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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Jogged around my parents' neighborhood today. 30 minutes of straight jogging (slow), then 22 more minutes of mostly walking with a little jogging thrown in. I stretched when I came back but still my quads feel stiff.

I tried to put a podcast on my that someone here on SP recommended for learning to run...but couldn't get it to work. I'm sure I could make it work from home, though, so I'll just try again later. I think the idea's really neat.

I'm going to try on my mom's size 6 and 8 pants. I would say I'm a real 10 now (at 156.0), so it'll be interesting to see what I can squeeze into!


Making it a Lifestyle

Saturday, February 24, 2007

*When I only have 30 minutes for the gym I go anyway, but I increase the intensity.
*At dinner I ask for no rice and no bread, and get something with lots of veggies.
*I drink tea after most meals to help feel full.
*I'm getting pretty used to my disappearance of stomach rolls when I sit down!!! Haha!



Friday, February 23, 2007

Not bad, eh? I was panting and beet red, but I did it. Then I ran/walked some more til I'd gone 43 minutes, plus 3 minutes warm up and cool down (not including my walk to/from the gym). Plus, I stretched. Gettin' pretty flexible.

Jess just suggested we buy bikes! He enjoyed biking on our vacation (see photo gallery) and realized that with bikes we can actually GET places. I ask him to go on walks with me, but he finds that boring. I guess biking would be more exciting for him, and I am just thrilled that he wants to do cardio with me. He's not a big cardio guy. He only does resistance training at the gym and always figured that he got enough cardio just walking around Boston for work...but of course it's not really enough. Although - he is very healthy. He has a very low-fat body with a good amount of muscle - mmm!!

Anyway, my motivation is going to stick around as long as I keep working out and using SparkPeople. It is so refreshing to know EXACTLY what I ate. Today my carbs/fats/protein ratio was PERFECT - I love that pie chart they show you. I was at 23 points and UNDER 1,200 calories before the gym. Jess bought sushi and I ate 4 pieces, which put me up to 29 points and about 1,450 calories. WW works because it has you eating VERY few calories. Sure, I know there are APs and flex points, but 23 points is only about 1,150 calories, which is not enough. I was seriously debating whether to eat that sushi, but I gotta keep this in mind:

I need to eat as much as I can and still lose weight, to keep my metabolism strong and be able to eat a good amount once I hit maintanence. Sure, my weight loss will be slower eating closer to 1,500 calories per day than 1,200, but it will be healthier and more permanent. And I'd rather take a year to reach 140 than a month to hit 150 and then gain it all back.


Post-Vacation Motivation

Friday, February 23, 2007

That rhymes. :)

Anyway....I came home from Cancun yesterday and today I am feeling a lack of motivation. Thoughts of food of all kinds are filling my mind and my desire to jet over to the gym doesn't seem to exist.

But there is good news....for one, I'm back to entering everything I eat on the nutrition tracker, and I haven't exactly blown it yet although I've already reached 23 points - my daily target - and it's only 4:30 p.m.

Second, at least I'm willing to blog and think about this stuff, instead of ignoring it and just making some giant casserole (that's what I would have done in the past).

No, I am not going to blow it this time. I am going to ease myself back to the level I was at before I left....making healthy eating and exercising choices...and by next Thursday, at my next Weight Watchers meeting, I will show a loss. I don't care how big or small it is, as long as it's a loss........followed by many other losses over time.


Home from Cancun!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cancun was fantastic!! Warm, sunny, just what I needed. See my photo gallery for pics! I really missed SP but figured it was a good chance for me to learn more about using Weight Watchers in "real life." (yeah - I WISH that's what my real life's like!) Before I left, I made a promise that I would track my points and exercise at least an hour every day. I am very proud to say that I kept that promise. I brought my WW booklets to meals with me and ate mostly fruits, vegetables, fish, and chicken. I know my eating wasn't as healthy as it has been, but I did the best I could with the resources I had. On the plus side, I had a bunch of fresh seasonal fruits that I don't usually get to eat like papaya and kiwi, and healthy things like yogurt, high fiber cereal, and fresh salads were abundant. On the negative side, I had to really do a ton of estimating and I couldn't figure out all the nutrients I can here on SP. I'm sure I had way too much sodium, for example, but that was unavoidable - the fish and chicken were never PLAIN. Every day - every MEAL, there were things I gave up - desserts, alcohol, cheesey things, breads...... but I didn't want to think of it as a sacrifice. If I had eaten those things, I would have SACRIFICED my weight loss. I also pushed myself with addition to walks and typical vacation activities (playing in the waves, snorkeling, etc.) I also RAN. It was not easy and I did not particularly like it, but I did feel very proud. I tried to run an hour on the beach the first day, but got tired after half an hour so I had to walk the rest of the way. During the rest of my 4+ day vacation I did 3 half hour runs on the sidewalk. It was fun to be in a new place and running past all the other tourists, but it wasn't easy! Oh, and I also went for a 60 minute brisk walk during my layover at the airport.
When I got home I weighed in at 157.2. My goal had been to be at 155-159, so I am in that, but considering I was at 156.something when I left, I have to admit I'm disappointed I didn't lose any weight. Tomorrow morning I will know for sure how much I weigh, but I haven't eaten that great today and haven't exercised, so I'm not psyched. I absolutely need to do something to motivate myself to continue post-vacation.

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BONNIEF2 2/23/2007 6:53AM

    You should be very proud of yourself!! What an achievement to be gone all that time and be within the goal you set for yourself. And to do the exercise you did everyday is really great! To only gain what you did is definitely something to be proud about. Keep up the good work!

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