even from the clearance rack at TJMaxx.

Time to go enter my new food groupings for the week - looking forward to eating me some pasta bake and Asian-style salmon with rice and veggies this week!

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ZIRCADIA 11/24/2008 2:55PM

    I went to TJ Maxx for the first time ever the other day -- I was looking for a winter coat, and they were all out of my price range. : ( BOO. I briefly looked at workout pants to see if they had anything that resembled running tights, but I really didn't have any money to spend on that -- or the gloves and cable knit tights I looked at... so I, too, left empty handed and thinking about how money was too tight. :P WAH! BUT YAY FOR YOGA!!!!! :D I need to actually go to a yoga CLASS at my gym instead of continuing to do it on my own so I can have an instructor comment on me. That'd be great. Anyway! Later!

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FITGIRL15 11/24/2008 11:41AM

    He got into crow on the FIRST TRY!???!?! It took me at least a YEAR (and 25 pound weight loss) to finally manage that pose! WOW, some people just GOT IT, eh? Impressive! Did you attempt crow too?

I normally prefer Vinyasa yoga... it's more fluid and gets your HR up a bit more then hatha. But really, yoga shouldn't be about how hard you work, it's more of a mind-body experience and you should be able to experience that doing ANY form of Yoga!

Here's to many more FUN yoga classes! (I'm so jealous that you managed to get your fiance to a class... I teach Yoga and don't think I'll ever be able to get my other half to the gym! :( Boo! )

Comment edited on: 11/24/2008 11:40:28 AM

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SEEHOLZ 11/24/2008 11:22AM

    Yoga rocks! It's so much more than the exercise or pose-- yeh, they pick at me, too-LOL!
My DH loves Yoga so much now, he convinced his one friend to go tonight- it only took me 3 yrs to convince him to try it. Once he did, he was sold!
Totally get the "no shopping mood" due to car issue--- I'd feel the same exact way!
Have a fun Monday!

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CATERPILLAR85 11/24/2008 10:17AM

    thank you for all of the wonderful blog comments :) i have to sit down and go re-read all the wonderful advice and suggestions! Hooray that you liked yoga! I love it and it really "balances" out my week. My gym classes are cancelled wed-friday this week for the thanksgiving holidays and i was disappointed because i usually go to bodyflow wed & thur nights but now that i'm officially on break (no school or work all week, yay!) i will be able to make it to the bodyflow class at 10:30am!

not sure if you are interested but i love tjmaxx and that is where i got my yoga/pilates mat at! it is the best mat i've ever had and i take it with me every time i go to yoga!

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MIMISCA 11/24/2008 9:55AM

    oh nice and go jesse! hey and even though not every size 6 is gonna fit perfectly - what an accomplishment to fit into those pants! nicely done!

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LYNN248 11/24/2008 6:40AM

    How great that Jess went to Yoga with you.

I went shopping all weekend and found NOTHING!

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CREATINGMYSELF 11/24/2008 2:01AM

    Ohh.. TJ Maxx. I somehow always forget to go there when I am shopping or looking for cheap stuff. I love Homegoods too.

Congrats on wearing a size 6 though. I have NEVER worn a 6, except maybe when I was like 13 yrs old. I fear that even when I reach my goal weight I am still going to have to start having my clothes altered/tailored. I have larger hips but a normal waist, so I also have a gap in the back of my pants. I hate how they make clothes! And sizes need to be universal.. seriously.

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BRUIN2 11/23/2008 10:35PM

    Yay for yoga!! And look at your little closet Yogi!!

Isn't it amazing that even tiny size clothes don't all fit great either?!? I always thought that was just another curse of being chubby. HA.

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I do not want to deal with it!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

For the most part I try to stick to weight management issues in my blog here, but right now I need a new car and I just have NO MOTIVATION to deal with it. My mom made my brother call me to tell me how important it is to do some thorough research before making this huge investment and tell me what types of cars are the best value blah blah blah - and I DON'T CARE. I just wanted to hang up. Cry!

So, I'm not going to blog about that. Luckily, my mom is going to loan me her car for a few days so at least I can get to work, and who knows, maybe they'll even sell me their old car for not too much $$$. Or maybe my boyfriend's dad will help me find a good deal - apparently he's great in that department. So far he found something that looked good on craigslist, but when the guy emailed me back it just smelled like a scam so I dropped that idea fast.

