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Hubs is at it-AGAIN!?!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

emoticon Amazing, incredible, wonderful, fabulous, did I say awesome?? Hubs did it again last night.

We had started discussing the possibility of an embroidery machine since we all know how reliable my mom is going to be working for me. Hers was several THOUSAND dollars (as in I could have bought a new car!) and though she did do some work with it and make a few hundred dollars (2 if I'm not mistaken), it wasn't enough to justify that kind of machine!

I obviously didn't even WANT anything real expensive! I just want basic lettering, and a way to load designs into the thing.

So, I went online yesterday when we got home (after my vent blog, lol) and started looking at priices. Hubs and I were talking about it. I thought seven hundred dollars and up was just way too high. Hubs said it's an investment in my business and he trusts me. I still didn't want to spend over $500 for EVERYTHING I will need (except for the stuff to DO the embroidery on).

Payroll came in yesterday and Hubs said "go get your machine. I can give you $600." I about fell off the bed.

I continued to look and found a brother that I liked, but couldn't find any prices without committing to buying online without seeing what the thing would do! I didn't like that idea. I looked at several different machines on quite a few websites. I did find some that listed prices. The machine I really liked at a chain fabric store was almost $700! That was NOT happening when I had seen one identical on another site for $360!

Hubs and I had another talk and decided to go look at walmart in town, then drive to green bay if I needed to. I needed to do my tax exemption stuff anyway. I found the EXACT machine I was wanting. for $359! ( I still about died at the expense, but that's another story) It is a brother SE425, so it's a sewing and embroidery machine. Computerized, and has step-by-step on screen prompts, so it will even work with my learning problem!!

Son was with me and was really good about helping pick out thread colors and lifting the box. once we were in the car I had him call Hubs to thank him and I was singing at the top of my lungs "TOYS! TOYS! I GOT NEW TOYS!!" It was hysterical.

Then we went and bought taco bell and I came home and played with my new machine. I will try to post photos later (as in probably a few days, I plan to be busy playing with the machine today after market!).

I'm going to try to get cherries made on the computer today to download into the machine and see how I can make them look. I am seriously excited.

Oh, and total spent was under 400, so Hubs and I are both thrilled with that! And when my regular sewing machine finally gives up, this one will do that job, too!

I love multitasking machines!!!!

Have a wonderful day. I plan to have a busy one!

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ELRIDDICK 7/13/2014 7:13AM

  Thanks for sharing

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PICKIE98 7/13/2014 6:56AM

    That man is a KEEPER!! Best of luck on your new projects. Make sure to make Traverse City cherries too!
Since it is jam making time of year, do you have patterns for cross stitch or embroidery toppers for jam jars? A fellow sparker made jam the other day.. I add the toppers as gift jars for those who do not sew, or preserve.

A sales bonus is having an impromptu class demonstrating how to the vacationers while they sit on the beach or in their condo,etc.

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EVIE4NOW 7/13/2014 6:49AM

  Happy for you that you got the machine you wanted. Hope it works well for you forever.

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Glad Saturday work is done

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Long days with lots of people looking and making a mess out of things and putting dirty hands on EVERYTHING make for a very cranky Seni.

Thank goodness I was smart enough to NOT put the expensive sweaters out today. I would have ended up in trouble for telling people to either stop pulling on them or pay for the damage they cause!

What is it about going on vacation that makes GROWN ADULTS think they need to (and have the right to) TOUCH EVERYTHING and make a mess, knock things on the ground, pull on things to see if they can make them come apart (or see how they are made emoticon ) tear apart baskets of stuff (yeah, throwing things out of the pre made gift baskets I have and then not buying anything is just rude) and just generally be butts????

I know I have to learn how to not let it bother me. I'm not allowed to have a bad day while I'm working. (yeah, you know how that's going!) I'm getting there. SLOWLY.

