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Swimsuit Bootcamp - Horribly Embarrassing "Before" Picture

Monday, May 05, 2008

So there it with all that weight gained back! (Note the same swimsuit as in my favorite Memorial Day 2007 picture on my main page - with 25 extra pounds!!!) I am posting this picture only because I am DETERMINED to have a much-improved "After" picture when the bootcamp is over!

My stats are: 160 pounds (yes, I was back up to 160.0 this morning - ugh, Mondays), 5'6", 30yrs.

In other news, I went out to an Indian restaurant with my parents last night and my mom and I shared an appetizer and a main dish. Great way to cut down on portion size - we were still both really full afterwards, and might skip the appetizer next time! We got a shrimp curry with lots of veggies, and the brown rice. I really had to guess when it came to entering my food in my nutrition tracker though!! Any advice on that, anyone?

Today I went to the gym even though I was so tired and did my usual shoulder/arm routine, then I got on the elliptical next to a "gym buddy" of mine who suggested I try a class...there was one starting right at that was step aerobics. What a kick-butt workout it was!!! My heart rate was in the 170s and 180s, my face was red, my knees were sweating, the music was great, it was hard to get some of the trickier moves though. Also, instead of just the 30 ho-hum minutes I would have gotten on the elliptical, the class was an hour long!!! I definitely want to try more classes.

Finally, I am wearing my size 4 capri pants. They are extremely tight on me, but I am compensating for that by wearing a much looser, longish top. It's really warm out and I gave away all my bigger warm-weather pants a long time ago. Time to make these pants fit again!!!!!!!!!!!

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KRISTIN03 5/6/2008 4:58PM

    I just saw your blog. You still got it girl! I've gone through the weightloss rollercoaster myself. I was thin for a brief moment in college, but lost all of my healthy habits. The thing to watch out for is keeping a positive attitude. I would always negate my losses by thinking "I'm still not as thin as I was". Now I remind myself that THIS is the LAST time i will EVER do the weight loss journey, so I'm gonna enjoy every step along the way to that goal. Good luck with the bootcamp, but you don't need luck. If you ever need vent or share your successes, let me know!

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PAMELA984 5/6/2008 5:35AM

    Good for you! I'm doing the swimsuit bootcamp too. I just want to get these last 20 pounds gone. Not sure I would post a photo of me in a swimsuit yet though - you are braver than me!

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SAMANTHA212 5/5/2008 9:40PM

    You call that an embarassing photo? I'd be afraid for you to see mine! emoticon
You look amazing, I would love to have your body! Chin up!!

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BRUIN2 5/5/2008 9:27PM

    Sounds like an awesome workout!! And what a calorie burn!!

I have no idea how to enter some foods...when I go out to eat I'm often just guessing. emoticon

You are going to ROCK your bootcamp challenge!!!!!

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Healthiest choice on the menu at the Mexican restaurant!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

My friends and I went out for Mexican last night and I'm pretty sure I made the healthiest choice on the menu - I got a salad with baby spinach and mixed greens, topped with blackened salmon (probably high in sodium), with the cilantro-lime dressing on the side (and didn't use much because I didn't like it) with pinot noir and a glass of water. I ate none of the tortilla chips they served before the meal, but I did eat some of the salsa because I love salsa...I knew that was weird to do but I did it anyway. :)

My boyfriend had tacos...the boy can eat whatever he wants and still be in great shape. Men! One of my friends did what she always does, which is that she'll order what she wants with the fries and the cheese etc. but only eat half of it, then take half home.

I guess I should admit I drank too much last night too. I usually weigh less after a night of drinking, less water in my body I guess. I had two glasses of red wine, two Bacardi and diets, and then a Coors light. Naughty me, but in my defense, we went to a karaoke bar, and you just CAN'T do karaoke sober, can you??? I sang Creep by Radiohead. My friend, who could be a professional singer she's so good, sang Black Velvet and my boyfriend brought the house down with Garth Brooks I've Got Friends in Low Places. So funny, soooo fun.