I weighed 137.4 again this morning. I'm starting to not really worry about whether I get down to 130 or not. I am not trying to imply at ALL that I am giving up or anything of the sort, I just think that I look fine the way I am and would still be happy even if I didn't lose any more. I was tired this morning again...I scurried over in the bitter cold to 9 a.m. Step Interval with a mug of coffee. Part way through class I started coughing and noticing that I wasn't even mentally that sharp. The "choreography" really wasn't that hard but I kept messing it up. The class in general seemed SO hard. I blame it ALL on being sick! After Step Interval I stayed for abs and stretching, then left the gym at 10:30.

Back at home I wasn't feeling that great so I took my temperature and thankfully I do NOT have a fever. But I am definitely worn down - thank goodness I only have a two-day work week coming up, and that I said NO to going to my aunt's in Maine for Thanksgiving. I need to rest! My boyfriend was p*ssed at me for not going to his parents' house with him this afternoon, but I really just wanted some time to chill and be on SparkPeople for hours...and I have to do some cooking stuff too. I'm so motivated with this just doesn't carry over into the car-buying realm.

Yesterday my Body Pump teacher announced to the class that the main studio floors are being redone this week, and all classes that normally take place in the main studio will be canceled from Tuesday-Thursday of this coming week. (And after that, there will be a strong fume smell in the room for a while, not sure if I'll want to work out in that!) I already knew that and had already been thinking about having the chance to get back into my solo workouts with machines. In fact, I forgot to mention this, but my butt muscles were feeling pleasantly sore after doing my old lunges and squats routine the other day when I couldn't make it to Body Pump. There are LOTS of squats and lunges in Body Pump, but doing them in a different way, with far fewer reps and heavier weights, the way I used to do them, made my muscles sore because I wasn't used to it. Mixing things up really does seem like a great strategy. However, back to my Body Pump teacher's announcement. It was during the stretches at the end, and she said that the stretches we were doing were good after Body Pump, but to really increase flexibility they weren't enough, and she recommended yoga. She said, "Don't be scared of the yoga studio. It is part of your membership. I can help you find a yoga or pilates class that works for you. Next week when the main studio is closed you might want to try a yoga or spinning class." It was like she was reading my mind - I have been considering trying spinning...and had always thought about yoga. In fact, I tried one class, but it was a particularly weird type of yoga, I found out too late.

Anyway, I told Jess what she was saying, and to my utmost surprise, he replied, "I'll try yoga with you."

UH...WHAT?! Who was this, and what had he done with my weight-lifting, football-loving boyfriend???

"You will!" I shrieked with glee. (I feel like I'm writing a novel.) I looked up the yoga schedule and it turns out there is a class that sounds good tonight at 5. So wish us luck - we're going to yoga in an hour and a half! Actually...don't wish US luck, wish the REST of the class luck - they're gonna have to put up with us! Heehee.

PS - Thanksgiving ideas:

*Fill the plate mostly with vegetables. Then just put a small dollop of the less healthy stuff on top. That way the plate will look full and nobody can accuse me of starving myself. Also, that way I'll probably reduce my chances of getting tummy aches.

*No matter what it takes, eat VERY SLOWLY and don't go back for seconds. That way, a) my stomach will have time to tell my brain when I'm full, b) if anyone asks if I want more I can say, "Not yet, I'm still working on what I've got already," and c) I won't have to sit there and watch other people eat when I'm already done.

*In order to accomplish the very slow eating, I will need to do all those lovely things you read about like putting my fork down between bites, chewing thoroughly, drinking non-caloric beverages, cutting up my food, focusing on conversation rather than food.

*Allow dessert, whatever I want, but keep it small and don't go back for more.

If I keep up with my usual eating/exercising routine the rest of the week, I should be fine. On the day of Thanksgiving, maybe I should cut back about 1,000 calories from my planned menus to make room for the Thanksgiving dinner. That will probably mean skipping out on one of my regular meals and all of my regular snacks. And be sure to exercise on Thanksgiving day!!!

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ZIRCADIA 11/24/2008 2:51PM

    Sounds like your Thanksgiving plan is VERY similar to mine... and to changing things up? AWESOME! I did some squats and lunges the other day after not really doing any in a long time due to resting my IT band and my BUTT and QUADS are SO SORE. HAHAHAHA :D Still. I did some KB stuff this weekend and a Jillian video so they got hit again... :P I'm trying to stay diligent to counterract the extra food of this week!

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SEEHOLZ 11/23/2008 9:11PM

    I totally know what you mean with changing the routine up! You are so right-it makes all the difference in the world! As for motivation, I'm similar: I'm either really into something or simply, really not-LOL!
Good luck with the car, anyways!

