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Sunday, May 11, 2008

I just earned my 10,000-SparkPoint trophy, woohoo!

Today is gorgeous. I did three days of bootcamp videos (all caught up now), plus my Great Abs video, then a 45-minute walk at the Arboretum with Jess, then 30 minutes of legs and stretching at the gym, followed by a 17-minute jog. Woo!

I've been having some lower-back pain lately, and it's really affecting my stretching...I can't do some of my usual stretches these days! I'm too young for this!...aren't I?

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VIDABELA 5/11/2008 8:34PM

    woohoo! you've been making awesome choices this weekend..i bet it felt great to see 156 on the scale! thanks so much for the encouragement on my blog. i get tempted to avoid SP when i mess up too! its awesome to have a place where we all know how much of a struggle this is though. keep up the good choices you've been making! =D

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29HONEY 5/11/2008 4:58PM

    Well done emoticon

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BRUIN2 5/11/2008 3:22PM

    Woohoo! What a weekend!

Does "child's pose" help your back? (Yes, you're too young to be having old lady pains! hehehe)

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Weekend Check-in

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've been back on track now for almost three weeks and I am down over 10 pounds to 156.4.

I've been trying to do the healthy, balanced lifestyle "thing" this weekend. On Friday there was all kinds of food at school for Teacher Appreciation Day (week?). I had a few of the healthier items (still fatty stuff though - things like chicken salad with cashews, spinach quiche, regular salad with dressing, and fruit salad) and none of the drinks or desserts. I certainly didn't have one of the HUGE ICE CREAM SUNDAES we were commanded to eat by our principal! (She was just trying to be nice.)

Friday night, the plan was to do strength training only at the gym and bike to a restaurant, but it was raining so we did about 20 minutes on the elliptical. At the restaurant, there were NO healthy choices. I mean NONE. I ordered what I thought was my best option - shrimp fajita salad with toppings on the side, but it turned out to be battered and fried shrimp with oily strips of onion and green pepper on top of iceburg lettuce in a crispy tortilla shell. And I ate most of that shell. You know what though? For me, it was an accomplishment to even leave SOME of that thing on my plate. (And I gave several of the shrimp to my boyfriend.) And for getting right back on the ball after that, meaning I didn't keep eating bad that night, and the next morning I went right back to healthy. Of course, Friday was a major guestimation day in terms of calories, but I think it was about 2,500. Not bad considering three weeks ago I was probably eating about 4,000 calories per day on a regular basis!

Saturday morning I finally did what I'd been meaning to do for weeks - I got up early and went to a Zumba class at the gym. OMG do I love exercise classes now. I don't have all the moves just right, but it's so fun and I work so hard and an hour flies by!!! Machines are SO BORING in comparison. Why did I never do this before? A gym buddy did suggest that eventually your body adapts to the classes, but I don't see that happening too quickly if I vary my classes. I want to try them all! (Well...most.)

After that, as promised, Jess met me in the weight room and I did ANOTHER 45 minutes - I did chest, back, abs, and stretching.

Then we were out and about all day long and I didn't have time to overeat. So I didn't plan my calories in advance but I did really well. 1,500 calories. We went to Panera Bread for lunch and they list all their nutrition info on their website, which is AWESOME, but I was not that pleased with the salmon on my grilled salmon salad. It was really cold with congealed, clear jelly fat all over it - YUCK!!! If they'd just reheated it a bit that stuff would have melted right off, I think. Plus I always like my meat/fish well done and crispy, and restaurants tend to serve undercooked (to my liking) salmon. I also got an iced coffee with skim milk, but got three refills of unsweetened iced tea!

I bought a really modern looking new top - gathered at the waist, then long and flowy underneath. It's a juniors medium and pretty tight on me now, but I think it'll look really good when I lose some more weight.

Weight-wise, on Saturday after the big eating day I was up to 159.0, but this morning - and I got up early this morning for some unknown reason (it's Sunday and I've been awake since 6:30!) I weighed 156.4. YAY!

