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More on BMI

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just found a website with interesting tidbits-

Here's what I learned:

*At my current weight, age, and height, I'm at the 48th percentile of weight!! That means I weigh less than average!!!!!!!!! Holy smokes!

*They have two different criteria for judging whether you are "normal weight" or "marginally overweight." At my current weight I was "normal" by one, and "marginally overweight" by the other. I played around with it to find that the 2nd way would require me to weigh 145 or less to be "normal weight."

*According to this site my weight should be between 116 and 145 OR 154, depending on which standard you use.

*It said most women prefer a BMI of 20-22 and men 23-25. A BMI of 20-22 for me is between 124-136.

*It also said that at a BMI of 17-22 you have a longer than average life expectancy. Not sure what my weight would have to be to have a BMI of 17, I just know I'll never be there. I know that less than 18.5 is considered underweight.

Soooo...seems like I should be aiming for a weight of 124-136. I want a longer life expectancy!! But I don't want any problems associated with being underweight, either.


Quick Check-in

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My BMI is 24.6 today. My weight has been steadily dropping the past several days. On Friday (first morning weigh-in after Cancun) I weighed 157.0. Now, 5 days later, I weigh 152.4. TOM is just ending so that's part of it. Also now I'm wondering if maybe Friday was a temporary spike up due to the junk I ate on the plane (muffin, cheeseburger, chocolate) but my "real" weight was lower than that even earlier.

Anyway, feeling as good as ever. I LOVE how nice everyone is on this website. Like yesterday I happened to show some interest in a bean soup recipe on a WW team posting, and soon afterwards I had a recipe for bean soup in my sparkmail inbox!!! I actually made the recipe and had some for dinner last night, breakfast today, and will have more for dinner tonight. (I love how much longer food lasts now that I am eating correct portion sizes. It saves a lot of money!) This recipe is really nutritious and satisfying, and it's a GREAT way to use all those dry beans I bought.

If I have any worries right now, it's that I'm spending way too much time on SP and am not that interested in my job right now. It's not like I'm slacking on my job, but just not as passionate because I'm passionate about my weightloss instead.

Anyway, it's amazing how powerful I feel. I am soooo close to my lowest adult weight ever - 147 - just 5 pounds to go! But when I weighed 147 I was barely eating and knew I was not living a lifestyle I could maintain. NOW, however, I know I can reach that and beyond on a healthy lifestyle. The difference is knowing how many calories/points/nutrients I am eating per day. I will never go too high OR too low. I would love to whittle my weight down to the 130s. It could take a year...but who cares. While I wait to get there, I'll still be thin!


Time to Update my SP Page!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Since I've met some of my goals, it was time to update. I reset my ticker to show a goal of 148, which would put me low enough to get that 10% WW keychain. The more I think about my ultimate goal weight, the more I think I would like to aim for the 130s. I have a med/large body frame so I know I will never be teensy tiny, so I think the 130s might be a good ultimate goal weight. Of course, there are plenty of other types of goals besides weight. I'd like to run a 5K (in under a half hour!). I'd like to consistently eat right - not just for a few weeks/months at a time, but for life. I'd like my boyfriend to FINALLY propose to me eventually - we've been dating almost 2.5 years. I'd like to fit into my Seven for All Mankind size 30 jeans. What does that mean, anyway? I'll have to look that up. I got these jeans used, knowing they don't fit me - YET. I've never worn jeans with a fancy expensive label before. Most of them probably don't even make jeans big enough to fit me. Who knows, maybe I'm just barely thin enough at this point to squeeze into the biggest size? I definitely don't fit into that 30 yet.



Monday, February 26, 2007

Today at work FIVE people commented on how thin I look. I didn't realize I looked THAT different.

Today I wanted to earn 6 APs so I could eat 29 points (although I ended up eating only 27) so I checked my Pointsbooster. It turns out I could have done either moderate exercise for 104 minutes or intense for 45. I chose moderate, although according to a WW article I read my heart rate only needs to be 135 or above for the exercise to be high intensity. So I'm thinking about getting a real heart rate monitor. That way I'd know for sure whether my exercise is moderate or high, and also I'd be able to push myself in training without pushing TOO hard.

