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Day 5 - Doing Very Well!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

143.8 today...was hoping it'd be a little lower, but I bet it'll be down in the 142s tomorrow. Was able to save a whole lot of food for evening time so now I'm having a big chow party. :) Nice! Workout was good today too...was able to stay in the high intensity range.


Day 4

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pretty optomistic today. I was very good with my program. I was able to stick to about 1,250 calories today, got in a full workout though I did go down to level 8 on the elliptical (had been doing 10) and read a magazine because I didn't quite feel up to high-intensity cardio today. But I made it without the dreaded "droop" I got yesterday. I brought a snack (1 oz. nuts) to the gym just in case it happened, but instead I ate it while walking home. I went shopping and even at my current weight (144.0) I was an Old Navy size 6. I just didn't happen to find any pants I liked - why are pants either way too wide or way too narrow at the bottom these days? I like the more flattering boot cut MUCH better than "wide leg" or "skinny"/"straight leg." At Bob's I got a new pair of workout pants - size medium, but they didn't have the size small to try...they're black with white stripes down the side. I was getting really sick of only having one pair of workout pants I really like. I also got a long-sleeved top with a very "now" cut to it, size small, maroon, very pretty. And I got a card/money holder for Michael and Anna...:)

Anyway, I am happy to say that it only took me 3 days to lose the weight I put on in 4 days - I am now back to 144. I'm trying not to think about how much farther I'd be if I hadn't had the 4-day setback to begin with. After the wedding, it is DEFINITELY time to find my happy medium. No more gaining and losing huge amounts in a short period of time. I need to eat enough calories to make me not have to think about food all the time. Maybe I should try 1,600 for a while. Plus lots of exercise, of course.

Before I leave for San Francisco I absolutely must plan my food for Monday when I get back. I'll have to do it on/by Wednesday. In fact, I should even pack it up and of course, if we stay in Boston Wednesday night (which we probably will) I should bring it with me and leave it in Jess' fridge the whole time we're in California.

While we're in Calofornia I will practice mindful eating. Mindful eating means eating small amounts when I am hungry, and stopping before I am full. It means choosing healthy food and drinking lots of water (and some coffee/tea). Chewing gum instead of grabbing food. Remembering my goals and putting them ahead of instant gratification. And I definitely need to find a way to exercise - definitely bring a workout outfit and the iPod!

I'd like to be under 140 when I go to California, and be under 140 when I return home as well.

Long term - I want to be 130 for Jamaica!!!!!!


Day 3 and can no longer live on 1,200 calories

Friday, November 23, 2007

I was 146.0 today. Did pretty good until my evening workout. I got that exercise droop where I could barely walk home afterwards (I live 2 minutes from the gym). I only had one planned item left to consume - a 25-calorie diet hot cocoa. Didn't help. I was practically doubled over with hunger, weakness, tiredness, and hunger-induced nausea until Jess handed me a big apple. So I ate it and felt much better...and tracked it...about 1,340 calories for the day now. I'm still hungry, but not sick-hungry.

Anyway, you can see how the dress looks on me from the back. NOT flattering. Oh, and I realized that the last time I tried it on I actually did break the little thread loop that holds the hook at the top of the zipper. Not sure if I have the seamstress skills to fix that, but I guess I'd better try. plan for tomorrow...I will eat what I have planned, but if I start to feel awful, I will add an apple or grapes or grapefruit.

Oh, by the way, I did really good on Thanksgiving. Had one platefull, filled half my plate with salad (fresh fruit salad and colorful veggie salad with no dressing), very reasonable portions, no-calorie drinks only, a few bites of pumpkin bread, no dessert, an extra 40 minute walk with the gang on top of my hour-long gym workout.

I didn't track because who knows how much I really ate, but I'm proud of how I did. I only ate the 500 calories I'd planned other than the Thanksgiving food. For appetizers I had 1 piece of deviled egg (the one with the least amount of filling), a few baby carrots and celery sticks with hummus. My plate was just the way they teach you - half fruits and veggies, 1/4 meat, 1/4 starch. And it obviously worked, because I was down from 148.4 Thursday morning to 146.0 this morning.


Day 2 - Thanksgiving Day

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I weighed 148.4 this morning. I am absolutely determined to stick to my hardcore plan today. I'm drinking coffee now (almost 10 a.m.) and about to go to the gym for an hour of cardio, and I will log everything I ate after I come home from Thanksgiving dinner and make sure my daily total stays in my range.

