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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So I asked my question on the fitness boards and a guy who's a personal trainer told me that I've probably only gained 2-3 pounds of muscle in a year (although in a later message he said it could possibly be more - up to 8ish). So, I figure, I weigh 151 right now (same as yesterday..)...could I have the same amount of body fat right now that I would have a year ago at 149 pounds? 143 pounds?? Interesting, but I don't think I could really know for sure.

I had a pretty lackluster workout today. I did 65 minutes on the elliptical but was too tired to go fast. I should have gotten that coffee - even a small decaf - that I was considering beforehand. I had eaten all my food for the day before the gym, but it was less than 1,400 calories today after less than 1,300 yesterday, so I'm SURE that's part of why I'm dragging. Tomorrow I'll go for 1,400 and see if that helps. If I can burn an extra 100 calories during my cardio with the extra energy, it won't make any net difference anyway, except that I'll feel better. Anyway, after cardio I did chest, back, and stretching. There was a "biggest loser" club working out together, including one of my coworkers. I am so not the kind of person who would wanna do that - I like to do my own thing, at a time that works for ME!

Anyway, I got home and weighed myself and was very happy to see 153.0 on the scale because the past few days when I weighed myself at that time of day I was weighing about 1.5 pounds more than that. I'm very optomistic that I am VERY close to FINALLY, once again, saying GOOD BYE/GOOD RIDDANCE to the 150s. I thought I was done with the 150s when I lost the weight the first time around last year, but a few days before my birthday in late December, I went from avoiding the holiday junk food to gorging on basically ALL of it, and my weight jumped from 143 to the 150s and I have not been below 150 since then. :(

Last night I bought ingredients for my yummy healthy lasagna - adapted a recipe from SparkPeople - but didn't have time to make it, and it's past 8 p.m. now so I won't make it tonight, either. Will hope for tomorrow. Mmmmm.....lasagna. In the meantime, I haven't actually eaten any meat since Sunday, and that was just chicken. I have an Omega-3 egg every day, which sometimes I think I should quit because of the cholesterol, but it's just such an easy way to get in protein!! (I hate dealing with raw meat.) Anyway, I try to keep my protein levels up mostly with Kashi GoLean, which has a lot of soy protein in it. Today I needed two servings just to get abovethe minimum recommended amount of protein - 60 grams (I think in the end I was at 67). SparkPeople's fat recommendations seem a little high (30 percent) and protein a little low (15 percent) compared to other programs, but I know they're based on research so I do try to follow them for the most part. Of course whenever I have a big slab of fish or something for dinner, I'm way over 15 percent for protein, but most days I don't eat like that! I should actually probably be eating fish more often!!

Oh, I've been meaning to mention this for a while now. Without getting into any of the TMI details, I know I was ovulating this past weekend - for the first time in about seven years (just stopped taking Trivora). Weird! I'm a little anxious about what PMS will be like now... and when to expect it!!

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SEPPIESUSAN 1/31/2008 1:29PM

    GoLean isn't exactly GOOD - it's an acquired taste... tons of fiber and protein though. GoLean Crunch is very yummy but higher in calories and more tempting...which may not be good if you're trying to watch your portions! I've liked some other Kashi cereals I've tried too - Heart to Heart and Cinnamon Harvest (something like that anyway). Just wanted to warn you before you went out and bought plain GoLean and hated it. :) Some think it has that high fiber "cardboard" consistency.

