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Finally - a loss!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Well, as Mimisca predicted and already noticed, I finally lost some weight today. I'm down to 142.0. I sure hope the loss sticks.

I had a really half@$$ed workout this evening. I was just really tired, and it was really long. I did Body Pump and then Cardio Kickboxing, but I was too tired to really get my heart rate up.

My first pumpkin pie smoothie was a bit too thick and bland tasting, so I left out the unsweetened apple sauce for tomorrow's. My other recipes are really good this week..... I just wish I could eat twice as much of them! (I always think I'm hungry when I'm tired. I should go to bed.)

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CATERPILLAR85 10/8/2008 1:04PM

    wow you are amazing! i am so impressed and proud! :) you go girl!

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MIMISCA 10/8/2008 11:28AM

    ok i was going to comment and say awesome job reaching 142 but now i have to say - great job reaching 140.6!!!

omg! you rock! woohoo!

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BRUIN2 10/7/2008 9:21PM


Your body's telling you it's time to rest up for your big race!!! Sleep good, and get some active rest in!!

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A Personal Best!!! ***10K in 55:15!***

Monday, October 06, 2008

That picture has nothing to do with the personal best, but I wanted to share. :) It's me at the top of Mount Monadnock on Saturday.

I had an AMAZING workout at the gym this evening. Isn't the elliptical the most perfect machine? It's easy on your joints, you can work hard on it, it will read your heart rate to you constantly, and you can train for running without actually having to run! It's even easier to drink water while on it than on a treadmill.

I did my usual level 10. I'd completed the first 5K in 27:34. Then....this is big....I completed 10K in 55:15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT is my personal best. It's faster than I'd ever gone before. After that I still didn't slow down...I went on to complete 6.75 miles in one hour and the machine said I'd burned over 1,000 calories (but ellipticals hugely exaggerate calories burned). It took about three minutes into my cooldown to get my heart rate back down to 120 (my goal is two minutes). By the time I'd completed the 5-minute cooldown, I had gone 7.07 miles! And I felt great. Heart rate was in the 160s most of the time...went up into the 170s for the last 20 minutes or so. I was practically smiling the whole walk home afterwards.

OK, if I did my math right...
First 5K stats: 6.8mph, 8.89 min/mile
10K stats: 6.76mph, 8.9 min/mile

60 minute total:
6.75mph, 8.89 min/mile

Way to NOT slow down, YAY! Those numbers are just BEAUTIFUL to me.

My only complaint is that my stomach was hurting just a little bit at times. Maybe that was due to having a sneak preview taste of my pumpkin pie smoothie I made for tomorrow's breakfast? It's so hard to figure out exactly how much and how soon before a run to eat. Messing up with either too much/too soon OR too little/too early are BOTH disastrous, especially for a race.

I know from past experience that I can't expect every workout to be as good as my record. I might not even be close to that in the actual race (though wouldn't it be cool if I did!?!) But I do feel MUCH more ready for my race now. What a relief!

Wonder what I should do tomorrow? Is a 10K too short to bother with tapering off workouts at the end of training? I know I don't want to push it too hard with actual running for a few days before the race, but I still want to push myself to get my cardiovascular fitness level as high as it can possibly be by race day.

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TRACYZABELLE 10/9/2008 5:48AM

    You are remarkable! I better go into hiding so you dont try to come kick my butt.. then again, maybe I need a little kicking!

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JULESGULES 10/8/2008 11:00AM

    Hey there, thanks for the comment. Yeah, I haven't done a 10k ever so I'm excited for this one! I'm keeping mynormal workouts through Friday (6miles + yoga tonight, 4 miles + ST tomorrow and an easy 5miler Friday), then the weekend will just be whatever feels good. Probably just walking Sunday. What's your plan?

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HRZ2UMZROBINSON 10/7/2008 2:25PM

    PPS- that pic is gorgeous!

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HRZ2UMZROBINSON 10/7/2008 2:25PM

    Woohoo!! That's an amazing time :-D
PS- I ran the day before my 10k at the end of August and I felt fine on race day. I think if you've been consistently completing 10ks, then you can do your normal workout routine.

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MIMISCA 10/7/2008 10:55AM

    woohoo! you are awesome! that is so exciting - i LOVE the feeling of an amazing workout and beating your own records! you will kick butt on that upcoming race!

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FITGIRL15 10/7/2008 9:08AM

    Sounds like you are totally ready for this race!!!
Have FUN!

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PAMELA984 10/7/2008 6:34AM

    You are doing so well - and you look terrific! Keep it up and let us know how the race goes

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CHASSIDY2 10/6/2008 10:48PM


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BRUIN2 10/6/2008 10:45PM


Nope, a 10k is not too short to taper. Get a good few more workouts in - maybe two short runs at most, but keep up your other training.

