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1,500 Challenge Results So Far

Friday, August 10, 2007

Day 1: 140.6
Day 2: 142.8
Day 3: 142.4
Day 4: 141.4
Day 5: 141.2 (today)
So....if my starting weight were only Day 2 instead of Day 1, I'd be doing really well so far! I have to admit that TOM may have had something to do with the bump up in my weight this week. I really think it's too soon to tell whether 1,500 calories will work for me for weightloss.
I just read a touching story in the WW Friends Team threads that one woman recalled from her childhood. Her mother and her neighbor were both trying to lose weight - the mother on 800 calories per day, the neighbor on 1,800. The mother was too deprived and gave up. The neighbor lost her weight, had a small treat once a week, and maintained her weightloss for the rest of her life until age 88!
I feel much better at 1,500 calories per day than I did at 1,275. At 1,800 I'd probably not even feel like I was "restricting" at all! However, I need to see what happens to my weight at 1,500 before I even think about trying to go higher.
I read once about that national registry of successful weight-losers (you know the escaping me...they've all lost and maintained a significant amount of weight and share their habits that have gotten them there) said on maintanence they were eating an average of about 1,400 calories per day. That was depressing to me. I hope I can eat much more than that on maintanence!

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MEGHOUSE 8/10/2007 6:40PM

    Check out
lorie_calculator.htm# You can put in your personal info to calculate the calories to consume for maintenance and fat loss. At my goal weight, I can consume nearly 2000 calories and maintain!

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Day 3 of Challenge

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I need to record what's happening with my weight so I can be "scientific" about this. I finally have the patience, control, and willpower to systematically figure out what works best for me, so I am starting to dream up a rather long-term plan to determine my best calorie range.

This week it's 1,475-1,525 calories per day, though so far it's been just about 1,490 every day. My baseline weight (before I'd started - Sunday morning) was 140.6 (Jess' scale). Monday it was up to 142.8, but I do tend to weigh more on Monday mornings (earlier weigh-in) and on my scale. Today - Tuesday - on Jess' scale it was 142.4. So, it's definitely too early to see. Oh, and yesterday I was tired and I skipped exercise entirely. I almost never do that anymore - I usually do SOMETHING. Not yesterday though. (Today I made up for it with a typical workout - 15 minutes of the "fit test" on the Stairmaster as a warmup - I was FINALLY back to "average" level fitness again! Then 2 sets each of my strength training routine - ideal is 3, but that takes FOREVER... then, since Jess wasn't quite done yet, I did about 5 or 6 minutes of running at 6.6 mph. The whole thing was about an hour.)
I do sincerely think I could probably lose weight very slowly and healthfully at my current calorie range as long as I keep pushing myself with the exercise. That would be a dream - I think that would really be doing it all right! I really am at a place right now where I'd be thrilled with really slow weightloss. I want this to be permanent, healthy, and something that makes me feel good. I think I will feel better at 1,500 than at 1,275, and the extra food is just as nutritious as everything else I eat, so I'm adding even more of the "good stuff" to my body (vitamins etc.). Just have to watch that fiber, don't want it to go too high - even at 30 grams a day I get unpleasant results, but they're a lot more tolerable than what I was experiencing at 60-70 grams a day.

Anyway....(tangents galore!) I am going to take this calorie adjustment one week at a time...basically I want to be eating the most I can possibly eat per week while still seeing the numbers inching downward. So by this Sunday, I want to compare my weight with last Sunday's 140.6. Probably if it's within a pound or so in either direction I'll try this number of calories again. Any greater difference than that and I'll adjust the number of calories accordingly. Ideally, I'd like to see something just under last week, like say 140.0-140.4. That would make me feel like I am eating the most calories I can eat and still lose. If I weigh 140.6-141.6 (the same-a pound up) I will seriously be tempted to lower my calories, but I don't think I should yet, because I really want to figure out what's the MOST I can eat and be successful with sloooooow weightloss. I don't want some random fluctuations to be the deciding factor - I should give it another week to really see. (I should also figure out which week I might be most likely to be retaining water! Though with this low-sodium plan I've been on, that really hasn't been much of an issue.) Anyway, if I weigh more than 141.6 this Sunday I guess I should decrease my calories, probably by about 100 to 1,400, but I'd like to try 1,500 again someday if that's the case.

I am ever-so-slowly making my way toward learning what is going to work for me for the very long term. Years from now, I am NOT going to look back on 2007 as the fluke year I was at my life's skinniest. I am going to look back fondly on the year I not only finally lost the weight, but learned to live a permanent healthy lifestyle.

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BELTONWALKER67 8/8/2007 5:25PM

    Hi, was just wondering if you have checked into the SP Nutrition and Fitness pages. They have some great exercises and they set up a calorie range for you. The nutrition guide lets you see how much you are eating in fats, proteins, and etc. Good Luck on your journey to better health.

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Second Day

Monday, August 06, 2007

Today's my second day of eating about 1,490 calories. My weight jumped up to 142.8 today, but I'd like to see what happens over the course of a week.

I am getting REALLY sick of "being good." How badly do I want to just pop down on the couch with some gigantic concotion of some crazy casserole, or an entire box of cereal or tin of nuts.

