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Uh oh...stop sign!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Uh oh, I'm out of my maintanence range... time to go on a mini-diet until I get back there!!

Here's what happened...I was doing great until this past Saturday, but then I ate and drank too much while out partying and even though I didn't gain weight I felt crummy all day on Sunday. Despite that, I ALMOST managed to get myself right back on track...I went to the gym, and I ALMOST went the whole day eating on track...until night came! Then all of a sudden I cracked and went on a binge. My husband was home so I had to be quite sneaky about it, but I managed to eat myself up four pounds by Monday morning! Now, I very often weigh more on Monday mornings than I do over the weekend, but FOUR means I overdid it. No surprise there. But still, I got up and went to work on Monday ready to be back on track. Not only did I suck it up and get on that scale even though I really didn't want to see, I also packed myself a cooler filled with a healthy breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Unfortunately, as soon as I saw the pastries in the teachers' room it was all over. I ate those, and then I didn't stop. I ate all day, telling myself that it was just for the day because it was the day before progress reports were due, which is always the most stressful day of the term! After school I decided I'd finish progress reports at home, but along my commute I stopped at a convenience store for some horrible junk food, which I then ate all night as I worked. I wasn't done with progress reports until way past my bedtime, and of course I didn't go to the gym at all that day. On Tuesday I woke up quite tired and feeling rather disgusting, but I was once again convinced that today would be the day I'd be back on track. I got on the scale and had gained ANOTHER five pounds - I was now up 10 pounds from my weight on Sunday! Again, I packed a healthy lunch and went to school - and found CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE in the teacher's room! Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! Now Tuesday was a goner. That evening I went home, skipped the gym again, and had a GIANT serving of pasta for dinner.

Tuesday night, around the time my husband came home from work, I started to have a mighty stomach ache. No surprise...I'd done it to myself, right? Only it got worse and worse as the night went on, and by the time I realized I wasn't going to get any sleep because I kept having to get up and use the bathroom, and also realized I had a low-grade fever, I knew this wasn't just something I'd done to myself. (At least, I don't THINK you can give yourself a fever and stomach bug from overeating??) I barely slept that night, and decided to call in sick on Wednesday. My weight was back down 6 pounds from the day before and the urge to binge, thank goodness, was GONE. Despite the discomfort, I'm actually glad that something drastic happened to get me off of that binge mindset! I took it pretty carefully eating at first on mom frequently reminds me of the BRAT diet, so I had a Banana, Rice, and Toast (well...bread...I didn't toast it). I didn't have any Applesauce though. I didn't track and probably still ate way too much, especially considering I was now on day 3 of no exercise, but by evening I was feeling a little better and had a healthy dinner and then invented a delicious healthy dessert - I put frozen fruit in a bowl, sprinkled diet hot chocolate powder on top, and microwaved it - yum. I woke up today being up a pound from yesterday, but still down from Tuesday's binge high, and felt not 100 percent better, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

So today I am once again determined to get myself back on track. This time I haven't visited that evil teachers room, and I've tracked everything I ate and even the things I haven't eaten yet but am planning to eat the rest of the day. I just finished lunch and am actually quite full, so if I were to start rummaging for junk now it would NOT be out of hunger, but more out of bad habit. That's the funny thing...often when I binge eat, I'm not at all hungry and sometimes I'm already uncomfortably stuffed. I really don't know why I do it. I do know, however, that I'm only up 6 pounds from my maintanence weight and that I can and will easily get back there with a bit of time under 2,200 calories per day plus exercise. I know that no irreversable damage has been done and that I CAN and WILL recover from little slip-ups whenever they occur. All the exciting reasons why I love being at goal weight still hold true, and I've shown myself thoroughly how UNENJOYABLE binge eating can be. I'm going to be just fine.....I'm going to prove to myself that I can do this.

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ROGUE_1 3/21/2010 8:55PM

    This was so me all last week. I just ate whatever I wanted and felt so nasty yet, kept eating even though I know I wasn't hungry. It really does help to track what you eat, at least for me, it helps me to be more conscious of the choices I make and helps me portion things out. I'm really glad you turned things around. We all have crappy days where we binge, but what's important is that you are making smarter choices!