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SARAANN12 10/6/2008 10:41PM

  Congrats!!! emoticon

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TERRIANGEL 10/6/2008 10:40PM

    Wow! You rocked it!!

Can't wait can't wait!! Can you believe it's this weekend? (well, kinda)

Don't you wish ALL workouts were this good?


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Holding Pattern at 143.0

Monday, October 06, 2008

My weight has been EXACTLY 143.0 every morning for the past four days. It has been hovering around this level for the past week and a half or so. I have mixed feelings about this.

*It's a healthy weight for me.
*At least I'm not gaining!
*I get to eat a lot to maintain this weight - I'm rarely hungry, and I'm eating really yummy healthy food!!
*I have a lot of energy, which I need for my race (which is ONE WEEK FROM TODAY, yikes!)
*Jess thinks I shouldn't lose any more weight - he has told me so twice now.
*If I am losing so slowly it isn't even registering on the scale right now, that's actually consistent with my overall goal of losing slowly and permanently and perhaps putting on some muscle and increasing metabolism in the process.
*I could see myself realistically maintaining this lifestyle - eating, exercising, maintaining this weight - and being fairly happy. I'm not tempted to cheat, and I'd probably be able to continue to increase my fitness level.
*If I really am stuck and really want to lose more, I could most likely accomplish that by reducing calories by a few hundred for a while.
*I wear anything from a size 4 to a 10 these days.

*It's frustrating to expect to see a loss and not see one day after day.
*I'm not at 130, which was my goal weight.
*My stomach, hips, and thighs are still fatter than I want them to be.
*In order to lose more, I might need to reduce calories, which doesn't appeal to me! I definitely won't do this until after my race, and even then I will have to decide whether it's really necessary.
*I still don't fit into my thinnest skinny clothes from last year.
*I want to meet my goal of 140 by Oct. 19.
*I want to be 130 for my February vacation (Carribbean?) and for other important events in the future like my wedding (which at this rate may not happen for a loooooooong time, but still, what bride doesn't want to be in perfect shape for her wedding?!)

I am wondering about the calorie reduction thing. What if I only reduced calories once a week or so, and the rest of the time I ate around 2,000? Would I lose weight that way?

Also, if I reduce calories to lose weight, would I need to keep them reduced to maintain the lower weight, or would I get to return to 2,000 once I'm ready to maintain the lower weight!?

I'll have to try these things out and see! Unless anyone out there in SP-land already knows the answer?

Anyway, my whole school seems to collectively have a cold, so it was no surprise that I suddenly felt stuffed up on Friday night. We did end up going hiking on Saturday (Mt. Monadnock - two hours away in New Hampshire), but I needed a pack of tissues. It was gorgeous and I will post pictures soon, but it was sooo crowded - I think all of New England had the same idea! It was literally so crowded that if you wanted to walk faster you'd have to say "excuse me" so the person in front of you could let you by. Yuck. Oh, I also wanted to mention I ended up eating around 2,600 calories that day, including a decaf skim latte treat after the hike was over (Jess got Taco Bell, which USED to be my favorite fast food place back when I used to eat fast food, but I stayed strong and didn't have any).

Oh, speaking of Taco Bell... on our drive home we were guesstimating how many calories Jess ate. I guessed that his three soft beef tacos with sour cream were 200 calories each and his chicken quesadilla would be 400, bringing the calories for his total meal to 1,000. He guessed the total would be closer to 1,200. When we got home we went on Taco Bell's website and they have very thorough calorie information - you can use their calorie calculator and even customize choices! It turns out that his meal was more like 1,260 calories. It was high in saturated fat and trans fat and extremely high in sodium (no surprise), but it was also high in protein and some vitamins, so it wasn't all bad. Interesting. I wish they'd listed ingredients... and I also wish that more restaurants had that kind of information available.

Yesterday I went to Step Interval, Abs and Stretching, and Body Pump. I was still feeling kinda sick, so I took it fairly easy. I sure hope I am feeling 100 percent by race day. I then jogged for about 10 minutes down the street to a farm stand to buy fresh Macintoshes. YUM!!!!!!!

I spent most of the day yesterday cooking. First I made a beef stew with lots and lots of veggies (I hardly ever eat beef so it can't be that bad once in a while, right?). Then I made the spaghetti squash lasagna recipe from SP with a homemade tomato sauce...yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Spaghetti squash is such an awesome alternative to pasta, and how good/healthy is tomato sauce you make yourself with real Merlot, lots of extra veggies, and no added salt!!? You can see the ingredients to these dishes in my nutrition tracker. I also am going to make pumpkin pie smoothies as an autumn alternative to my fruit smoothies, but haven't done it yet.

