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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Drum roll please.... I weighed in at 149.4 today!!! As all of us weight losers know, hitting a new, lower digit in the tens place is always so very exciting, though one weight loss book I read pointed out that's just a side effect of our base ten system, haha. This means I weigh closer to 100 than 200! I haven't seen a weight under 150 since before we went to Jamaica in 2/08. At that time, I'd worked my way down to the lower 140s only to binge on all-inclusive resort food, and sleep (I had a cold!) the entire time I was there. Needless to say, my weight was NOT in the 140s anymore when I got home.

Now, two blog entries ago, I talked about going into maintanence for a month as soon as I was under 150. I also briefly mentioned the emotional issues, but didn't really get into it. I am so's been fairly "easy" to stick with reduced calories and get this far...I have huge internal pressure to just keep on trying to lose two pounds per week. But, I had some very compelling reasons to try this - the most compelling reason being that for the long term I want to maintain thinness, not just attain the lowest weight I possibly can and then immediately start gaining again. So - wow - maintanence begins today! I am going to have to add in some extra calories to my plan for the day, and change my goal and ticker and everything. I know I am going to keep questioning whether I really should be doing fact, it didn't even OCCUR to me to ACTUALLY start today, or any day until after my trip to Martha's Vineyard (Thurs-Sun of this week)... but...what the hell. I start today!

Photo was taken yesterday on the beach in Rockport. It's not quite as flattering as I'd hoped, but might as well be honest about the girth of my 149-pound hips as a nice reminder of why this maintanence thing is TEMPORARY. I WILL lose more weight after it's over.

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FITGIRL15 8/19/2008 3:48PM

    MAINTENANCE scares the crap outta me! :P And I thought I was obsessed with the scale NOW!!! When I finally hit a STABLE weight I have no clue how to maintain it! (How bizzare is that? I know how to lose weight, I DEFINITELY know how to gain weight... maintaining should be a sinch, right?

Let me know how you progress! I am curious!

PS... thanks for the blog comment! I will have to tell my BF he looks like Harrison Ford! LOL He'll be tickled!

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MIMISCA 8/19/2008 2:50PM

    that is awesome! i think learning to maintain your weight (goal or otherwise) is so important. honestly, it's the hardest part for me i think, which is why i have re-started programs. let me know how it goes and stick with it!

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BRUIN2 8/19/2008 1:59PM



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LILLIAN364 8/19/2008 12:51PM

    Congratulations on your weight loss!

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Run/Walk Stats

Sunday, August 17, 2008

It was too late to go to the gym...ended up being a blessing in disguise because my workout was BETTER outdoors. We went to Brookline and walked...and then while Jess had dinner I ran...and then we walked some more! I will do stats separately for the trip as a whole first, and then just the running portion.

Whole trip stats:
*7.85 miles
*16:33 minutes per mile
*3.62 mph
*523 calories

Running portion only:
*4.01 miles
*43 minutes
*10:44 minutes per mile
*5.59 mph (not bad for a fairly easy run!!! and hilly too)
*441 calories

It was fantastic. :)

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BRUIN2 8/17/2008 10:56PM

    Look at that run!!!

Isn't it great to get outside?? Oh so wonderful!!!

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Yesterday I came up with an idea. I have never, ever done this before and I am hesitant about the emotional effects...but I think I will learn a lot and it will be very healthy for me, too.

Here it is: As soon as I am under 150 pounds, switch to maintanence for one month.

Of course 149 pounds is not my ultimate goal weight, but it is within the healthy range, it's lower than I've ever been able to maintain without MAJOR control, and I think it's a weight that looks okay on me. (Yesterday, at 152 pounds, two separate people told me I looked thin!)

I have been reading _Rethinking Thin: The New Science of Weight Loss - and the Myths and Realities of Dieting_. This book is totally fascinating to me because it describes, in a very readable way, tons of research studies on weight loss. Just as I'd feared, what I have read so far is very discouraging about maintaining weight loss. However, rather than deciding that there's nothing I can do and giving up, I am determined to work even harder to make sure I can be successful. Therefore, I am going to enter in this temporary weight maintanence experiment.

I want to learn what it is I will need to do for the rest of my life in order to maintain my weight. I want to know exactly how hungry/how full I should feel, how much food I can eat, how exercise impacts it all, what my moods are like, my energy level, how much my weight fluctuates - all things that I just do not know right now, because I have NEVER tried to maintain my weight before. I am hoping (though I have no idea if it'll actually work) that I can rev up my metabolism so that when I do go back to trying to lose weight after the month is up, it will be easier. I am also hoping that if there is such a thing as a "set point" for weight, that maybe I will lower mine by doing this. I also will be training for a 10K race during this period, and am hoping that the extra calories will benefit my training - actually, I KNOW they will.

I will still carefully plan, track, count calories...this is a careful experiment and NOT an excuse to get lazy, eat too much, or go to restaurants (at least not too often - how can I count calories if I have no idea what's in my food??). I fully expect to feel hungry SOMETIMES, but I am hoping that it won't be very maybe just before a meal rather than a gnawing feeling late at night like I get sometimes now. I think it would be very pleasant to spend most of the time feeling just satisfied - not stuffed, not starving - I am reminded of the pictures of the wrinkly stomach and the puffed out stomach from the section on the "Core" diet in the Weight Watchers manual. I am hoping to be the satisfied stomach in the middle!

