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Well, Since I've Already Messed Up....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My motivation is gone. :( Tonight at Fenway Park I had a personal Papa Gino's pizza, a Sam Adams Octoberfest, soft serve ice cream, and a pretzel!!!!!!!

As long as I mess up I might as well REALLY mess up, right? No, I don't believe that in the RATIONAL part of my mind, but I know that's what I'm thinking subconsciously when I keep making poor choices.

And my WW@Work starts back up tomorrow. Ugh. Way to show them how well I did on my own all summer.

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MOMTWO5 9/26/2007 10:35PM

    Chin up, tomorrow is another day!

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Today's Run

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

First time at the gym since Saturday, and first time spending more than a half hour at the gym since Thursday (and today's Tuesday). Decided to go for an "easy" run so I did 5 minutes walking warmup then 55 minutes running 6.0. That's an EASY pace for me now! My heart rate mostly stayed around 148 but went up to 160 at the end. Sprinted at 7.5 mph for the last 90 or so seconds, that got my heart rate to 185. Walked about 3 minutes at the end. Did 5.88 miles in 60 minutes (that includes walking 5 minutes, remember) and 6.0 miles in all. Was easy!!


Just Say No to Weekend Sabotage

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thrid weekend in a row now that I've gone off my plan. Last night wasn't TOO bad - grand total under 2,400 calories for the day - I kept track of all the extras I ate: 1.4 oz nuts, 2 servings Kashi GoLean, about a half a cup of my boyfriend's seasoned wild rice, and one pineapple/coconut rum shot that my friends MADE me drink.

Went to gym for about 40 minutes last night. Did tris, bis, and shoulders, then decided to run for 9 minutes until the gym closed. 7.0 mph for most of it. Running shoes felt great, but after a while I felt disgusting in my stomach because I didn't wait long enough after eating. :(

I need to make sure I drink more water.

Weighed 135.8 today - only gained .4 with all the extra food yesterday.


I Fit into Size 2 Jeans!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Just got home from the mall, and yes, I fit into size 2 Abercrombie jeans. The weird thing is, I fit into every size from 2-8 and really didn't notice much of a difference. They were a little stretchy, I guess.

I bought a pair of size 4 khaki pants for work from New York & Co, and a size small blouse. (The XS fit better in most places, but gapped in the chest.) I also got real running shoes! And a long-sleeved running shirt, because my race is in October. Can't wait to try out my running sneex to see if I notice a difference - all the running I've done so far has been in WALKING shoes!

And of course I also got gum and coffee. :)

Was with a friend I hadn't seen in 6 months. She was shocked at my skinniness. We think I'm thinner than her now, but she refused to try on the same pants as me to find out for sure. She has ALWAYS been much skinnier than me.


Workouts Since Trainer

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My session with the personal trainer was on Monday.

On Tuesday I just did cardio and I was tired (from lack of sleep, not from Monday's workout!). I had to stop running after 2 miles/18 minutes, and I did some fairly slowish elliptical after that to get a full hour including warmup/cooldown. Felt bloated and not great.

On Wednesday I did 15 minutes of the stairmaster fit test and earned an "average" ranking (I usually get "fair", so average was good! On treadmill and bike fit tests I fare better...) Then I did chest and back, the three exercises of each that she'd showed me. Including stretching it was about an hour.

Today, Thursday, I did 5 minutes of walking, then I stretched, then I ran 5K in 27:55, then walked 2 minutes. Then I did 3 sets of walking lunges, 8 on each side, and I wasn't embarrassed! In fact, a guy was doing them at the same time, we had to share the hallway like swimmers sharing a lane! They felt hard and good. Then I did the two different kinds of leg press type machines - one where your feet stay still and your upper body slides up and down the machine, vice versa on the other. I did 3 sets each on those. Then I used the 2nd of those machines to do calves, then the other two calf exercises she'd shown me, 3 sets each. Finally I did squats with the bar machine thing (I need to learn names for these things!) - 1 set each of legs wide, medium, and together. Then I stretched. In all it took 70 minutes.

I'm actually feeling GUILTY that I've only been doing 30 minutes of cardio, and that I'm not doing more muscles - abs every other day in particular. But I should keep in mind that with my old routine I was doing cardio OR strength training most days, so doing a little of each every day should give me the same amount of time overall over the course of a week. I still need to do longer stretches of cardio sometimes to train for my race, but that could be something I do on weekends when I'm less tired or when I've just had some coffee or am feeling particularly good/energetic. Otherwise, I know I need to just try to move more throughout the day to make up for any decrease in cardio my new routine might result in.

Just when I was starting to think my body was done losing weight, I'm wondering if all this new exercise might be the thing that sparks the pounds to start dropping off again. I just weighed myself after my workout, it was 8 p.m. and I weighed 138-point-something...usually I weigh about 3 pounds more at night than I do in the morning so I'm hopeful (but not too emotional about it).

Also, I just got _Making the Cut_ by Jillian Michaels of Biggest Loser fame after learning about it from another Sparker's blog. I hadn't realized that it is specifically written for someone in my situation - someone who only has a little bit of weight left to lose, who's already in decent shape, and wants to push to reach her best. So that's pretty exciting...can't wait to start to read...I just only hope that what she suggests is something I feel I can do without a major overhaul, since what I'm already doing (especially food-wise) is going so smoothly. I don't want to spend a bunch of time every day preparing these annoyingly tedious meals where I end up needing to use only half a can of this or half a piece of that, because everything else will be wasted and plus I don't have that kind of time on a daily basis. I am loving the weekend batch-cook method. This weekend it's going to be some kind of take on the zucchini lasagna recipe that was featured the other day, and/or a whole-wheat pasta or spaghetti squash dish with homemade tomato sauce, and also I want to find a way to use the bulgur and steel-cut oats I bought. I'll look up recipes, but in general I'd rather try to stick with ingredients I already have then to go shopping since I just did a huge grocery trip last weekend. But maybe I'll buy a few things, we'll see.

By the way...I think I've been looking a little chubby lately... stomach and hips stick out in my gym tank tops, legs and ankles are thick, upper arms have a hint of what might be saggy skin from having previously been overweight my whole life. :(

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LIVINFIT4ME 9/21/2007 1:59PM

    hi. i started Making the Cut this week (just finished week 1 :) ) and I am following the exercise plan for the 30 days. I read the whole book & it has good info but I, like you, it sounds, am okay with my nutrition - this just adds circuit training and some different exercises that really gets some cals burnin'! Hope you enjoy it...keep posted on how you are doing with it & what you think. Have fun!

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