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Flutie 5K Road Race

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Today I ran the Flutie 5K Road Race (proceeds to benefit the Doug Flutie, Jr. Foundation for Autism, Inc.) in Natick. The race was 9 hours ago and results still haven't been posted, but I think I was just under a half hour.

Racing is great. I'm really loving it. I've done two races in one week now! However, it is time to once again become a disciplined eater.

I was in a really good place with my eating in August and September. I hit 135 pounds and was just totally on top of the world. At that point I probably should have increased my calories a bit - maybe to about 1,800 per day, so I could keep it up indefinitely. Unfortunately, I didn't do that. I lost my motivation and promptly saw my weight shoot up to the upper 140s. It went up very quickly, within a few days, but it has remained there ever since. So weird! I have been eating literally WHATEVER I want, but my weight only hit the low 150s a few times and mostly has settled in at the very high 140s.

However, I can't stay at this weight. It is higher than my optimal weight for health and looks. It's time to become disciplined again. I have a new plan, based on some research I did on calorie amounts.

Day after intense exercise - 1,700 calories
Day after light exercise - 1,500 calories
Day after no exercise - 1,300 calories

I will exercise intensely most of the time!! :)

Goals: HOT NURSE COSTUME for Halloween :), bridesmaid dress for Dec. 1, and SMOKING HOT for Jamaica in February 2008.

Also - the next time I run into an ex (like I did this weekend), I want to look so good he wishes he still had me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Oh, the shallower side of life.)


Quick Summary

Monday, October 08, 2007

It's already after 10:30 p.m. so I don't have time to blog in detail about my race and my newest goals, as I would like to.

However, I will say that I completed the 31st Annual Tufts Healthplan 10K for Women today in 1:02:16, 10:02 minute miles, 6 miles per hour. And I felt FANTASTIC! Pictures and many more details to come.

I am starting back on 1,500 calories per day starting tomorrow to lose the extra weight I've put on while not tracking.

I'm doing the Doug Floutie 5K for autism on 10/14 (this Sunday).

Jess and I just booked a trip to JAMAICA for February, mon!!!

Woohoooooooooooooooo!! :)


Twas the Night Before Race Day

Sunday, October 07, 2007

I did another "zoomin' elliptical" workout today - love it - sweat was literally pouring off me, I was at an almost 1,000-calorie-per-hour pace, and more importantly, I was at about a 9.5 minute mile pace. And I still think I can go faster when I do "real running" vs. the elliptical. I have decided I will seed myself in the 9-10 min/mile group, though I wish I were ready for the 8-9 minute/mile group! But I gotta be realistic here. I am going to wear my long-sleeved pink Nike running shirt, hope I don't get too hot but it's the only "performance" shirt I have. And regular black cotton workout pants, my new running shoes, heart-rate monitor watch, Red Sox hat, barrettes and pony tail holder, and I'm going to try to sneak my iPod.
After the race I HAVE to take off this extra weight. I really need to get into learning how to give my body enough food for what it needs to feel good, but to NOT overdo it...soooo hard for me!!

Go Sox! ALCS here we come!!


Copied from the Weight Watchers Friends Forum

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hi everyone...I picked up my materials for my 10K today. I got a cool shirt, I am going to feel SO proud whenever I wear it, a chip for timing purposes, a number (I'm #1720!), and a goodie bag with food in it! :) I am so nervous and excited, but to take the pressure off, I'm telling myself it doesn't matter if I don't finish with a competitive time, only that I complete it.
And then once it's over and I have no more excuse for "carbo loading" (yes, it's just an excuse even now...), it's time to lose this extra weight. I really do look a lot healthier in the 130s than the 140s, even if it's the high 130s.
PS - My At Work Weight Watchers group started back up again on Thursday. At my first weigh-in I was 149.8 - YIKES, that's close to 150. And I won't be there next week because of a dentist appointment. I hope to show a big loss in 2 weeks. Anyway, the leader explained the program. Of course I know the program inside and out but I stayed to listen for a "refresher course." I realized that maybe I am doing myself a disservice by not trying Core. I think the "Core philosophy" of eating as much as you need to be SATISFIED, **NOT** as much as you WANT, is something I desperately need to learn. I have always said "no way" to Core before because I thought I couldn't handle it, but maybe the fact that I have trouble controling myself is THE VERY REASON why I SHOULD try it. Anyone else have experience with learning about how to intuitively know how much food your body needs by trying Core?
By the way, my leader said she lost all her weight on Flex but in order to become a leader, Weight Watchers MADE her try Core so she could talk about it with her groups from personal experience. I didn't know they had requirements like that...but I think it's a great idea.

