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Great Workout

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My weight loss has totally stalled, way too early. After losing about five pounds last week, I gained a couple back and haven't lost any more. Plus, the first couple of pounds I lost had been from a temporary gain anyway, so I sort of haven't really lost anything yet. But please, no comments to try to cheer me up about that or anything - I don't need 'em. I am feeling great and I think I'm looking better, and I still have enough time to hit my goal in time (89 days to go til wedding day!).

I had a great workout this evening - I went early and the timing was perfect so Jess and I could leave at the same time despite his shorter workout. I did strength training for arms, and then I got on the elliptical and went as fast as I could, and in an hour I went 6.6 miles. It felt great, but I'll admit it also felt great for it to be over. :)

Oh man, I just realized Biggest Loser started - different time than normal - chat later! :)

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LILTROUBLE 11/21/2009 8:39PM

    EEK - 89 days! how exciting! i love weddings. you are going to look so beautiful.

glad you had a good workout.

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TERRIANGEL 11/21/2009 6:13PM

    Why,that IS a nice workout! I read that strength training is best done before cardio, but I'm always an after-cardio girl. Don't know why. Do you always do it before? I think they said it was better because ST requires balance and coordination, whereas cardio mostly is mindless. Hey, whatever - as long as we DO it,right?!

Nice job!

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CRYSBROWN1 11/19/2009 8:41PM

    Well it sounds like you are taking the right steps to take those lbs off! You have a little while to go & as long as you keep at it the lbs will melt off. I always find that weight loss is a delayed reaction too so maybe you shall see the results shortly. Glad that you are feeling good though because that's what is most important!!

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/19/2009 1:20AM

    3-5 lbs in a week is a ton. your body is probably just readjusting. you are doing a great job. stop being so hard on yourself.

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FITGIRL15 11/18/2009 1:15PM

    Slow and steady, Susan! This is a LIFESTYLE change... so you don't want to go out of the gates too quick! Take your time, impliment small changes daily and you will totally look GORGEOUS on your big day!

Keep up the great attitude!

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RA4945 11/18/2009 1:07PM

    Hey Susan, I have decided to quit paying so much attention to the scale and take measurements instead. The scale is so deceiving. Make some time to take your measurements and do that weekly. You can step on the scale too if you want but your measurements will give you the most accurate reading. You are really doing great! Such a natural runner! I'm so impressed that you accomplished 6.6 miles in 60 minutes. I really hope I can build myself back up to that soon! Keep up the great work! Did I say measurements enough for you?

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PAMELA984 11/18/2009 10:53AM

    Don't concentrate so much on your weight - but on how you feel and look.

BTW - I know you have done zumba and I'm going to a zumba class tonight - any ideas on how to put into the SP fitness tracker?

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MBSHAZZER 11/18/2009 9:55AM

    I find sometimes the scale doesn't move until you stop thinking about it. So I think you're doing great! :D

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SKYFYRE 11/18/2009 1:06AM

    You are doing great! Commitment pays!

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ZIRCADIA 11/17/2009 9:55PM

    Glad you are still in that positive mindset even if the scale isn't moving as quickly. :) Keep rocking!

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SEEHOLZ 11/17/2009 9:06PM

    Yeh, some workouts are like that-- first love, then hate and overall love!!! Way to go Susan-- I'm so glad that you feel great!

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Flower Power

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This afternoon Jess' mom came over with some flower arrangements for us to check out...

We are thinking about something like this for our centerpieces, only more cranberries, more flowers, and more votives around the outside. Also maybe white orchids or lillies instead of these roses and freesia:

We're going to have tons of cylindrical vases of all different heights and widths with flowers and floating candles inside, like this:

Jess' mom is just amazing for doing this!!

My parents were over too, we were talking about ceremony music, we're having a string trio. So far all we've decided for sure is Canon in D for the procession, but I want them to switch and play something different when I come in, just not sure what. The trio will also play through the cocktail hour, then we'll have a DC for the reception. And you already know we have lots of music decisions to make there.