I'm hoping tomorrow is a better day. $30 sales days are the pits. The only good thing was that half my sales today was a little girl who bought a cupcake hat! She insisted on using her own money for it, counted it out very carefully, and wished it was cold enough to wear today! It was really good for my mood, that's for sure.

At least the weather was decent. And I had some return customers looking for things that I just haven't had time to get to yet. They were very nice and said they didn't expect me to have things the first day they were here! They just wanted me to know that they DID still want them this year and they will stop back several times in the next few weeks. Now I have to try to find specific materials that may or may not still be made. Sigh. It's always something.

I ended up taking the boys shopping in Green Bay yesterday. Hubs is SO good. I knew son was going to need work shoes for the new job he starts monday (he doesn't need them monday for orientation, but I know they are going to tell him he needs them before his first shift. Probably TUESDAY, lol) so I asked Hubs. He said ask our "other son" if he needed work shoes too. Which he said he was going to buy with his next paycheck. (yeah. that's going to happen with Hubs in the mix?? I don't THINK so!)

I took them to Payless. Got them both non-slip work shoes and got myself a pair of loafers (to replace the pair Leo ate last year). I'm finally getting to where $105 for three pairs of shoes doesn't give me heart failure. The boys' were only $40 each, which wasn't bad considering they were not on sale (watch, they will be next week, lol) but mine were on clearance for $25, so I call that an all around win!

We also went and got some stuff at the craft store. My son wants to make candles, so we got some supplies for him. We had a coupon for 40% off one item, so he got a 10lb slab of candle wax and I was going to get the mold. Then I saw they had a kit with the mold, more wax, wax fragrance, candle coloring, wick material, and a few other things for $30 less 40% with the coupon on the smart phone. I went with that, instead of buying things by the piece.

Then we went to the game store...and ended up getting more stuff for playing Magic. Those boys are hazardous to my budget some days. But they are worth it. And they are being pretty good about doing chores. (lucky for them!)

All in all, it's been a pretty decent weekend so far. I'm hoping for a better sales day tomorrow, but again, it will be whatever God needs it to be for me. I can deal with that.

have a wonderful rest of the weekend!

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KAREN608 7/12/2014 4:45PM

    I used to work at a Ben Franklin and most women told their children to go play in the toy section, messing it up of course and damaging things.

50% of the women with babies would pick up a soft toy( $8 and up!) from the expensive gift section, let them drool it all wet then say, no, we aren't buying that.

Seems there are always some people that are inconsiderate.

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MJRVIC2000 7/12/2014 2:52PM

    Faith makes everything possible;
Hope makes everything work;
and love makes everything beautiful.
God Bless YOU! Vic.

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Where did it go??

Friday, July 11, 2014

Yet another blog disappeared yesterday! I spent over a half hour fighting with the "smart"phone doing it, and today it's not on the website??!!?? ARGH!

Not doing it over. Not going to, can't make me, I'm in a MOOD. My allergies are acting up really bad, my eyes are itchy, I'm in the mood for retail therapy and the budget just won't allow it (but almost all of the bills are paid for the month and the minivan has a full gas tank!). Sigh. It happens.

Hubs is preplanned for freight for the rest of the week and weekend, so that is good. Son got his job at McDonalds last night, so he starts monday. We'll see how that goes with the schedule restrictions he TOLD them about. It could be ugly, but we'll work it out (meaning mom will cave).

I made it to the gym yesterday. Not as early as I want to start going, but I went. I won't be going this late again. I'm going to do an exercise video or two today. That may make me feel better.

I got on the scale after several months of not tracking, but "that looks about right" and "I think I've got the calories for this" and "screw it, I'm having ice cream". I about died. back up to 325, when I had planned on never going over 300 again. (then 310, 315, 320...) we ALL know how that goes, no matter what the numbers are. SIGH.