I was afraid to mess up my SparkPeople goals, so I started a new account just to find out what my maintanence calorie range will be. I entered 149 as my starting and goal weight and then messed around a bunch with the amount of cardio. The default was thirty minutes, three times a week, with a calorie range of 1,600-1,950 per day. I wasn't too happy - I eat 1,600 to LOSE weight sometimes - until I realized that realistically I will be doing MUCH more cardio than that. I tried a whole bunch of amounts of cardio, all the way up to seven times a week for sixty minutes, which gave a calorie range of 1890-2,240. Given that I will be training for my 10K and doing regular strength training (maybe I'll even add some muscle!), I should feel safe staying toward the higher end of that range. Though if I want to play it safe, I could use a smaller range, numbers that were in the 3x60 cardio level AND the 7x60 cardio level - that would be 1,890-2,030. This is where I can get all OCD and I'm sure it's quite boring for anyone who is still bothering to read this. :)

Anyway, I'm awfully close to hitting that 149 mark already. Yesterday I did almost a full hour of strength training and stretching - chest, back, and abs. I didn't have time for cardio at the gym, but that was because we wanted time to walk from Jess' condo in Dorchester to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game!!!!!!!!!! According to, the walk was 5.73 miles. It took about 100 minutes, which works out to 3.44 mph or 17:27 min/mile. Mapmyrun is even telling me that I burned 340 calories. Hmm...over an hour and a half and only 340 calories? Oh well. I don't usually rely on just walking for my cardio.

I ate only my own food and was trying to avoid drinking, but in the end I succumbed to a glass of wine and three rum and Diet Cokes - enough to get me kind of drunk. I wish I didn't always give in or feel like I need alcohol to have fun. I just wonder whether my friends - at least the ones I was hanging out with last night - might think I'm awfully boring unless I drink - and I guess a part of me thinks so too. Plus we went to the karaoke bar where I ALWAYS get a strong buzz and sing and dance and talk to everyone.

So like always when I drink, I weighed a lot less this morning - 150.4 - a loss of 1.8 pounds since yesterday. I know it's from dehydration so I won't be upset if it's up a little tomorrow, but I would love it if it were a permanent loss.

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BRUIN2 8/17/2008 2:15PM

    Very interesting ideas - and you're right, the extra calories WILL help with your running training!!

Do you ever train with a HRM? mapmyrun is often low by about 200 calories for me... but who knows.

Have a great week!

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Made me laugh

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just read an email forward that made me giggle:

This is a specially formulated diet designed to help women cope
with the stress that builds during the day.

1 grapefruit
1 slice whole wheat toast
1 cup skim milk

1 small portion lean, steamed chicken
1 cup spinach
1 cup herbal tea
1 Hershey's kiss

Afternoon Snack
The rest of the Hershey kisses in the bag
1 tub of Hagen-Daaz ice cream with chocolate chips

4 glasses of wine (red or white)
2 loaves garlic bread
1 family size supreme pizza
3 Snickers Bars

Late Night Snack
1 whole Sarah Lee cheesecake (eaten directly from the

Remember: stressed spelled backward is desserts.

I found a website today with more articles than my computer could handle (literally - I opened so many new windows my computer slowed down to a crawl).

Here are a few things I've been working on lately:
1. Eliminating added sugar & salt
2. Eliminating antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, and gum
3. Considering eliminating seltzer because I hate feeling burpy when I'm working out
4. Being active more often
5. More vegetables (I noticed I was only eating vegetables at lunch!)
6. Drinking water and green tea basically all day long
7. Finding cool new healthy foods to replace the stuff I'm eliminating

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MIMISCA 8/15/2008 11:15AM

    that new diet is basically brilliant! haha! i had to read some parts twice thinking 'did they just say "the rest of the bag of hershey's kisses?"' great!

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PAMELA984 8/14/2008 6:44PM

    Sounds like you have a plan - be careful not to make too many changes all at once - that becomes overwhelming and hard to maintain - crawl before you walk kind of thing.

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BRUIN2 8/14/2008 6:33PM

    That's hilarious. And such good things to be working on! It's amazing how easy it is to go without veggies hey? Yikes. Such a good thing to focus on!

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

My weight is down 2.0 pounds since yesterday...I weigh 151.6, which is the lowest I've weighed since early June. Soon I will be hitting a milestone - the 140s - which I have not seen since mid-February!!!

Yesterday's workout was great - long and hard. I did 40 minutes of chest, back, and stretching, and then 65 minutes on the elliptical keeping my heart rate up there. Without too many speed bursts I was a little slower than last time...I didn't quite make a 10K, but almost.

Last night in bed I checked my resting heart rate and it was 43 beats per minute!

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BRUIN2 8/14/2008 4:08PM

    It's unreal to me how long you can go on the elliptical. WOWSERS!

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KELLYCAN1 8/14/2008 3:02PM

    Good job Susan - You're on a roll!!!! emoticon

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FITGIRL15 8/14/2008 12:24PM

    I remember when I finally dropped into the 140's... I was exstatic! (I had lost 5 pounds at that point!) That was the beginning of a wonderful ride for me! I'm sure it will be for you too! You are making awesome progress!!!

Keep it up!

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PAMELA984 8/14/2008 11:46AM

    Sounds to me like you are getting healthy and fit - good for you!

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