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First Outdoor Run in my New Running Shoes

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

(See link to my new shoes in my last post.)

They felt good! They weren't cushy like my other running shoes have felt when they were new, but I felt confident in them. They're so beautiful. :) I haven't been doing much outdoor running lately, so my legs are a little sore today, but I felt good and maintained a similar pace to when I used to go regularly, if not even a little faster (which is still very slow - now that I know that Stop & Shop is exactly one mile from home, and it took me 13 minutes to run there - yikes. But that includes stopping for traffic....but still.). I haven't been really running for speed though. I can't, because I know there's no way that the 170+lb me can ever match the speeds that the 140-lb me used to hit. :(

[Edit - I calculated that I was running approximately 5.3 MPH overall. That's slow, but it's better than a 13-minute mile!]

On my way home I saw a woman who let her German Shephard do its business on my neighbor's front lawn and then just started to walk away, and as I was running by her (wouldn't have had the guts if I'd been just walking), I said, "You really should pick that up, you know."

Last night my brother and sister-in-law from California came to visit. It was my SIL's first time seeing our house ever, and my brother's first time since we'd done a ton of work to the house. I loved showing them around and having a guest room for them, and I made a big meal of whole-wheat angel hair pasta and meatballs, salad, garlic bread, Malbec, and cookie dough ice cream for dessert. My husband also made bruschetta for an appetizer. Although it's not particularly healthy I ate reasonably sized portions. And it was a last-minute thing, and what meal is easier to put together AND universally crowd pleasing like spaghetti and meatballs??

I know I'm not going to lose any weight though, and may even continue the slow and steady gain, until I get serious about calorie limits and tracking. I know I will eventually, I just have to have my motivation break through. Only 9 days of school left, so that may be the trigger for me. I hope.

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KATYMARIA 6/19/2012 8:21PM

    new shoes are so nice! I always feel way better with new ones :)

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KISHYMARIE 6/14/2012 3:19PM

    Glad you are loving your new shoes and they feel good! What kind did you get?

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TRACYZABELLE 6/7/2012 6:01AM

    I amglad you told that person to pick up their poop that is just disgusting-- either that or they need everyones poop on their doormat in the morning!

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CHANGINGSAM 6/6/2012 2:43PM


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FITGIRL15 6/6/2012 1:20PM

    Ugh... pepople who litter disgust me. And YES, your DOGS POOP is litter, and not to mention it's stinky and a bio hazard!

A guy started smoking his cigarette yesterday, and then his bus came, so he took a few really huge drags, then flicked almost an entiore LIT cigarette on the sidewalk in front of the bus stop! What an inconsiderate AHOLE! I shot daggers at him through the bus window... if I had been running by though, who knows what I might have said! LOL

There should be fines for that!

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MBSHAZZER 6/6/2012 12:09PM

    Jealous that you were able to go running :)

Also, love that you called that woman out on her dog!

Sounds like a really nice visit with your brother and SIL, too. I totally know what you mean about it being so nice to have a guest room!

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MEADSBAY 6/6/2012 11:17AM

    They say if you eat right 90% (I've even heard 80%) of the time you are doing alright.

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MOXIE-IN-MOTION 6/6/2012 11:06AM

    Sweetness for a getting outside and having a good run! And kudos for telling that lady to clean up after her dog! People really need to be more responsible.

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MEGCJONES 6/6/2012 10:44AM

    glad you had such a great run! don't worry about speed - it's way more important that you're out there doing it than that you're hitting a certain time. you'll get back into the habit of it and your legs will adjust :)

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KENSINGTONC 6/6/2012 10:32AM

    This is such a happy blog! I love it.

Good for you for saying something to that lady with the dog - that is unbelievable RUDE and I think we all should be accountable for community behaviors like that.

Have you recently posted pictures of your house? I recall seeing some "in-progress" pics but I haven't seen any updated ones I don't think. How fun to be able to show them your home - and make a great meal to boot.

Glad you had such a good weekend! ps love your status update - from a few days ago, I just saw it.

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I am in love...

Sunday, June 03, 2012

...with my new sneakers!

