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I am now a Lifetime Member of Weight Watchers

Thursday, April 12, 2007

I earned my Lifetime membership to Weight Watchers today! What a great way to make sure I keep the weight off - getting to go to WW for free from now on as long as I am no more than 2lb above my goal! Of course, my personal goal remains much lower than my official WW goal, and keeps dropping...I am now thinking of aiming for 124, the lowest recommended WW weight for my height (5'6"). One website gave me an ideal weight range of 120-133 (partly based on having a "small" frame due to being able to overlap fingers when I wrap my right thumb and index finger around my left wrist. Me - small frame? Somehow don' think so. But I do like that weight range.) We shall see.

PS - about yesteray's entry...I attempted to get extra sleep last night...I went to bed at 9:30...but was still awake at 11! So tonight I did NOT have any decaf coffee. I think the little bit of caffeine in the decaf yesterday may have kept me up. I am so tired now, hopefully I will fall asleep with no problems tonight.


Run! :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I just went for an outdoor run: 2.9 miles, 30 minutes, 5.8 mph. Two minutes of walking at the end (cooldown) brought me to 3.0 miles. I know the mileage because I drove it afterwards. How convenient to have exactly a 3.0 mile loop. Will have to figure out exactly how long a 5K is - OK, thanks web, it's 3.107 miles. I'll need to add an extra turn or something to make my run 5k so I can practice that - because I'm going to become a racer!!!!! I am going to sign up for my first 5k!!!!!

I have also decided to increase my calorie intake just a bit. Right now I eat 1,200-1,300 calories per day most days and have been feeling very hungry. I just want to try one thing - getting plenty of sleep - and making sure that the feeling isn't coming from sleep deprivation instead of hunger. Maybe I should spend a few days really making sleep a priority for a change. If I still feel very hungry after that I need to do something. My benchmark has to be working out. I need to have enough energy to work out long and hard if I really want to make progress. It will be a win-win, because I'll get to eat more, get into better shape, earn more activity points, and be able to get more nutrients. Plus it's time to start training my body to handle a larger amount of food so that I don't have to deprive myself when I am on maintanence. This is surprisngly hard for me to come to terms with, because I just wanna lose lose lose. But like I said, I am going to try the sleep thing first. And water. Increased sleep and water to see if I really am hungry, or just tired or dehydrated.'s 8 p.m....I better stop babbling on and better do the stuff I have to do before bed, so I can get extra sleep tonight!

PS - did I mention I hit 140.0 today?!?!? :)


My Measurements

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Took my measurements tonight & was pleasantly shocked. Waist is 26.5 inches!! Hips 35 inches! I didn't measure my bust but my newest bras are 34s. On a Bloomingdales size chart online that put my size at anywhere from a 2-8 and from a P/XS-M. Very surprisingly, my waist put me at a larger size than my hips. I would have sworn it would be the opposite. I know pants are much more likely to be loose at the waist and tight around the thigh.

My size 2 Abercrombie cargo pants can now almost stay closed (the fly is velcro). Still looks silly-tight-small but remember when I couldn't even get them beyond my knees???

Was feeling hungry today but think it could have really just been that I was tired. Need to drink a lot of water, stay positive, go to the gym even when I don't feel like it.

Since I weigh 141.6 now, I SHOULD be about a WEEK AWAY FROM THE 130s!!! Holy $(@(&$!!!!!!! Wow.

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WANNABSIZE2 4/10/2007 10:05PM

    Great Job!!!

My goal is to be a size 2. Soon I hope :) Outstanding work. Your progress pictures are awesome! Keep it up!

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

New low - 141.8. :) :) It's the day before Easter and it's 33 degrees, but I am going to bike 17.55 miles to Jess' parents house later today. I hope I do OK...first big bike ride, and by myself, and in the cold, and I'll need a backpack for my purse and least Jess already took my big bag. He's making me sleep over there for some unknown reason. Not only did I have to pack my clothes and toiletries, but I also packed a lunchbox with tonight's dinner, tomorrow's breakfast, and tomorrow's snacks. I packed 800 calories' worth (just happens to be exactly that amount) of food for tomorrow and I guess the rest will come from the Easter dinner. I am going to REALLY take it easy - I so desperately want to hit the 130s and I am soooo close!!! Surreal! So I'll just have a small portion of the lightest foods available. And COFFEE!!!

1 tablespoon of dry milk per cup of coffee tastes good, so that way I can have 2 cups for just about the same calories with 1 tablespoon of milk per cup instead of 2 tablespoons in 1 cup. Couldn't taste the difference this morning, and it's better than no milk.

