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Persistence? Day 3

Thursday, February 27, 2014

I didn't swim today. I made the decision about 10:30, and I feel good about it. I got up this morning very tired. I am a morning person. The first four hours of the day is when I am usually the most productive. My muscles were sore, and both of my knees were achy from the killer kickboard workout I do.

So, I was disappointed when I got up and didn't want to do anything. I did make myself get going, but I sure didn't get anything done very quickly. I was so tired my mental processes were sluggish. I couldn't make decisions. Wash dishes or do laundry first? I almost forgot to get my husband's lunch ready for him. (Yes, I know he can fix it himself, but I am retired, and he works a bazillion hours a week. Besides, I fix him better lunches than he makes for himself.)

Instead of swimming, I did some clutter busting and vacuumed the living room. I made a loaf of bread (breadmaker). I felt under par until after my chiropractor appointment this afternoon. Finally, just in time for my paper route, I perked up. I am feeling pretty normal this evening. I am thinking about putting my feet up and watching some Star Trek WITHOUT POPCORN.

I did stay in my calorie range today. I think I will be myself again tomorrow, and swimming is on the agenda whether I feel like it or not.

For the first time today I was back into an old pair of size 8 Land's End jeans. They are snug, but not skin tight. I have missed this pair of jeans. I could not stand the thought of taking them to Goodwill all those years ago when I started gaining weight. Into a storage box they went. It's been 13 years since I've had them on. I wish DH were home to take a picture. Another blog, I guess.

I love Land's End jeans. They're just the best. These are well worn and very soft.

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HEALTHY-SPARK 2/28/2014 5:38PM

    Awesome on the jeans! I love it when that sort of stuff happens. Unfortunately not a lot of that happening lately -- ugh. Gotta get back on track here. I swear, if I didn't have life stress, I would probably be just the right weight. Maybe I ought to figure out how to deal with life's stresses a little better, eh? :-)

Have a great weekend! Keep up the good work. It's okay to take a day off every now and then, so don't sweat it.

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Consistent Persistence, Day 2

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I am tired, just tired, not exhausted. Part of this is due to the new behaviors and attitudes I'm trying to cultivate. I think most of the fatigue is due to me increasing my swimming (FINALLY) to 1/2 mile each workout. I cannot believe how tender my muscles are, but they are sore in all the right places. That means my stroke mechanics are on the money. 8 months of pool closures and injuries really cramped my fitness regime.

Now there is a sign on the pool that it will be closed March 1-17 for restroom and locker room improvements.


Today I asked if they were planning on doing the annual pool maintenance while the restrooms and locker rooms were being worked on. I got a blank stare from the lady I was talking to. "You know, I haven't heard anything about them working on the pool...." She was very excited about the restroom and locker room upgrades. Everything is going to match. I wanted to scream, "I don't care if everything matches! I want to be able to SWIM!" I didn't. I think I was fairly nice about it.

Ah....another thing I have been consistent about in my life....whining to the powers that be about the pool being closed.

I will run down to Coffeyville Friday and purchase a one month swim pass from their city rec. It's just a lot more inconvenient to go there to swim. It's a 20 minute drive one way. I am paying a monthly fee to be able to swim there in addition to my membership here in town.

emoticon and emoticon

Isn't that the way life is? You decide you're really going to tackle a problem, give it your all, and immediately obstacles begin to present themselves.

At least I was ready for this one.

I do enjoy swimming in Coffeyville. The swimmers seem more serious about their workouts, and their skills are good. They keep the lane markers up, which breaks up the waves, and the water's not as choppy. I am signing up for the evening swim. I love swimming at night. It relaxes me. Shower, come home, and drop into bed. I taught in Coffeyville for 7 years before we moved here. It's not unusual to see people I know and haven't seen for a long time.

Overall, I did enjoy the day. I was more vigilant about some of those daily tasks I usually neglect. Tonight I am reaping the benefit of feeling a little more on top of things than I usually do.

But I am ready to go to bed...after I brush my teeth and FLOSS.


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HEALTHY-SPARK 2/27/2014 11:51AM

    Good for you. Sounds like you made it through day two, but be careful that you aren't trying to make too many changes all at once. We all know what happens with that. At least with me, I keep up with doing the 'everything plan' for a good while, and then finally I'm like geesh, I'm exhausted doing everything all the time, so then I do nothing. hah. Good plan on the swimming pass. It's great that you've got an athletic activity that you enjoy so much.

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Consistent Persistence

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This is a character trait that I lack in many areas of my life - not just "dieting." The dailyness of life does me in. I have trouble keeping up with vacuuming and mopping, weeding, practicing the musical instruments that I play, reading the Bible every day, keeping the household budget, scooping the litter box, and giving the cats their Laxatone every day. I do a good job keeping up with cooking, washing dishes, and doing laundry. I show up for work every day. That's about it. I have been this way all my life, and I think it's a pretty bad character flaw.

Lest you think our house smells really bad and our yard qualifies as a wildlife preserve, let me clarify. I do all of the activities I listed above. I just don't do them regularly enough. Even as much as I love to swim, I don't swim every day. Tedium, boredom, overwhelmed with the sheer multitude of things that need to be done daily- take your pick. It's more likely all of the above. I'll do well for 3 or 4 days. Then I just want a break. "I'll skip today." Sometimes I skip two days.

Two days a week of eating all you want translates into no weight loss for the week. That is followed by being frustrated because you are on a weight loss plateau.

As much as I don't like the daily grind, I do like special projects. As bad as I am about keeping a closet organized, I am good at cleaning a closet out. Keeping a closet organized is tedious. It requires taking the time to stop, think, and put everything back where it's supposed to go every time you open the closet door. Cleaning a closet out is exciting. Two or three hours, and you are done! Keeping a closet organized never ends.

