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Checking in

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's late and we just got back from the gym in South Boston... the closest Gold's to my boyfriend's place. I've only been there a few times. They have funky weights like 7.5 lbs in a women's only section. The best thing about it is that most cardio machines have their very own TVs and you can change the channel and listen on your headphones. One of the channels is a music station with upbeat music that is playing in the gym in general. It's not really a convenient place to go at all... not like my gym which is a two minute walk from my front door... but the TV factor alone makes me want to go back. It's also a younger and sportier crowd. Is "sportier" a word?

I've done long workouts two days in a row now - yesterday legs and advanced step (still suck at advanced step) for 100 minutes total, today arms and elliptical for 1 hour 35 minutes total. Both days I ate just under 1,900 calories - very healthy and well-balanced food, low sodium, and I drank lots of water.

So... I really don't understand why I gained 2.2 pounds in one day! I was up to 151.8 today. I think that maintanence will really help me to understand natural weight fluctuations. If I gained 2.2 pounds while trying to lose, I would assume my calorie range was too high and get stricter on myself. But right now it can't possibly be that my calorie range is too high (can it?!?) because on average I am exercising at LEAST as much as I said I do when calculating my calorie range, and I've been eating at the very bottom of that range the past few days (one day recently even a little under it). The only thing I can imagine is that this is water weight. I don't know if my body is retaining water because of the time of the month or because of the exercise I am doing or for some other reason, but I really don't think I gained 2.2 pounds of fat today. I'm hoping my weight goes back down with me continuing to do what I'm doing... but if it doesn't, I'm going to have to think about cutting back on calories until I'm back at 149.

I've had a couple people recently tell me I'm looking good, in terms of my weight, which is nice. One was a man at the gym and another was a coworker I used to go to WW meetings with. The man's comments were especially flattering (he wasn't hitting on me! he knows I have a boyfriend - he was just being nice) because he said he can tell how hard I work at the gym, being on the elliptical so long and doing things like the lunges I was in the middle of when he stopped me to chat. I'm actually getting to the point now where I can't help thinking, "I've been at this for 20 months now...I should be looking way better than this...I should be looking amazing." But I know that there was a lot of backsliding in those 20 months and that with the consistent effort I plan to put forth from now on, I will eventually get to a point where I'm really really happy with the results.

I have a confession - I am turning into a thrift store junkie. When your size changes as often as mine has, you can't really justify spending much on your wardrobe. I've gone through stretches of having practically no pants that fit and I've had to wear skirts every day. So today my mom and I went to the thrift store - half off on Wednesdays - and I bought almost $50 worth of pants and tops. Fifty bucks gets you a LOT at a thrift store. I'm officially a size 10 now, though the pants I bought ranged from 4 (okay, that one's too small, but it was Banana Republic and really nice so I figured I'll be able to wear it eventually!) to 12. Some 8s fit, others are too tight.. I can't believe the kinds of deep dark secrets I am sharing here! I better get to bed - good night!

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BRUIN2 8/28/2008 9:21AM

    Have you taken measurements of yourself too? Or do you just go by the scale?

I think you're looking at the "up" in your weight realistically - it could be a whole host of things...but the very last thing I think it could be is a "real gain". Keep at what you're doing!! Awesome workouts!!

And good idea on the thrift store for pants... I just walk around like a goober in stuff that doesn't fit me, so no one can really tell that I've lost weight. HA. It's funny. (And cheap. hahahaha).

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Back at School

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer's over already...can you beleive it? I spent most of yesterday preparing...NOT lessons or my classroom or activities, but FOOD. It is truly my priority - that and exercise, which I actually did not end up having time to do yesterday other than my eight-minute ab routine. I feel guilty about that, but will just pick back up with the exercising today.....

I weighed 149.6 today and would like to share what I have learned in my first week of maintanence. I began this process last Tuesday, 8/19, at 149.4 (mom's scale) and today, exactly one week later, I am 149.6 (Jess' scale).
1. It's WORKING. Somebody knew what they were doing when they came up with the formula for those calorie ranges. You enter what you weigh, what you want your weight to do (go up, down, stay the same - within reason!), and how much exercise you get, and you get the right range.
2. Having this knowledge is having control. I can play with the amount of exercise I get, the speed at which I want to lose, the calorie range I feel like eating, all quite deliberately, and my weight will do what I want it to do.
3. Having control is calming. I can trust myself not to binge because I know I can eat a certain amount and feel really good - I have had minimal hunger and felt physically fantastic - so I won't have the urge to eat out of control.

My plan at this point is to complete the month of maintanence, Aug. 19-Sept. 19, and then change my calorie range so that I am losing one pound per week. I think I would like to then bring my weight to 145 and then do another month of maintanence...maybe five pounds, a month of maintanence, repeat, until I'm done. I'll be done either when I am thin enough or when I get to a point where I do NOT feel good on maintanence...I can't be hungry all the time or gaining weight when eating in my maintanence range.

By the way, I made a truly delicious meal last night...sesame oil, low-sodium soy sauce, all-natural peanut butter, peanuts, frozen stir-fry vegetables, cabbage, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, onions, shiitake mushrooms, and Shirataki noodles. I'd never tried the noodles before but read about them on sparkrecipes - love 'em!!! This dish is quite satisfying as is, but would also taste really great with chicken or shrimp.

