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Gain :(

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I went from 159.2 on Monday to 160.8 on Tuesday (today). It was my first gain. Yesterday I was all proud of myself for eating treats in moderation. I had a large chocolate chip cookie, a very small bite of muenster cheese, and two small tacos for dinner yesterday, yet my total calories was the lowest it has been since I started keeping track (barely over 1,200 for the day). So here are the theories:
*I can't eat treats even in moderation (hope not)
*temporary water weight gain from the extra sodium (doubt it - didn't have that much sodium yesterday)
*daily fluctuations
*I ate TOO little(??)
Maybe I can figure out which of these is the reason by trial and error, or even by carefully experimenting with options. I do think that points are great because they give me clear limits. I think that if I keep it up, I WILL LOSE THE WEIGHT. I am not too discouraged.


Quick Check-in

Monday, February 05, 2007

Just wanted to quickly write...
Went downhill skiing yesterday, 4th time ever. 5.5 hours of skiing, quite a lot of exercise! Ate healthy all day, packed food to bring, even had a VERY healthy salad with grilled chicken and no dressing and a glass of water with lemon for dinner afterwards at the Chicken Bone Saloon during the Superbowl. Sore today.
Today I had a test of my willpower - was at a conference all day at the Warren Center, which is known for its great food. I had a fruit salad and coffee for breakfast, more fruit and water and an odwalla bar for snack, salad, veggies and salmon for lunch with tea, and 1 chocolate chip cookie and 1 TINY bite of muenster cheese for an afternoon snack with more water. I did a great job, I think. Not only did I make healthy food choices, but I even proved to myself that I can eat treats IN MODERATION! Yay me!
First wellness class was this afternoon. Didn't learn much I didn't already know, but we walked around the building for 20 minutes, including going up and down the stairs. I'll still go to the gym for a bit now though. I've eaten 18 points so far today so I can have a small snack (yogurt & clementine) and small dinner.
One other weight graph since I started, a bit over a week ago, is a curve....was losing HUGE the first few days, then it's been interesting...I went from 159.8 on Saturday to 159.6 on Sunday to 159.2 on Monday (today). Overall I lost about 7 pounds in ONE WEEK! Cancun is 12 days away so maybe I can make the impossible happen and reach my dream by then....150-154 range...then I'll have to BE GOOD while on vacation and then SET A NEW GOAL once I'm back! That goal can either be to maintain my new lower weight for a while, or try to lose more!
Tired today. I guess a full day of skiing will do that to you if you're not used to it. Jess mentioned maybe going skiing every weekend!! So I might get used to it fast. I think it has the potential to whip me into shape - a new level of fitness. Yay.


My First Week on SparkPeople: The Benefits

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Okay, so this isn't really my first week on SP...but it is the first week I've actually taken advantage of all (well, lots - there's too much on here for me to say "all") it has to offer.
Here is a list of the benefits I have been able to enjoy...thank you, SparkPeople!
*7lbs gone
*I already look a little slimmer & firmer and clothes are looser.
*Haven't needed to use my asthma inhaler
*No mysterious aches&pains
*I've become Ms. Energy and have been in a GREAT mood.
*Finally feel confident in my ability to reach my health goals
*Have learned a lot about calories and nutrients in my foods - this is interesting, because I have been reading books and magazines about weight loss since I was a teenager, but in this one week alone of using the nutrition tracker on SP, I have learned so much that a magazine could never teach me, because it's about what I'M actually eating
*Finally getting really excited about my trip to Cancun that's coming up on 2/17 (two weeks from today!)
*I'm still trying on this one...but at least I am aware of the importance of trying not to be "perfect," because then I'll burn out. I need a program I can stick with for the long haul instead of one that holds me to impossible standards. I can get that here.
*I've stopped playing computer games because I'd rather use the message boards and read the articles on SP.
*Jess, the love of my life, is proud of me!


Things I have Learned Since Starting SP - and, my First WW Meeting

Thursday, February 01, 2007

First, things I have learned:
1. It's so much easier to control your calories when you are not starving yourself! It would be so easy to stay within my SP recommended range. I just hope that doesn't have to drop too much as I lose weight...or that it doesn't have big problems conflicting with my WW program.
4. I LOVE SP - especially the nutrition tracker, the way you can add a food grouping, how easy it is, how it shows you how you're doing on each nutrient right next to that nutrient's recommended range. The points keep it fun like a game, and the WW Team gives me something to keep looking back for...and in general, I love how SP focuses so much on motivation.