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    I would stay away from the teachers lounge as much as possible, too. It's really easy for me to mindlessly eat when I'm snacking and doing something else, so I usually do my work in a room that's far away from the kitchen. If I do my work in the kitchen or a room over I end up snacking all night. I hate the feeling after binging, too, but I'm glad that you're feeling better and getting back on track.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 3/18/2010 7:15PM

    I am sorry that you got sick. Maintenance is easier than dieting, but it is work. The key is getting it back down like you are doing. Trust me, I am not always in range, either. In fact my weight is up this week from partying and eating out more last week over spring break and PMS. The difference is, like you, I am dealing with it, not ignoring it.

One tip that helps me out, I don't know if it would work for you, or is an option for you, but when that crap starts happening for the third day I make myself workout FIRST THING (and I hate working out in the morning, not an early riser) but if I work out and see how freaking hard it was to see that 400 calories, or whatever, on the treadmill it really makes that food look FAR less appealing afterward. I think "Geez, I don't even want to undo what I just did. I mean it felt good but it was hard!" Just a suggestion :).

Stay strong, Susan, you got this!

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SEEHOLZ 3/18/2010 6:14PM

    OMG Susan! You are like the most determined and disciplined person I know- when you're on your food plan, you're amazing! So, I have no doubt you'll turn this around-- for all the reasons you mentioned!


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TMAC10 3/18/2010 5:29PM

    something must be going around because I too got the stomach bug yesterday & have been out sick today too! :(

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FITGIRL15 3/18/2010 4:39PM

    I'm sorry that you are having a little bit of a challenging time as of late!
Sounds like you are right back on track though! Hang in there!

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SANDEROSE 3/18/2010 2:20PM

    Oh what a horribly familiar story! I have a problem binge eating too. Especially in stressful situations, and when I'm bored or feeling icky. Sometimes it's not even the eating.. sometimes I just like tasting... but to put something in my mouth to taste and then spit it out is quite ridiculous. So, I've been there. I'm proud that you're back on track before you got TOO out of control!
emoticon emoticon

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BRUIN2 3/18/2010 2:20PM

    Very smart to stay away from the teacher's lounge!!!

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MBSHAZZER 3/18/2010 1:28PM

    No harm done when you stop at 6 pounds... that's nothing and I do believe that if you can put 6 pounds ON in 4 days, you can certainly take them off in a week or 2! Good job learning from this experience... it's never a bad experience if you learn from it! Hang in there!

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

WHY do I do this to myself?? Yesterday I overdid it in not one, not two, but THREE areas, and I'm paying for it today in terms of how my tummy feels and also the guilt factor. And then tomorrow I'll probably still be tired, great. Work is too busy for me to be dealing with issues I bring upon myself!

Here's how I overdid it...

1. Coffee - I had seven cups yesterday. WTF? People at a party I went to were joking that I was going to give myself a heart attack from all the caffeine.

2. Alcohol - I had six alcoholic beverages yesterday. Some overlapped with coffee beverages. Clearly far more than I needed. My friend got good and happy off of TWO drinks - I should have followed her example.

3. Calories - VERY rough guesstimate is somewhere in the 4,300-calorie range. I actually was making pretty good choices...except for the calories in the drinks, eating fries off of other people's plates, and then coming home and polishing off a bunch of orange sherbet. Heh, I guess that means I really WASN'T making pretty good choices yesterday, was I? Miraculously, my weight didn't change today.

Back on track today, and lots of water!!

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FITGIRL15 3/17/2010 11:15AM

    We all have our weak moments... you will get over this in NO time!

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BLUEBOOEYES 3/17/2010 11:09AM

    Important fact to remember: you're only human. Sometimes we get caught up in social gatherings, binges, and orange sherbet. In the classy words of my mother, $hit happens. Just get back on the wagon the next day and learn from your mistakes. You know you're a hard worker with a boatload of willpower, but every now and then you gotta let yourself go to get yourself back on the straight narrow. That's just my humble opinion, of course.

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MAIA2011 3/17/2010 10:16AM

    On the bright side at least you didn't wake up next to a stranger LOL Seriously, it's one day. You know what to do!


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TESS6166 3/17/2010 8:12AM

    You'll get back on track... each day is a new opportunity! Hugs :0)

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    It's ok!!! Don't let this get you down. You are aware, now you can embrace it and move on. You can do it!!!! WoooHooo!


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LIL_EZZY 3/15/2010 5:10PM

    Hey I had the exact same weekend as you. Bad BAd bad and to top it off when I was hungover the next day I had to of course fix myself with a fatty breakfast and dinner. As I said BAD!!