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BRUIN2 1/30/2008 9:33PM

    You keep mentioning this Kashi Go Lean, so it must be good! I'm going to look for it on my next shopping trip! To get extra protein in, I've been adding 2 tblsp of protein powder to my oatmeal in the morning. I think it keeps me full longer...though, it may just be keeping me full because I *think* it's keeping me full. Let us know how your healthy lasagne turns out! Last week I made a lasagne with ground turkey....mmmm - so delicious!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yup, one day less than three weeks to go! Today I weighed 151.0. I am actually doing that obsessive thing where I calculate how much I lost since yesterday (0.4 lb) and multiply that by the number of days left (20) and then subtracting the product (I teach elementary math) from my current weight to see what I might weigh on J-Day (Jamaica Day!) if the trend continues. That's 151 - 8 = 143. Of course some days I will show a minor gain, and if I use my little formula on those days it would be extremely discouraging. I must remind myself that this is only one step in a lifelong journey and as long as I keep making one good choice after another, I'll be fine. In fact, my weight when I leave for Jamaica is really out of my hands. Plus, I really wanna know how much muscle I might have gained. I think I'll post a question about it on the exercise boards. Anyone know how many pounds of muscle a 30-year-old (ugh, old) woman might gain if she does about 30 minutes of strength training per day, cycling days of chest/back, legs, and arms/shoulders??

I think I'm looking pretty good for weighing so much actually - another sign that maybe I've gained muscle. I still wanna work on some flab but not TOO much. Maybe I should have Jess (boyfriend) take new bikini shots so I can compare.

Anyway, I feel like I'm doing absolutely everything I can to lose weight in a healthy way. I'm now up to 90 minutes at the gym - that includes an hour of high-intensity cardio (up from 45 mins) and a half hour of strength training plus a little stretching. I'm drinking tons of water and green tea. I'm getting lots of sleep. And I'm eating 1,200-1,800 calories per day, depending on how active I am and how I feel. Today I'd planned 1,400 but skipped a couple items to bring me down just below 1,300. Oh, and what I am eating is very healthy too.

So I feel like I'm doing all I can do and the rest is out of my hands. Which is actually a comforting thought. Jamaica, here I come. :)


Perfect Weekend

Monday, January 28, 2008

I LOVE SKIING!!! I skied about 4 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday, and only fell twice. I also stuck 100 percent perfectly to my food plan with the one exception of actually NOT EATING one item on Saturday. That 1,800 calorie idea ended up working out perfectly. Without the one item on Saturday (a serving of Total cereal) I actually ate more like 1,700 calories. I ate everything I'd planned - and nothing else - all the other days. I also went to the gym after I got home yesterday, even though I'd skied 3 hours that day!! I did about a half hour of chest, back, and stretching, and then about 20 minutes of running about 6.3 mph. The Sunday night crowd at the gym is a friendly bunch!

I am trying not to be discouraged by my weight. I weighed 154.0 on Thursday, 151.2 on Friday, 151.4 on Saturday, 152.8 on Sunday, and 151.4 again today. Actually when I look at it that way it seems better - I was focused on the fact that I was gaining over the weekend, but I have to keep in mind that I'm down 2.5 pounds from Thursday - just four days ago! I'm just really impatient right now because I so wanted to weigh 130-135 in Jamaica and at this point I'll be lucky to be less than 145. I'm leaving in exactly 3 weeks. I should probably increase my cardio from 45 minutes to 60 for my remaining time. Today I did 40 minutes of running and 5 minutes of walking and then I was exhausted, but I still stretched and did my leg routine. I think I was tired because I needed to eat more before my workout. I was feeling so fantastic earlier today - went to bed SO early last night (7:30!) and was just feeling refreshed and healthy and fit. I also really do think I've gained muscle, so yeah my weight will be a little higher, but I can't imagine I've gained more than a pound or two of muscle - I have no idea really, but it doesn't seem like enough to justify weighing 20 pounds more than my goal weight!! (I also see flab hanging around that I'm sure is also contributing..)

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SEPPIESUSAN 1/29/2008 2:21PM

    I've tried fruit and sometimes that isn't enough. I seem to need to eat a lot before my workouts and don't really need the typical waiting period after eating that most people need. Weird, huh? Like skiing on Sunday morning... I had already had some breakfast, but was still kinda tired until I went ahead and ate my snack (GoLean Crunch - YUM) early. Once I had the extra food in me I was good to go for hours. What can I say - I'm an eater!!

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BRUIN2 1/28/2008 7:29PM

    Suh-weet!! Sounds like a fabulous weekend!! It must be so rewarding to stay on track, and have fun doing it!!! Good idea to eat more before your workout - what have you tried so far that works? I'm generally an empty stomach workouter (is that a word?? hehe), but if anything I find some fruit really helpful. Hope the rest of your week is great!

