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Good News/Bad News

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The good news is that I haven't been hungry today! I seriously feel like I am stuffing myself silly just to reach 1,223 calories! My energy has been high and I've been feeling fantastic!

Why haven't I been hungry? I got probably about 7.5 hours of sleep - not enough, but actually not THAT bad I guess. Usually being tired makes me think I'm hungry.

Next, I had a large hot coffee with skim milk and splenda from DD. By the time I was done I was feeling SOO good and not in the least bit hungry.

I decided to try, for the first time, to wait and eat breakfast at snacktime (10:30) instead of before first period like usual (7:45-8:30). I did have a 10 calorie diet Snapple iced tea to tide me over.

Breakfast was WW puffed wheat - 1 point for a whole cup! And yogurt. After that I started depending heavily on my crutches - vanilla seltzer (YUM) and sugar-free tropical gum (YUM). No hunger.

Well, just thinking about food made me start to think about lunch, but I decided to wait until about 11:30 to eat it. I just had a crockpot meal then was back to gum and seltzer.

In the early afternoon I was chewing gum the way a chainsmoker smokes, but I wasn't hungry at all. Around 2:00 I decided I'd better eat something just to prevent major hunger. I had my 2oz. mixed nuts and my bag of strawberries (about 5 huge ones).

Then I was back to gum and seltzer (just 1 liter bottle all day so far). I wasn't hungry until...well, I really WASN'T that hungry, but at about 7:00 I started my dinner. I had/have so much to eat that it's taking me a while.

JUST to reach 1,223 calories (I cut out extras that would have put me in the high 1300s) I had/have to eat 2 small cups of yogurt, a serving of cereal, a package of spinach with 2 tablespoons olive oil, and a tomato!!! This is unusual - often I have eaten 1,200 calories before noon!

I still have 1 yogurt to go, then I gotta get to the gym.

Oh yeah - the bad news - my BRAND NEW pedometer broke (a plastic piece - the clip fell off) and my heart rate monitor isn't monitoring my heart. :(

PS - My brother just emailed me and said I inspired him and he wanted to know what website I've been using!!! Bix, if you're reading this, welcome to the best website ever!!!


Health Toys!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Last night I spent over $200 at Target. I got:

*Lots of sugar free gum
*A variety pack of Diet Snapple Iced Teas
*A heart rate monitor watch!
*A pedometer
*A Weight Watchers scale that measures weight, change from last/first weigh-in, left to goal (goal is automatically set to 10% which for me just happens to be 124 pounds - my goal anyway!), body fat weight and percentage, water weight, bone mass
*A food scale that measures in ounces and grams
*A soap dispenser and trash can for Jess's bathroom that matches it perfectly in chrome and black
*Other assorted toiletries, mostly so that I can stay over at Jess's and not have to bring anything

My heart rate monitor isn't doing my heart rate correctly right now. :( It was working fine earlier this morning. Other than that, I am thrilled with all my new weight loss toys and hope they'll make my journey a little more fun.

The WW scale said I weigh 135.0 this morning. I'm very curious whether I really did lose 1.2 lb since yesterday, or if it was just a scale difference. I'll have both scales at home tonight to compare.

The WW scale also said my body fat percentage is 25.3% and all my other measures are within the normal range. :)

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KUZZU25 4/24/2007 11:29AM

  I was interested in getting one of these watches that does HR. If you don't mind sending me details (price, how it's working, etc.) I'd really really appreciate it!

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The New Me LOVES Great Weather!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I really have started thinking about "The New Me" and "The Old Me." My mom was looking at a menu and said, "oooh, you'd love this." I had to ask whether The New Me or The Old Me would love it. The Old Me would love it if it had lots of melted cheese. The New Me would love it if it had lots of crisp fresh veggies!

So the weather has been FANTASTIC since Friday and boy have I taken advantage. Yesterday I went for a jog/walk around Jamaica Pond, a bike ride around my neighborhood by myself, another bike ride with Jess, and then I did strength training at the gym. Today I biked to work!!! It took me 55 minutes. I won't even "have" to go to the gym after all this biking, but I might anyway, I dunno.


Deliriously Proud of Myself

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yesterday I ran the Quincy Lions Club Run/Walk for Sight 10th Annual 5K Race. I came in 77th out of 155 with a time of 30:43, a pace of 9:55 (which is just over 6 mph), 31st female overall, and 10th in my division (females aged 19-29). It was hard! I was nervous, getting so tired toward the end, frustrated that I was getting passed so much. The only time I passed anyone was when people would take a break to walk, and then when they started running again they'd pass me again! I kept glancing back just to make sure I wasn't LAST. But, I finished before about half of the people. Some walked, some were great athletes. But now I feel like an athlete. My first race.