So this morning I weighed myself once at about 7 a.m. and it was 159.0 and then went back to bed for a few more hours of reading and napping, and at 11:30 a.m. I weighed 157.6, so there's that pattern again. The lower of those two numbers just happens to be EXACTLY 10 pounds less than when I started eating right and exercising again, which was 12 days ago. Wow - I lost 10 pounds in 12 days??? The first several of those pounds were just water weight, I'm sure. The night before I started I actually was at ANOTHER Mexican restaurant, and made a very, very POOR choice - I indulged heavily in the chips and salsa, and then ordered the biggest combo they offered and had a couple burritos and a taco, all with ground beef, cheese, sour cream, etc...... and the rice and refried beans on the side...I absolutely LOVE that stuff, except that I have to teach myself not to. Very bad for me. And I'm sure I ate a ton of sodium that night which contributed to the rapid weight loss over the next few days. After the first few days I didn't lose anything at all for several days in a row.

Someone on SP recommended The New Rules of Lifting for Women and I am reading that now. Granted it is not a weightloss is about using very high intensity strength training to build muscle... but it's not written for she-hulk wannabes, it is written with the understanding that most women would like to drop a few pounds and lose fat and not get bigger. However, this book is totally turning everything I thought I knew upside down and I'm not sure what to make of it AT ALL! For one thing, it is recommending that you start your first four weeks of the program eating your maintanence level of calories, which for me would work out to 1,965 calories on non-workout days and about 2,225 calories on workout days, because you need the energy for such high-intensity exercise. And it's saying that if you feel you absolutely MUST cut calories, to cut no more than 300 from that. Second, it's suggesting you eat the same percentage calories from fat, carbs, and protein. I follow the SP diet which as we all know recommends 15 percent protein and 55 percent carbs, and I try to stick as close as I can to that. So if I were to do this new program I'd be hugely increasing my protein, and they recommend lots of (whey) protein shakes and meals with protein powder added in. Is that healthy?!? I've read in other places that too much protein isn't good for you. I don't think I'd probably end up lowering my carbs too much though, because I'd be increasing my total calories so much. But that's if I even do it at all!

Finally, and I haven't read the whole book, but I've read enough to know it's saying cardio is OPTIONAL and if you do it at all, do interval training. (The interval training seems to be undisputed - everyone says it's better than steady state... cardio is OK?? I'm not sure.) And for the strength training, it's saying you can skip moves that isolate small muscles like biceps and triceps and do ones that hit lots of muscles at once...which I used to do until I met with a personal trainer who said I should do bicep and tricep stuff!

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PAMELA984 5/4/2008 12:20PM

    I can't imagine not doing cardio - I thought that the recommendation was 45 minutes of cardio every single day - strength training should be every other day. Hmmm - wonder what the author's qualifications are.

Sounds like you did pretty good with your food though.

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Thank you to my SP buddies!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

I'm sure you could tell I was feeling kinda down when I wrote my last blog entry. It really made me feel better to see my email inbox full of messages telling me you all had responded to my blog, and all your comments were so supportive. Thank you so much.

I always weigh less on weekends just because I weigh myself later on Sat. and Sun. morning after a nice long full night's sleep. So I weigh 158.4 today, but I am taking it with a grain of salt because I could easily be right back up to 160 on Monday morning - will have to wait and see.

Last night my friends had pizza with ham, sausage, and meatballs! I had an orange and a sweet potato! They had alcoholic beverages and I drank seltzer. I hope I make the right choices tonight too, when we're out on the town.

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VIDABELA 5/4/2008 9:29PM

    lol yea that explains it ;)

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SEPPIESUSAN 5/4/2008 11:55AM

    Vidabela - it's kinda gross, which is why I didn't explain it in the first place, but, well you asked so here goes... I'm almost positive the reason I weigh less when I get on the scale later in the morning is because I have had more time to the bathroom...and drop some of that water weight.