So, today I'm having fruit and yogurt for breakfast. A small banana and a grapefruit (which will be more morning snack) and yogurt (light and fit). I got my steelers water bottle back out, so I'm going to try to get son to keep it filled for me when I'm working. We'll see how that goes, too.

Hubs had one of those rechargable weed wackers delivered the other day. I'm going to see if I can get the two boys to get the lawn mowed and the weeds under control today. I also need to get son on the ball and get the carpets vacuumed and cleaned and the pillows all washed from the RAT. Leo has been sneaking in my room and laying on my pillows. It's not helping the allergies, that's for sure!

I also went shopping yesterday and bought all the stuff to make lasagna! I'm going to make homemade sauce and I also bought a bunch of the small disposable foil pans to put it in. I'm going to make a whole freezer full. With the small pans, it's pretty much built-in portion control. Cut in thirds or sixths, it should be enough for me and both boys. And it will be much healthier and less expensive than a night out for pasta.

I had to throw a bunch of my sandwich stuff out, son forgot to empty the cooler wednesday. It was pretty gross. I don't think he'll forget again any time soon. At least I'm hoping not. I hate throwing money away like that.

I haven't really felt like working, so I've just been doing some of the more time consuming stuff like knitting dish rags. It feels less like work right now than those towels and sweaters. I do need to find the bags of pieces and get the sweaters assembled for the art fair, though. That is coming up pretty fast.

So far, I'm doing pretty good keeping my mind on things other that Hubs' condition. We are going to try to not borrow trouble until something does metastasize. I do have to be thinking and preparing, though. It's the only way I will get through it. I can't wait until then to get myself in better shape to be able to take care of him. And I don't want to be frantically searching for help caring for him. I want my resources lined up before they are needed. I do not want to waste time later when it's going to be even more important to make it quality time.

I told my son that I want to get 6 tubs of towels done and ready, at least 100 dish cloths, another 2 dozen potholders, at least 100 of cotton monkeys and another 100 of acrylic monkeys (the cup cozies), a dozen teapot cozies, and about 500 more scrubbies. Plus I want to have at least a dozen sweaters.

To which son said "and how do you plan to take all that to markets? Dad's truck?" I don't want to take all of it to every show. I want to have it made in advance, so that if Hubs gets sicker faster than expected, I still don't have to take time away from him to do enough work to help make ends meet next year. And it's not like we have to store things in the house, I pay for a storage unit just for my crafting stuff. (love those business deductions!)

I've also got a line on getting a credit card, so that has the potential to be a good thing. I guess I should stop rambling and get myself in gear. Tomorrow is another early market. Hopefully, sales here will be up like they have been everywhere else!

Have a great friday

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LINDAK25 7/11/2014 5:51PM

    Sounds like you're busy! You just have to keep on going, right?

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Life's short. Pray hard.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

I'm sure you've heard that saying.

I'm praying as hard as I can, because I am not seeing anything good in my studying Hubs' condition.

I know that I've known this was coming from the beginning, but that doesn't make it any easier. 10 years we've been together. It's just not enough. And it doesn't feel like it's been that long.

Hubs' condition has nothing whatsoever to do with sun exposure. It is a genetic progression. Long before we met, he had been told to expect metastasis by his late 30's or early 40's at the latest. He turned 46 in January. He's already ahead of the game.

This time we may be able to get it before it spreads, but eventually we won't. I thought I was OK with it. I'm not.

He says he will take whatever treatment I want him to. No pressure for me, right? I'm not going to ask him to take heavy chemo. I can't do that to him, just to try to keep him with me longer.

He's already on a type of chemotherapy, oral meds and a topical treatment. It had been working really good. I guess it isn't now.

There are going to be a lot of long talks. Plans need to be made. Decisions need to be agreed on and put in writing. And I have to be the bad guy who makes Hubs write a will.

My head is spinning, my heart is hurting, and I am trying very hard to get control of the fear.

I don't know how or if my weight loss efforts are going to fit in this whirlwind. I am going to keep trying.

