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I'm Getting Pretty Good At This!

Friday, April 27, 2007

I've been picking up some new tricks for both diet and exercise lately.

Diet: (and I mean that in terms of what you eat, NOT "being on a diet") - Use delay tactics! Hold off with a drink, gum, a mint, or just a distraction. Delay before a meal or a snack. Eat a little, then delay some more. That way I won't run into the problem of eating my whole day's food before noon like I have in the past. It's really nice to have it be 4 p.m. and know that I still have a snack AND dinner left to eat! And it somehow makes me less hungry throughout the day, too!

Also for diet: VEGGIES (and fruit) take your daily calorie intake farther, gotta get in that olive oil, and USE SPICES!!

Exercise: With a heart rate monitor I can get a really quality workout anywhere. With outdoor running I can stay comfortable with my heart rate in the 150s by slowing down when it creeps into the 160s. (Likewise I'd speed up if it gets to the lower 150s.) I still have to do some research to really get some exact numbers for my heart rate, especially for INCREASING my cardiovascular fitness level, endurance, and speed. I CAN do a 10K!!!!! I've heard good things about the Falmouth race in August and the Tufts race for Columbus Day weekend!!

I really can't do a high intensity workout while reading a magazine. Sometimes a moderate workout is fine, sometimes I need high intensity.

If I do cardio before strength training, I will have a higher heart rate during strength training. This is good for honestly calling the strength training a moderate intensity workout.

So.....why the heck did my scale say 137.0 today?? Having 2 scales is driving me crazy. Yesterday the other scale said 134.8. My scale at home has been creeping up....Monday 136.0, Wednesday 136.8, Friday 137.0. I know I am doing everything I'm taking it with agrain of salt...(actually I'm not - low sodium!!)... unless somehow my very low calorie gum/diet drinks/mints are making me gain weight?!? A more probable theory is that the bloating I was experiencing from eating too much fiber made my weight higher. I really don't think I've gained FAT mass.

It will probably rain all weekend, but if not I'd love to go for a long bike ride. Barry (my brother) suggested a trail from Bedford to Somerville - I think he said 25 miles (can't remember if that was round-trip or 1 way!), he also suggested biking around my parents' area to get my dad to come with us. I'd get Jess in on the action too. :) I also am loving the idea of outdoor running now that I have my heart rate monitor and can prep for races better. It's fun too, now that I look good it's fun to run in a busy area in a little workout outfit and have people see me! Heehee, whatever gets me going, right??

So I hope it doesn't rain all weekend!!! If it does I have to go to the gym....and something tells me if I don't I'll be spending a lot of time in Boston.

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SEPPIESUSAN 4/27/2007 7:52PM

    I do drink diet soda, but only very occasionally. The other day I bought a 2 liter bottle of caffeine free diet Coke and haven't opened it yet - feel a little guilty, but it was on sale. Sometimes when I'm really hungry shopping after dinner and have already reached my max calories/points for the day, I buy a 1 liter bottle as a treat. But what I meant by "diet drinks" was mostly seltzer, tea (freshly brewed and diet Snapple), and of course water.

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DEUELY 4/27/2007 11:47AM

    You're not drinking diet soda are you? Because I have been told over and over, they are no better than regular soda. Actually worse!!!!

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5 Superfoods for Weightloss

Thursday, April 26, 2007

5 Superfoods for Weight Loss
by Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS

I won't write the whole article here...just want to take notes so I remember for the next time I am at the grocery store!

1. Grapefruit - 1/2 grapefruit (39 calories) before a meal helps people drop weight. Fights cancer, red grapefruit lowers triglycerides.

2. Sardines - Protein helps stabilize blood sugar/feel full/stimulate metabolism. Omega-3s strengthen cardiovascular system/boost mood. Convenient, easy to find, cheap. Contaminant-free.

3. Pumpkin - Canned pumpkin is loaded with fiber and has 40 calories. Add splenda, cinnamon, nutmeg, and almonds.

4. Grass-fed beef or buffalo burgers. High protein and omega-3s. Low contaminants.

5. Green tea - Rich in antioxidants, promotes heart health, aids digestion, regulates blood sugar and body temperature. Raises metabolic rate, speeds fat oxidation. Five cups a day is the magic number for weight-loss. Natural de-stressor.

What a great article!!! I think I will try all 5 items! (I already drink green tea but will increase to 5 a day.)


Crazy Weigh-Ins

Thursday, April 26, 2007

If my weight seems to zigzag up and down on alternating days it's because I am now using two different scales. This week Monday was 136.0 at home, Tuesday was 135.0 at Jess's, Wednesday was 136.8 at home, Thursday (today) was 134.8 at Jess's! Who knows what's "real" and what isn't. Who cares - I'm looking great and feeling even better. :)

PS - To those who come to my page, thanks so much for ALL your kind words! I have gotten so much encouragement from people's comments on my page!!:)


Wed. Check-in

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The gum delay worked again. Vanilla and blueberry seltzers are delicious, but only gum really seems to get me to stop thinking about eating. I guess my mouth just feels lonely when it's not constantly chewing on something! It doesn't have to be something I eventually swallow!

I'm also eating even more fruits & veggies today. The more f&v you eat, the MORE you can eat. Also, I'm using lots of spices (but not salt).

My heart rate monitor did work at the gym, thank goodness. I guess it works better when you're exercising than when you're sitting around. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to hold down the heart rate button while you're running full-force. But I am very glad to be learning more about my heart rate. Last night I learned that it only occasionally goes up during strength training, when I'm doing things like lunges. Other times it's in the 60s! I was thinking about changing my personal policy of counting strength training from moderate activity to low (in terms of calculating activity points), but then I decided not to, because I don't need excuses for skipping my strength training! Besides, what I'm doing is working, so why change it.

My two scales tell me very different things. Yesterday afternoon my old scale said 138.0, new scale 137.2. Last night my old scale still said 138.0 but my new scale said something like 138.5! This morning my old scale said 136.8 and my new scale said 135.5. Huh?? Either way it was a gain, but it just goes to show how it's really best to compare your weight on the same scale. I think I'll keep my old one at home and leave the new one at Jess's - for now anyway. The new one does body fat percentage, but I don't need to do that very often.


I Ran a Mile in 7:58

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

:) :) :)


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