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Down on the whole scene

Saturday, March 01, 2008

My friend and I were complaining about how tough it is to manage your weight the other day. She is a healthy weight, but cannot reach the weight she'd really like to be at, and her weight bounces around a lot, though within a much, much smaller range than mine. She said you basically always need to be on a diet or else your weight will rise - how depressing. I know we're supposed to brainwash ourselves into thinking we're not on a diet, we're on a "lifestyle change," but they're the same exact thing. She also said that probably a lot of celebrities are thin because they use cigarettes as an appetite suppressant. Now I will use coffee, but never cigarettes. Then we went out last night, and had dinner. I pointed out that if I were sticking to my "lifestyle change," I would have not been able to eat because I'd already eaten all my calories for the day - and I'm talking top of the acceptable range. My friend said no wonder it's so hard to stick to it. It's a fun rich life, OR be thin.


Don't Look Back, Look Forward

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I wanted to binge yesterday. It started with eating a huge breakfast, then I had three mini chocolates from the main office before a meeting, but secretly wanted more. I decided then that I'd go home and binge. I skipped the gym, came home, and ate three servings of Mexican lasagna, half a container of nuts, half a jar of olives, a packet of flavored rice, a slice of cheese, and a serving of GoLean. I felt disgusting but was eating for reasons that had nothing to do with hunger, reasons I can't even explain. I don't think I've ever written down everything I ate during a binge before. I could probably even calculate all the calories (approx.) but I don't want to. Jess actually noticed how big my belly looked after all that, and I didn't admit to him I hadn't gone to the gym.

But let's look forward. That girls' night I was talking about may actually happen this weekend, so I only have a couple of days to get ready for it. I will stick to healthy choices!!!


Home from Jamaica

Monday, February 25, 2008

So I followed my points-counting plan for about 12 hours, and then the rest of the vacation was an eating free-for-all. I often ate when I wasn't hungry and even when I was full. I had a bad cold the whole time I was in Jamaica and actually felt kind of dizzy standing, so I spent most of my vacation on lounge chairs under beach/pool umbrellas, sleeping and reading. (I read three books!) So I didn't exercise either. But it was beautiful, relaxing, and I'm glad I went.

The "morning" (if 4 a.m. counts) we left, I weighed 145. When we returned home, I weighed 156, so I gained 11 pounds in five days. I was pretty good my first day back, sticking fairly close to what I'd planned, but I had no plan for my second day back and was just in the mood to be bad. We went out for Mexican for lunch and I overstuffed myself. I was afraid to weigh myself this morning, but I've been on track today and weighed myself after the gym - 158.2. Yuck.

I am back on track now, and I'm not even feeling all that guilty about what I did. I was on vacation - AND I was sick! I am proud of myself for getting back on track this quickly - other times it's taken MUCH longer. I made Mexican lasagna last night and ate very healthy today, plus did a full workout at the gym. My fitness level didn't regress as much as I thought it would. I did chest and back with mostly the same weights I was using before vacation, and 65 minutes on the elliptical for almost 6 miles and almost 950 calories. My heart rate was a little higher, but I didn't get as tired because I'm so "well" fueled with binge calories. I definitely look chubbier though, and I definitely don't feel right when I binge - my heart rate can be too high, even when I'm not doing anything. I don't like that feeling.

I feel comfortable knowing that my daily routine is totally set up for a healthy lifestyle. I don't debate with myself about whether to go to the gym - it's a habit to bring my gym bag in the car in the morning and go after work before I go home. I can't even remember the last time I packed my lunch for work without having tracked it on SP first. My coffee, my seltzer, my gum, the timing of my activities...all designed to help me stay on track. I feel comfortable knowing that I can go on vacation from the whole routine, but when I am home, going to work every day, THIS IS how I live.

To stay motivated, I'd like to work toward a goal for an event. I haven't decided yet, but some choices are spring, Jess' birthday (March 31 - but we're celebrating a few days earlier), summer, picking a date to reach my goal based on losing 2 pounds per week, and/or planning a girls night out with a friend or two and having my goal be to look my best for then. I could do all of those even, but I think something will emerge as a prime motivator.

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BRUIN2 2/26/2008 9:48AM

    Welcome home!! That stinks that you got sick on vacation...but heck, you were on VACATION! woohoo.

Great idea to pick a goal event/time. What about using all of the events that you list as milestones?

Isn't it great when something so healthy (in your case, going to the gym every day) becomes a habit?! Lovely!!

Have a great week!