They are the freaking coolest sneakers I've ever owned. Sneaker shopping seems to have totally shifted since the last time I bought a new pair, only a few months ago. I felt like I had to choose between a barefoot type shoe (I was really tempted, but scared that it would hurt to wear them in the real world) or a chunky traditional sneaker. I think what I found was a perfect balance of the two! It's sleek which makes my huge size 9 feet not look as huge, and I just love the colors! You think these shoes have made me excited to work out? Heck yes!!

In other news, I tried foam rolling after a) noticing that my gym has foam rollers and b) watching a Coach Nicole video on how to do it. All the comments on the video said that it hurt, but it doesn't look like it would hurt so I didn't really know what people meant. Well, once I tried it I discovered that the pain kinda feels like you're bruised all up and down your leg. I'm not totally sure I did it right or got any benefit from it, but I tried it both yesterday and today.

A few blogs ago, I'd lost my motivation to work out. Well, it's back, full force, along with caffeine, haha. I'm still not tracking my calories. I think I am making really good food choices (I had fish and a salad for dinner), but as long as I don't track I'm going to eat enough that I don't lose weight and probably gain.

My hubby built us a kitchen island! He'd never done anything like that before, so I was really impressed! We hauled it into the kitchen tonight and ate dinner at it! And he also bought a hedge trimmer so our front yard is looking kind of manicured right now. :)

One other thing. I probably should just keep this to myself - it was very disturbing. This afternoon after the gym my hubby and I went to a taqueria for lunch in West Roxbury. We pulled into a parking space in front of the restaurant and before we got out of the car we noticed an older woman in a very unusual outfit sitting on a little wall on the sidewalk, surrounded by a bunch of bags. All of a sudden she stood up, pulled down her pants, and urinated on the sidewalk. This was on a busy sidewalk on a busy street in a cute part of Boston. I saw it quickly, gasped and threw my hands over my mouth as if I was about to throw up, and looked away. I didn't know whether to call the police, drive away, or what, but what I did do was just sit there (and lock my car doors). Then as quickly as it happened the woman walked away with all her bags, and people walked by as if nothing had happened! This woman clearly needs help, and did something that is probably illegal, maybe we should have called the police. I don't know. I'm surprised at how disturbed I was. I felt sick afterwards, and I kind of do now, writing about it.

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    those are some purdy running shoes!!!

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SPARKNMOM 6/17/2012 5:09PM

    I LOVE the sneakers :) And yay hubby on the new island! AWESOME! I want an island someday!

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SEEHOLZ 6/8/2012 3:56PM

    On a much lighter, yet probably disturbing note to you- we witnessed a Mom allowing her 2 little boys to pie in a sewage drain in the middle of a super busy street in the middle of Prague- actually Danny saw it and was like- umm, really? I was like- that's Europe for you. I've seen drunk people urinate next to cars in the middle of the night- just squat down and pie and somehow that is tolerated. I know I would probably reacted the same way as you- but my DH called the police on a guy for wearing pants with a giant open butt sticking out-LOL. I woulnd't have.

I hate New Balance shoes, but that's because I got a stress fracture while wearing a fairly expensive pair- granted this was years ago, so maybe it might be time to try it again.

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TRACYZABELLE 6/5/2012 6:47AM

    So sad that some people wind up in that condition... all we can do is pray we never hit that!!

LOVE the sneakers!

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THE_NEW_MELISSA 6/4/2012 1:57PM

    LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes! Let me know what you think after you work out in them awhile, I'm super interested!

The old lady thing...that's a tough call but I agree very disturbing. So sad.

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FITGIRL15 6/4/2012 10:43AM

    Oy! I have never witnessed a homeless person peeing in the streets.. but after my time spend in the hoods of LA, I know it happens more often then you think!!! (For some blocks, we had to cover our faces with our jackets, it smelled of urine so bad!!!)

I don't think the cops would have even responded to that call. :( but I agree, that woman needs help!

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MBSHAZZER 6/4/2012 10:35AM

    I love New Balance! I have 6 different pairs of them at home right now! LOL! I am totally with you on the choice thing, too. Barefoot and minimalist shoes are NOT for everyone. Sometimes I feel like articles and posts and advertising imply that you can't really be a runner or serious exerciser if you wear traditional shoes!

And size 9 is NOT big at all! :D

OK, that is gross about the woman - I have witnessed that here in Miami and it skeeves me out. Of course, we have TONS of homeless people here, so you kinda get used to it.

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CHANGINGSAM 6/4/2012 9:50AM

    I love the new shoes! Congrats on finding your fitness motivation too!


