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A few days not counting but back on track!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

I had a few days not counting, trying to see if I can do this on my own or not. "Cheating" is WAY too easy when you don't track your food. I haven't weighed myself so I have no idea if I gained, lost or remained the same. What I do know is that I needed to come back to my safety net of tracking here on Sparkpeople before I allow myself too much leeway.

It's been so nice having to buy "new" (used) clothing since everything is now too big and I just don't want to grow back into those dowdy old clothes.

Looking at recent photos, I can see I AM still obese! I feel much smaller but I am still in the morbidly obese category so I can't allow myself any slacking. This hasn't been as hard as I imagined it would be, it's just all a numbers game. If I pick the right foods, I can eat a whole lot and be perfectly full or even stuffed!

Funny how I've learned to LOVE a few foods I've hated all my life too.


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MM11113 8/30/2014 4:27PM

    I know what you mean. I have to track. And I feel so much smaller, but in photos, I'm still huge below the neck! I have traded out a lot of clothes too. Good luck.

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Finally Clicked After All These Years...

Thursday, June 12, 2014

I don't know why is has taken so many years for the idea that 3500 calories = 1 pound has finally clicked in my head. Think about it, if you eat less than 3500 calories each day, in theory you cannot gain weight, right? So, with that being said, my suggested calories by Sparkpeople is much less than this.

In December 2013, my mom bought me the activity tracker as a Christmas gift (after I asked her to) and I have worn it on my underwear waistband 24/7 ever since. I track my food every day that I can (my internet doesn't always work) and upload my tracker activity when the internet is working as well. Accounting for both intake and activity, I can see exactly how many calories I am eating and about how many I am burning, it isn't rocket science and I am losing weight!

I see the days where I have moved enough and try to move more the remaining days. If I eat a little too much one day, I eat a little less the next. I no longer guess if I am eating the "right amount", going nowhere fast.

I'm extremely happy with my success. My ONLY fear is regaining my weight plus the dreaded 20. Can I, will I keep this up for the rest of my life? Can I make this a life commitment? I think I can as long as I continue to track, track track.... the minute that I fall off the tracking wagon, I know I will begin to gain again. I know that I as an individual must be accountable to myself for what I am eating.

In 2010 I thought the future was bleak. A Dr. informed me that with 5 years I would have pancreantistis if I did nothing. I feared dying way too young of heart disease, stroke or liver failure from fatty liver. Now, I feel so much better and hopefully, the damage I did is reversible, I don't know. I want to be here for my skinny spouse for years to come and enjoy life to the fullest!

66 pounds down

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MRSCAMACHO 6/12/2014 4:12PM

    emoticon emoticon

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Not feeling well... trying to keep up enthusiasm

Saturday, February 15, 2014

I'm bummed because I'm not feeling well. We were rear-ended in a car crash in Nov. and my whiplash is raging again, making me miserable. I don't want to do anything, the pain is so intense that doing any head movement makes me nauseated so walking is out!

The only good thing is that this pain also zaps my appetite as well. I'm down another 2 pounds and I only walked once this week. Between this pain and still waiting for my spark USB dongle to arrive, I just don't want to lose my enthusiasm!!


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SEDONA0410 2/15/2014 4:24PM

    THX Sahrahtait, I really am missing using my spark tracker a LOT!!! Can't believe the dongle burned out in less than 2 months. Hope the replacement shows up soon. I start Physical Therapy on Monday so I will be back on track real soon, crossing my fingers.

Meantime, only eating when I actually feel hunger pains.

I appreciate the encouragement!!


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SARAHTAIT 2/15/2014 3:34PM

    So sorry you are having such a tough time right now. At least you are not sitting there overeating. Stay on spark people as much as you can and that will help you with motivation. Try making a motivation board on pinterest.
Sarah emoticon

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Olympic Time, trying not to stay on my butt too long!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oh how I love the Olympics! This time around, I'm recording all of it so that I watch it as fast as possible, passing all commercials and limiting my sitting time! Yes, I am taking every other day off from my walking but I am making sure to get exercise in every other day while the Olympics are on so that I do not fall back into my lazy rut.

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FENWAYGIRL18 2/13/2014 10:39PM

    I've been so disappointed with the figure skating , a lot of falls it's actually rare to see someone not fall. They weren't prepared, I remember seeing such greats who never fell, even the ones that weren't as good never fell now forget it!

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A New Year, A New Page; All About Me

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I decided to incorporate things about me and my life into my Sparks Page. It took me 11 months to come up with this, I don't know why? My background is a watercolor (not mine) with colors which make me happy. I want so muchto oil paint & water color but don't have the energy nor place to paint.

I changed my icon to reflect how I want to be totally free from the bondage of weight. I want to dance with joy!

I've been working on my family tree and history for over 30 years. Due to births, deaths, marriages and new info on the web, it is always needing updates.

Lastly, I honor my mother who lost her life to breast cancer. Hopefully this image will remind all who see my page that they need to do a breast self exam AND get a YEARLY Mammogram!

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SUEFROMAZ 1/16/2009 10:10AM

    My grandmother died from cancer in 1969 or so. At that time she told her children she had lung cancer - but after my mom and aunt both had breast cancer, they suspected that she started with breast cancer as well and it spread to her lungs (she wasn't a smoker). That was definitely a different time in terms of diagnosis and treatment.

This is one of the reasons I am so serious about losing weight at this point. I know the genetic cards are stacked against me and obesity is a contributing factor to breast cancer.

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SEDONA0410 1/10/2009 7:53PM


Thank you for your kind comments! I can't wait until we three meet and hope it is soon. My mom died in 1964, way before much more was available. I'm so happy about the advances and I'm glad your mother survives this dreaded disease.

emoticon back at ya!

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SUEFROMAZ 1/10/2009 7:33PM

    I like your changes! The memorial to your mom is really nice. My mom had breast cancer too, she is a 10 year survivor. It's a powerful message to both of us - being overweight increases your chance of breast cancer, so we must lose this weight!!!

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