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A dream that WILL come true...

Monday, November 12, 2007

It's February 2008, and I am in Jamaica. I have just checked in and put my suitcase in my room. What to wear to check out the resort? I look through all my teensy new clothes and settle on just a sexy bikini, cute short shorts, and flip flops. Why not - I look good enough! I run out and check out the rest of the resort, not for one moment worrying about how I look, or any bulges, or any excessive bouncing. For the rest of the vacation, the only time I put on more than just a bikini is when I'm getting meals and in the evening - and even then my outfits are still pretty revealing. But for the sun-filled days, I'm just wearing adorable bikinis and hanging around the beach and pool, knowing that every man has glanced approvingly and every woman is just a little bit envious...or at least inspired to work out. :)

As I'm enjoying my vacation I think back to my months of hard work to get to where I am now, and I realize that all the careful planning, the strict diet, and intense exercise regiment were all SO worth it.

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RIZADA 11/15/2007 10:19AM

    Heh, good visualization! I need to try something like that. :)

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ANKHA612 11/12/2007 4:45PM

    Hey! NO your comment didnt bother me at all.. Sometimes I dont think I need to lose weight and sometimes I do. I think it depends on the time of the month if you know what I mean! I need to work out more, you look like you have great muscle tone and can get away with weighing more, I havent exercised anywhere close to what I should lately and although I dont weigh that much I am flabby in areas I dont want to be. Once work stops being so crazy (excuses, excuses) I am going to start being more physically active, and who knows, I might actually gain weight but look better. 1300 calories a day is NOT working out for me at all!!! But I will get super motivated for a few days like you said and stick to it, and that cant hurt. Only 9 days till my trip and I cant wait! Keep in touch and let me know how it is going!

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On Track and On Top of the World :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

How great do you feel when you've been doing well? Eating healthy, exercising, full of energy, looking good, pumped up with self-esteem. All of a sudden my big belly has shrunk back down close to pre-binge size, and best of all I'm getting close to be being able to fit somewhat comfortably into my bridesmaid dress - just still tight under the arms and a bit in the belly area. And my size 4 pants are tight, but they fit once again. I'm going out tonight, social things are so much more fun when you know you look good! I was good at a restaurant today - didn't want to go, would have been easier to just stay with the plan I'd had, but Jess' mom wanted to take us out. I ordered tilapia without the cilantro butter while they both had the buffet. I had a taste of their stuff but when I started to feel like I'd had enough I put my napkin on top of my plate and I was DONE.


I've Been Learning...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Sure, I've gone on plan, off plan, on plan off, and now on again...but I like to think of it as a zig-zag that keeps getting closer to being a straight line. Each time I go off, I hope I go a little LESS off - noticing portion size, being able to pinpoint what I'm not doing right. And likewise, each time I go on, well, I don't want to be less "on," but I want to strike a balance. A calorie level that works for me. An exercise routine that does the same. At the gym lately I've been doing cardio for 15 minutes, then 30 minutes of strength training (alternating days of chest/back, legs, and shoulders/arms), then 15 more minutes of cardio. It's quick and leaves me wanting more, but it's long enough that I don't feel guilty. Sixty minutes feels like the perfect amount of time because they say 30-60 minutes to prevent overtraining, but 60-90 for weightloss...
The one thing I need to get more consistent with is my ab work - I have a computer video that is a great eight-minute ab workout, but I haven't been doing it!
I'm starting to like how I look again...down from a high of 154+ last Thursday to 146.4 this Thursday to 145.8 today (Friday) to hopefully even less tomorrow. Eight pounds in one week! That's what happens when you go from junking your body up with nasty binge food to a return to healthy eating.



Thursday, November 08, 2007

1. No deviating from food plan, period.
2. Go to gym after work before going home.

There. Don't have to debate about it. The answers are right there.


What Works for Me

Sunday, November 04, 2007

CHALLENGES. I haven't proved to myself yet that I have made this a permanent lifestyle. I can sum up my entire SP experience like this:

Jan-April 2007: ON program. First time ever getting my weight below upper 140s. Strict, perfectionistic, inexperienced, assumed my new behaviors were here to stay.