So, I am going to play a game with myself. For three weeks, I am going to attempt to do all those daily things every day. No, I am not going to vacuum the house every day, but I could vacuum just one room. I think that's one reason I like to do laundry. I just do one load a day. (Our youngest cat also LOVES to help with the laundry. He rides out to the laundry room in the laundry basket. We have big love while I sort the dirty clothes, and he jumps on my shoulders for me to carry him back in the house. It's fun.)

My college band director told me I was inconsistent. I was 20 years old. He was right. I'll be 60 this year, and I'm still inconsistent, and I'm sick of myself. I just don't keep my shoulder to the wheel for more than a few days at a time.

Perhaps turning consistent responsible behavior into a short term project for myself is the solution. I used to hate to wash dishes. I'd let them pile up. I enjoy my kitchen so much more since I started keeping up with them. I am hoping this little project will help turn my attitude around with other areas of my life.

Maybe I will get off this weight plateau.


I need to give the cats their Laxatone.

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HEALTHY-SPARK 2/27/2014 11:48AM

    I can so relate to this post. How funny. Something that did strike me though, especially when you were talking about cleaning out the closet, versus keeping the closet tidy and organized all the time. Sounds like you are a real 'results' kindof gal -- it's all good and fine when you can make the effort and then immediately see the results of all that effort. For things like weight loss/exercise/keeping things tidy -- sometimes the achievement is less easy to see on a day to day basis. Add that to a busy schedule and the boredom that comes with doing the same thing and making an effort but not seeing the 'big' results, can lead to inconsistency.
Thanks for this -- it really gave me pause for thought today.

Ooh, another thing in regard to the litter box. I've got two cats and was doing the clean the litterbox thing 2-3 times a day until I just couldn't stand it. So (and no, I don't work for this company), I ended up buying something called a litter robot. Which is probably like the most expensive litter box contraption you can buy (and it's huge) -- but it is worth every single penny! It took the cats a little bit of getting used to, but I've converted so many of my cat friends to the litter robot, that I feel I should get some sort of stock options for the company. hehe. The best thing, is with my two cats, I just end up emptying the tray once per week or even sometimes I let it go for two weeks. (And the litter box is always clean each time the cat steps into it -- so they love it.) Check out their website. It's something like It comes with a 90 day guarantee if you or your cats don't like it. The best money I've spent in a long while!

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Muffin tops

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I went to my favorite coffee shop in the whole world today. Ane Mae's, downtown Independence, KS. Yes, I like it better than Starbuck's (although I enjoy Starbuck's too). I bought a pound of whole beans to bring home for coffee, I got a cup of coffee, and I broke down and ordered my favorite muffin - strawberry white chocolate chip.
It had been SO long since I had one, and I seriously did think about ordering a bowl of fruit. (That's some good stuff too.) But it's so cold, and I was getting ready to go to work. There is just nothing like driving around town with both of your windows down for two hours in 30 degree weather. I ordered the muffin, and had Terry heat it up for me. Hot coffee and warm muffin before a chilly ride.
"I'll skip supper," I thought. Although I'm sure their muffins aren't as bad for you as Starbucks, we aren't talking minor calories. I did my route, came home, did some scrapbooking, and began to get hungry.
I began to think about how crappy I felt the morning after I skipped supper earlier this week, and I decided to eat. "I'll just be over." I thought about not tracking.
I ate, I tracked, AND I was only 35 calories over for the day!
If I hadn't tracked, I would be feeling guilty right now because I would be thinking I was 400 or 500 calories over for the day. I probably wouldn't have done any Sparking this evening. I might have even ordered a pizza for supper, instead of having some good, homemade stuff. 35 calories. I could burn that much sneezing!
The article that I read on Spark this evening talked about how it's important to treat yourself once in awhile, and eat some of your favorite foods. While I enjoy the food at Ane Mae's, I enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie as much. And I don't go in nearly as often as I used to since I'm, "dieting," and I miss it.
I'm glad I did it. Everything. The muffin, tracking, the whole ball of wax. Do I get muffins every time I go to Ane Mae's? No. I don't order them with nearly the frequency I did two years ago. Today it was time for a treat.

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WILSHAR7 1/31/2014 3:44PM

    I'm glad you enjoyed your muffin and your coffee. Sometimes we go over our calorie intake. It just happens.
Thank you for commenting on my blog and for your concern. I don't know the song you were talking about. Maybe I can look for it by some of the words you gave me.

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Roasted Garlic

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I had a baked potato for lunch today. Yum. One of my favorites.

When we bake potatoes, we roast bulbs of garlic at the same time. It's SO good, and virtually no calories. We just cut the tops off, wrap them in foil, and bake them with the potatoes. When they're done, let them cool a little. Squeeze the garlic out onto your baked potato. It's so good. We got the idea from a restaurant when we lived in Lubbock, Texas.

I think I'm about to take the experience a step further. I'm thinking about roasting garlic to have on hand to use in other things. Roasts, soups, other vegetables, could all benefit from a wee bit of garlic.

Needless to say, we are spice lovers, and garlic is near the top of the list. It really helps me cut my salt intake.

Just make sure you have plenty of toothpaste and breath mints.

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WILSHAR7 1/30/2014 1:14PM

    It sounds like something I would like to try. (Your blog)
Thanks for understanding about my son. He should have more respect for me. I went to the cemetery this morning just to get some alone time for myself. I know what my husband would say if he was here, but at the same time I don't think my son would have done this if his father was here.

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GLOYNBYW 1/21/2014 3:04PM

  Sounds delicious and so many health benefits to eating garlic.

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