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I'm a weeble!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Remember those toys: “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”. Well, that’s me. I’ve been a weeble for the past few months, wobbling but not actually falling down. I was trying to think this morning what changed, and the only thing I could think of was that we got rid of the TV/cable. Well, that’s counter-intuitive to me; you would think I would be more active.


I realize now that most of my bad guys are traps that I’ve created myself. For example:
* The computer – spend much too much time on it, and we now watch tv shows on the computer, watch lots of you tube, etc.
* Seating – whether it’s a chair, the sofa, whatever. Sitting for more than 30 minutes at a time means not moving!
* Liquid calories – For some reason, I’ve fallen into drinking juice instead of eating fruit with lunch, or doing both which I’ve learned is WAY TOO MUCH SUGAR for me. Other calories I drink are a protein shake after I exercise, but this is experimental at this point. I’m trying to find a way to steady my glucose levels so that I’m not zonking out after going to the gym. Ok as long as I don’t forget those calories! So, anyway, back to my “no liquid calories” rule in 2013 (except for the protein shake).

The way I’ll battle my bad guys? The usual, which boils down to “do good for myself”. Drink more water, more often. Do small bursts of exercise. Brush and floss my teeth (discourages additional eating). Plan ahead and eat healthy meals and snacks. Attend to my living space.

Counter the sitting at work: Get up and walk around the floor. Go downstairs or upstairs to go to the washroom. Stand instead of sit when I’m reading documents. (Explore having a “standing” station). Sitting on my ergo “kneeling chair” at work for some of the time. Stealth exercises when I go to the washroom, at the copier.

Counter sitting at home: Sit on my ball when at my home desk. Stealth exercises when I go to the washroom. Walking to pick up the mail. Walking to the grocery store, the library, the drugstore.

Unresolved issues: Mostly my medication, which was changed and is causing me even more pain in the ankles and heels, and now hip and pelvis. Will be speaking to the onco this week about trying something else.

So those are my quick thoughts this morning. I hope to be back to Sparking more often in 2013, and wish everyone all the best for the New Year!

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JUSTYNA7 1/11/2013 10:23AM

    Love the title. La la la la but they don't fall down... Ah... memories. You have to admit they were cute. YOU are cute. OK, to work.

Great blog and great plan. Saying it outloud is the start.

First thing that came to mind is the stabilizing of glucose. Mmm. I have had a couple of lows lately and a fellow member recommended "Extend" bars which have been designed for diabetics. I found mine at Loblaws in the diabetic section. Not cheap. I think they go on sale sometimes. May not work with your food sensitivities. 5 g fibre; 11 g protein; 150 cal, They end up only having 1 net carb which is pretty impressive. They claim to be able to stabilize your blood sugars for up to 9 hours!
Ingrediants for this package include: soy protein isolate, cornstarch, arabinogalactane, milk protein isolate. I have no idea what these all mean.... but those are claimed to be the medicinal ingredients. Then there is malitol, peanut butter, chocolate, sucralose as the main other ingredients. Other flavours would vary. I am curious about what makes this bar "last". Sugars and starches of course digest quickly... fiber helps slow down digestion... protein takes longer to digest... and fats take the longest. I'm told on the website the bars are meant to help fats NOT be stored and in the process they reduce hunger and therefore assist with weight loss. