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Happy to Report I Was Wrong!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I thought my weight would be up at my WW weigh-in today, but it was actually DOWN 1.8 pounds! Yay!

(I stopped eating and drinking a few hours in advance though, and wore as little as was decently possible.)



My Top Tips for Losing Weight

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Well, it's Day 2 of my Cape Cod challenge and so far, so good! I'm weighing in at a WW meeting in 3 hours and although I'm disappointed knowing that my weight will be higher than it was when I went two weeks ago, it's down since yesterday.

Day 1: 148.0
Day 2: 145.8

Today at school I was reading a book with a small group of students in which a character described baking fresh bread and eating it with homemade butter. I caught myself thinking, "mmmm - project for this afternoon!" But then I remembered about my challenge, and thought, nope, not THIS week! That's a great example of how I love the fact that this challenge is temporary.

When I arrived at home I was putting away a bunch of tupperware containers and I thought, "These containers have a lot to do with my weightloss!" I realized how many things I've purchased/done to make weightloss easier, so I decided that I'd blog about it. So bring on "My Top Tips for Losing Weight!"

*Prepare large quantities of healthy food, then immediately separate into individual portion sizes before putting in the fridge. This requires owning a lot of tupperware!
*Use the "Food Groupings" option under "my Nutrition" on SparkPeople to list all the ingredients and their quantities in these large dishes. Then, if you've separated into, let's say, 4 portions, each time you eat it you enter .25 of a serving.
*A crockpot makes batch cooking easy - just throw in meat and veggies. But I'm still learning what tastes best together - and what to avoid!
*For summer, batch salads seem to be working well...but I'm trying to get all portions eaten up within a day or two, which means having a portion for lunch AND dinner.
*Keep the kitchen stocked with healthy choices. To plan meals, pick an item or two that you've bought (say, shrimp and cabbage) and do an internet search for a recipe ("shrimp cabbage salad"). Substitute as needed to a) make the recipe healthier and b) include food items you already have around.
*I've tried many times to get around this somewhat tedious task, but the only times I'm successful losing weight are those times when I plan ahead of time what I will be eating the following day. Prepare as much as possible ahead of time, and if needed even pack it up in an insulated lunchbox that you store in your fridge overnight, so in the morning you just pick it up and go. No excuses for going off your plan!
*Use delay tactics to spread out your alloted food for the day. Distract yourself with non-food activities, drink calorie-free beverages, and chew gum.
*Read and write about weightloss, fitness, etc. to stay motivated.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

PASUSAN 7/19/2007 9:04PM

    Thanks for the great tips:)
They are all so true!

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ADKMOM 7/19/2007 7:00PM

    I love your blog entries, so many good ideas and motivation!

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EZCONKLIN 7/19/2007 3:56PM

    Fantastic tips! :) Liz

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

All that stuff about continually "reinventing" my weight management program? That's just a nice way of saying that I can't stick to doing the things I know I need to do for the long term. I KNOW I need to exercise regularly, and not only go through the motions, but deliberately gradually push myself harder to continually increase my fitness level. I KNOW I am only successful in my quest to manage my weight when I plan/track my food. However, I don't think I can keep up these things at an efficiently strict level "forever" (and by "efficiently strict," I mean at a level that keeps my weight in my goal range, which is unfortunately rather strict). That may be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but I do think that my motivation can only last "so long." As much as I do believe that the long term solution has to be to find a balance, I have to admit that right now I want a short term solution. So, bring on the CAPE COD CHALLENGE.

I am going to Cape Cod on Thursday, July 26 and staying three nights. When I am there, assuming we have good weather, I will be spending a significant portion of my weekend on the beach. I WILL LOOK GOOD.

I was at my lowest weight, 132, at the end of May, though I must admit I only hit 132 on Jess' scale (which always reads lower than my scale) and only the morning after I'd had a bit of a stomach bug. So it might be safer to say that my real lowest weight was 134, which was a number I saw multiple times in April and May. I looked fantastic then and fit into 4s and 6s. Now, however, I weigh 148 and have noticed a huge change in my body. My stomach especially is so much bigger and flabbier, but it's also evident in my face, arms, chest, back, and legs. Basically everywhere.