Anyway, I ended up doing the 99 minute max. on the gauntlet stair climber, then the 5 minute fit test on the treadmill at 4.0 mph. My score was 38, which is "above average." I know from past experience that if I do the fit test BEFORE the rest of my workout, I get a better score. Also, the slower I go the better score I get too. I guess the only real way to measure progress would be to see an improvement over time using the SAME conditions.


My BMI is 24.8 Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

I am 5'6" and as of today I weigh 153.8. My BMI is now 24.8 which is FINALLY in the HEALTHY RANGE! I am no longer overweight! I am no longer at risk for health problems related to weight! I am SO HAPPY!!!

My weight plateaued at 156-157 for about two weeks, then TOM came and yesterday I was down to 156.0 (which was slightly less than it had been), then today suddenly it dropped to 153.8 (2.2 less than yesterday!). I got off and on the scale a bunch of times to make sure it was really that low.

Anyway, I can finally say now (to borrow words from another SP user) that I trust the process. I have the tools with SP (and with WW too...) to do so. I know how many calories I'm eating, I know how many I'm supposed to eat each day, and I can let go of the willpower issues and just trust those numbers. Like last night, I finished a delicious dinner of chicken and veggies at my parents' and thought I'd done really well all day and might have room for dessert. I was itching to get on SP to log my nutrition info to find out for sure. It turned out that I had eaten 28 points (about 1,450 calories) and could not have dessert. (I'd earned 3 activity points on top of my 23 daily points, so I was already using 2 flex points for the day). So I filled up on chai tea instead - cups and cups. My mom thought I was drinking TOO much but I know I wasn't. My body is used to that kind of fluid intake now.

Oh by the way, yesterday I mentioned in my blog that I was going to try on my mom's pants. Well, I didn't find any sixes to try on (I'm sure she has them, I just didn't look that hard) but all her eights fit me - even the petites! (Though they were too short.) They are lose on her and tight on me but I fit into eights!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet that in some clothes, especially NON petites, tops, and dresses, I could fit into a six!!! (Go vanity sizing!)

Have I mentioned how much I love blogging? I like that I can go on and on without boring anybody, but that there always is that chance that someone out there is reading this....being public kinda makes it more "real."

Anyway, now it's time to think about goal weight. Oh, a quick story first...I walked into a meeting this morning 15 minutes late (oops) and as soon as I walked in, someone said, "Not to change the subject, but Susan, how much weight have you lost?" !!!!!!!!!!! (I actually answered, "About thirteen pounds" with a big smile on my face.) Later someone else saw me and immediately said I look so thin and not to lose any more weight, and then later someone else mentioned too that I shouldn't lose any more. But I still weigh over 150 pounds people, it's not like I'm in danger of becoming too thin any time soon. My mom was asking me last night about my goal weight. I kept answering her with comments like, "The highest weight for 5'6" according to Weight Watchers is 155, the highest weight I can be for a healthy BMI is 154..." and she was like, "Highest?? But you want to weigh less than that. What's the LOWEST they recommend?" So of course I knew - it's 124 for WW. (Healthy BMI range goes lower than that - down to 115). Now, I always thought I could never reach, let alone maintain, a weight much lower than 150 - the lowest I ever weighed as an adult was 147 and that was for 1 day, when I was hardly eating and exercising at least a couple hours a day. But now that I can count my calories I know I can drop weight slowly and consistently without ever eating too little. So...I'm just going to keep dieting and see how far my weight goes down! I'm not talking about weighing 115 and wanting to weigh 100. I'm talking about being a young woman weighing over 150 and wondering if my weight will level off in the 130s or 140s or something like that. So stop thinking I have some kind of body image disorder - I just want to get as fit and healthy as I can! Become an athlete...not have fat rolls on my stomach, even when I lean over.

Anyway, I gotta go track my nutrition for today so far. Jess and I made a chicken crockpot thing for lunch and dinner - can't wait to taste it. I was smelling it in my sleep last night! (Literally. The crockpot was on overnight.)


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