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Tonight at the Gym

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Unfortunately I made poor choices this afternoon...WAY too much eating, and a nap. Normally I wouldn't have gone to the gym after a "fat" afternoon like that, but since the Tufts is in just 6 days, I knew I had to.

I did legs (2 different kinds of leg presses, calves, walking lunges, and 3 different kinds of squats), 67 minutes on the elliptical (about 5.5 miles), stretching, and 50 crunches.

I'm still full from this afternoon.

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FBERG1 10/3/2007 10:57AM

    Nice work! I usually don't go to the gym after a "fat" afternoon, either, but it is a good idea to go anyway. Next time I'll follow in your footsteps and do that.


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LOTS of exercise and LOTS of food

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Did over 2 hours of cardio yesterday.
5 minute walking warmup: 1/3 mile
10K in 61:07 (wish it could be consistently under an hour) - this averages to almost exactly 6mph or 10 min/mile
a couple more minutes to bring the treadmill total to about 6 and 2/3 miles
65 minutes on elliptical at high intensity (level 14/13)
In all I went almost 12 miles (that's almost a half marathon!!!) and burned about 1,500 calories, if you believe what the machines tell you

I also PIGGED OUT like crazy yesterday, bought individually wrapped dark chocolates the other day and Jess asked "Can you handle it?" I said yes, but no, I ate them all last night.

Yet I was down 2 pounds today. 144.


Today Ended Up 50/50

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Part good, part bad.

Good - I mostly stuck to my nutrition plan. Bad - I added a LOT to it tonight.

Good - I bought and prepared a lot of healthy food including having all my meals planned out for the next 2 days. Bad - I nibbled away as I prepared my food.

Good - I did 15 minutes of strength training (back), then 30 minutes on the treadmill (about 3.2 miles), then tonight I ran around the neighborhood loop in about 14:30. Bad - I should be able to go faster and I should be working out longer, this close to my race. I just checked my old blog entries and back in August I did the same loop in 14:14. :(



What is the Root of my Eating Problem?

Sunday, September 30, 2007

This is a question I need to explore...find some answers, and most importantly, find some SOLUTIONS. I've just requested _100 Days of Weightloss_ from the library, at the suggestion of the WW Friends team leader, Kara.

Here are some stats:
Last Saturday: 135-point-something
This Saturday (yesterday): 149.8
Today (Sunday): 147.0
comes on quick, comes off quick. But I'd rather just have it stay at 135!!

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KCIR1959 9/30/2007 9:30PM

    Susan -

Some advice from the Peanut Gallery...If you aren't, you have to get back to planning out your meals and tracking your intake. It is tedious, but it works. You have to try to stay consistent day to day and week to week. When you go into your low calerie starvation mode, so does your body. It starts conserving energy and you burn less caleries. It is very difficult for you to drop weight in this mode after a while, so you let up and all of the sudden you have gained a bunch of weight. Setting a goal for your vacation, or a wedding is good. However, if you go too long and too hard to get to the goal, and then let up when you reach the goal, it often will back fire.

Stay positive,


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Motivation: Pleeeeease Be Back to Stay...?!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Motivation, where have you been? I've missed you! I gained 15 pounds in a week by eating ridiculous amounts of food. I weighed 149.8 today (Saturday) and I weighed about 135 last Saturday. I am glad I weighed myself today - yesterday I was too scared because I knew it was up - but I am glad I am catching myself before I hit the 150s. I have been good all day and worked out 2 hours, but I seriously want to have a binge right now. RESIST THE URGE. Having Jess around helps a lot. I don't binge in front of him. If he weren't here, I'm sure I'd be pigging out right now.

I obviously am a disordered eater. Other people go off track and gain a pound in a week. I go off track and gain 15 pounds in a week (or in three days like that one time on the Cape). That's because there is a HUUUGE difference between when I'm good and when I'm bad. When I'm good, I'm really good, and when I'm bad, I'm terrible.
Here's a list of things that are different between when I'm "on program" and "off program":
*Tracking what I eat
*Planning food
*Paying attention to nutrition/balance of nutrients
*Portion control
*Drinking water/chewing gum/delaying eating
*Using SparkPeople
*Feeling proud of myself
*Wanting to get on the scale
*Wanting to wear cute clothes
*When I'm off program I want to go out at night
*Alcohol, salt, fat, chocolate, baked goods, etc.
*Eating out
*When I'm off program I just get all happy because I can eat something I really want to eat. I feel like I'm finally not depriving myself. I don't have to get that feeling of dread that I get when I know I've already eaten all my daily calories and have to cut myself off for the rest of the night - I can eat more when I want more.
*When I'm off program I sometimes eat when I'm not hungry and give myself stomach aches from getting too full.

My race is A WEEK FROM MONDAY! That's 9 days away! So I need to be eating in ways that keep my energy up - will have to do a little research into that, but so far I've planned 1,500 calories for today and tomorrow (and stuck to today's plan). I need to seriously work on conditioning myself at the gym. I don't think I should run a lot - I think I should just do a couple miles a day to remind my muscles of what running feels like, but I should spend a long time on the elliptical trainer every day with my heart rate between 160-170. I also need to be careful to warm up, cool down, and stretch. And I should strength train and get plenty of sleep.

As for eating...I have 5 servings of a crockpot dish and some hard boiled eggs ready to go...I'll weigh a little less in the morning and hopefully that'll motivate me to keep it going and see those numbers going down on the scale. I want a good first weight-in at my WW@Work on Thursday! And I want my new clothes to fit! And I don't want extra weight bothering my run.


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