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PAPER_WINGS18 6/3/2012 10:48PM

    oooh cute kicks! Looove black & hot pink together! :D

That's so sad about the lady. I remember being like 15 in downtown Chicago with my best friend, and we were walking passed this (I think) homeless man in an alley, and he whipped his weiner out and was yelling, "hey! Look at me! I'm PEEING! I'm PEEING!" Talk about scarring someone! Bleh.

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FITBECKSRN24 6/3/2012 8:56PM

    homeless? when i lived in nyc, there were certain parts of town where people would just stop and pee right on teh street like it was nothing. i was that lady really peeing right now?!?!??! YUP!

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MEADSBAY 6/3/2012 8:53PM

    I love NB shoes!

So sad about that obviously mentally ill street person.
There's nothing you could have done.

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    enjoy those new kicks!

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1 for 2 so far...

Friday, June 01, 2012

I remember several years ago, before SparkPeople, I had a notebook where I'd write little promises to myself like the one in yesterday's blog, and then I'd grade myself the next day on how well I did. So far I'd get a 50%. I did the workout yesterday, but I was feeling yucky because a) I had eaten less than I was used to and b) the air conditioning at the gym was broken. So I went home and had a small handful of honey roasted peanuts, which was not on my tracker. So I added it in! Cheating? Haha. Then I decided I'd have a harmless side of vegetables with my pizza. That's fine. But then I had another couple handfuls of peanuts, the leftover rice from the night before, and a mini cup of Haagen Daaz for dessert. So...the exercise was a win, the eating was a fail. When it comes to eating, I need to find the magical balance between eating too little (which makes me feel awful and want to cheat) and eating too much (which is very, very, very easy for me to do and makes me gain fast).

Today I'm trying again to stay under 2,400 calories, but I think having the whole day preplanned backfired because I resisted the lack of flexibility. I will also get in some good cardio, but won't promise an exact amount of time for that same reason.

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FITBECKSRN24 6/2/2012 11:06AM

    i struggle with that balance too. my main problem is from working nights i'm a night eater. so on my days off, i typically wont eat anything during the morning/early afternoon, because i'm not hungry! and then by night time im just starving all the time because my body is trying to play catch up.

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KENSINGTONC 6/1/2012 12:09PM

    Oh wow I can't believe you graded yourself like that! That's funny and a cute little anecdote. As always, you have great insight into yourself, Susan. Keep up the good work! And ps 50% is pretty darn great - I'm averaging, oh, 0% these days!! Liz

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MEADSBAY 6/1/2012 11:58AM

    I am like your evil twin-
so similar in so many ways on this journey.

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PAPER_WINGS18 6/1/2012 10:15AM

    Sorry the pre-tracking backfired on you, Susan. Some days are rough, and honestly the first week back to tracking is the hardest, for me anyway. We are used to letting ourselves eat whatever and so it's hard to get back onto the routine. I know you can do this though! :) What if you do a little extra work out today to make up for over-eating slightly yesterday? Maybe go for a walk or jog?? Just a thought!

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SEEHOLZ 6/1/2012 9:44AM

    Just a thought here, but since you actually stayed under 2,400 yesterday despite the slip ups - you could stay under 2000 today, kind of your original plan yesterday with the ADDED flexibility of eating whatever you actually want. So it would be kind of swap -with a net zero effect.

I SOOO hear you on the overeating- it's SO easy for me- it's like I don't get full till eat like 3000 plus calories, which makes me gain weight. Yesterday I went over my "range" because I allowed myself to get too hungry- I got too hungry, because I ran hard and needed EXTRA fuel and then I felt all horrible walking to my car, because of low bloodsugar and could have eaten 4 x as much as I did. The only thing that saved me from overeating was fruity gum- I still ate extra lunchmeat and fruit leather for no reason other than not proper planning. Anyways- IT IS TRICKY AT TIMES.

All that said- YOU CAN DO THIS and so can I- I keep trying - that's all I can do right?

I am soooo with you on looking GREAT this summer!!!

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MBSHAZZER 6/1/2012 9:44AM

    Sounds like eating too little sets you up to eat much more later on -whether that's in your mind or coming from true hunger, at least you know that it happens so you can work to prevent it!