I also made a modified (lower sodium & higher veggie) version of the slow cooker chicken taco crockpot has been on low since last night! I should get home and turn it off......and then eat some. :)

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MIMISCA 8/27/2008 12:11AM

    woah that meal sounds delicious!

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PAMELA984 8/26/2008 8:18PM

    When this new lifestyle became my second job, I was successful - I think that is the difference between being committed and just interested!

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BRUIN2 8/26/2008 5:02PM

    Great plan. Are you finding that it's "easy" to eat within the higher range now? I know the first day you struggled to get up there...

And my mouth is watering now.... that sounds delicious!!!

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Very Quick Update

Monday, August 25, 2008

I don't have time to write much now, but I wanted to check in and share that I got back from an AMAZING bike trip on Martha's Vineyard yesterday where I exercised hours each day and brought all my own food (supplemented each day to bring my calorie totals to about 2,000-2,600!) and this morning I weighed in at 149.8, which is the lowest weight I've seen on my scale at home. This maintanence thing is working!!!

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MIMISCA 8/26/2008 2:23PM

    great job!!! and that bike ride sounds like a blast!

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PAMELA984 8/26/2008 6:34AM

    Good for you! I'm glad you are doing okay with this because I know you were pretty nervous about it!

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BRUIN2 8/25/2008 10:48PM


Look at you - even rocking the vacation!!!

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GLOBUGSCORNER 8/25/2008 10:41PM


FANTASTIC!!!! Keep up the great work. Thanks for the encouragement. If you can do it, so can I. Way to go!


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Maintanence - Day One

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I was so scared to actually do it. I wasn't going to. I didn't feel hungry. I did a huge cardio workout (the run) and then 35 minutes of shoulder/bicep/tricep strength training at the gym and I'd only had 1,400 calories. But then I felt hungry I checked my macronutrient percentages to help me decide what to eat. I was only at 25 percent for fat, so I had some walnuts. Still far below brand new calorie range (about 1,900-2,200), still hungry. I had my new yummy discovery - my Bob's Red Mill "hot cereal" mixed in with some vanilla yogurt (also good with plain oatmeal, though I need to find some w/o added salt). Same result - STILL far below calorie range and still hungry. Now, I should say I could have gone to bed when I was still back at 1,400 calories - I would have felt hungry, but I would have fallen asleep and felt fine in the morning. I could have waited 20 minutes after the walnuts or the yogurt/cereal combo and felt full. But I was still hungry at the moment, and I really do want to try this maintanence thing, so I looked for some carbs (the macronutrient I was now a little behind with) - and I wanted something healthy (no high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated soybean oil, etc.) so I went with some canned pineapple in its own juice. Now I feel at 1,800 calories for the day. Still below my range, but I am going to stop here and see what happens............. so nervous, so conflicted. What do I do if I've gained?! What do I do if I've lost more? Will I really be happy if my weight stays the same?? I still have some fat on my body I want to get rid of. I know what I would say if it were someone else with these thoughts - no matter what my scale says tomorrow, stick with it a little longer and see what happens - in fact, don't even worry about my weight until I've been doing this long enough to see a trend forming.. in fact, be sure to actually be IN the range (not 100 calories below it like I am today)... I've already learned how to lose weight, but I do NOT know how to maintain and I MUST learn, and with all the extra energy I am going to feel just fabulous and make huge strides with my cardio and strength training.

But knowing all that is different than actually doing it, when I know I COULD be losing more, and when I see fat on my belly and thighs that has to go.

Then again, I do love to eat and I hate to feel hungry. Maybe I'll really love this so much it'll be hard to ever go back to losing (another thing to worry about -great). This has got to work. You're supposed to lose slowly; you're supposed to drop ten percent of your weight (I did just about that) and then try to maintain that for a while before losing more. You're not supposed to cut calories too far when you're really active anyway. A running website had an article about weight loss that said you should eat 12-14 daily calories for every pound you weigh. That gives me a range of about 1,800-2,100 calories for weight LOSS. Maybe...just maybe...I'll find that I'm still losing eating this much. Wouldn't that be wonderful. Let's see what happens! Sorry for babbling on so much, but I want to record this experiment thoroughly. And I need to work out my thoughts. I haven't even touched on the subject of how to handle eating in Martha's Vineyard yet!

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HRZ2UMZROBINSON 8/20/2008 3:32PM

    Congrats on getting down to the 140s!! Maintenance sounds like a good idea so you can get used to where your body's at for awhile. let me know how that works for you :-)

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BRUIN2 8/20/2008 9:01AM

    No need to apologize - not babbling at all! And I'm so excited to hear how maintenance works for you!

What about doing this weekend what you did a few weekends back - pack your breakfasts and lunches and then eat dinner out? Perhaps pack a few snacks too?

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I feel ready for the Tufts 10K!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh what a run. From my parents' house to the town hall and around back. Gorgeous weather. How sad that I only saw three other walkers and two other runners, and two houses with kids playing outside, the entire time!
*1 hour, 13 minutes
*5.92 miles
*Average pace 12:20 minutes/mile
*Average speed 4.87 mph (boo - so slow!)
*485 calories (yeah right, mapmyrun - you liar)
Okay, so I need to get better SPEED. I have time - the race isn't until mid-October.
By the way, I was playing with my parents' digital blood pressure machine. My blood pressure was 106/68 and my heart rate was 45. Yeah for health!


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