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I'm Walking, Down the Street

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've been having nice walks lately. I'm on week three of the 5k My Way challenge and it's been feeling good. In fact, my distance Monday was longer than any of the Couch to 5k training runs that I was able to do in the spring. Walking is my friend, as far as distance is concerned.


McDonalds Set Me Up (and I Fell for It)

Monday, July 16, 2012

I was out the door early this morning and didn't remember to make coffee. So I decided to take advantage of a coupon and get a free McDonalds frappe.

This was free in price but wasn't cost free at all. When I got home and added it to my tracker, the small drink was over 500 calories. (What did I expect with caramel and chocolate chips and whipped cream?)

I knew that this drink was a treat; but wow, I wasn't prepared for how many calories one cup could pack. So big lesson for me. Not only is fast food (really restaurant anything) something that I need to really watch, but those drinks grabbed when I'm in a rush do add up. Thank goodness I've never gotten into the regular coffee shop habit.

The coffee maker is already prepped and ready to go for tomorrow.

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  Thanks Jean,

Coffee's perking while I type. I can get a great satisfying morning cup of coffee with a little milk (not half and half) and Splenda instead of caramel. Much better for me.

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  Good job being proactive for tomorrow. emoticon

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Where I Am, Where I'm Going, and a Plan to Get There

Monday, July 16, 2012

So I'm still holding onto the One Day Hike as a cool long term goal. But I realize that I need to make specific plans on short and medium term goals if I'm going to get there. In the spring, there will be a series of hikes that will help ODH hikers prep for the full day of hiking. One of the coolest sounding hikes is a slow marathon on 26 miles of trails around Mount Vernon. This is a lovely part of the Potomac that is surrounded by a couple nature preserves, so it should be very nice. And at 26 miles, it ought to give me a good feel for what 37 miles will demand.

At the moment I'm doing a 5k My Way challenge. This is a series of weekly training workouts, culminating in a 5k. You can choose walking, run/walk or running. I'm going with walking. So far, it's been going well. It has given me both time and low impact exercise to heal my legs and feet from the pounding they took in my April 5k. And it's forced me to start to add some longer mileage to my exercise, by putting the focus on distance and overall time, rather than time spent running. This morning I did a 2 mile walk on a new route because none of my old routes were long enough.

What I'd gotten stuck on was how to connect the 5k with the long hike distances. I was striking out on training plans for this until someone gave me a link to a page on for marathon walking. Just the thing. A 19 week plan to move up to marathon distance.

Then I remembered someone on my team mentioning Volksmarching as a goal (thanks Jean). I looked into this and it sounds like so much fun. 5k and 10k walks, with log books, prizes and often food at the end. Sort of a party atmosphere. I can't wait until I can try my first one. And there are even Year Round Events that are available to walk at any time. I may even suck my children into this activity. And since one of my fitness goals is to be able to walk battlefields and historic sites with my history loving family, the Volksmarching sounds perfect.


Big Goal

Saturday, July 07, 2012

I think that I do better with something of a performance deadline. The last several weeks before my 5k were some of the most consistent for workouts. I was focused and intent on achieving something specific (not just a weight loss goal).

I think I may have found another great goal. The C&O Canal has an annual hike through the national park that is one day of hiking 50k or 100k. It would be quite a training evolution, since 3k is about what I'm doing now. But I think the walking would be a lot easier on me than running (even at my piddly pace) was.


Happy Independence Day

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Have a wonderful Independence Day.

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  You too! emoticon emoticon

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