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Day 1: Hungry is good

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Man, I'm struggling with food today. I think I underate a little yesterday. I ate within my Spark range, but when I factor in the exercise I did, I think I may have been on the short end of the calorie stick.

I was hungry last night, but I repeated my weight loss mantra: Hungry is good. That's kind of a joke, of course. What I mean by it is: I am not going to die of starvation. It's OK to be a little hungry during this phase of things. Once I get back to maintenance, I should be feeling more satiated regularly.

I'm eating healthy calories, so I'm not too concerned I went a little over today. Tomorrow is a workout day, so maybe I'll have more energy and stamina from the extra calories. I'll look at it that way!

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TORTISE110 9/27/2014 7:17AM

    I agree that it's ok to be a little hungry. No need to panic, right? At least that's what I tell myself! LOL

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GHK1962 8/5/2014 10:35PM

    I hit the 'Like' button because this blog post ended with a positive spin. Yeah!

Now as to the feeling hungry is good thing....I used to do that too. For me it was:

Hungry does not equal bad. Hungry equals losing weight! :)

And ... (by the way, if you decided that my commenting is not bugging you too much and you actually refrain from hitting the "Report Inappropriate Comment" button on me haha ... then you will find that I use a lot of "ands" ...)

Anyway .... and .... what I have found with the over / under calorie thing per day is that that was not so much a concern. For me it was more a weekly thing. If I stayed within my caloric range for the week I was normally good. That's not to say that I would gorge one day and starve the next ... that's not good either. However, going over slightly one day while staying under a bit on others was ok for me.

In fact, have you seen any of the talk over the past few years regarding calorie cycling? Its when you do eat a bit more on some days and less on others ... in sort of a random pattern. The theory is that the body is sort of kept off balance with regards to how it burns fuel. Sort of similar in vein to changing up your exercise ... muscle memory gets tricked and your body doesn't have time to adjust. With the calorie cycling you body does not go into starvation mode (good), and it keeps burning fuel (calories) no matter the intake level.

Does that work? I'm not totally sure. When I did experiment it did seem to work. But I never tried it on a long term basis.

Ok ... by now you might realize that I also go on and on an on writing blatherish nothings. I'm not an expert by any means on any of this ... I just plagerize and regurgitate things at random :)

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MELYROD18 8/5/2014 8:21PM

    emoticon I love the positive thinking... It's great, keep up the good work. emoticon

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GOOSIEMOON 8/5/2014 8:02PM


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Day 1: Pushing through insomnia

Monday, August 04, 2014

I'm coming through the worst bout of insomnia I've experienced for months. I'm not talking a total lack of sleep, but trouble falling asleep, poor quality sleep, daytime grogginess, etc. UGH!

I'm hoping my continuing gym routine and healthy eating will get my sleep back on track. Because other than that, life is fine!

Really looking forward to the gym today. As a special reward for consistently attending last week, I downloaded Pharrell Williams' "Happy" to my workout mix today. I love that song!

Not much else to say. Just trying to maintain my positive attitude and express my gratitude for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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    Ha ha ha, GHK1962! Yes, every day is "Day One." Thus, all my blogs start with "Day 1."

It's a gimmick, but it helps me keep perspective. LOL

Thanks to everyone who comments. Last night I finally got a decent night's sleep -- hallelujah! And my sympathy to all the other insomniacs out there!

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GHK1962 8/4/2014 4:27PM

    Ok ... admits, I looked at this post ... then thought ... "Waiiiiitttt a minute. Didn't this Semisweetchick person have a previous blog I commented on? Didn't they start the title of that blog post with "Day 1?"

So I took a look. Sure enough, that other one I posted on did have "Day 1" ....

Not only that, but every single blog post entry had "Day 1" on it.

A mystery I thought. And I loves me a mystery.

So ... click backwards ... see what all this means.

Click, click, click.

Then I found it ... the explanation of the "Day 1" invention. Mystery solved. I felt like Sherlock Holmes.

And ... I agree with you. Every day is day 1 indeed! :)

And oh ... I do hope your sleep issues start to clear themselves up.

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TRYINGHARD54 8/4/2014 1:36PM

    I hope you get a good nights sleep soon

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144AUTUMN 8/4/2014 1:34PM

  You can do it!!

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Day 1: Steady as she goes

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Not much to report today. I kind of hate non-workout days because I can't eat as much! ha ha

I did manage to bring my calories in on budget today, regardless. I also took a nap. Life is good.

Beautiful day in Houston - -shockingly good for August. It was only 72F on the patio this morning, so I drank coffee outside for an hour and enjoyed the scenery and weather. And then I was able to grill for dinner, which is unusual at this time of year. It's usually way too hot to grill by dinner time.

