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More Setting The Example

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I'm past my one year anniversary of gym membership. I've had good months and bad months, but I'm definitely getting over there a couple times a week. Lots of treadmill and weights.

But maybe the best result of being more active is that one of my sons has taken up running. It took a little prodding and then his deciding that it was his thing. Now he's up and out the door before I'm even up.

We're scheduled for a 5k in a few weeks and that makes me so proud.

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DLDROST 4/18/2012 7:22AM


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I'm an Example to My Kids

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

We joined a gym a few months ago, and it has made me be much more consistent in working out. Now I can get a workout done in about an hour instead of several hours once I added in the drive and everything else I'd try to get done on base.

I've also put some real work into the Couch to 5K runs that I've been working on. I'm using the treadmill to launch into a new week or get a run in when the weather is bad (rain or extreme heat). But ever better, I've been getting lots of outside on the road runs completed. Much harder than the treadmill, but it feels great to master them.

Probably the best development this summer has been that my kids have started running with me. One just comes along for fun. Another has loaded the same C25K podcasts into his iPod and is working through the program too. I predict that this will help him to feel like he is capable with running, not to mention increasing his cardio and strength abilities.

It makes me so excited to think that my getting out there and exercising has inspired my kids too.

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5WOLFCUBS 8/14/2011 7:51AM

    Gym and C25K -- awesome! And it is great that your kids are going with you!

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What I Eat Matters

Thursday, February 03, 2011

I think I'm discovering some of the connections between what I eat and how I feel. I've been tending to eat a lot less than usual, especially in the snacking department. Most of this is just because I don't have a full to the top pantry here. As I start to stock the new house, I'll need to keep this in mind and buy what is healthy and good for us rather than going for the quick snacks.

But I've also been less likely to eat protein for breakfast. The cookware here is pretty bad and the only eggs I made were very tough to get out of the pan. I think it is probably this paucity of protein that has been contributing to my afternoon/evening headaches. I need to watch this too and make sure that I'm making time in the morning for a good solid breakfast that will carry me through the day.


Because I Said So

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I was really delinquent today in getting out to the gym to do my treadmill time. It was after 1200 and I hadn't even had breakfast yet.

It was the second run of a Couch to 5k week and I had the incline on 1% to simulate real running.

Boy was it not fun.

I didn't feel like doing the first 3 min run and each additional run segment too more out of me than the last. For the first time in a long time, I contemplated actually stopping in the middle.

But I decided that I was going to finish it for the simple reason that I chose to. It didn't hurt any less. By the end I was totally done in. But it felt so incredibly good to just decide to do it and in fact not quit. I may have been counting down on the minutes and seconds of each segment, but I didn't panic, give up or give in.

Not because anyone special was watching or because I'd get a reward. But just because I matter enough to complete what I set out to do.

At the end, the coach on my podcast observed that this is the week where each workout includes more running than walking. Sixteen minutes running total.



Dodging the Fries

Monday, June 21, 2010

Might have learned my lesson about fast food. We went to Chili's yesterday after a long day of walking hilly trails and playing at the park. We'd skipped lunch and were very hungry. But I went for a chicken taco salad instead of a burger and fries.

What I considered:
Mushroom Swiss Burger with fries 1460 cal 84 g fat 116 g carbs 59 g protien

What I ordered:
Grilled BBQ Chicken Salad 1060 cal 63 g fat 50 carbs 76 protein

So I got more protein and fewer carbs and calories (plus some good veggies). I liked that it had a good tastiness to it with several different flavors.

I considered getting chicken fajitas, but couldn't decide if that would have been a good choice or not. So here's the data.

Chicken fajitas 360 cal 12 g fat 23 g carbs 43 g prot
but wait, that doesn't include the tortillas (which I usually use a second helping of)
380 cal 10 g fat 62 g carbs 10 g prot
or the condiments (sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo)
230 cal 19 g fat 7 g carbs 10 g prot

So the way that I would normally eat fajitas, it would have come out as:
1350 cal 51 g fat 154 g carbs 73 g prot.

It looks like fajitas would be slightly better than the burger on the fat front, but worse than a burger for carbs (thanks to the second set of tortillas). Glad I had the salad.

And since I didn't have lunch and walked for a couple hours, it was a pretty good day.

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HONEYBEEZ 6/21/2010 3:18AM

    It's all about the choices we have and the choices we make. With a little bit of knowledge we are empowered to keep going on this weight loss journey, and not be derailed by binge-guilt afterwards. emoticon

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