Today being Mother's Day I'm getting together with my family, although exactly where and when hasn't been decided yet. I'm giving my mom three framed photos from my brother's wedding - they're all in the same frame, vertically positioned one over another. I suggested we go to a coastal town somewhere (South Shore my preference since it's a lot closer to Jess', which is where I am now, than the North Shore) and go to a seafood restaurant, then a nice walk on the beach. I am hoping to go to the South Boston branch of our gym before that, if I can pry Jess out of bed in time...

It'll be hard to plan calories of any kind without knowing where we're going to eat. I could guess, but I think I'll just kind of use my judgment as the day goes on, and make good choices. Tonight I'm making the same healthy moussaka recipe from Spark recipes I made one other time. Yummilicious! I've opted this time to use full-fat cheese but just small amounts. I made this decision partly because Stop & Shop didn't have any low-fat feta cheese!

Finally, I haven't had time to do the Swimsuit Bootcamp videos all weekend, so I plan on doing all three in a row right now. I hope that counts and I'm still eligible for the contests..?!

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PAMELA984 5/11/2008 10:31AM

    Susan - sounds like you are really back on track - I knew you could do this!

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Bike ride

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just wanted to quickly note that I went for an 11.14 mile bike ride today. It took me exactly 1 hour. (Weird - so did my run the other day...coincidentally!)


Checking in from school

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Yesterday I was reeeeeeally tired, and kind of sore from the run, so I did a minimum of exercise - just a 30 minute walk with Jess around Jamaica Pond, and the Swimsuit Bootcamp day 4 video, which is under 10 minutes long (yesterday was a "core" workout - kind of like standing crunches). I could have done more, but decided sleep was more important. I think I made the right choice.

yesterday I weighed 158.0, which was good news considering it was 1.4 down from the day before and the lowest I've been on a weekday so far. Today I was up to 158.2 - which is insignificantly higher..

I think I'm even more sore today than I was yesterday, but it'll pass. I plan on getting a good workout this afternoon!

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VIDABELA 5/8/2008 8:41PM

    i think getting in any activity is a good thing. i haven't been working out these past couple days and i know its just sheer laziness. grr..

thanks for the info on weight watchers. so you don't do weight watchers at all anymore? do you find tracking calories is better than points? it'd be nice to hear your opinion on seems like a lot of people have had success w/ weight watchers

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I ran today!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I haven't gone running since...February, probably...maybe even December! But I was getting back in the mood, and this afternoon after my chest/back workout I decided to go for it. I swapped out my regular bra for a sports bra, my loose bun for a tight ponytail, and went out into the beautiful May sunshine and ran! Okay, I did a light jog... I was trying to keep my heart rate under control (it was usually in the 150s at first, then the 160s..)... but I did go farther than I thought I would.

I used to get the mileage, and then my calculator to get the minutes per mile and mph info. I ran for 45 minutes and then walked for 15 minutes.

3.32 mi in 45 minutes (jogging) - 13.6 min/mile - 4.4 mph
0.77 mi in 15 minutes (walking cooldown) - 19.5 min/mile - 3.08 mph
4.09 mi in 60 minutes (total) - 14.7 min/mile - 4.09 mph

Okay, so 4.4 mph is more commonly the speed of a brisk walk than a run, but hey, it was my first time in a long time! I am just happy I didn't need to stop at all while I was jogging. At the end I did decide to cut myself off at 45 minutes because my upper arms were chafing - I really should be wearing some kind of tight short sleeved top when I run, not tank tops - and also because my legs were starting to feel like they'd had enough banging.

I still have to do my Swimsuit Bootcamp Day 3 video and plan tomorrow's meals. I want to make some kind of funky salad with apples and nuts in it... but I'm sooo sleepy!

Weight news: I was 159.4 this morning (under 160 on a weekday, woohoo), and then I was even lower after my jog - 159.2! Yes, I know I weigh myself too much. But it motivates me and it's not going to hurt me, so I'm going to keep doing it. :)

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BRUIN2 5/6/2008 11:24PM

    Yay for your run!!!!!

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