My parents stayed for dinner, but Jess' mom had to go. We served a mixed vegetable salad with Asian sesame dressing, salmon, and whole-wheat couscous with sauteed mushrooms. My mom brought another salad, we had cabernet to drink, and fresh pineapple slices sprinkled with cinnamon for dessert. :) Oh, and appetizers were mini rye toasts with cheese and shrimp cocktail. Pretty healthy, but I still guesstimated it was all 1,000 calories to be on the safe side.

Exercise has been going well. I finally bought some of those black workout pants that are tight and stop just below the knee like the Biggest Loser women wear. I figured if they looked flattering on them, they'd do something for me too...:) Today Jess did 45 minutes of cardio with me - a first! - including 25 minutes on the elliptical right next to mine, woohoo. :) To get my full hour in, though, I also jogged home from the grocery store. It was ridiculously warm out for mid-November.

91 days to the wedding, and exactly three months from yesterday! I am so lucky, I'm going to have the best (and hottest) husband in the whole world. :)

Oh, there were also two showings of my condo today - first showings in two weeks. I know better than to have my hopes up, but at least showings are better than nothing.

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/19/2009 1:21AM

    i love the cranberries in the arrangements. so great. you know what? your husband is going to have the bestest looking hot wife ever.

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FITGIRL15 11/17/2009 1:00PM

    Your centerpieces are very nice! They are going to look amazing on your tables!

Sounds like you are doing great, Susan! When exactly is the wedding again?

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ROGUE_1 11/16/2009 8:01PM

    Everything looks and sounds amazing! How wonderful that you have such a supportive family. Enjoy this crazy time!!!

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STEFANIE822 11/16/2009 6:57PM

    Love the arrangements!!!! And that veggie salad sounds delish! You sound like you are having so much fun planning your wedding...cant wait to see pics!!

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RA4945 11/16/2009 2:37PM

    Hi Susan! I just caught up on your last few blogs. You're doing great! You certainly do have some amazing sprinting abilities. If you remember, you are the one who inspired me to take the treadmill up to 9.0 for a couple sprints. I have never attempted 10! Holy cow!! My husband and I danced to "When the stars go blue" by the Corrs. It's not necessarily "wedding-ish" but it was special to us during our dating time. I LOVE the flower arrangements! Your wedding day is going to be so beautiful!! Do we get a sneak peak at the dress? emoticon

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MBSHAZZER 11/16/2009 12:52PM

    I love those arrangements!! Very nice! I think a winter wedding allows you (forces you??) to be more creative! Sounds like an AWESOME dinner, too! Have a wonderful week!

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1972ROSES 11/16/2009 10:48AM

    I like the arrangements. My cousin did a different arrangement at each table (similar but different) and it really looked nice. The cranberries will look great up against the white flowers.

I walked down the aisle to Louis Armstrong's "What a wonderful world"

Good Luck. Glad to see your still working out that stress!

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KJNE8O 11/16/2009 10:27AM

    Beautiful arrangements! Gorgeous. And yay on the condo showing! I hope it sells!

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ELFITZPA 11/16/2009 10:23AM

    I love the idea of different heights and widths with the floating candles - so pretty and interesting to the eye. It sounds like your planning is going so well!!

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BRUIN2 11/16/2009 10:19AM

    We did cranberries with our centre pieces!

We had these shallow bowls filled with water, cranberries, and floating candles. Then surrounding the bowls we had these fake fruit viney things that were sparkly. Check out my wedding album on FB - I think there's a picture... Anyways. Love cranberries!

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SEEHOLZ 11/16/2009 9:36AM

    I love the title of your blog and the flower idea rocks! My SIL had sothing similar, except she used pepples/rocks instead of cranberries... it looked beautiful and people got to take them home then... plus, with the floating candles, I know it'll set such a romantic tone!
Your dinner is making me hungry.. but unfortunately not for my cottage cheese-LOL... that I'm going to have to snack today.
Good luck with the condo Susan-- just keep plugging away and try not to stress and it'll come together!

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VIVA_VICTORIES 11/16/2009 9:34AM

    I love the cranberries in the arrangement. I've always thought that was CLASSIC!

Selling a place sucks, we JUST sold ours and it was a nightmare with the buyers. I actually preferred the time it was just on the market to dealing with those losers! Bitter, party of one on this side of the computer! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a sale and nice, reasonable buyers (if those even exist)!