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TO.BE.58 3/15/2010 10:37AM

    Its tomorrow that counts ;) Your stood back up and resumed your healthy habits!


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RUN_LIFT_EAT 3/15/2010 8:38AM

    It happens to us all, you will be right as rain in a day!

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CARILOUIE 3/15/2010 6:05AM

    There's nothing like a hangover to remind us of why we decided to change our lifestyles... I've been there. Water sounds WONderful. You'll be back on track in no time.

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SPARKNMOM 3/14/2010 9:15PM

    Oh...I'm dealing with the after-effects of some over-indulgence myself tonight. You'd think I'd learn LOL!! Here's to a back on track week for the both of us!!

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HAPPYCHICK10 3/14/2010 8:36PM

    New day, new goals...don't look back...well after you get over the hangover LOL One bad day isn't the end of the world as long as it doesn't stretch for a week :)

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MARATHONER340 3/14/2010 5:13PM

    1 day will never hurt! Those drink calories DO add up don't they? But I allow myself a free night of drinking...every once in awhile. =) Rest up and drink that H2O!

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SWEATONCEADAY 3/14/2010 3:43PM

    at least you had fun with your friends! i rarely even get out lol. sweat it out girl and drink up... water that is. (i'm on my 3rd cup of coffee at noon here)

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SEEHOLZ 3/14/2010 1:47PM

    Water and sweating is such a great detoxifier! It happens- to some of us more than others... LOL..
New day, new opportunity for better choices, right?!

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KJNE8O 3/14/2010 1:41PM

    I feel ya with the hangover - I had one last week and it took me 2 days to get over it! Hange in there - LOL

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MBSHAZZER 3/14/2010 1:12PM

    Oh, I've have SO BEEN THERE!!! I think you have to overdo it once in a while to remind yourself why a healthier lifestyle is so good! Drink lots of water and take it easy today!

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MEXGAL1 3/14/2010 12:59PM

    Gosh, we have all been there. I have had my fair share of after party blues. Somehow now that I am older, much older than you, I realize that life is just too short for me to waste a day with a hangover so I finally learned how to turn myself off and not over indudge. Not easy for an ex-party girl. Just drink lots of water today and take it easy...if you can exercise a bit as well and forgive yourself and get right back on track.

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BRUIN2 3/14/2010 12:53PM

    Oh girl, my head is pounding for you!

Yes, water sounds like a GREAT idea today!! And maybe a nice long walk with Jess?

Happy Sunday.

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LILYSMOM08 3/14/2010 12:52PM

    I overdid it yesterday in the same three areas you excuse our annual St. Patty's Day party. But since there's no sense in beating myself up, I'm trying to just get back wuith the program today......No sense in feeling guilty. No one's perfect and perhaps we light even learn from overindulging..... emoticon

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Healthy Lifestyle Survey - it's going around :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

1. What did you eat for breakfast?
Smoothie made of organic skim milk, OJ fortified with calcium and D, a splash of organic cranapple juice, plain fat-free Greek yogurt, frozen mixed berries, and frozen mixed tropical fruit. Oh, and green tea, and coffee with unsweetened soy milk. About to have another mug! :)

2. How much water do you drink a day?
Do coffee, tea, and seltzer count?? If not, just a bottle or two. Yikes.

3. What is your favorite workout?
My favorite would be running in ideal weather in a scenic locale in the morning after a full night's sleep and some strong coffee. If I'm tired, elliptical.

4. What is your favorite fruit?

5. What is your favorite vegetable?

6. How many calories do you burn a week?
How could anyone really know the answer to this for real? I would imagine it would be a very rough estimate!

7. How many calories do you eat a day?

8. What are your favorite healthy snacks?
Almonds, walnuts, and really crisp apples

9. What do you usually eat for lunch?
Something I've batch-cooked - right now my choices are Mexican lasagna, a couple pasta-veggie combos, and Mexican chicken and beans. (Yes, I like Mexican!!) Oh, and a side of veggies (Trader Joe's Harvest Hodgepodge).

10. What is usually for dinner?
See answer to #9, minus the side of veggies.

11. What is your favorite body part to strength train?
Probably arms - it's my quickest routine.

12. What is your least favorite body part to strength train?
Lower's tough!

13. What is your least favorite exercise?
Anything - if I'm tired and/or hungry.

14. What is your favorite exercise?
Didn't I answer this in #3? Oh well. A few other things I REALLY enjoy (but don't do very often) are dancing, roller blading, and biking.