And PS - once again - GO RED SOX!!! :) We're gonna go all the way again baby!


Zoomin' On the Elliptical

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My weight's back up to 147.something and I don't fit into the size 4 pants I bought a week and a half ago. However, my immdediate concern is NOT my weight, although I definitely want to fit into my new pants again soon (and I HAVE to fit into my bridesmaid dress on Dec. 1). My immediate concern is getting myself into the best possible cardiovascular condition and having the most possible energy for the Tufts Healthplan 10K for Women coming in five days.

Five days!!!!!!!

They already have a weather forecast for race day. Cloudy and 60s. I guess that's good news, but I hope it doesn't rain. I'm not sure what to wear - I have an expensive new long-sleeved running shirt, but I think I'd be hot if I wore it. Probably a fitted t-shirt and workout pants, and of course my new running shoes. Barrettes to hold back the flyaways, my heart rate monitor watch (I should set the timer when I start running), and I'd like to sneak my IPod under my shirt (the race's website says no IPods but I NEVER work out without music!! If they're really strict about it I can hand it over to my mom, OR JESS, who just today found out he has Monday off so HE CAN COME TO MY RACE!!! YAY!!! It will mean so much to have him there. Oct. 1 was our three-year anniversary (we met Oct. 1 2004) and I am MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM. :) Okay, I'm also on a high from a great workout this afternoon and the fact that the Red Sox are about to start their first playoff game. GO SOX!!!

My workout today was fueled by lots of chocolate which I found in my school's library during Newspaper Club after school today. Once I start with chocolates, I never want to stop.

I then went to Dunkins and asked for a small skim pumpkin latte and a pumpkin muffin. THANKFULLY, they were out of muffins so I was not able to pig out on that. I shouldn't have asked for it. I'm sure it has trans fats and it's loaded with sugar, white flour, bad fats, sodium, and excess calories. Besides, I need to not overeat right before a workout if I want to work out hard. Duh. They asked me if I wanted a pumpkin donut instead. Of course I said NO, but I know really I don't need a muffin any more than I need a donut!

At the gym I started with strength training. I did three sets each of three workouts for shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Felt good. Then I got on the elliptical at level 12 (switched to 11 at the end). I usually do 14, so at 12 I was able to fly. I made it a game where I kept trying to hit a certain mileage within certain time intervals. And my heart rate stayed in the 160s for almost all of it. I hit 6.00 miles at exactly 58:00 and 6.20 miles, which is 10K, in 59:51. Under an hour - YAY! Not bad considering I usually don't even hit 5 miles in an hour on the elliptical. I was zoomin'.

By the time I'd done my 5 minute cooldown, the calorie burn readout was OVER A THOUSAND CALORIES which was a first for me. I actually giggled when I saw that. And my total mileage was over six and a half miles.

I wasn't sure I'd do another 10K run before the race because I don't want to wear myself out, but now I'm thinking I should do one more...if I wanted to finish in 55:00 I'd have to average almost 6.8 mph. Right now my best time ever was an average of 6.63 mph for an hour on 9/4/07. (Can't say what my 10K time was because at the time I was under the mistaken impression that a 10K was 6.4 miles.)

By my calculations, an average of 6.8 mph would get a 10K time of 54:42, 6.7 mph would get a 10K time of 55:31, 6.6 mph is 56:22, 6.5 mph is 57:14, 6.4 mph is 58:08, 6.3 mph is 59:03, and 6.2 mph is 60:00. (Formula - 6.2 divided by mph, then multiply by 60 to get whole minutes, subtact whole number portion of answer and multiply what's left by 60 to get seconds.)

Therefore, in order to meet the elusive goal of completing in less than an hour, I have to do an average of faster than 6.2 mph. That seems doable!!

I will try 6.8 mph on the treadmill tomorrow and see if I can keep up that speed for a whole hour. (If not, I'd like to try to keep my average above 6.63 in order to obtan a personal best.)

I'm trying not to fantasize too far into the future about doing half and full marathons...but I can't help thinking that way when I start to feel confident about my 10K abilities. Let's get through this race first though...and then I can add to the list of GOALS MET at the top of my Sparkpage!!!


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