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PAMELA984 11/16/2009 9:04AM

    Sounds like you are enjoying all the wedding planning - love the vases - keep it simple! Remember, your guests are there to see the beautiful bride and her groom - not flowers!

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RUN_LIFT_EAT 11/16/2009 8:38AM

    I love the floating flowers and candles gorgeous!

I cannot believe how close your wedding is! WOW!

Good luck on the condo, selling is so stressful :P!

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SKYFYRE 11/16/2009 4:52AM

    LOVE teh cranberry idea! Sounds like you are joining a great family!

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 11/15/2009 10:33PM

    How about coming down the aisle to "Here Comes the Bride"? No one uses that anymore, so old is new again. I love the flowers.


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One week done, 13 to go

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I lost five pounds this week...even though I lost a lot of ground these past few months, I am on track to be at my best for my wedding (and honeymoon). I am not ignoring the fact that yo-yo dieting is unhealthy and that I need to find a way to be consistent, but for now I need to use my wedding as my primary motivation.

Did you know that if you skip the second leg of your flight after a layover, they'll cancel your return flight? On Dec. 26 we're flying to London for an overnight layover, then the next morning we're flying to Amsterdam. We called to see about changing the second flight to give us more time in London, or ideally to cancel it (with or without airline credit) so we could stay in London as long as we want and just take a train to Paris when we're done. We were going to just not show up for the second flight, but my brother warned me they might cancel our return flights. Turns out he was right - we're stuck with the flight from London to Amsterdam if we want to keep our flights home. So we get just 12 hours in London, but the plus side I guess is that gives us more time in Amsterdam and Paris.

Okay, gotta go...we're off to look for new snowboarding pants for Jess. Oh, and thanks for the song recommendations - I'm going to try to listen to them on YouTube or something later. :)

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KENSINGTONC 11/15/2009 1:32PM

    5#??? Wowza, girl! Good for you. My husband and I also went to London for our honeymoon - soooo wonderful! How exciting for you. Hope the planning's going well!

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SEEHOLZ 11/15/2009 1:30PM

    See, you are totally amazing- no matter what I'd do, I just wouldn't loose 5 lbs in one week... so at least you know that if you get off track, you can pretty much get back on - with hard work, of course. It will never seize to amaze me, so big congrats!
I didn't know that about the flight either, but I would prefer to stay in Amsterdam over London personally. There is lots to see in Paris and Amsterdam and it's easier to fly to London on a separate trip some day. My point is that while you might miss out in London, there is so much to see, the time will fly by way too fast!

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FITGIRL15 11/14/2009 10:41PM

    Great first week results!
I didn't know that about the flights... good to know, not that I fly very often, but still... THANKS for sharing!

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PRAIRIEDAWNPAM 11/14/2009 7:15PM

    Congrats on 5lbs! Don't expect those results every week, ok? Be good to yourself.


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PAMELA984 11/14/2009 7:11PM

    You will just have to make London your next vacation.

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SWEATONCEADAY 11/14/2009 5:39PM

    5lbs! way to go.

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SKYFYRE 11/14/2009 5:17PM

    You taught me something new today, thanks for that!

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Happy Friday!

Friday, November 13, 2009

My weight was up two pounds today for no reason but I'm not discouraged...fluctuation is just a part of life. Unfortunately, I didn't get my morning happy boost from the scale today, and then a coworker said one minor little thing at a meeting this morning that bugged me, so as a result I've been feeling kind of worn down the rest of the day. I'm glad it's Friday, even though I had Wednesday off and was away at a conference yesterday.

When I finally got back to reading the blogs I'm subscribed to, I found that so much had changed: babies, miscarriages, pregnancies, races run (or other types of fitness competitions), people's weight had changed up or down, car accidents, relatives got sick... but also two Sparkers whose blogs I used to read regularly had disappeared - their Spark pages no longer exist. :( I wonder if they went private or just gave up on the site.