I can do this. I have to.

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    Oh, Seni! My heart is hurting for you both! That is earth-shattering news, no matter how long you've known it might happen. Yes, you know it is in God's hands, but He gave us hands and minds and hearts, and so we keep looking for the best choices, the best doctors, the best medical practices. We let Him work through us to accomplish His purposes. I will pray for guidance and the fortitude for you two to get through this.

Since this is something already experienced in his family, do you know what has worked or not worked in the past? How bad is the chemo (always tough, but some cocktails are worse than others)? Also, different people react to chemo differently.

Please stay positive, both of you, as that is important in maintaining your health and getting the most out of healing. Keep the Spirit strong and it will help to yield a stronger body! You are both so good for each other! I will pray, pray, and pray for you, and send the vibes to you on angel's wings! My love to you, Hubs, and your son.

Linda, aka BeachSandpiper, with tears of hope.

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LINDAK25 7/9/2014 9:13PM

    You're right, life is damn hard. So sorry for the pain you have to go through. You're all in my prayers.

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KAREN608 7/9/2014 7:17PM

    I will keep praying for you all, and can see you are doing all you can. And planning for the future is what grownups do. I will pray for a new kind of treatment that will help without causing illness. I knew a lady with a condition like this, but she moved away and we lost touch.

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SHIRLA7 7/9/2014 9:12AM

    Praying for you and your husband Seni. I know it's hard but you need to put it in God's hands.

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WDIPIM 7/9/2014 7:33AM

  I'm so sorry - God Bless and I'll be praying for you and your hubs.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

I think we all know the meaning of SNAFU (situation normal, all fouled up) And yesterday really had the makings of being a total FUBAR as well. (fouled up beyond any repair)

I managed the stress yesterday, didn't realize until today that my blog hadnt posted. Sigh.

The bank issues are settled. I didn't have to pay any fees, the deposits posted before the withdrawals and payments. If they hadn't the bank would have waived the fees because they hadn't told me about the ATM delay on deposits. And the credit card payments that the vendor says are available next business day? Take up to a week. I'm learning at a rapid rate!

It's all ok, though. Even if I had the $105 in fees, it still wouldn't have been the worst thing to happen this week. The worst thing was stopping to pay Hubs' copay at the Dr and checking to see if he needed scheduled for more Mohs or not and finding out that he needs to get in ASAP for a Mohs procedure on a spot that is abnormal for him. Can you say instantly praying? Yeah. It will be what God needs it to be, I just pray I am strong enough to deal with it.

I have to admit, I am frightened this time. I know everything is in God's hands and I know we will get through this, but I can't help being scared.

I am going to try to keep busy. I went and grocery shopped after I got the news. I didn't get junk and binge food. I bought healthy and quick (not quick as in junk, quick as in fruit and sandwich stuff and veggies.)

I think I'm working two markets tomorrow by myself, so I will be wiped out when I get home. I need to stay busy and keep my mind occupied so I don't go to dark places worrying about Hubs.

I can do this. I really can.

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    Will keep you both in my prayers, that MOHS surgery is the best! Get's that last bit and doesn't just cut huge chunks out! I had it several years ago, still have to wear protective clothing and sunscreen. Does Hubs wear sunscreen? My hubby won't though might agree to some on his nose if out in sun all day.

At least on the positive side, if he is being watched and regularly checked, they can be on top of it before it gets a head start.

God is good and will see you both through this. Feel the love!

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LINDAK25 7/8/2014 7:08PM

    You're all in my prayers.

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RURAL3 7/8/2014 2:30PM

    emoticon my prayers are with you

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KAREN608 7/8/2014 1:48PM

    May the Lord comfort you, and may it not be as serious as you fear. You got a wonderful man there, and will pray!

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SHIRLA7 7/8/2014 1:40PM

    emoticon Saying extra prayers for you and your husband.

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