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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I had my third WW meeting today...weighed in at 159.2, which is down 2.6 lb from last week (162.8) and a total of 5.6 lb since I started. (I had already lost 5lb on my own the week before, though. Well.....not on my was with sparkpeople!)

I'm tired but I have a lot to do tonight:
1. Make the chili for the engagement party.
2. Finish packing
3. Polish my toenails (hot pink)
4. Finish my sewing projects (a bikini top and a pair of shorts)

Tomorrow I'm not sure I'll have time to blog, and I know I won't have time on Saturday with a 7 a.m. flight! My trip is going to be amazing, I just know it, and I'm keeping that promise I made to myself:
*Track points, stay within points range, eat unprocessed foods
*Exercise at least an hour a day
*Weigh between 154 and 159 when I return!


My BMI is 25.2

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A healthy BMI is 24.9 or less....I am SO CLOSE!!! At my highest weight ever, which I think was about 183, I was only 3 pounds away from being obese. Ick, I didn't know that at the time! Right now, I am only 2 pounds away from A HEALTHY WEIGHT. I am almost there!!!

Today school was cancelled due to here's what I did:
*Cleared off Jess' car and mine (mine about 5 times throughout the day)
*Snuck a surprise valentine I'd made into Jess' car :)
*Packed a healthy lunch to bring on my shopping trip: green tea, a banana, fat free yogurt, 2 oz. unsalted mixed nuts, and water
*Went to Verizon and got a new phone
*Went to Dick's Sporting Goods and got a sports bra and sneakers
*Went to Old Navy to exchange my bikini top to a medium - HEY, the sports bra and the bikini were both mediums...I guess I'm not a large girl anymore! Woohoo!
*Went to Stop & Shop to return the light Cool Whip when I noticed hydrogenated oil in the ingredients...not sure if that means it has trans fats if it doesn't say "partially"...hmm...I think I'll ask on the nutrition board...but I didn't want it anyway. I got ingredients for the vegetarian chili I'm making for Bix's party, an engagement card for Bix and Anna, and sunscreen for Mexico
*Went to the gym and did 99 minutes on the gauntlet/stairmill, then stretching. Got MORE energy as the workout went on, rather than less like how it used to be.
My car was a little stuck at the gym but nothing a little rocking back and forth couldn't fix. Now I'm waiting for the new homeowner (Jess, of course - his closing was today at 2!) to get home...said it would be around 7...geez that's 15 minutes from now and I still need a shower! He's supposed to be taking me for Japanese food, but I've already eaten 27 points today. Target is 23, 5 Activity Points earned, so that's 28. I think we should either stay home, or if we go out I should just get some tea!

Just called him. We're not going out.

I'm trying to keep in mind what I wrote yesterday about my vision for cancun...I REALLY meant it...I am picturing myself in just my new sports bra and a pair of shorts, jogging on the beach....eating fruit that I'd never eat at'll be great.


My Vision for Cancun

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am leaving for Cancun on Saturday, February 17, which is just four days away, and I'm staying for 5 days. In the past, I have dieted before a vacation and then blew it while on the vacation....and never got back on track. Not this time, because this time I have a vision.

First of all, I've already blogged a lot about my master plan for how to handle my weight loss program while on vacation. I am going to bring my WW book and track points. I will not have access to SP, which bums me out, but I will stay strong!!

Here's the vision...I'm going to treat this vacation like a trip to a health spa. There will be fresh fruit and vegetables galore, without me needing to do any preparation or worrying about them going bad. There will be fish and chicken and beans. Sure, there will be unhealthy choices, but I will treat those like exercises for my willpower.

Here is the attitude I will have: I am NOT missing out on absolutely anything by skipping the unhealthy choices. I've tasted it all before...and it's not going to be that great anyway. By making healthy choices and practicing portion control, I am providing myself opportunities:
*looking hotter as the week goes on
*coming home psyched about hopping up on the scale
*keeping the momentum going with fitness as well as weight
*feeling great due both to being properly nourished, and due to the sense of accomplishment this will give me
*in the long term, the choices I will make will help me reach and maintain my ultimate goals

Exercise-wise, I will take advantage of all opportunities to be active in ways that are unique to vacationing - like swimming, walking and jogging on the beach and to explore new places, snorkeling, dancing, and planned activities at the resort (like water volleyball, beach aerobics, etc.).

I swear to god I will follow through and do what I say I will.


How SP Helped Me Today

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am SO GRATEFUL for the nutrition tracker. I had planned a healthy vegetable soup for dinner, but before I ate it, I entered the ingredients into a new "food grouping" (LOVE that option) and looked at my daily totals. Uh oh - it put me way too high on calories and carbs (and WW points, which I am also calculating daily). So, I'm saving it for tomorrow. Before SP, I NEVER would have realized this error - in fact, I would have thought I was doing really well and wondered why the scale doesn't budge.

Thank you SparkPeople!!!

On another note, here's some progress markers I've noticed at the gym:
*I ran a mile in NINE MINUTES AND TWENTY-EIGHT SECONDS today! And by the time I'd finished my second mile, I was at a total time of 20min, 27 sec. I am making progress fast in running, and I bet that soon my quads won't be so sore/stiff afterwards.
*I'm getting better at my calf tiptoe raises.
*I'm more flexible - can touch my toes now without a problem.


Quick Note

Monday, February 12, 2007

Yesterday I was at 156.2 (lowest I've been this diet) and today I was at 156.8, but I was actually glad because I thought it would go up more. In terms of logging what I eat, exercising, staying within my ranges...I'm keeping it up, no problem.


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