If I were the size I was yesterday on wedding day, I'd probably rip the dress at the reception. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I have 9 days left. I can make a serious impact if I really work it. I feel like a celeb preparing for a red carpet appearance!!

PS - I've written the first 15 pages of my novel!!!!!!!!!!


A Very Inspired Day 1

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Day 1"...always so ripe with possibilities. This current Day 1 marks the first of ten days I have to get in shape before my brother's wedding. The dress I'm wearing is size 6. The good news is that I just tried it on and was actually able to zip it up. The bad news is that I was one sneeze away from breaking the zipper and it was way too tight to be comfortable. I have a lot of work to do over the next ten days!

It will be very important to space out my 1,200-1,225 calories throughout the day otherwise I might "accidentally" eat everything before lunchtime. Therefore, in addition to all the rules I listed on my main page, I will also stick to the following plan:
Approximately 400 calories by 11 a.m. (breakfast)
Approximately 400 calories between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. (lunch)
Approximately 400 calories after 3 p.m. (dinner)
Exception: I can save some of my earlier calories for later in the day if I want to. (For example, if I sleep in or if I'm really busy in the morning!)

I just weighed myself....since it was the middle of the day and I've been drinking a lot of fluids today, it was probably at least 3 pounds higher than what I consider my "real" weight (morning before eating/drinking)...and it was....153.0. So my "real" weight is probably about 150. That means I gained 6 pounds in 4 days of binge eating out of control. Yeah. That's about what I'd expect, knowing my super human ability to gain weight fast. (And unfortunately I don't have a similar ability to lose fast...but I will try!)

I have a recipe I invented currently cooking in the crockpot...pretty proud of it, hope it tastes good...I am calling it "fall harvest soup"...olive oil, onion, butternut squash, broth, milk, nuts, ginger, carrots, sweet potato, mushrooms, apple, Indian spices, apple pie spice, parsley, and Splenda.

I am toying with the idea of writing a novel about a young woman losing weight. If I can get into it, I think it'd be really motivating for far I have a shell of an would start with a young chubby girl in middle school with her chubby best friend...other kids treat them terribly and they have no luck with boys... fast forward to just after college, and the chubby girl is now a chubby young woman living on her own for the first time in a new city with a new job and she runs into her old friend from middle school, only her friend is now superfit, a health nut, and dating a really shallow guy who has a single cute friend who the main character develops a major crush on. The friend sets her up on a strict diet and exercise program and as motivation she plans a huge party including surprising the main character with a gorgeous expensive outfit in size 2. So of course the main character is motivated to lose weight to be like her friend, try to get the guy, and to fit into the party outfit and look good for the big bash. She diets hardcore, but she is not truly intrinsically motivated, and she's pushing too hard, so she can't stick to it. But she meets a guy at her gym who is training for a 10K that just happens to be taking place the day of the big party. The guy encourages her to run and slowly she improves, though she never imagines she could run a 10K. But she's getting fitter although she's not really losing weight and is starting to feel pretty good about things...until her friend gets upset that she's not dieting hard enough. She tries to motivate her by telling her that her boyfriend's cute single friend has said that she has a really pretty face and he'd definitely ask her out if she were thinner. But when she tries to diet she finds that she can't run as well and she misses she makes a decision to just do what feels good and gets rid of her scale. She gets so into running that she decides to sign up for the 10K that her male friend at the gym is running, and she starts to notice how cute he is, but she still definitely has her crush on her friend's boyfriend's friend until she overhears him making derogatory comments about her weight. She confronts her friend who admits that she had made up the story about the guy being interested in her, and she's so mad she decides she's going to boycot the party. She runs the race and at the finish line she finds her friend, who came to suprise her and tell her she's sorry. She also finds her gym friend who surprises her with a kiss. She decides she will go to the big party afterall, and she'll bring her running friend as her date. She tries on the size 2 outfit and it's too small, so she settles for something in size 6. She goes to the party and looks fabulous, the jerky guy who's friends with her friend's boyfriend hasn't seen her in months and, impressed with how she looks, hits on her and she blows him off, her new guy tells her she looks great and admits he thinks her friend is too skinny, and her friend finds her boyfriend making out with some superskinny bimbo and dumps him.

Okay, that's more than the shell of a story - that's a pretty good, though very predictable plot!! But I didn't have it all figured out like that til I just typed it all out.

If I actually write this story, I'll post it on my blog. :)

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LILBORYKUAMAMI 11/21/2007 5:00PM

    Wow that is a very interesting story!! You are very creative!! When I was a kid I was also very talented at writing stories but haven't tried in years. Hmm maybe I should start up again?

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