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Bridesmaid Dress!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

How cool that you can add pictures to a blog entry. Very appropriate to show my new bridesmaid dress! I ordered it back in April when my goal weight was 124 and I was absolutely convinced I'd be able to get there. The shop had the same dress in a size 8, and that fit me just fine, but I ordered the 6. The shop owner told me that a) these gowns tend to run two sizes too small, so a 6 is like a 2! though the particular designed I bought isn't that bad; and b) every 10 pounds is a size; and c) the 8 was actually a bit loose in the back.

Fast forward to May when my diet went out of control, and to June when I practically gave up completely. I was weighing in the mid-140s most days (though my weight was a constant roller coaster) and going up, and there's no way I would have fit into the 6 and at that size even the 8 would have been questionable. I called the shop and asked if I could change my order to an 8 but it was too late. I was stuck with the 6.

Fast forward again to July and especially August when I got back on track and discovered more about what really works for me to get to my best weight and to feel good while doing it. That dress has just been in the back of my mind...gotta fit into that thing for my brother's wedding on December 1!!!

So today I was at the mall, coincidentally looking for a dress to wear to a casual afternoon backyard wedding this weekend, when the bridal shop owner called and told me the dress was ready. The shop is in the same town as the mall so I went over and picked it up right away. I even thought maybe I could wear it to the wedding this weekend but Jess says it's way too formal for a BBQ wedding. (So I guess I'll have to go shopping again! Oh well!! :)) Anyway, I could barely zip up the bridesmaid dress and I can't breathe too deeply in it, haha, but it DOES zip up and it does fit and the shop owner doesn't think I need any alterations. I don't need to wear any supportive or camoflauging garments underneath either - the dress itself does those things! YAY!

Back to that shopping trip...everyone in the dressing room at Ann Taylor Loft (probably my favorite store right now) was gushing over this one dress I tried on, and one girl said it even looked too big and it was a size 4!!!!!! They didn't have any 2s though, so I will check at another Ann Taylor Loft. But this one fit me pretty well in the front, it was just the back that was loose, so if I find a 2 and it's tight in the chest I should go with the 4. It's light blue and has a halter top and is just a bit longer length than I'd really like but looks so pretty. I also tried on a supercasual black dress that I loved in a 4 on me, but it almost seemed too a beach coverup.

I keep wanting to buy bikinis, dresses, casual summer clothes...I wonder what I have against buying a fall teaching wardrobe. I guess I really don't want to go back to school! I should go back to Ann Taylor Loft for my back to school wardrobe - I love their clothes and I love how I fit into a 4 there (totally psychological, I know). Of course what's really holding me back is that I want to get to 130 (was 137.0 today) and I don't want a bunch of brand new, too big clothes. I wonder if I would be an Ann Taylor Loft size 2 at 130. I should have tried on a pair of size 4 pants to see if they were tightish or looseish. If they're tightish at 137, I bet I could get away with still wearing a 4 at 130.

I never thought I'd be a tiny girl. Wow wow wow.

By the way, I went running twice today! First time was around Jamaica Pond around 12:30 p.m. About 40 minutes (twice around the pond and back to the car) but my heart rate went too high so I also walked for a bit to get it to come back down. I realized there are a bunch of other pretty paths around there, so next time I will try a different route! Then tonight I ran at the gym for about 16 minutes. I was thinking about biking to my parents' house but didn't have time. I also wanted to do a Turbo Jam workout when we got home from the gym but Jess really wanted to watch the Red Sox.

I have SO much energy now. I am like a new person - a much younger person! I want to go out and play! I wish I could have been this fit when I was in high school and college, but I shouldn't have regrets...I should just live my life to its fullest now!!!

I do need to start to think about what my game plan will be when school starts. Less time to work out, but will still have to fit it in. Will have to have the majority of each day's food not only planned out, but PREPARED the night before. Will have to decide in advance what will be dinner and whether to leave that home or take it with me. Should I bike to school (sometimes)? Should I go to the gym in the morning? Probably not, was never my style, but I WILL need to go to bed MUCH MUCH earlier to be fully rested - a crucial part of my program.

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FBERG1 8/22/2007 10:07AM

    You look amazing in that dress! Great blog entry...thanks for sharing it with us.

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LOVE2LIVE! 8/22/2007 12:57AM

    Congrats on your success!!!!
I love how at the end of your blog entry you talk about how you feel as a measure of your success. We're always so focused on what size we are, or what our scale tells us we weigh...but how often do we stop and think about how we feel?
Thanks for the comment on my page, it's been an amazing year for me and even if I never lose another pound I know I am much, much healthier now where I am today than where I was. And that makes me a better woman, a better wife and a better mother!

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My Quick Jogging Loop

Monday, August 20, 2007

There is a short loop around my neighborhood I jog when I don't have time for anything longer. I just did the mileage of it - it is 1.47 miles. Last time I jogged it in 14 minutes, 14 seconds. If I calculated correctly, that's about 6.2 mph or about 9.7 minutes per mile. I can use my quick route to work on my outdoor running speed.