When I came to the finish line, I laid down on the ground I was so exhausted. The paramedics had me slowly sip Gatorade and took my blood pressure (140 over 86) and pulse (160 bpm) and I was fine after a little while. On our way to the free lunch, I got stopped for a quick impromptu interview on the radio!! That was cool, I got to say how it was my first race. My mom and Jess were even asked a couple questions.

Anyway, it hurt but the pride I felt made it all worth it. I will definitely do another race, but for now I want to take a little break so that I get back into strength training and other forms of exercise. The weather has suddenly just become amazing, so I am really looking forward to all that spring and summer will hold for me.

Today on my way back to my place from Jess's, I impulsively stopped at Jamaica Pond for a jog just because the weather was too gorgeous to resist. I should go back out for a quick bike ride or something, it's 3:30 and 75 degrees out and I'm sitting here on my computer. I really missed SP this weekend, but am almost completely caught up at this point.

Oh, another reason to be proud of myself - I weigh 136 today, which was one of my weight goals. My BMI is now 21.9 and according to one website that means I now have a longer than average life expectancy (BMI 17-22 does it). Also, that same website said a BMI of 20-22 is ideal for women.

Go me!!!!!! I just can't believe how much I have been able to accomplish.

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KELLYCAN1 4/23/2007 11:32AM

Congratulations sweetie, you have done an absolutely amazing job! Your hard work have paid off, you have truly accomplished so much! Make sure you take some time to reflect and appreciate how much you have changed!

You are also an immense inspiration to those that are on our own journey. Your enthusiasm in your posts and your patience responding to others is definitely appreciated.

Keep up the awesome work!

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ADKMOM 4/23/2007 10:44AM

    Wow - you should be proud, that is amazing. I love the picture! I'm going to keep visiting your page for my inspiration - thank you.

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NIEMALEE 4/23/2007 6:47AM

    You should be tremendously proud. Completing a 5k is an amazing accomplishment. And coming in under 35 min. for your first race, stellar. Big high-5 to you. You're hooked now, aren't you? Keep it up.

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WANNABSIZE2 4/22/2007 7:11PM

    GREAT JOB!!! You did an AWESOME job!!! Are you hooked!?!? :)

Way to go!!!!! And GREAT Job on your weight goal as well!!! Awesome job!!!

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Thursday Night Check In

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hi all, I survived over 24 hours without SparkPeople and will have to do that again boyfriend doesn't have an internet connection at his new condo.

Today I had planned out some of my meals but ate lunch and dinner at restaurants - and had really delicious salads for both meals! That would bore some but not me - I LOVE all the different colors and the freshness of the tomatoes, etc. My dinner salad had salmon and lots of other goodies I wouldn't normally allow myself, like a hardboiled egg WITH the yolk and potato. And I ate the whole thing! Gotta figure out my points now even though it's late.

Tonight something amazing happened at the gym. A REALLY fit man (who I learned was a Marine when younger) leaned over from his cardio machine to mine and asked, "Did you get those legs from gymnastics?"

MY LEGS!! I have ALWAYS had fat, unfit legs. When I was a BABY I never learned to crawl and the doctor told my parents it was because my legs were too fat. But now, at the age of TWENTY-NINE, I got complimented on my legs by a muscle man in perfect shape.

Also ordered my bridesmaid dress today. Took a bit of a gamble and ordered the size 6, which I will ONLY fit into if I lose a bit more weight. I am totally determined to reach my goal of 124 now. The dresses run 2 sizes small by the way, so that 6 is like a 2!! Today I tried on the 8 (like a 4) and it fit pretty well but was loose-ish in spots. I also think I may have inspired the bridal shop owner to join WW. It's like a cult!! (a cult of health...)

One last thing. I am SO angry that people just ASSUME I'm losing weight in an unhealthy fashion. My mom's friend told my mom I'm not going to keep it off because HER daughters both had anorexia so she assumed I must be losing weight in an unhealthy way too. I literally believe I am doing this in as healthy a way as I possibly can. So, I shouldn't worry what other people think. I should just prove them wrong!

And now I'm committed to fitting into my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding on Dec. 1.

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SARABLUENOSE 4/22/2007 7:28AM

    Hey there!!!
Congratulations on the compliment!
You're doing so well!!!
I read on the WW boards that you've reached another milestone! Well done, you!
Susan, seriously don't worry too much about your mum's friend or anyone like her... Perhaps some is to do with jealousy?

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