Now I'll talk about my first WW meeting. I weighed in at 164.8. This was at 3:15 p.m. and of course I was wearing clothes, so I wasn't surprised to weigh more than I did at home this morning (163.0). I did skip liquids for an hour or so before weigh-in, and I went to the girlie's room right before it. ;) TMI, I know, sorry!

So then the woman puts 16.4 lb in for my "10% target," and she asks me, "Is that too much for you?" I'm not particularly good at doing things like calculating 164.8-16.4 in my head instantanelously (for the record, it's 148.4), but I could see that it was kinda lowish for me. So she asks me how tall I am and writes 155-124 at the top of my booklet - that's the range for my height. She wasn't going to be picky about the age thing. I asked to go for the highest, although I happen to know that my highest weight within a healthy BMI range would be 154, not 155. But I wasn't about to nitpick, and this isn't my ultimate WW goal anyway, just my 10% target, and plus I think WW becomes free if you reach your goal and become a "lifetime member." So, 155 it is, and she erases "16.4" from my 10% target and writes in "9.8," which would put me precisely at 155 lb. Very doable, but I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a bigger deal made of selecting and setting the goal, since that's so motivating. Later, the leader mentioned that there were "a few people" whose 10% goal was changed because they didn't have that much to lose, but apparently everyone else had 10% put in there. I guess for some people that'll be losing 20 or 25 pounds, because they probably weigh 200-250 lb. (Not everyone in my group is that heavy, but I bet some are.) In fact, I happened to catch a naughty glimpse at someone's weight, and it was about 200.
So...back to being disappointed...the intro to the program was so rushed I barely felt like I was told how to do this program. I have stuff I still need to read here, and I have to calculate my daily point allowance (uh oh - I just know it's gonna be a lot lower than what SP says I can eat), but I was hoping for more at WW. And there really wasn't any time for group discussion, so thank goodness SP is open 24/7. :)
So now I will walk you through me determining how many points I can eat - in other words, determining my future for the next 12 weeks! YIKES!!!
OK - here goes:
1 I'm female. 2 points. If I were a guy I'd get 8. Oh well.
2. I'm 29, so I fit in the 27-37 category and will for quite a while. Seems like just yesterday I was 26 and would have gotten an extra point. Sigh. I get 3 points for being 29 years old.
3. First two digits of my weight is 16. Hopefully it will be 15 VERY SOON!!
4. My height ain't changing any time soon. 5'6" is smack in the middle of the 1 point range.
5. I'm a teacher, so 2 points there.
24: my daily POINTS Target. And today I ate 36 and according to SP I was doing just fine. Man, this sucks!!
Okay, so let's not forget that I get activity points, and I worked out for 80 minutes today. Let's also not forget the 35 flex points I get. But I've heard that each point is about 50 calories, so they want me at 1,200 calories per day. Mean Weight Watchers. I'll have to go back into SP and figure out why it's telling me to each so much...something I've been meaning to do anyway...I'm sure it has something to do with me telling it I work out an hour a day or something.
I am going to have to do a bit of soul searching and decide how to make these two programs compatible. I have to do this tonight, because I don't want to go too long "cheating" on my WW diet that I paid so much for. Hey, with my trip to Cancun coming up in SIXTEEN DAYS, I probably should follow the stricter WW plan instead of SP for now, and be as thin as I can for Cancun. Hey - that makes me think...I better ask my WW leader what to do while I'm on vacation!!!!!
OK. Back later. I'm happy that I can be as long-winded as I want in my blog and nobody cares. Heehee.


Workout Droop

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I had a workout droop today...when I'm doing cardio and gradually get to a point where I feel like I need to stop and lie down and eat. It started when I had been going about 38 minutes on the elliptical trainer and I made myself go to 45 minutes. I dragged myself home after that. Thank goodness for my crockpot pineapple chicken dinner waiting for me piping hot when I got home. I am hoping that through blogging I can figure out why I have those workout droops. Maybe it was because I need a more substantial snack before I go - I had eaten a yogurt and a packet of oatmeal probably about 1.5-2 hours before I went to the gym. I think I do best when I have a snack right before the gym, even though I've read that you should have it earlier.


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