The gym last night was fantastic. I had already gone for a 40-minute run outside, but still had tons of energy at the gym - this is NOT always the case for me, sometimes I feel very run down from exercise. Anyway, while I was getting my dumb bells an older gentleman said to me, "Was that you on the - what do you call it - elliptical machine the other day? What were you on that thing for, three days??" (I responded, "Yeah, it FELT like it!") He said, "I was admiring your form - you were going forwards, then backwards." I told him I go ten minutes in one direction, then I switch, and go for an hour. He said he was working up to being able to do that. Anyway, after getting that nice little compliment (if you can even really call it a compliment) I just felt so happy and just surged through the rest of my workout, including 20 more minutes of running! I remembered that THIS was that feeling I'd been going for! (When I first started eating healthy again last weekend, it didn't make me feel good - I got heartburn and crankiness, but I powered through anyway.) Inspired perhaps by those "last chance workouts" on The Biggest Loser, or perhaps by all of your blogs, I decided to attempt a one-minute sprint at 10mph at the end of my treadmill run. Well, at 10mph I thought I might fly off the treadmill and seriously injure myself and others, so I did 9mph instead which I'd done before, but it was still very hard. And to think, I read somewhere recently that the fastest human can run something like 27mph?!?

Weekend plans - not many, but going to Jess' tonight which is a switch from our usual staying at my place Friday nights and his Saturdays. We'll probably just watch DVDs of 24 and Entourage. On Sunday my realtor finally has another showing of my condo - it had been two weeks since the last one!! My kitchen and living room walls are light green and my realtor suggested that I change them to a more neutral color, so I guess it's time to paint. He should have seen my living room back when it was orange (we painted it a very pale gray in preparation for putting it on the market). I like my green - oh well - I need to sell so I can move on in my life!!

Then Sunday evening both of our moms are coming over for a wedding planning session. I'm excited!!! :) We have sooo many loose ends to tie up, like, what should our first dance song be?? We are thinking about "Your Song" by Elton John, which is nice, but I also wouldn't mind something a little more upbeat. For my Spark friends who've had weddings, what was your first dance song? Did you take dancing lessons?

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MRS.NG.06 11/14/2009 8:55PM

    sorry..a little late here...catching up!

Our first dance was one of our favorite songs that became "ours" when we first started dating "Hanging by a moment" by Lifehouse...and its still ours : )

Instead of doing the cake song that is normally heard at weddings, we used the song from the Wedding Singer "Grow old with you" was perfect!! We also both love that movie too : )

You need any help, feel free to ask! I put alot of thought into all the things we did! :D BUT if you are subscribed to the KNOT forum I am sure you are getting LOTS of ideas!!

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VIVA_VICTORIES 11/14/2009 10:15AM

    I love "Your Song" by Elton John!!! Shaun and I danced to "For Once in my Life" by Stevie Wonder... well if you can call it dancing since we were the only 2 at the wedding. But it was played on a ukele, which was awesome!!!

Good luck picking one!!!

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SKYFYRE 11/14/2009 1:47AM

    How exciting! I think it is so cool when someone just honestly wants to say "you rock" without it being creepy, and it sounds like you got a really nice compliment! Yay! Glad you had a great day of exercise!
Not married, there might actually be something wrong with me because I haven't thought of what I would have if I were to get married! Oh well, I guess it must not be time!

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DRAGONFLY180 11/13/2009 10:08PM

    congrats on having such a great and motivated workout!

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SILLIANGEL 11/13/2009 6:56PM

    I haven't been married, but I think that "Everything" by Michael Buble is THE perfect first dance song. It's sweet, romantic, and upbeat, but you can still certainly do ballroom style dancing to it. Also, his voice is unbelievable. If you are thinking about lessons, you might try a group ballroom class just to learn the basics of form so you aren't stepping on each other, but I don't think formal private lessons are necessary if you don't want your wedding to seem stuffy. Also other people may not want to join you on the dance floor if they aren't good dancers!

And another thing, what's up with the daily weigh-ins? That's like asking to put you in a bad mood in the morning. Sure you will see losses, but like you said, your weight will fluctuate, so you will also see it go up some mornings. Try once a week or even every other week. If you're doing the work, you don't need the scale to validate it.