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TERRIANGEL 11/23/2008 7:13PM

    Car problems S*CK!!!! So sorry, girl. I hope your parents sell you theirs for cheap, too. That's what parents are really for, right? :) Good luck with that, hon.

I LOVE your T-day plan. That'll have to be me, too. fill the plate with the low cal stuff, and eat slow. Unfortunately, that's not how it usually goes. :) There are like 40 people there, everyone brings at LEAST one dish, so you can only imagine how much awesome food there is to try. Even taking a spoonful of only half the offerings overflows your plate. It's HARD, but I'm gonna give it the ole' girl scout try! And I've got an 8AM 5K, so that's good. I know that'll be the only exercise I'll be able to squeeze in that day, except maybe a walk after lunch and before dinner (yes, we have BOTH at my Aunt's house. Holy Food, Batman!). But no gym. So, please get a good bit of working out done for me, too while you're there.

You look fantastic. Have you seen your bikini picture? You SHOULD feel completely comfortable where you are and not have to worry about any number on the scale. Just maintain and you'll knock 'em dead in the Carribean in your bikini...which you won't be removing till you have to leave, 'cause ya sure can't wear a bikini in Mass in February!

I hope you guys had a blast at yoga tonight. A perfect workout for the illin'. Can't believe Jess agreed to go!

Thanks for checking in on my blogs. We crack me and comment on like the last 5 in one night. Hee!!

Keep on bustin' butt, sistah. Check in on you later.

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KENSINGTONC 11/23/2008 5:24PM

    I totally get the type of day you had today - I hope tonight's better. I spent half of my run today cursing the weather, the cars, the sun, the dog I was running with...until I realized that I was 3 miles into a 4 mile run and should just shut up already. Mentally awesome workouts seem few and far between, but I guess that's what builds up mental toughness.

Also - loooove the T-day plan. The plate idea is a good one, as long as there are vegetables!

Also also - re: P90X, it's this totally intense, hardcore cardio-strength-core-yoga home fitness DVD program that most people do for 90 days (workouts are planned out for you). I found the DVDs in the basement and started trying them, and dayum are they tough! The "ab ripper X" DVD has exercises that I'd never even heard of, that made my abs ache the next day. So, I'm going to work some of them into my workouts to change things up.

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CREATINGMYSELF 11/23/2008 5:24PM

    I am SO glad I am doing a 5K Thanksgiving morning and that my gym will be open. That gives me a little wiggle room. Thanks for posting the ideas.

Sorry that your day/weekend doesn't seem to be going well. Don't let it get to you-- and I hear you about the whole car thing. Mine is always on the verge of breaking down, and when it does, I will no longer have a car.

Hope you guys have fun at yoga :)

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BRUIN2 11/23/2008 5:18PM

    Ok, is it weird to you how similar we can be sometimes?!?!?! Bwahahaha.

Of course I love your idea of being "one" with your weight - focusing on how you feel and not focusing so much on actually getting to 130 (hmm, I'm deja-vuing to my blog from yesterday!)

And great plans for dealing with Thanksgiving.

Fingers crossed on the car situation!

Have fun at yoga!!

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PAMELA984 11/23/2008 3:41PM

    It sounds like you have a plan for turkey day - you can do this! I am a lot like you with cars - I just want to know that every time I get in, it starts and takes me where I want to go - I don't want to mess with it - and I hate shopping for a new/used car - and really hate spending money on a car.

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Crummy Day :(

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yesterday I was 136.4 on Jess' scale, which was good. I noticed my car driving funny on the long drive from his place to my school, and was scared it'd strand me on the highway, but luckily I made it. It did stall once on the way back home, but I got it going again. I was at the gym for almost 90 minutes last night. I started with a three-minute walk, then a stretch, then some interval running at 6.0/8.5 and one 9.0. I did that for about 20 minutes if my memory serves me correctly, then I walked for a few minutes, and then I did an hour-long Body Combat class. After that, we did our weekly grocery shopping and my wild Friday night consisted of cooking a pasta bake. I have a few ingredients ready to go for my Asian salmon and rice but haven't totally finished making it yet.

This morning I got up to the alarm even though one thing I always love about the weekend is going alarm free. (I weighed 137.4......welcome to sloooowwwwwwww weight loss.) We had to drop my car off at the mechanic's before Zumba. I ended up early to the gym and biked before class for 10 minutes or so. Part-way through Zumba I noticed how tired I was and started contemplating leaving after it was over. But I decided to stay because a) I hadn't been to Body Pump since Monday! and b) I could make it through a class like Body Pump when tired easier than a class where I have to jump around a lot. So...I made it through Body Pump. Next up was Body Combat and I was just so tired that I was barely following along . After maybe 20 minutes I finally did the walk of shame to the back of the studio to grab my stuff, and then out the studio door, claiming I wasn't feeling well. I ended up staying at the gym until noon anyway, biking and stretching and waiting for Jess to finish his workout. But after that I came home and crawled back into bed!