14 minutes - 9.5 minutes per mile
13 minutes - 8.8 minutes per mile
12 minutes - 8.2 minutes per mile
11 minutes - 7.5 minutes per mile

When I'm really pushing I can do those speeds on the treadmill, so my new goal is to be able to run the loop faster! I'll be prepared for whatever race I decide to do!


Quick Check-In

Monday, August 20, 2007

137.6 today and feelin' fine. :)

Went to Old Navy, where I think sizes run big. They must, because I was actually able to squeeze my lower half into a size 2 pencil skirt!!! I was definitely between a 4-6 there, but I still didn't buy any pants. I have a pants phobia!! I'm so afraid that by the time I go to wear them they won't fit me anymore, that I don't buy any! I'll buy some pants when it really gets cold enough for me to need some.

I got two more long tanks just like the two I bought a few months ago and wear all the time, especially to the gym. I got dark purple and navy. Those are XS. :)

I got two pairs of gym shorts - finally won't have to wear the same pair of shorts to the gym every day!! The shorts are size S.

I got a cute flowy empire-waist tank in medium. The small fit me better across the back and straps, but the medium fit me better in the chest. :)

I also got a deep v-neck 3/4 sleeve deep turquoise top in XS. Was debating between XS and S for a while, but I liked the XS better on the sleeves and other than that didn't see much difference.

Right now I'm trying to give my stomach a few minutes before the gym even though it's already 8 p.m. and I'm going to Jess' tonight. I just had a HUGE dinner - whole wheat pasta, ground buffalo, onion, tomato, spinach, and mushrooms (and olive oil and Italian seasoning). I am way too full to work out but that better change soon!

So...can't be deep and insightful in every blog entry, can I?! Sorry! :)

Oh, one more that I'm feeling so energetic and fit I'm ready to take on new adventures. I'd like to vamp up my social life and my hobbies. (Is"vamp" the right word? I'm not really sure.) I used to be bad at EVERY sport but I bet now I could find something I'm good at now that I'm in so much better shape. I think if I find just the right fit, it could be so much fun. I just don't know what yet!


What is "Willpower"?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I'm not going to try to take credit for this idea...I actually think I first read about it in Dr. Phil's weightloss book a few years ago. But it makes so much sense, and I'm living it now, so I want to write about it.

Everybody knows you need a weight management program that fits into your life long-term. You can't constantly be in a battle between what you SHOULD do and what you WANT to do. You have to find a way to merge the two so that you can peacefully live your life and be healthy!

When I was first losing my weight at the beginning of '07, I was having a willpower battle. Every day was a victory if I could beat my hunger and stick to my 1,200-1,300 calorie plan. Sure, by nighttime I was so hungry and cranky that I couldn't do anything but whine, but another day, another battle won. I thought that was necessary in order to lose weight. (Back then, even if you had told me I could eat 1,500 calories a day and lose weight, I probably wouldn't have wanted to, because I wanted to lose the weight FAST. Why I placed more importance on speed than on feeling good, I'm not sure.)

I am now in my eighth month of my SparkPeople lifestyle, and I think I have now adapted in a way that I no longer need "willpower" to stick to my program. My program is just my life. A HUGE part of that is eating the right amount. I don't have to worry about getting too hungry because that doesn't ever happen at 1,500 calories/day. I don't have to worry about huge hunger-related mood or energy swings. I don't have to anxiously stop eating before I want to so I'll have something to eat later on. (And on the flipside, I don't have to deal with having eaten all my food by early afternoon and having to starve the rest of the day.) When you are doing what works for your body physiologically, it makes things work psychologically too. I don't need willpower to do these things that work perfectly for me biologically.

There are other ways I've eliminated the need for willpower. Every morning I already have a specific plan for exactly what I'll eat that day, so I never am caught having to make a choice at the moment hunger hits. I'm not sure if this is the answer for everybody, but it is the answer for me. Food that isn't on my plan just simply isn't an option and I don't play mind games asking myself whether I should or should not eat it. I just know I'm not going to.

Exercise kind of works the same way. It's just part of my daily life now, so there's no debating whether I should or should not. Also, with my heart rate monitor and increased fitness level, I can do exercise that works me hard but feels good because it's not TOO hard. It's not a battle between needing to complete my workout versus being in physical pain. It (usually) feels good so I WANT to be doing it.

I wish I could help everyone who wants or needs to lose weight to discover the lifestyle choices that help them be able to lose the weight comfortably and healthfully. I bet a lot of people have no idea it's possible.


Now I Know it Works

Sunday, August 19, 2007

It has now officially been two weeks since I started eating 1,500 calories a day (actually it's usually closer to 1,480). I started two weeks ago weighing 140.6. After one week I weighed 140.8 (but my weight had done this funky jump up thing for the very second day, so it was almost like a loss). Now, after two weeks, I weigh 137.8 today! Yup, down 3 lb in one week! I guess to REALLY be sure I have to go one more week to break the tie (right now, 1 point for maintain and 1 point for lose).

I feel really good about this - it kind of feels like I've discovered the secret to easy, healthy weightloss.


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