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ZIRCADIA 11/13/2009 5:55PM

    As long as you don't walk down the aisle to the muppets singing, you will be fine. (Yes I went to a wedding where this happened and it was reallllllly hard not to laugh -- at first when it was just kermit and piggy singing to each other it was semi cute, just weird, but then all the rest of the muppets came in and it was just insane.) WOOHOO for feeling good at the gym -- total compliment to have someone notice how hard you're working that they are aspiring to be like you and actually were spurred enough to SAY SOMETHING. :D Rock on!

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SEEHOLZ 11/13/2009 5:07PM

    We didn't have a wedding song, but Shania Twain's song- "You're still the one" is our song and would be played at my "fictous" wedding, because it fit us!
I think you got to pick something that reminds you of the two of you- forever. Our other song, totally not wedding like is
Wish you were here by Pink Floyd.

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PAMELA984 11/13/2009 4:31PM

    Hey there - I may be one of those you "lost" - just changed my user name from Pamela984

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MBSHAZZER 11/13/2009 4:17PM

    I LOVE the upbeat attitude! It's great that someone else is noticing your dedication!

OK, I am not married, but every so often, I hear a song and think, "that would be a perfect first dance song!" So, here goes... "Follow You, Follow Me" by Phil Colllins (he must have written this song with the intention of it being used for weddings!). Also.. "Angel" (NOT Angel Eyes - this one is a really mellow acoustic cover of a Jimi Hendrix song) by the Jeff Healey Band - LOVE the lyrics on this one!

If I think of anymore, I'll come back and post! So exciting! Have a great weekend!

Comment edited on: 11/13/2009 4:20:21 PM

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BRUIN2 11/13/2009 4:07PM

    That was TOTALLY a compliment!! And so sweet!!

Our wedding song was "You and Me" by Lifehouse. Great song, very long. Then we had a second song where we invited everyone to get up and dance with us (we didn't do any of the formal "daughter/dad", "bridal party", nothing) to "Accidentally in Love" by the Counting Crows (from Shrek) - that was SO FUN, just such a fun song to dance to!!

We didn't do dance lessons, and wouldn't could we go back and do it again. To each their own! How would you rather spend your time, energy, and money? What tone do you want your wedding to have? Lots to think about!

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November Run

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I went for a run today with ear warmers, neck warmers, and gloves - maybe I went a bit overboard - it was in the high 40s - but I'm getting excited about winter running (except running on an icy sidewalk - no thanks!). I mapped the run and it was very slow:

3.53 miles in 42 minutes
5.1 mph average speed, 11:54 min/mi, 399 calories

I did include the walk warm-up/cooldown in that time though.

I went to a conference in Worcester today. Breakfast and lunch were included, but I had my own breakfast and snacks. For lunch I filled up most of my plate with vegetable salad (no dressing - but that's mostly because I thought the dressing was already on the salad) but I also had half a roll with some turkey and I put a bit of tuna salad and a very small bit of potato salad on the plate too. No chips. I did have one big cookie for dessert but I figure it's better to eat one then to get all pissy because everyone else can eat them and I can't. When Jess gets home we'll go to the gym where I will do about 20 minutes of strength training and 20 more minutes of cardio (my goal is an hour a day, which is why I did the 40 minute run knowing I'd do 20 minutes at the gym with Jess), before The Office. I can't believe it's Thursday already! Having a day off yesterday was fantastic...I got TONS of extra sleep. :)

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SEEHOLZ 11/13/2009 11:12AM

    I run in a tank in 40 degrees-LOL! ( unless the windchill says something else) but I do have my handy dandy gloves ready to go as my extremities get cold fast.
I think that eating that cookie did you good- you're right, this has to be realistic, not deprivation!

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SKYFYRE 11/12/2009 9:37PM

    Nice Run! Oh and I like your time/day goal! I think that is a good idea, and not unattainable! Congrats on the self control with the food, I coulda used some today! Hahaha! Anyway, "neck warmers"? Never heard of 'em, or are they just turtle necks?

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ZIRCADIA 11/12/2009 7:19PM

    HEY JERK - your very slow pace today was the same as my semi speedy pace. ;) HAHAHA (You're not really a jerk, just reminding you that your slow is someone else's fast so be happy!) I think that was a sensible approad at lunch also! I feel like today is Friday, though... :P BOO!

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PAMELA984 11/12/2009 5:47PM

    I'm sure you worked that cookie off!

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