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VIDABELA 5/4/2008 2:37AM

    i find that i weigh less when i weigh later on in the day as well (before i eat)...i wonder why that is..have any idea??

hope you have fun tonight! i definitely indulged today so gotta get right back on track!

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BRUIN2 5/3/2008 12:56PM

    Oh man, I looooooove sweet potatoes!!!

What about just weighing yourself on the weekends? Then you could avoid the ups and downs during the week, but still stay accountable since you're weighing in weekly... Just a thought!!

Have a great weekend! Enjoy yourself tonight!

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My Pics

Thursday, May 01, 2008

I just went through my photo gallery and looked in amazement at my skinny pics. You guys have to understand - I was NEVER skinny before, I hadn't even thought it was PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE for me to weigh much less than 150 because I never had.

I can't believe I was there...for a fleeting moment, and now here I am, back at old icky 160. I am every bit the standard weight loser who gains it all back, even though I swore I wouln't be.

It sucks so much. But I WILL GET BACK THERE. I NEED to be proud of my body again. And I will do everything in my power to make sure it's permanent this time.

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ADKMOM 5/2/2008 10:37AM

    I don't get it either, Susan. I do the same thing, although, I haven't looked as good as you in a long, long time. I don't know why we do it, you would think the great feelings we have when we get skinny would be enough to keep us from doing it again.

I've watched in amazement at you when you set your mind to getting back down and "YOU ROCK", I can't wait to see you do it again. Good luck!

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SUSINOK 5/2/2008 6:29AM

    OK but what are the GOOD things you are doing now? These last few posts have been all about you beating yourself up over what happened.

Enough. What are you doing to fix it? Look at this from a postiive angle and it will be easier to continue.

Now you KNOW you can be skinny so you KNOW you can get back there. Don't worry about why you got here, and worry about HOW you are going to get back to it.

I was up 1.2 lbs at weigh in yesterday. Oh well. I need more exercise, that is for sure. That is the main area I fall down on and the main area I need to fix.

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PAMELA984 5/2/2008 6:15AM

    Susan - I know exactly how you feel. I lost 65 pounds about 5 years ago. I had never been thin before. Became a WW lifetime member - then a pound here and a pound there and before you know it, I had back on 45 pounds! I'm back with WW again and have finally lost 27 pounds - it just gets harder to take off when you get to be my age. You are doing the right thing by working on this early. Slow and steady - it is hard, but you can do it.

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VIDABELA 5/2/2008 1:49AM

    i was actually looking at your pics the other day and thinking wow you've really come a long way! i guess b/c i "met" you after that weight loss, i thought of you as always being the fit type. but you were able to lose all that weight so that just means you are so capable of doing it again - and this time you would have this experience to be equipped to maintain! it might be painful to have gained some of the weight back but it is a valuable lesson and experience is one of our best teachers!

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BRUIN2 5/2/2008 12:57AM


"No calling yourself a loser"
-Commander Bruin


You will get back there! You know what it takes, and you're doing it!!

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LONG days at work

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've now worked almost 12 hours per day two days in a row - UGH. Yesterday I made it to the gym in the evening with Jess for a little over an hour... but today I worked even later than yesterday, and then tonight we're staying at his place and I wouldn't have gotten here until at least 10 p.m. if I'd gone, so I skipped it. There's no law that says I can't skip a day here and there, right? I'm not going to dwell on it.

Holding steady at 160.0 today. I'm trying not to think about the fact that a year ago I was in the 130s. I will get there again, but slower this time, and with more knowledge about how to have some balance in my life, so it will stick.

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THINKGREEN 5/1/2008 6:00AM

    Susan, I routinely work a 12 hour shift so I know how hard it is to fit exercise in afterward. Do you have any short workout dvd's you can use on those days? That's what is helping me right now, because I don't always feel up to going to the gym when I get home.


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BRUIN2 4/30/2008 9:51PM

    Oh man. Those are some long days!

Put your feet up, relax and get a good night sleep! Then go ROCK your workout tomorrow!!!

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