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Tuna Noodle Casserole

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I just decided I'm going to make a healthed up version of tuna noodle casserole tomorrow. I looked at sparkrecipes for inspiration but in the end I'm going to pretty much invent my own recipe, with whole-wheat noodles, tuna, peas, mushrooms, onion, olive oil, and fat-free sour cream.

Today I ate 1,700 calories and at the birthday party I chewed gum and drank Diet Pepsi. There was lots of tempting food - both healthy and unhealthy - but I insisted I'd just eaten and was "full." (Yeah right. I could have made room for lasagna, breaded chicken, punch, ice cream cake, and cheesecake!!) Oh, I also went to the gym twice today - once after my WW meeting (first meeting in a month and first Sat. a.m. meeting - was down 6.4 pounds!) for about 90 minutes and once with Jess after the birthday party for another 40 minutes and that's a total over over two hours! I did chest, back, elliptical for an hour, stretching, slow jogging for 40 minutes.

After my 2nd workout, around the same time of day that I usually weigh myself at night, I weighed 149.8!! Yesterday at that same time of day I weighed 151.2! That is a difference of 1.4 pounds. If I weigh 1.4 pounds less in the morning too, I'd weigh 147.0(today's weight) minus 1.4 which is 145.6!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *fingers crossed*

Gotta go, Jess is going to the liquor store and I'm going to the grocery store. :)

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BRUIN2 2/9/2008 8:25PM

    Way to stick with your strategy for the party! And sounds like two great workouts! I love days like that! Let us know how the tuna casserole turns out. Mmmm, suddenly I have a hankering for some tuna....mmmmm. hehe.

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Looking Good

Friday, February 08, 2008

I noticed at the gym tonight that I am starting to get my nice-looking body back. It's not the 135-pound body I had back when that profile photo was taken, but it's definitely not the overweight body I had for most of my adult (and teen) life, either.

Today I weighed exactly the same as yesterday despite the two different scales (this was at my place) - 147.4. This will seem obsessive, but my post-gym weight was 151.2 which is 0.2 less than the past couple of days, so I might be in for a little drop tomorrow? Oh, also TOM came today. First time since I stopped taking the pill. Just under two weeks since I ovulated. I should figure out when I stopped taking the pill to get some idea of how long my natural cycles will be. Anyway, I wonder how TOM affects my weight? Maybe it's what's made me so hungry lately. I LOVE that I am now adjusting my daily calorie intake for how I feel, but I feel like I keep needing to go higher and higher! Today I was at 1,650 and I am going to plan 1,700 tomorrow. (I would have done it tonight already, but have food in the crockpot and am not sure whether I'll add more ingredients, or how many servings I'll make out of it.) I am planning a lot for tomorrow to give me strength to stick with my own food at the birthday party I am going to and to say no to all other things including cake. One week before Jamaica, 12-17 pounds above my goal weight? I don't think cake fits into that picture!!!

Plus, my cardio was lackluster yesterday and semi-lackluster today, so I want a nice food-fueled workout tomorrow morning. Oh, that reminds me, the man on the next elliptical over tonight was a disgusting smoker and I could tell by smelling his strong cigarette breath! EW!! I turned my head away as much as I could but eventually I couldn't stand it anymore so I switched machines.

I like to think that I have found the permanent solution I needed, in my calorie variations. I only need to be as hungry as I can stand, and never any more. (No crankiness!) I think my body actually needs different amounts of calories on different days, so I will do that. And in the future when I may not be as motivated as I am right now, I can stick with higher calories even if I maintain or gain a little, until the next big event comes along that gets me motivated to lose again. But the thing is, I will be PLANNING these extra calories. It might be 1,900, not 5,000. (I'm SURE I hit the multi-thousands when I binge.) I will feel good and not feel the urge to cheat and if I gain, it will be very slowly, very small amounts - no more 15 pounds in a few days.

It's so realistic I'm sure it can happen.

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BRUIN2 2/8/2008 11:49PM

    I totally would have switched ellipticals too!! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Healthy Expectations

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I need to learn to have healthy expectations for my weightloss. I shouldn't hope for losing more than two pounds per week - everything you read says that losing faster than that isn't healthy and is less likely to stay off (except on the Biggest Loser where people are sad if they "only" lost five pounds in a week).

I've been focused on Jamaica and wanting to be as thin as possible when I get there. I am NOT going to hit my goal of 130-135 by the time I get there. I'm going in a week and a half and weighed 147.4 today. I am doing everything I can to be healthy and lose, but I need more than a week and a half to lose those last 12-18 pounds. Does that mean I failed? NO!!!