(Side note - despite being in worse shape now, I actually have been in a better MOOD lately. Food=energy=better mood for me. What a conflict! However, once I get to the Cape the challenge ends. I will try to use moderation for my eating while I'm there. That inevitably means I'll be eating more, but it also means I won't be a grouch. Maybe while I'm there I can work on finding that balance to keep the weight off while still being able to feel good and enjoy my food.)'s time to bring out the effective guns again. I have a few major advantages working for me:
1. I now know exactly what is effective for me to lose the weight - track what I eat, eat 1,250-1,450 calories (more about this later) of healthy foods per day, exercise, etc.
2. My theory is that if the weight has been off recently before, it's somehow primed to come off again much faster. I fully expect to be at least 8 pounds thinner by next Thursday, which is 8 days away.
3. Because it's temporary, it gives me a psychological advantage. I can say no to certain things (like going to my brother's for dinner tonight!, or my latest routine of pig-out fests after work) because I know that I don't have to say no forever, just for now, and for my very motivating goal of looking good on the beach on the Cape. This may sound weird, but I love the idea that Jess' family won't know that I worked so hard these 8 days to look good. The last they saw me was this past weekend when I was pigging out at the two birthday parties we were all at. They'll think I can somehow eat like that and stay slim! I also LOVE the idea that I can look as good or better than Jess' 19 year old sister. The idea of wearing a smaller size than her thrills me. Call me catty, who cares, nobody else knows (well, except my blog readers now!), and it motivates me!

I would like to follow the Weight Watchers and SparkPeople plans like I was at my best. Of course I can't cheat, and just for now I am going to be preparing all my own food, so no restaurants/eating at other people's houses etc. (unless I bring my own food!) between now and the 26th. I will drink non-caloric beverages (water, coffee, and tea) until I turn into a small lake. I will stick mostly with unprocessed foods, though I do want to make an effort to stay within my fiber range and not eat too much of it like I was doing before. I think I will be much more comfortable physically if I don't overdo it on fiber. It's surprising how difficult it is to come up with healthy, low-calorie, unprocessed food choices that AREN'T high in fiber. Of course fiber is great, but when you go OVER your range you're constantly bloated and feeling icky.
I will stick with my SP recommended ranges for macro- and micro-nutrients, and my WW guidelines for oil (EVOO) and calcium (mostly yogurt, maybe some skim milk). Of course I will be getting plenty of vegetables and fruit. As far as my calorie range is concerned, I am going very low on calories today (about 1,280 I think) and will see how I feel. Because today is my first day doing this it will be easier to handle fewer calories. As the 8 days goes on I can adjust within a range of about 1,200-1,500 depending on how I'm feeling. But keep in mind that this is temporary and that there is a fantastic goal at the end, so I'd love to try to stay at the lower end of that range if possible.

I feel like I have to add in something for those who might read my blog and want to warn me against doing something like this. I KNOW it's better to be intrinsically motivated, to have a long-term solution, all that. But I have to do what works for me and right now this challenge really has me psyched up. I will be living a much healthier lifestyle than I have been the past couple of weeks, where I was coming home from work (and by the way, I only work until noon over the summer) and eating my way through TV show after TV show. No wonder my body has changed so much for the worse. I am still swinging wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. At least I recognize that in the end, balance is the ultimate goal. I'm just not there yet.

In sum, my Cape Cod challenge has one main goal: looking MY BEST on the beach next weekend.
My rules are:
1,200-1,500 calories per day
Follow all SP and WW nutrition recommendations (carbs/fat/protein, calcium, low sodium, veggies & fruit, water, etc.)
Have a written plan for what I will eat on SP every day and stick to it
At least 60 minutes of exercise per day, including high intensity cardio, strength training as close as possible to every other day, and daily stretching

Wish me luck!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JADENLIZ 7/19/2007 9:17AM

    I just finished reading a great book called How to survive your diet and conquer your food issues forever by Linda Moran. You may want to check it out. It has really helped me to find the balance in my life that you are looking for.


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I Want to be Back on Track!!!!!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

THANK YOU to everyone who's sent me messages and/or added me as a friend lately. I wouldn't be logging on at all if it weren't for you guys, but once I do get online I get motivated. I'm going to the Cape in just under two weeks and I'm gonna look good there!! Time to get serious!


Evolving Again

Friday, July 06, 2007

I wrote a while back that in order to stay on track I have to keep "reinventing" my program, and that is true. Right now my focus is really on listening to my body. I'll be like a parent, making choices that reflect balance between how I'm feeling and what I know about weight maintanence and health. That is opposed to either end of the spectrum - being the child who bases all decisions on immediate satisfaction, and the drill sargeant whose only goals are thinness and fitness.
I'm at 144 today (Jess' scale).

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CALI78 7/13/2007 3:20AM


I SOOO know what you mean about the importance of finding that balance -- it's almost easier to go all out than it is to be moderate! You will find that balance in time -- keep listening to your body and have patience.

You have transformed your body, and though you may have gained some back, you simply need to find that balance, and the weight will come off again. It's one thing to lose weight, quite another to maintain -- you're still down a significant amount, so *try* to focus on that and be good to yourself.

xx Chrissie

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RUNNERMOMTO3 7/8/2007 10:49AM

    Hey Susan, been awhile since I've been to your blog. LOoks like you hit a rough spot. That's okay, you are pulling out of it and you are getting yourself back on track that is great!

you are right, you have to keep "reinventing" your program to get the best of yourself. Finding what works best for you and doing what is best for you is key!

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