I know that it happens to me... on Sunday, I ran and then spent 45 minutes on my jungle gym. When I got home, Larry wanted to go to the beach, so all I had was some black coffee and fruit. Didn't have "real" food till we came back from the beach an hour and a half later. I had an omelette and some roasted potatoes, but an hour later, I was hungry again. You just cannot trick your body!

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MEGSFITNESS 6/1/2012 9:36AM

    Live and learn, right :)

If the structure is too much and you rebel against it, just eat as you would and track what you eat--you'll ease into it again instead of starting up at a sprint.

good luck!

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CHANGINGSAM 6/1/2012 8:58AM

    I'm sorry the eating didn't go as planned. I usually have my eating planned out on paper and then I add it to my tracker throughout the day. It seems to help for me. You aren't perfect though. You will go through times like this. Try rearranging what you eat throughout the day. You'll find the right balance.


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MOXIE-IN-MOTION 6/1/2012 8:53AM

    I know you will get back on track! You're doing everything right....the small goals, trying to find the balance and flexibility to make it a lasting lifestyle.

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ELRIDDICK 6/1/2012 8:20AM

  Thanks for sharing

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Promise to Myself

Thursday, May 31, 2012

I promise that I will:
*Eat only what is on my tracker today
*Do my full strength training workout this afternoon, and 10 minutes of cardio at the end
*Eat fewer than 2,400 calories tomorrow

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SWEATONCEADAY 6/1/2012 12:17AM


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MEGSFITNESS 5/31/2012 6:23PM

    Power to the people! :D

Good declaration :D how did it go today?

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PAPER_WINGS18 5/31/2012 12:40PM

    You got this, Susan!!! :D

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FITGIRL15 5/31/2012 10:36AM

    You WILL do this!!! Way to go!

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MBSHAZZER 5/31/2012 10:21AM


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CHANGINGSAM 5/31/2012 9:59AM

    Wonderful goals! emoticon

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SEEHOLZ 5/31/2012 9:56AM

    You go Susan!

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The Amazingly and Frighteningly Powerful Impact Coffee has on Me

Sunday, May 20, 2012

So for the past few weeks I have NOT been at ALL Sparkful. Eating has been a mess, no tracking, some days I didn't even log in to spin the wheel. And on top of that, the one thing I really prided myself in - the fact that I "always" work out, even when my eating is a mess - fell apart. It started the day my mother called me from the hospital as I was leaving school and about to head to the gym, about a month ago or so. I drove straight to the hospital to see her, and did not go to the gym that day. Then the next day, somehow the fact that I hadn't gone the day before justified me not going that day, either. That makes NO sense. But that was all it took, and suddenly I was only working out once or twice a week, down from just about every day for as long as I can recently remember.

I really haven't been feeling good lately. Of course I've had some things going on in my life that I can use (and have been using) as excuses, but I haven't felt truly vibrant in a long time. I'm coming home after school these days and eating and then napping, and I feel just as yucky when I wake up as I did when I went to sleep. I never feel really wide awake and energized. I've gained back all the weight I lost on my recent six-week challenge and then some, and it shows.

But I think I realized a big part of what happened to make me lose all my drive - and it's startlingly simple - COFFEE.

When I first realized there was a chance that I might be pregnant a few weeks ago, I cut out coffee, since I had read that the caffeine goes to the baby and can double your risk of miscarriage. I read that there is a safe amount you can drink, but I wanted to go all out on the safe side (ironic, huh. I had a miscarriage anyway). So I went from having 2 or more strong cups per day to a really small amount (same amount of water but barely any coffee grinds), down to nothing, fairly quickly. It was hard at first - I was falling asleep all the time that first weekend and had a constant mild headache - but the hardest part was over after a few days, and I was kind of proud about how quickly I was over my caffeine addiction, or so I thought at the time.

Well, fast forward to now, and I'm on a forced at-least-one-month hiatus from trying to conceive (standard medical advice after a miscarriage, I think), and I've been hesitant to add coffee back in because I don't want to go through the withdrawal all over again next time.

But this morning I woke up with a bit of a headache and my usual lack of energy, and I thought, heck, why not. So I just had a cup of coffee and suddenly I feel like my old self again. Awake, happy, singing, ready to go out and tackle the world, and maybe even ready to gear up to knock the extra pouds back down. And it hit me a few minutes ago - COFFEE is making all the difference. I guess I am an addict. And considering recent studies like the one described here:
ffee-drinkers-may-live-longer/ which a correlation was discovered between drinking lots of coffee and living longer, I kind of don't mind that I'm an addict. Except for the whole increased risk of miscarriage thing, which I will have to deal with when I start trying to conceive again.