15. What is your "bad" food cravings?
Ice cream, pizza, and whatever junk I see other people eating that I don't let myself eat!

16. What is your go to workout song?
I love it when Tik Tok comes up on the iPod......need some new stuff though.

17. Do you take vitamins or supplements?
Not since that study came out that said that vitamins didn't really do anything.

18. How often do you eat out?
Varies. When I'm keeping my eating under control I eat out a lot less.

19. Do you eat fast food?
Hardly ever. My husband helped convince me that stuff's gross.

20. How do you stay motivated?
Looking at my wedding pictures and wanting to keep looking like that, loving how I look and feel at my goal weight!

21. Who is your biggest supporter?
My wonderful husband!!!!

22. How much weight have you lost?
I have gained and lost a lot over the years. Usually when I gain I reach about 165-170, although I have weighed more. Now I'm trying to maintain at 145. So I guess you could say I've lost 25 pounds. Yay!

23. How did you determine your goal weight?
Wow, I could write a book about this. I used to always want to get lower, lower, lower, and then I'd give up and gain. Now I am maintaining at a realistic goal weight for me - 145. It's not my lowest ever, but it's healthy.

24. Do you have a gym membership?
Yes, my gym is like my 2nd home!!! (Well, third husband and I both own condos!)

25. How often do you work out?
Every day.

26. How did you find Spark?
I read an article about it online. That was in 2006, and I'm still here!

27. How much sleep do you get a night?
If I don't get 8 hours I'm miserable, so I try for at least that much every night...usually successful but not always.

28. Are you a morning or night workout person?
I have much more energy in the morning, but since I have to get up at 6 for work I usually work out in the afternoon or evening during the week, and consider a morning workout a weekend treat. :)

29. Do you have a "cheat" day?

30. Do you drink soda?
Not unless my occasional Bacardi and diet counts.

31. Do you drink alcohol? How much?
I might have a glass of red wine in the evening once a week or so...when I go out I drink, but that might happen once a week or once a month or not for a few months at a time. I tend to drink a lot when I go out though!

32. What is your favorite thing about Spark?
The nutrition tracker, blogging and being able to communicate with other Sparkers.

33. What do you not like about your body? What do you love about your body?
I don't like how bloated and big my belly seems to get at night, yuck. I love how I've made myself a fit person!

34. Do you have a workout buddy?
No, but I have a few acquaintances at the gym and my husband and I go together a few times a week.

35. What is the best thing that has changed about your life since committing to this Healthy Lifestyle?

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XTINA1122 3/13/2010 1:31PM

    I loved your answers! I was curious: does your husband eat the batch cooked meals, too? It it hard for you to eat differently if he doesn't?

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SEEHOLZ 3/13/2010 12:55PM

    Awesome answers Susan! I don't want to do this quiz, because it wouldn't look nearly as pretty-LOL! Seriously, you sound like a well balanced, well rounded person and very happy! I love it!

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Weight Maintanence Philosophy

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I just edited my Spark page intro to include my weight maintanence philosophy:

I have lost weight many times in the past and every time I'd get close to a weight goal I'd set a new, lower one, and then eventually I'd always give up and binge right back up to my starting weight. This time I deliberately chose a weight goal that was NOT my lowest ever and am trying very hard to accept me as I am now - healthy - even though I know I COULD be skinnier. I have been maintaining my weight since my wedding on February 14, 2010! It's emotionally tough to work so hard without setting new lower goals, but I'm REALLY trying and think this will finally be the time I see long-term success!!

Height: 5'6"
Maintanence weight: 145ish
Maintanence calorie range: 2,500ish
Maintanence workout daily schedule: 15-30 minutes of strength training (alternating between different muscle groups) plus cardio (various lengths, intensities, and activities)


Here are some wedding candids (taken by a guest) that I just received and love:

My gorgeous mother and gorgeous husband dancing with each other:

The lucky recipient of my bouquet receiving my garter...I thought it was juvenile to follow this tradition but Jess made me do it and it ended up being a lot of fun. I love how my arm looks in this picture:

Jess and me up on chairs during the Hora! Notice our white-knuckle death grips! We were so scared:

Dad and me (my mom loves this one):

Jess taking off my garter (my mother-in-law loves this one):

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CARILOUIE 3/13/2010 6:56AM

    The first thing I noticed was that arm! Wahoo!