Keep on keepin' on, friends.

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TORTISE110 8/3/2014 8:47AM

    Hi, Semisweet, Great to hear from you again. I see that your are blogging regularly and I've been missing them. Hope all is well in your new location. Grilling is the best. We often do it in the snow! But I'd never thought of it being way too hot to do it. And of course in Houston, that would be the case.

Happy Sparking.

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Day 1: Two pounds down

Friday, August 01, 2014

Yay! It's Weigh Day for me, and I was pleased to see I've stopped the backsliding and have lost two pounds in the past week. Woo hoo!

In looking at my weight loss graph over time, I see the lowest I hit was 159.8 on 11/11/13. I had forgotten breaking the 160 barrier. That was a tough plateau to bust through, so it's a little sad to see I'd recently peaked again at 167. Well, it's 165 today and I'd like to get that 5 pounds off over the next month. Feeling confident I can do it.

The new gym routine is working out (punny) great. I'm just so pleased. I look forward to it every MWF.

We had severe thunderstorms last night that knocked our power out twice and caused multiple "blips" in between. I barely slept between midnight and 2:00am, but I'm not going to let that stop me from hitting the gym today. I relish my "alone time" that much!

I feel very positive heading into the weekend. I wish you all the best on your own health and wellness journeys, too!

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GHK1962 8/1/2014 10:27AM

    Yeah for 2 pounds!

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Day One: New routine going well

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Monday I implemented a totally new daily routine. I'm not talking about only my diet and fitness. This new routine encompasses every aspect of my life.

I'm a person who does best with routines. Routines keep my anxiety in check. Routines provide structure and comfort.

I read an interesting excerpt from the book of a professional organizer. She said, "Never check email during the first hour of the day." Being a writer, my life pretty much revolves around email. My old routine was: Rise, grab coffee, check email. I couldn't imagine doing anything different. In fact, the idea of changing this routine gave me a sense of unease.

But I decided to test the theory of an expert. I changed my morning routine to: Rise, grab coffee, watch the local news for 30 minutes, get cleaned up, dress specifically for work (when you work from home, it's easy to let personal hygiene fall to the wayside and to toil at your desk all day in sweatpants), go to my home office, work for half an hour on an assignment.

Notice: email checking is gone until at least an hour after I get up.

My new routine wasn't limited to the morning hours, though. It includes scheduled gym time at 1pm every MWF, a nap after the gym, and work time in the early evening (to offset the time I take off mid-afternoon).

I began this new regimen on Monday. Today, Thursday, I can report the results have been astoundingly positive.

I quickly got over my anxiety over not checking email first thing in the morning. The problem with doing that, I learned, is I would get sucked down the internet rabbit hole. Checking email quickly turns into checking Facebook. And checking the discussion threads at my writer group. And checking LinkedIn. And on and on. Before I know it, I've lost an hour or more of productive time to surfing the web.

Since I quit checking my email first thing in the morning, I've become more productive and focused. I've found it incredibly easy to turn off email altogether when I'm working on an assignment. In the past, I always worked with the email program open. Not anymore.

And the scheduled gym time has been a godsend. It's the only "me time" I get during the week, so I'm determined to jealously guard it on my schedule. After the gym, I usually sit in my car for several minutes and just drink water, enjoy the quiet and revel in being alone. I don't rush to get home. But when I do get there, I immediately take a shower (I belong to a low-budget gym) and then plop into bed for a 30-minute (timed) nap. It's incredibly refreshing. I have a lot more energy going into the late afternoon and evening.

The most noticeable improvement has been to my stress level. It's well known that constant use of technology (or the phenomenon of being "always on") raises cortisol levels. Cortisol is the stress hormone, and elevated cortisol over time is thought to lead to coronary artery disease.

Now that I'm not glued to the computer monitor from practically the moment I open my eyes, I've become mellower. Seriously! I no longer snap in a small rage over minor frustrations. I laugh more about small annoyances. It's been quite a turnaround.

Best of all, with very little effort I've logged my intake and calories burned for three consecutive days. (Four, in anticipation of counting today.) I'm optimistic over what the scale will say when I step on it Friday.

This new schedule is working out so great, and I feel so much better since I implemented it, that I truly look forward to getting up each day now. Before, I always felt a vague anxiety about getting out of bed. Not anymore.

It's nice to be back in the groove again, after struggling for so long.

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JRDUPREE 8/2/2014 11:17AM

  This made me chuckle thinking about how we often question how the experts advise us to do things. Most of the time they are right and it helps us perform at a higher standard. Glad your week has been less stressful and it has positive effects for all areas of your life.

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JOANNKW 7/31/2014 3:02PM

    This is great!

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