But for now, I think I will have a cup most days. Maybe not as much as I was having before, but a cup. Because right now I feel better than I have in weeks.

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

MOXIE-IN-MOTION 5/24/2012 4:34PM

    I LOVE coffee, but limit myself to a cup or two a day. If I want more than that, I have to have drank all my water for the day (well, my 8 glasses, anything extra is bonus), and then I can have a cup....of decaf, that is.

Maybe when you try to conceive again, switch to half-calf to wean yourself off. Maybe the flavor of it will be enough to trick yourself? Who knows.....each and every one of us is different.

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FITGIRL15 5/23/2012 10:50AM

    Life is all about choices... I've never acquired a taste for coffee, but I can only imagine how hard it is to give up something that makes you feel more alive!!!

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SACREDECHOS 5/22/2012 5:44AM

    Im super sensitive to caffien..i use to drink a Tims everyday because i was hooked and when i gave it up i would crash every afternoon for about 10 mins no matter what i was doing id fall asleep lol. I have more energy now that im off it.
Everyone is different though so if its getting you through your slump then drink up.

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MEADSBAY 5/21/2012 10:06PM

    I like coffee but am not a daily drinker (tea instead).
But when I'm dragging and want to treat myself to a cup I can really feel how it powers up my workouts!
I have been slacking about getting back to the gym regularly since my trip- so going on more than a month now.

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MARATHONER340 5/21/2012 10:01PM

    oh how I love my coffee - especially now! Funny thing is - while I was pregnant I had no taste for coffee - even before I realized I was pregnant - it suddenly wasn't appealing. And oddly enough - I never got headaches while I was pregnant! I was so surprised I never had caffeine withdrawal! Hope your daily coffee helps get you back on track! You've done it before - I know you'll do it again!

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MBSHAZZER 5/21/2012 9:31AM

    I really think that there is nothing wrong with coffee, for most people. Sometimes I think that Americans are always trying to deprive ourselves of things, and in a lot of cases, it it unneccesary and it just backfires anyway.

So drink that coffee!!

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SEEHOLZ 5/20/2012 9:19PM

    I have not been my vibrant self lately either- and I totally thought it was my diet soda withdrawal- I was so hooked on it, that I had to let go ot if. Now, mind you, I have not given up caffeine- I do drink a cup of coffe in the AM and after lunch, but I totally know its really crazy to think how long it has to taken me to get this crap out of my system. Anyways, I totally agree with that study- coffee is a good thing! I did get off of caffein a few years back and honestly did not see any positive impact on my life vs caffeine. I was off of caffein for 8 months btw.
The bottom line is- I need to get off of diet drinks and that artificial crap but definitely am glad I switched over to coffee- something I don't really feel addicted to. Yes, the caffein I do, but not the coffee.
My point is- drink it!

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PAPER_WINGS18 5/20/2012 11:52AM

    See, I feel like coffee & caffeine in general have zero effect on me. My coworker tells me she can't have caffiene passed like 1 PM, which boggles my mind. I will have a can of diet coke with dinner at 7:30 and still be okay to go to sleep in a few hours. I don't notice I'm any more alert in the mornings when I have my morning cup, either. I feel sluggish whether or not I have a cup of coffee. :(

Interesting that you've found a connection though! :)

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WALIDGAZALA 5/20/2012 10:40AM

    Most of what we know and talk about cofee is not correct per se
The correct thing is that it differs in type and it differs in the quantity you consume.
My wife drinks coffee daily for the last 50 years
she became pregnant five times and she never had a problem related to her daily TURKISH Coffee

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FITBECKSRN24 5/20/2012 10:39AM

    I drank coffee every single day. just one cup. nothing bad happened to me =) google is a dangerous tool when your pregnant/have kids. it will tell you all the what ifs and possible this, ect ect. you will drive yourself crazy worrying!!! other than the obvious ones, (no smoking, drinking, ect) everything in moderation. talk to your md. they said i could have up to 12 oz of coffee per day. i usually stuck with my one cup unless i was really dragging.

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