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Nutrient-Dense Dinner

Friday, March 09, 2007

I only ate 19 points before the gym today, and did one of my huge 99-minute gauntlet workouts. At a conservative estimate of 4 APs (halfway between moderate and low intensity), that gave me a total of 27 points and a whopping 8 for dinner (Jess is encouraging me to use all my APs. Even though I encourage people on the Weight Watchers Friends team to do it, I have trouble convincing myself to follow my own advice! Thank goodness for Jess.)

So here's the amazingly delicious and healthy dinner I had:
*Baby spinach salad with shallot (like Bermuda onion but a much more manageable size), mushrooms, red pepper, carrot, tomato, olive oil, and cider vinegar
*3.5 oz salmon
*4 oz Merlot
*1 kiwi (added after I calculated my points and saw I still needed one more)

Topping this off with a big mug of hot green decaf tea.

Sorry if this is bragging, but I am SO DOING EVERYTHING RIGHT!!!

Everything I read about in health magazines, I'm either already doing, doing better, or I decide to add it in. No wonder I'm losing weight at just the expected pace and without any discomfort.

I told the health teacher that my nutrition tracker shows I never have any folic acid every day. She said I should eat a slice of whole grain bread every day. So, I'll check next time I'm at the grocery store.

Also bought some spaghetti squash. People at my WW meetings rave about spaghetti squash. Maybe I'll put it in my next crockpot batch (which I should be working on right now...)


140s Here I Come!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

I WILL hit the 140s this weekend...I will I will I will!!! 150.0 this morning - come on!!


Weight Watchers Meeting #5

Thursday, March 08, 2007

According to the WW scale I weighed 153 today, which is 1.4 pounds less than last week. It was also my first successful week of "maintanence" (in quotes because I'm not really doing maintanence yet). This morning on my own scale I weighed 150.4. So the difference between my at-home weight and my at-meeting weight was 2.6, which is bigger than usual. I think it might be because I had a cup of tea about an hour or so before the meeting. It's silly to base anything on what the scale says at 3 p.m.!

I forgot to bring my sneakers to the gym today. (Maybe subconsciously I didn't want them because they hurt during my run yesterday?) So I worked out in the brown shoes I'd been wearing at work - minus socks. I looked like a huge dork. Oh well. They weren't uncomforable for my strength training and stair climbing workout. Oh, speaking of stair climbing, my pedometer did NOT seem to register the steps I took during my 45 minutes of stair climbing. It's 8:30 p.m. and I'm only at 3,090 steps. I was at the gym for about two hours!!

Anyway, I've eaten 25 points today, but I have 28 (23 target + 5 AP) so I'm going to find something to eat that's 3 points. I asked Jess, "Do you think I should eat more to keep my metabolism going, or less to accelerate my weight loss?" He said "more to keep your metabolism going." HE is such a big part of my motivation. He tells me I look "skinny" several times a day. I know he means it in a positive way. I'm NOT skinny...unless you compare me to how I used to be. I'm curvy and approaching thin, I guess. But not skinny. He knows I take it as a compliment, though. Now...why can't I get him to propose to me?? But that's another story.

Speaking of other stories, today within a span of about 20 minutes I had TWO people directly give me positive feedback about my work with two specific students. The principal told me that a boy who is not having a positive school year DOES enjoy the time he spends in my room. Th other told me that a struggling reader has come a long way thanks to my teaching. Of course I can't really take the credit for these things...I just happen to be the right person in the right place at the right time...but how great to hear it!


Big Run #2 and "Ice Cream"

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This evening I ran at 5.4 mph for 60 minutes. My total ended up being 5.39 miles and about 632 calories. I do think I could handle 5.5 mph next time, BUT I need new sneakers that fit me better. My current sneakers are only about 3 weeks old, but they are 8.5 wides because they were out of 9 regulars. My right foot is bigger than my left and my right little toes were sore after about 40 minutes. So I'll just get a pair of real running shoes that are properly fitted and wear the other sneakers when I'm not running. They've never hurt before.

I have a friend from college, Jason, who is coming to Boston to run the marathon. I haven't seen him since 1998, but we're going to get together when he's here in early April. He and another friend of his running the marathon and I are going to go for a three-mile run on Sunday morning! Yikes! He promised we could go slow, but I don't want to embarrass myself in front of two marathoners. Gotta train for that run. :)

Now on to my "ice cream" - it's a container of Hood low-fat cottage cheese, Splenda, a couple drops of almont extract, and a sprinkle of cinnamon mixed with a splash of water in the blender. Who knew cottage cheese had added salt and more sodium in one container than I ate all day today? I'll have to look for low-sodium cottage cheese. If you know of any, please let me know! So I poured it - with difficulty - back into the original container and put it in the freezer til tomorrow. It's 4 points and a light yogurt is just this isn't going to end up being a usual thing for me, but it's a neat change of pace.

Okay, so I cheated a LITTLE. What I couldn't pour back into the container, I licked out of the blender. But I had far more APs today than I ate (I earned 7!) so that's okay. And I'm "counting" the whole thing tomorrow, not subtracting the part I licked tonight.



Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Just reading over my recent blog entries.....
Do I brag too much?? I don't mean to sound obnoxious. I just do this to motivate myself to keep on going. All the positive feedback I'm getting from everyone has been sooooo much fun. I don't think I've ever gotten this much positive feedback from a diet before.

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SUSINOK 3/8/2007 6:26AM

    No, you don't brag too much. You are celebrating your successes, and you should. Be proud of your accomplishments because this is NOT easy, is it? No hiding your light under a barrel, so to speak.

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