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Shoot for the Stars

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The advice you always hear is to set realistic goals that you know you can achieve so you won't be disappointed by being unable to reach a tough goal. But recently, I read something totally different (can't remember where) that totally resonated with me. It suggested that, when setting your goals, you shoot for the moon. You may not reach it, but you will certainly get a lot closer than if you hadn't even tried! I'm shooting for the moon. I'm shooting for 130 pounds of sculpted hotness. And I'm shooting for hitting it as close as possible to my trip to Jamaica. I may not get there in time, but guaranteed I will have made lots of progress toward it!!

Now I am going to be random:
*I weighed 159.2 on Tuesday, 155.6 yesterday, and 154.0 today.
*Blood pressure story - at the doctor's office a few weeks ago it was 130/90. That bottom number had never been that high before. Last night on my parents' digital blood pressure measurer it was 119/75. Much better!
*I had such a great workout today. I was tired, but had a small black coffee with splenda right at the start. I did 4.5 miles in 45 minutes (6 mph) on the elliptical, even including the 5-minute cooldown (meaning I was going faster than 6 mph for the first 40 minutes). I was going as hard as I could and felt great!! Then I did my bicep/shoulder/tricep routine and am transitioning into heavier weights. Finally, I stretched and am pretty flexible these days.
*I just not only planned, but actually PACKED my meals for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday! Of course I don't have a lunchbox big enough for all that, so I separated perishables and non-perishables and made labeled bags. I feel very organized and ready to succeed this weekend.
*Time to go pack and get over to Jess' for some much-needed SLEEEEP!!!

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KJNE8O 1/24/2008 10:26PM

    Wow - You rock! Prepared your lunches for that many days??? That's awesome! I do something a little like that too and have a bunch of easy, go to stuff that I can throw into my lunch bag every morning and in 3 minutes my lunch is ready to go and healthy.

You had a great day! Way to go! And I also say shoot for the moon! :)

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BRUIN2 1/24/2008 10:12PM

    I like the idea of setting high goals. I read once something that said "What would you do right now if you knew you couldn't fail?". That really resonated with me... I try to think of that question when I doubt myself, because really, anything is possible. Have a great time skiing this weekend!

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Weekend Plan

Thursday, January 24, 2008

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, right? I am going to set a very specific, healthy, and reasonable plan and vow to stick to it NO MATTER WHAT.

This weekend I am going skiing in New Hampshire. I expect to be getting in a lot of exercise and would like to plan for a slightly higher calorie intake - both to cover the exercise, and so I will be pleasant around Jess' family (I tend to get cranky when I am dieting!) The question is, how much? This is where my year of experience with SP really helps. I think that this weekend I could eat 1,800 calories per day and still lose weight. I am hoping this will be the right number so that I don't come home weighing more, but also that it is enough to sustain my activities.

Friday - tomorrow - I won't be skiing, but I REEEEALLY want to sneak in some gym time. Jess said he'd be home around 4 tomorrow and wants to leave as soon as we're ready. I am tutoring until 4, so it will be very hard to fit in the gym, but I really want to go! Well, guess what. I WILL go. I will plan for it and make it happen. And if that makes us arrive in NH 90 minutes later, then so be it. My health is more important.

So, tomorrow I will eat 1,600 calories. That is more than I have been eating this week, but I want to pre-fuel myself for the skiing so I'll feel good. Plus, I don't want to be a cranky-pants when we arrive.

Saturday and Sunday I will eat 1,800 calories. I will plan and bring my food with me so there is no question. I will not eat anything else. The only exception will be that if I am uncomfortable skiing because I'm hungry. If that is the case I wil go in the lodge and buy some coffee with skim milk if available, plus ONE HEALTHY ITEM such as a yogurt, fruit, or salad. ** I WILL NOT EAT JESS' FAMILY'S FOOD!!**

Monday I will return to 1,400 calories. I will have it already planned and ready to go, so there is no question I will be able to follow my plan.

I am a person who keeps her word!


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