Yesterday I went shopping. Old Navy - bought size S black yoga pants that are just perfect for the gym - no tie, long, flattering. Size XS (!!) long tanks -turquoise and yellow. Jess isn't crazy about the yellow so I might exchange for gray or some other color. Also tried on size 6 clearance black pinstripe pants. They fit but I didn't like them.

Then I went to Bob's...they had JUST the kind of Red Sox sweatshirts I wanted, BUT the smallest they had was a men's M and those were wayyyy too big! Tried on some Docker's khaki capris in sizes 8, 6, and 4 and the 4 fit best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But weren't flattering, so I didn't get them. Tried on gorgeous bikinis but didn't get them. The tops looked SO GOOD on me but I am still very flabby on the bottom - time to add squats and lunges to my routine, and dropping some more weight in the form of fat will help, too. In the tops, in one I was a small and the other a medium. I was a medium bottom in both. My reasoning for not getting them (beyond sheer will power) was that by summer I will be smaller on the bottom! (I typed "hopefully" but then took it out - it WILL happen.)

This is a tangent, but on all diets past I used to have lots of dreams about cheating on the diet and then feeling really guilty. That has NOT happened ONCE on SparkPeople/WW. This is not a diet for me. I am truly going to track what I eat for life. I need it and it works so well for me. When I am maintaining, I might add in some other foods, but I will track them and make sure I eat amounts that fit into my overall plan. You can eat any THING, pretty much, but not any AMOUNT. Well, some things you should try to completely avoid, like trans fats (which I just discovered last night are in my favorite hot cocoa - waahhhh!!), but most foods can be incorporated in small amounts. The trick is to keep it all under control, like the title of my SparkPage says.

Anyway, back to Bob's...that store has some GREAT stuff! Red Sox stuff (except for the stupid lack of small sizes), bikinis, sneakers... I ended up getting one of those superlong jerseys, size S, navy, tight to the mid thigh with sleeves down to the elbow and big cuffs, deep V neck so you need to wear something under it, and I got the tank that was on display with it, size S, with wide horizontal gray and navy stripes. Can't exactly wear that by itself because it's short length which is not currenty in style! I also got a 3/4 sleeve Red Sox jersey - size women's L (ran small), with red sleeves and white torso, says Red Sox in their font across the front. I've wanted one of those for a long time. I was considering getting a green Red Sox T shirt with a shamrock, but called Jess and he talked me out of it. I'm not Irish. Good choice.

Anyway, I'm in a totally fantastic mood and have been feeling extremely proud of myself lately. I was stuck in a rut last week but found ways to bust out of it - the key really is to SHAKE THINGS UP!!! Can't wait to work out in my new clothes and then later go for my big bike ride! And I REALLY can't wait for summer - I want to spend the whole season in bikinis!!:) :) :)

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W8T2GO 4/7/2007 6:37PM

    You are doing so well!! Thanks for allthe encouragement you give on the site. I commend youf or biking whenits 33 outside! I'm lucky to just have walked to the stores and run my errands. It was soooooo cold today. Have a great Easter tomorrow. You really had a challenge with a Seder and Easter dinners in one week. You really handled it well!

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Some New Stats

Friday, April 06, 2007

I just went back to
m which is a very informative website about your weight. I am now considered normal weight by both of their standards (I am 142.8), though with a BMI of 23 I could still stand to lose a bit to get to that 17-22 range that increases one's life expectancy (and they say ideal for women is 20-22). Overall my weight is at the 36th percentile for Americans, but for white women my age, I am just under the 75th percentile for height and just over the 50th percentile for weight. Nice!!! :)

For 5'6":
142.8 lbs = BMI of 23.0 (today)
136.5 lbs = BMI of 22.0 (highest weight for increased life expectancy/ideal)
124.0 lbs = BMI of 20.0 (lowest weight in "ideal" range for women)
114.4 lbs = BMI of 18.5 (lowest weight for normal range)
105.5 lbs = BMI of 17.0 (lowest weight for increased life expectancy)

A few days ago I found an "ideal weight calculator" on the web that just asked for your height and sex. It said my ideal weight is 130. That's like that formula in that diet book I had as a teen: (for females) Give yourself 100 pounds for the first 5 feet, then 5 additional pounds for every inch. That would also put me at 130.

130.0 lbs = BMI of 21.0

So this gives a good idea of what weight range I should be aiming to reach and stay at in the long run. It appears as though my best bet is to try to hit around 130, but to stay between 124 and 136. I know I'm already OK just the way I am, but my thighs are still fat. :) I think they'd look much better if I lost another 6 to 20 pounds!! (That's the range.) I am 12.8 pounds away from 130.0. If my body will let me, I want to get there.


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