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My Food is Ready to Go!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

This morning I weighed 144.4 again (maybe around 9 a.m.?) then watched part of a movie, then weighed 143.8 (around 10:15 a.m.) - so I'm counting that as today's weight. :) I feel like I might be coming down with something - I had a hint of a sore throat or something going on between my ears, and I've had a drippy nose, although right now I feel fine. The timing couldn't be worse, but actually it came in handy as an excuse to skip going to my parents' tonight. I wanted to stay home and get ready. :)

I did my abs video last night and this morning. We went shopping today but I didn't buy anything. I really, really need new clothes but am still waiting to hit my goal before I do. Jess bought pants. We went to Joe's so he could have lunch, and I just had diet Coke and a little of his salad. Then I ate my own food afterwards.

I had some decaf coffee before the gym and brought an apple with me which I ate after strength/stretching and before cardio. I did legs and stretching for about 25 minutes, then 60 on the elliptical, mostly around a speed of 60-65, heart rate in the 150s, about 5.6 mph and maybe 850 calories? I forget. I just wasn't quite up to yesterday's speeds. Oh yeah, I also had to drop the level from 10 to 9 and then 8 for the last 10 minutes or so.

I decided I really wasn't hungry enough to eat everything I'd planned for the day, so I ended up with 1,235 calories. I have 1,600 planned for tomorrow - getting ready for Jamaica could be stressful so I don't want to be hungry. I've packed everything except the pasta and ground turkey. I also planned - AND PACKED - 1,400 for Saturday the 23rd, my first day back. I stuck with things that last well, though they will be in Jess' fridge all week.

Now, as for my eating and exercise IN Jamaica (plus airports etc.), it's all about using what I know about what it takes to be successful, making smart choices, and proving to myself that I want a permanent healthy lifestyle. The moment I arrive at the airport on Monday morning I will be faced with temptations, and I won't be able to use SparkPeople to track anything. Come to think of it, there is no reason I can't at least bring along a breakfast of nuts and cereal (can't bring liquids). Our timing will be a little weird for lunch. Our layover will be 8:55-9:31 a.m., really short and really early for lunch, although that's really 9:55-10:31 a.m. EST. Then we land at 1:45 p.m. EST in Jamaica, but I know we won't get to eat anything for a while because getting luggage and going through customs tends to take time. So here's what I should do. I should bring a dry breakfast and big snack, and just be ready for a late lunch IN JAMAICA (woohoo, got all excited there for a sec). I will bring nuts and several different kinds of dry cereal, and space them out throughout the morning.

I am nervous about counting points - it has been so long since I've done it! I should just remember that it doesn't have to be an exact science. The point is just to make sure I'm eating a healthy amount, which common sense could also tell me. Enough to be able to play all day long in Jamaica, but not more than I need to maintain my weight. I am almost tempted to say forget points, I am ready to do this intuitively, but I really think I just need this as a bridge.

So, my points target is 22. I also get 25 flexpoints (total, not per day) and activity points, plus up to 4 extra maintainence points on top of that if I need them only. I will bring a mini notebook and keep track of all my points, using the back of the Eat Wisely book as a guide. I will also bring the slider and keep track of activity points. Speaking of exercise, I will bring gym clothes, my heart rate watch, and my ipod (hope it lasts all week without being charged)! I will take advantage of outdoor exercise for sure, but since it's not safe to run off the resort, I will use the gym if I need to. I want to keep up with my current level of exercise so that I don't lose ground with my strength/fitness level!

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PIGLETSMALL 2/17/2008 11:33AM

    Wow! You're off to Jamaica! Woo Hoo! How exciting. Have a lovely time. I loved reading your blog. You made me want to stand up and start exercising right away! lol! I think you have a great plan to avoid those hungry moments. Good luck. Hugs, Helen x

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VIDABELA 2/17/2008 4:12AM

    wow you are very prepared!! i'm sure you will have an awesome time in jamaica and LOOK awesome too!

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BRUIN2 2/16/2008 10:44PM

    Sounds like a great plan!! When I fly I take along fruit and veggies too - red peppers keep really well. Maybe a piece of fruit would be useful to take with you to throw in the mix with your planned breakfast... And if you don't eat it then, it could come in handy when getting your luggage in JAMAICA!!! Woohooo!!!!

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No Work for Ten Days!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Boy is it nice to be able to say that! Today I weighed in at 144.4 again, which I hit once a few days ago too and had been a little above ever since. I must have been really hungry too, because I ate all 1,600 calories before 3 p.m. To get through the rest of the day, I've had coffee, tea, and lots of gum. But now it's almost 9:30 p.m. and I am hungry!! So I have 1,700 calories planned for tomorrow.

I had a great workout today. For strength training I've been needing to go up to heavier weights for just about everything. When I stretch I'm really flexible now, and on the elliptical my heart rate stayed lower a lot longer and I was going pretty fast - it's a good day when I can keep my speed (rotations per minute??) around 70. In all I did 65 minutes on the elliptical, about 950 calories, and somewhere between 6.5 and 7.0 miles. I've read recently that elliptical calorie counts aren't as accurate as treadmills, so I'm sure I really burned less than 950, but still great!


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