Then I wasted a couple hours that could have been valuable sleeping time by watching the Red Sox blow a lead and lose to the Angels in the 12th inning. So now they have to play again tonight. At least that means that tonight we'll stay at my place, because Jess doesn't have cable TV!!

I hope I'm not too tired or too sick for a quality workout this afternoon.

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MIMISCA 10/6/2008 4:10PM

    well there's a lot going on in this post but first i have to say that it is AWESOME that you are maintaining 143! and like you told me a week or so ago, you have a tendency to hover around a number and then drop a few pounds quickly. so this probably means, you're due for a drop in the scale soon!

good luck with your race - it's so exciting! i can't wait to hear how it goes!

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BRUIN2 10/6/2008 2:12PM

    Now THAT'S a blog entry!!

What a great list of pros and cons. I think it's fabulous that you're looking at this from all angles. I don't have much advice - if you keep working out with intensity and vigor, by just cutting 100 calories from a few days, you may certainly see the weight loss happen quicker... Or maybe your body is at it's "happy weight" and to lose more you'll have to cut even more calories... Both just guesses.

I think that your current plan is what you should stick to - it's working so great for you! Your attitude is so much different now from when you started this experiment - and if I can tell that just by reading your blogs, I'm sure everyone around you has noticed huge changes!!

Do what feels right!

Focus on your race - a week away, YAY!!!!

The spaghetti squash lasagne recipe sounds very tempting!!! I'm going to go look it up now!

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Friday Check-in, Saturday planning, and GO SOX!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Today I was at 143.0......the pattern seems to be that I see my lowest weight on the weekend and then gradually gain through the week, and then drop more the next weekend. I sure hope that happens again this weekend!!!

School was fun today. I have GREAT students and they kept telling me how fun the lessons were. Learning about compound subjects and proper nouns is fun? Love that enthusiasm, kiddos!

Because I'm doing at least five hours of cardio tomorrow hiking a mountain, I decided I wouldn't do much cardio today...I'd do lots of strength training instead. I used to do the stairmaster fit test as my warmup when I'd do an hour of whole-body strength training, so I thought I'd try that again this evening. It was my first time on the fit test in a loooooooong time and it was always a bit of a blow to the ego. A year ago or so when I used to use it regularly, I'd score "low", then I graduated to "fair", and every once in a while when I was doing REALLY well I'd get up to "average." So today I was emotionally prepared for something around "fair".... so, man was I excited when I saw "above average"!!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER scored that high before. Yay!

I had hoped to do strength training for all my muscle groups, but got tired and didn't quite make it. I did legs, stretching, abs, chest, and shoulders... that means I left out back and arms. Confession - when I go to the gym late in the evening I tend to be one of the only women there and I like to imagine that I'm looking all hot and impressive to the guys there. Hahaha, I'm sure they aren't even noticing me - they certainly don't talk to me or anything - but I like to use my imagination. :) :) :)

Then I decided I'd have some more to eat - mini "carbo loading" for the big mountain hike. I had some cereal with yogurt. Then my boyfriend came home with a bottle of wine so I'm having a glass right now. My alcohol tolerance has gone way down....I'm buzzed off half a glass!! My calories are a bit high today, but I'll burn it off tomorrow.

I decided I'll skip the gym entirely I can leave early and save my energy for the hike. I tried to figure out what my SP calorie range would be for five hours of cardio, but they don't let you go any higher than four. So four hours of cardio gave me a range around 2,900-3,300!! I have a plan for about 2,500 calories for tomorrow... but if I end up not eating some of it and going out for dinner instead or whatever, then so be it. As long as I make controlled healthy choices it'll be all good. :)

I was wearing my new size 4 jeans today (casual Friday) and they're almost slightly too big now. They are so not TRUE size's just vanity sizing. They're probably more like true eights. But that doesn't mean I don't sometimes sneak a peak at the tag just to feel that happy high. :)

GO RED SOX!! Jason Bay just scored a three-run home run in the first inning!!!!!!!

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NO1JESS 10/5/2008 9:27AM

    So exciting! Where are you going hiking?

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CATERPILLAR85 10/4/2008 10:58AM

    have a blast today! it will be good bonding time for you & jess :)

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MSTELZER 10/4/2008 2:16AM

    Glad to see you cheering for the RED sox!!!! Just kidding, I am a MN Twin fan and the WHITE sox knocked us out of the play-offs!!!!