Finally, Jess called the mechanic for me and it turns out that what's wrong with my car will cost more to fix than the car is worth. I don't have a lot of money these days. At least in this economy I have a lot of company, but this is really stressful. Jess doesn't use his car very much since he takes public transportation to work (not an option for me) so I could borrow his, but his is just as old as mine and isn't running great. My parents might let me borrow one of theirs but that is just a temporary solution. I still have to figure something out.

But never mind all that right now. I have a LOT that should make me happy, including:
*I have the cutest, sweetest boyfriend in the world
*I am thin, fit, and healthy and I have an enjoyable, liveable plan to keep it that way!!!!!!!
*I am sooo thankful for SparkPeople
*I am also soooo thankful for my gym. Imagine a gym that is literally right next door to home that is open 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. with all the classes and equipment you could ever want!

There's other things to be thankful for too, but those are the ones I feel like focusing on right now.

I'm still feeling really tired and it's reeeeally cold out right now. I think I may have been successful in convincing Jess it'll be best to just stay home all nice and warm and cozy tonight. I hope so. Then tomorrow I'll have to start investigating new (well, gently used but reliable) cars and how in the world I'm supposed to afford one. Maybe I shouldn't have booked a Carribbean vacation....but how was I to know my car was about to die?! And besides, I'm really, really, really looking forward to that.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

SEEHOLZ 11/23/2008 8:41PM

    Sorry to hear about your car!Yep, that stinks, but it's always good to look at the upside. I like how you sad the thing about having company-- misery does seem to invite that - or I know there is some kind of saying like that-LOL! Anyways, I know you'll figure it out. I know one thing: bad economic times call for downsizing, which means you'll definitely get a good deal if you look!
I also am thankful for the Y 4 blocks from my house! Just as a side note
As for your vacation: You deserve it! Money decisions in economic downturns are difficult-- I mean, there is always more downsizing we can do- after all, we could cancel cable, sell our cars, eat plain bread, pasta with nasty margarine and proceessed cheese looking stuff- even cancel thanksgiving turkey ... my point is that it's just time to re-prioritize and if a vacation rejuvinates you and gives you energy to stay healthy and happy, I say, go for it! That's my humble opinion, anyways.
As for being worn out at the gym: have pulled the " I don't feel well card" before! I do think that it's a sign from our body to avoid "overtraining" and rest-up, but I'm just as guilty to have ignored that cue before. I am getting better at it, though-LOL!

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TERRIANGEL 11/23/2008 7:17PM

    Perhaps you're too sick to go to work tomorrow? *cough, cough, sniff sniff?*

And it's quite possible, if you haven't received a ring on Christmas Eve, Christmas or New Years Eve that the Carribean is the place, so yes, Virginia, you MUST go to the Carribean! and if you ARE indeed engaged by then, then it'll be your first vacation as fiance's, and therefore WICKED special.

Hope that makes you feel a bit better? Now go drink some tea and watch tv.


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LYNN248 11/23/2008 8:37AM

    ohh man.. sorry about your crappy day.

way to keep the positives in focus tho:)


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FITGIRL15 11/23/2008 12:51AM

    Sounds like you have it all in perspective! Crummy day? Nah, just a crummy situation, the rest of the day sounded great! I am sure you'll find a new car!!! In this economy, I bet you'll get something really nice for a good deal!

PS.. You asked me if I got tummy achy during the day after my cheat day? This time, not at all! (Last cheat day, a different story completely! Not just tummy aches but full fledged GI issues! TMI, I'm sorry! LOL) I think it also depends on the foods I choose to eat on cheat day. I have come to the conclusion of a few things that upset my stomach:
1) Thai spices make me very sick
2) Caffiene (black tea or coffee) also don't agree with me
3) Mixing beans with sweet potatoes makes me very gassy (bad before a workout!)
4) Drinking milk before a workout is a BAD idea!

But obvioulsy we all have very different systems and will also have very different sensitivities!

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/22/2008 11:20PM

    hope tomorrow is better for you and way to see the positive in today. that isn't easy!

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BRUIN2 11/22/2008 9:14PM

    Vacations are SO WORTH IT! You've got a great attitude and a great approach - and thankfully lots of options!

Glad you listened to your body and didn't push through the last class. Hope you have a splendid rest of weekend!

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