I just looked at my weight graph carefully from Jan. 22 to now - the time I've been on track. I looked from one week to the next to see how much I am losing per week. I looked at different days because there is that frustrating fluctuation, and I don't want to be discouraged by that - I want to see a pattern.

I did see a pattern. The first week, depending on what day of the week I checked, I'd lost between 5-8 pounds! (It's supposed to be a big loss the first week, especially since a lot of the gain had happened extremely fast.)

The second week, one day it looked like I'd lost 0, but on any other day it was 2 pounds! Two pounds is the most you should lose per week if you're losing healthfully, so that is GREAT!

With a week and a half left til Jamaica, I can't expect to lose more than three more pounds. So....I might weigh 144 when I go to Jamaica. And that's okay.

Jess thinks I should count points in Jamaica like I did in Cancun last year. He's probably right. I just haven't counted points in such a long time...I'll have to break out my old stuff. I don't want to gain weight in Jamaica. Even if I really push I probably won't lose, based on my past experience. So my goal will be to maintain.

But then I'll get home and will have four months til summer. And as long as I weigh a little less at the end of each of those months than I did at the beginning, I'll be happy. :)


Happy Dance

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I did the happy dance this morning - I was down to 146.6! That was the drop I'd been waiting for. Looking back at my weight graph, I'm pretty sure the gain I experienced a few days ago was from overdoing it on Saturday night, and somehow the weight gain didn't show up until Monday. But now I am back on track with an even little bump on the graph from that gain, but otherwise it would look like a steady slow decline. But what happened in real life was that I went from 149.4 yesterday (on the nicer scale!) to 146.6 today (on the meaner scale!) - 2.8 pounds in one day!

So I will try not to be disappointed if I weigh more than that tomorrow.



Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today I've been thinking about streaking. No - not running naked across the quad!! I mean it as a new way of measuring my progress - I want to see if I can come up with a "streak" of staying on track.

My reason is simple. I need to teach myself that it really does matter whether I stay on my program or not. Life happens - vacations get me motivated, holidays get me unmotivated, the unexpected and the mundane all happen, but throughout it all I want to be on track. Not just when there's a deadline coming up, but always. This is essential for long-term success. Just imagine what my body would look like now if I hadn't taken so many "breaks" from my healthy lifestyle. And now, it's becoming a lot harder to erase the damage done during these off times. On Dec. 16 I weighed a low of 143 before I got off track. By early January I was in the mid-150s, and was on track for a couple of weeks before falling off again, rising to a high of 159, and now I've been on track for about two weeks again and I'm only down to 149. There is no more buckling down and erasing all the damage right away. I've got to stay on track.

I know I can do this because I am more flexible and willing to adapt to my daily needs now than in the past. I used to pick a very small calorie range and try to stick to that at all times. Now I'm increasing/decreasing my calories on a daily basis so I can lose weight and feel good. So staying on track is not so narrowly defined.

Here's what being on track means for me:

Planning my eating in advance - specific items and amounts most of the time, but there are times when this is impossibe, and for those times my plan will include general guidelines.

Following my eating plan.

No less than 30 minutes of cardio five times per week (I usually do much more than this!)

Following my strength training program at least three times a week (again, I usually do much more than this!)

Stretching - at least a little each workout.

Abs - at least twice a week, preferably every time I stay at Jess'.

You know what? I'm almost losing my main point here. I actually do fine with exercise - it's the eating I'm more concerned about. The number one thing I must push myself to do is to always follow an eating plan.

NOT being on track means that I either didn't have a plan or that I didn't follow it. That's not to say that I can't ever deviate from what I enter the night before on my nutrition tracker. Of course I may be more or less hungry than I'd planned for, or I might encounter more or less activity, or I might just want to eat something different. But the choice I make must be compatible with my overall goals of being healthy and achieving my goal weight. Mindful, not mindless. I guess being on track really means being a mindful eater at all times.

And so my streak started on Tuesday, January 22, my first day back at school after the weekend we went to Foxwoods where I ate and drank way too much and got myself up to 159 pounds. My goal is to stay on my streak...simple.

PS - Back down to 149.4 this morning, still up from two days ago but down from yesterday. Was at 150.0 after the gym...compared with 152.4 (I think) at that same time yesterday, so I am anticipating a drop tomorrow morning. Yay!

PPS - Calories in the high 1300s today, and in the low 1500s tomorrow. Lots of coffee at work today. Arm routine and an hour on the stairmill at high intensity until the last 10 minutes or so.


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