Keep up moving forward as you are on the right path!

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FITGIRL15 10/4/2008 12:26AM

    Yeah, I wore my HRM on one of my big hikes, and you get a really HIGh reading from long duration moderate intensity exercise! (I can't recall the exact figures, I just knew it was way up there!) A lot of that could also be dipping into your BMR though, so you gotta be careful... I often wonder if I wore my HRM for the entire day if it TRUELY would accurately tell me hom many calories I burned!

What do you think?

PS... my weight loss is like a stair case too... slowly dropping, then spiking, then dropping again the next week... I think this is pretty normal.

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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Today's run stats:

5.55 total miles, 1:02 total time
Avg. pace: 11:10 min/mi
Avg. speed: 5.37 mph
Calories: 621

Granted I was just doing a casual run on a day when I was feeling rather tired, but my race is in 11 days.......I have to go so much faster than that to meet my goal!

Yesterday I was 142.2, today 142.6.

Yesterday's workout started with a 20-minute speed drill on the treadmill. For the first 10 minutes I alternated between 6.2 mph and 8.0 mph. For the last 10 minutes I alternated between 6.0 mph and 8.0 mph (I needed more significant breaks by then). Then I did Body Pump and Body Combat. Once again I was totally exhausted by the time I went to Body Combat. I prefer more repetitive movements I can lose myself in for my cardio over the jarring Body Combat kicks and's really not my favorite workout.

This morning a parent at school gave me a great compliment. We were talking about a woman who just had a baby, and the parent asked me if I had met the woman before she was pregnant. I said no, and in an effort to describe how thin this woman was before pregnancy, the parent said, "She was like you!" Now, I've met this woman we were talking about, and I'm SURE she was a LOT thinner than me, but it was very flattering anyway. :)

I was hungry today......I had been between 1,900-2,000 calories per day since Sunday and it was catching up with me. Plus I was tired...we ATTEMPTED to watch the Red Sox game last night that STARTED at 10 p.m., but we only made it until a bit after 11:00. Stupid time zones!! (The game was in California.) So I ate all my food before 2 p.m. and at that point I was kinda desperate for a coffee and my keep-at-school coffee maker wasn't working. So I snuck down the street for an iced coffee (half decaf) with skim milk and that got me through until I could leave at 4. Then I had a decaf with soy milk at home and some cereal, so total calories today are a bit over 2,100. I don't think I could have run for an hour this evening without the extra snacks!!

It was actually a really nice run with cool, dry air and more pretty foliage. I really like running in areas that have stuff going on. I was in an area with well-lit sidewalks and lots of stores, but with more cars going by than pedestrians. A few other runners went by and as usual I was slower than both runners who were going the same directions as me.

Time for the vice presidential candidates to battle it out. If I didn't already have a costume, I could so easily do Sarah Palin for Halloween...but that probably wouldn't be too original, would it! :)

This weekend we might hike Mount Monadnock. We can't go Sunday because - gasp - we couldn't possibly be away from a TV when the Patriots AND Red Sox are playing. So we could go Saturday, but then I'd miss not only my usual fabulous Saturday morning lineup of classes at the gym, but this Saturday is a special "launch" (new choreography, I guess) of some of the classes and they've been making a big deal about it. Maybe it'll be super-duper crowded and I'm better off missing it? I could see hiking a mountain after Zumba (which was moved up to 8:30 a.m. to make room for the launch later), but not after taking all those other classes and being exhausted. Plus, I think we'd need a whole day to get there, up the mountain, and back!

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JULESGULES 10/3/2008 1:49PM

    Hey hey! Great run! Way to get those miles in. Are you doing the Tufts 10k by chance? I'm considering it- it's right where I normally run anyway. I can't imagine trying to "race" it, in any fast way, but just have fun with it. Is it a good opportunity for that? I've never raced an individual 10k before? Congrats again!! emoticon

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CATERPILLAR85 10/3/2008 9:42AM

    Hooray for the weekends!! I am going to take your advice & i'm going to keep myself busy this weekend and still workout so I dont feel like I can "blow" it! :) Although I did wake up with a really bad stomach ache this morning (might have been too much wine last night!!) so i missed this mornings spin class but tomorrow morning I will be at the gym!! I hope you have a great weekend!

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TRACYZABELLE 10/2/2008 11:09PM

    Sounds like a great weekend planned!! You ROCK!

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BRUIN2 10/2/2008 10:32PM

    What a great run!! And do not fret you WILL run faster at your race...the adrenaline and the other racers will get you all pumped up - it will be so fun!!

You've got quite a packed weekend - yay!! Enjoy it!!!

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