You look beautiful, healthy, and radiant. SO exciting to be in maintenance mode and happy with your body. Congrats!

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FITGIRL15 3/12/2010 12:53PM

    I love your new perspective! I too have fallen into the trap of always wanting a "new goal weight" to reach.. and that mentality is definitely a slippery slope towards disordeded eating habits!

I have had to take a few steps back to regain my perspective after reaching my competition weight too... it's a process, but I think we are both bettter off for having experienced it!

You both look so happy, and are truely enjoying your day!!! Your dress fits you GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing your joy and making me even that much more excited for mine! (2 more weeks! YAAHHHHHH!)

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CRYSBROWN1 3/12/2010 11:16AM

    LOVE this pics! Definitely a true but hard philosophy! I think everyone has gets into that vicious cycle of just worrying about losing & losing, great job on making reasonable goals!

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SPARKNMOM 3/11/2010 9:34PM

    Wow....fabulous you!! Love the pics - and your maintenance philosophy!

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ZIRCADIA 3/11/2010 5:03PM

    I AGREE WITH EVERYONE! :) You're gorgeous - you look healthy, fit, trim, fabulous at the weight you're aiming to maintain and I'm glad you're working toward a lifetime of health and happiness!!!!!! WOOHOO!

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SEEHOLZ 3/11/2010 4:05PM

    I think you look absolutely great at this weight! And, your philosophy is much healthier in the long run and more realistic if you ask me...

Great going Susan!

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STEPHANON 3/11/2010 3:19PM

    You look beautiful, healthy, fit, and slender at this weight. I'm proud of you for realizing that this is healthy for you and not pushing to get even lower. Hopefully with time maintenance will become something that is more of a habit and not something you have to think about quite as much. Lovely pictures!

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MBSHAZZER 3/11/2010 3:19PM

    You look great at 145. It's just a number. Honestly, that number will look different on everyone and on you, it looks GREAT, so I'm glad you can accept it!

Love the photos! I'm glad to see that Jess doesn't have his head up your dress on the garter pic! HAHA!!! Looks like everyone had a really fun time!

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LIL_EZZY 3/11/2010 3:13PM

    Im with you on this one. I think that they are great goals. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves how are we ever going to appreciate what we have. You are gorgeous and I think your goals are very positive. I love the pics your arms do look fab.

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 3/11/2010 2:53PM

    I think your philosophy rocks! I also think that you look GREAT so remind yourself of that when it seems like a lot of work for not having a new goal.

These pictures are all great and your arm looks fabulously toned in that one with your dad, as well!

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GTRGRL97 3/11/2010 2:42PM

    Wonderful pictures! And congratulations on excellent goals! =)

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XTINA1122 3/11/2010 2:11PM

    Love the wedding pics - and your arm does look really good in that one! LOL

I think you look great at this weight and have no doubt you will be able to maintain. Keep up the good work; it's such an inspiration emoticon

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MARATHONER340 3/11/2010 1:33PM

    More beautiful pics! And I applaud you for being content at 145ish. You do look BEAUTIFUL just as you are and even though it's so easy to get caught up on losing just a little bit's a lot healthier to stick where you are - then to try to go lower and then gain weight back again. I think you've found your happy weight!

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DOLLIE6 3/11/2010 1:07PM

    Just beautiful. You are doing great. Just don't stress out over anything, its bbbbbbbbbbbad for your health.
Many happy days ahead of you.

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THOMS1 3/11/2010 12:44PM

    You look marvelous! You look like the perfect weight and I wish you success maintaining! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Opinions Wanted!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

So I get to eat way more calories now that I'm officially in maintanence. Do you think it's okay for some of these calories to be junk food?

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 3/10/2010 5:05PM

    I think a little junk from time to time is good. It keeps you from going nuts. Remember that NPR story we both heard about discipline and how we are basically allotted a certain amount? In the interest of a full disclaimer I was just noshing on some fro-yo moosetracks. Something we buy maybe 4 times a year (literally) but I am enjoying it! I think it depends on whether you are one of those "slippery slope" people where a little turns into a lot. i think that most people THINK they are, so they try to be super strict and it often backfires on them.