I won't do it though!!!!!!!!!! It's OK to have an unproductive day, it's OK to watch TV or play computer games or chew lots and lots and lots of gum, it's even OK to have a so-so workout. It's just not OK to binge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MEGHOUSE 8/7/2007 9:13PM

    I read this post yesterday and again today because the last couple sentences are really true and something I fail to remind myself a lot. In fact, it's something I often lie to myself about on a pretty regular basis: "I'm exercising so much, it's 'okay' to overeat." There are a lot of things we do that might not necessarily help us climb that wellness "ladder" (TV, computer, gum) but binging definitely propels us in the wrong direction and it's not okay to try to deny that.

Easier said than done, though. Keep fighting the fight! The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time :)

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1,475-1,525 Calorie Per Day, One-Week Challenge!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Yesterday: 140.8, today: 140.6. Had a talk with Jess about goal range and he wants it to be 135-139.9. I'm not sure, I'd like to be a little lighter.

No time to really write what I wanted to write about right now - going to Newport for the day! But I did decide to try a 1-week experiment of about 1,500 calories per day. Starting today.


Healthy Mindset

Friday, August 03, 2007

First of all an update on my repair of the damage done last weekend on the Cape. Just a recap...I weighed about 139.5 last Thursday, ate well all day Thursday and left for the Cape that night. So I actually probably weighed even less than that Friday morning. My plan was to eat moderately and exercise and maintain my weight that weekend, but I quickly succumbed to junk food and junk portion sizes, though I did exercise a lot. Monday morning I was shocked to see 154.2 on the scale. Tuesday I was at 149. Wednesday, 147. Thursday, 143. Friday (today), 141. So...that's a gain of 15 in 3 days, and a loss of 13 in 4 days. I'm up a net of 2. But I am not discouraged. As the title of this blog entry suggests, I have a healthy mindset.

I also have some new ways of thinking. I have been doing this stuff long enough now, and reading enough about healthy weight management, to know what works for me. My new thinking is, I'm going to do what works for me, whether it's recommended by "the experts" or not. I do believe what I'm going to do is healthy, effective, and doable. And a lot of what "the experts" recommend contradicts with what other "experts" recommend! I just finished reading You: On a Diet and am now reading Eat, Drink, and Weigh Less. The former suggests that you limit your food choices and even consider having the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. The latter suggests that variety staves off boredom which will keep you on your program, which is the more commonly heard advice. Well, I think to some degree I agree more with You: On a Diet. I know I eat less when there are fewer options. I also know that planning out my meals is the #1 key to my success, and that is SO much easier to do when many things stay the same. I also know that these items I'm eating every day are healthy and SHOULD be included every day. My two cups of FF yogurt that I eat every day meet the WW recommendation for 2 servings of dairy every day. My serving of Total cereal per day gets me much closer to where I need to be with levels of nutrients. My 2 teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil per day meet the WW requirements, get me some needed healthy fat, and really do make cooked vegetables and chicken taste better! Once I've entered those items into my nutrition tracker, I'm well on my way to a healthy balanced meal plan for the day. I've been filling in the rest with vegetables, fruits, and protein sources (going for whatever I have that's fresh first, then I switch over to frozen). As I add, I am mindful of the recommended percentages of macronutrients - 30% fat, 15% protein, and 55% carbs. A few months ago I tried reducing fat in an effort to eat larger quantities, but right now 30% is working well with my olive oil, nuts, and occasional avocados, olives, eggs, and salmon.

If there's anything that can be improved, maybe it's adding other whole grains like barley etc., which is easier for me to do when I use my crockpot. For the first few months of this program I was using lots of beans but had major issues with the 60+ grams of fiber I was consuming every day. No thanks. That's also why I gave up Fiber One cereal. I'm not convinced Total is the healthiest choice - I know the vitamins and minerals in it are just added in, and there's also added sugar....but it's working for me right now. I am considering occasionally adding Kashi GoLean back in to get vegetarian sources of protein sometimes instead of chicken or fish. I do also sometimes eat oatmeal too.

Anyway, I am kind of rambling, and I actually have to get going, but I wanted to add in one more idea. This is not new to me, but I am re-embracing it. It's the idea that my goal is not a weight goal at all, but rather a behavior goal. My weight will do whatever it should do based on my healthy behaviors. Those behaviors are to consistently continue tracking and eating the way I have been, having a plan and food all prepared at the very latest by the night before (exception: I an have it planned but not yet prepared if I know I'll have time to prepare it "day-of"). This also involves skipping restaurant and party food, bringing my own instead. I know this doesn't exactly work for everyone and probably not even for me in the long term, but it's going to be my life for now. Kinda funny, but the most difficult times this goal will be tested by far ALL have to do with Jess - his friends' barbeques, family gatherings, company kayaking trip (catered by Red Bones), and visits to restaurants. Well that's real life, and I'm not trying to get thin so I can live beautifully in a bubble isolated from the world. I can bring my own food to Katye's barbecue, I can take a "planned and approved" few hours off for the kayaking trip, and I can try to avoid some situations. I think that taking a meal off here and there is OK, just that the less frequent, and the shorter (e.g. one meal instead of a whole day), the less damage is done. Of course something like an all-out 3-day eating fest has to happen, well, almost NEVER, or I'll end up with net GAINS. But if I have one bad meal say once every two or three weeks, I think I can override that damage and still end up losing.

Right now I weigh 141. This weight is pretty good, but I want to keep up my good habits and see how close to 130 I can be. My body - not me - will make that determination, because if I eat so little I hit starvation mode again, I'll have to raise my daily calorie intake. So we'll see how far I can go while FEELING GOOD.

Time to meet Jess for a picnic! Bye! :)


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