April-July 2007: OFF program. Couldn't keep up with my strict standards anymore and couldn't strike a balance between ON and OFF.

July 2007-September 2007: ON program, sparked by a challenge to get in shape for a vacation.

October 2007: OFF program. Gained lots of fat/pounds despite lots of exercise. Binge ate. Pretended that it was OK because of all the running.

November 2007: I have no choice, I HAVE to lose the weight to fit into my bridesmaid dress. However, why stop there...I have a few other very important events coming up to look my best for:

Dec. 19, 2007: 30th birthday.... shudder!!!

Jan. 1, 2008: Will be my first year started thin, and almost a year since I started SP/WW.

February vacation, 2008: JAMAICA

So I'm more motivated by the beach than anything else. Sue me. It's what works. I look at that Memorial Day Weekend photo of myself at 135 and I want to look at LEAST that good in Jamaica. Hell, I want to look my best EVER in Jamaica. I want to be toned, healthy, glowing, firm. I want women 10 years younger to be jealous. I want people to think I'm in my mid twenties instead of the 30 I will actually be. I want to spend the entire 5 days in gorgeous skimpy clothes and not once have to worry about anything bulging that shouldn't be.

Keep that image in mind for the next 3+ months as I make my daily choices about diet and exercise, and stick to the proven plan:

*Plan my food in advance (1,500 calories/day until the wedding...after that, consider increasing) with a healthy balance of nutrients
*Aim for 60-90 minutes of exercise a day, but don't stress if I don't meet that goal sometimes. DIET has shown itself to have far more of an impact than exercise. Exercise should include high intensity cardio, following my strength training program, and some strength training.
*Get enough sleep.
*For events where planning food in advance is impossible, plan and eat a healthy, typical diet of about 950 calories, saving about 550 for the event. At the event, have more veggies than anything else, avoid calorie-laden beverages, and have very small, very controlled portions of other items. When I am finished, I should still have a sense like I am hungry. Don't get upset reading this. I am the kind of person who feels "hungry" unless I've eaten thousands of calories, especially when I'm at a special event. I have to tell myself that I should still be "hungry" when I'm finished otherwise I will really overdo it. Obviously I will really be satisfied, but it is very hard for me to recognize that feeling.
*Fill up on water and tea, and chew gum.
*Try to stay busy with activities that have nothing to do with food...activities during which I can't eat or think about eating are best!
*Blog, read articles, write posts, use my best buddy SparkPeople.
*Likewise, reflect often, brag to Jess and Mom (they won't mind, they'll be happy for me), go to WW meetings, wear clothes that show off how great I look.
*When I really don't feel like following the program, DO ANYWAY. Think about JAMAICA...think about being 134 or less on the sunny, warm beach, size 4 or less. Here are some things I CAN do if I am feeling burnt out:
-lighten up on the gym
-play computer games or watch TV
-get more sleep
-drink more water/tea/coffee and/or chew more gum
-FOLLOW DIET PLAN for the day, but if really hungry, go for 1,600 calories (pre-planned, controlled, healthy, and balanced of course) the next day. Go back to 1,500 when feeling better.

Once I start getting close to goal, slightly and gradually increase daily calories. I'd love to see myself at 1,900-2,000 calories eventually, maintaining or very very gradually losing a bit more, 135 or less, still planning and tracking and exercising, and just in general feeling good.

PLANNING FOOD IN ADVANCE is the necessary key item that I must follow.

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FUNKYMARAVILLA 11/10/2007 11:01AM

  It's good to see your plan. Reading it, it looks like I should have written it- you sound a lot like me (and that makes me feel normal!) :P I also have to tell myself that I should feel a little hungry after eating. It takes me awhile to realize I'm actually satisfied. Plus the way you were on/off...yep, that's me too. I've finally told myself I can never go "back" or be "normal" like my friends who splurge at a restaurant, etc. And in the end, if I've controlled it, I feel sooo much better. Keep up your awesome goals and plans! You've motivated me!

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UBZA2004 11/4/2007 6:21PM

    Love your plan for the bumps in the road.

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