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STEPHANON 3/10/2010 4:06PM

    I agree with those who say don't eat junk every day. I do believe, however, that you should allow yourself a bit of leeway during special occasions or on a scheduled basis (a weekly relaxed day or something like that). As long as you're eating the right foods the majority of the time you should be okay. I'm not an expert on maintenance though, having failed at it more than once. I don't practice what I preach!

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SEEHOLZ 3/10/2010 1:01PM

    Ummm, I think a little, if you can handle it... trust me, your body appreciates it if you feed if well..

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    Oooohhh...I really honestly would reconsider doing the "junk food" thing. Not only is it addicting {it's been proven!}, it has so many chemicals in it that will destroy your body. I think finding healthier "junk food" options will satisfy your cravings...i.e. real fruit Fruit Roll Ups, organic Sweet Potato Chips, etc.

Stay strong!!!


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FITGIRL15 3/10/2010 12:22PM

    Allowing JUNK on a daily basis os NOT a good idea! You will not be in maintenance mode for long, if you do! (Speaking from experience!)
I do think however, that if you follow a clean diet during your week (complete with adequate protein, complex carbs and O3 rich fats) then you can take one day off during the weekend to be "relaxed" with your eating. (Like if the hubby wants to go out for beer and wings, that would be ok!)

How many more calories are we talking here? 300? You can easily increase portion sizes to make up that difference!

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SILLIANGEL 3/9/2010 11:08PM

    I think you know the answer to this one. My personal philosophy is to eat well almost all of the time. I usually give myself a small treat each day to prevent binging. But you know what works for you. If purposely adding junk is going to make you want more and more and more junk, then it's best not to go there. If you can handle treats from time to time without letting it get out of control, by all means, enjoy yourself!

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MARATHONER340 3/9/2010 9:40PM

    I think if you're getting all the nutrients you need first...and you still have calories left (as you will eating more than 2000 calories) I think a little junk is ok...but maybe not EVERY day. I worked with a nutritionist who said a treat a day was perfectly healthy and normal - especially for people with active lifestyles like us who can eat more calories than those who are sedentary...

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SPARKNMOM 3/9/2010 9:25PM

    I don't....but I'm sure you'll get many differing opinions. Junk often leads me to more junk - and less of the "good" stuff. Remember...they say 5% keep off the we need to be vigilant to stay in that 5%!!

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    Um I believe last week on the BL Jillian Michaels made a comment about how it's not only important you stay in your calorie range, but it's just as important the foods that make up those calories. IMO, I don't think a person should change their eating habits when they go into maintenance.

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ZIRCADIA 3/9/2010 7:51PM

    I've slid down the slippery slope to junkdom a couple of times while working on maintenance and it is NOT a good place to be. But as always, even while losing, I think it's ok for some calories to be ... crap ... to put it bluntly. But I wouldn't say, add MORE crap to your diet now that you have more calories to play with necessarily. :) I'd try to keep the good stuff to crap ratio consistent and just increase the volume of good healthy food more than anything else.

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RAWKNRUN 3/9/2010 4:41PM

  Everything in moderation!

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MBSHAZZER 3/9/2010 4:27PM

    Short answer - NO!

I think it can be a slippery slope and junk calories add up WAAAAY faster than the good stuff. That said, it also depends on what you classify as junk. I, for one, would NEVER give up beer. I love an occasional slice of pizza. I never say no to birthday cake. If I'm really jonesing for something sweet, I like some low fat frozen yogurt, or I make a baked treat with whole wheat flour and applesauce to replace the fat. So, yes, there is balance.

I would stay away from true junk, like donuts or potato chips though.

Let us know what you decide to splurge on!

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1THING 3/9/2010 4:23PM

    Be careful, maybe you can budget them in order to keep that maintenace mentality. Good for you!

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    i agree that eating clean foods most of the time is probably best. however, i agree if i never give into my favs i tend to go way more overboard on them.

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NANDE77 3/9/2010 4:13PM

    Yes its okay in moderation or better yet reward yourself for drink 8 glasses of water with a "JUNK TREAT" or logging in 90 in of cardio then " JUNK TREAT".
I hope this helps. I've learn that depriving yourself is the quickest way to overindulgence.
Congrats on being in maintenance mode.

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    I think it's best to stick to whole foods whenever possible. Sugar begets wanting more sugar!

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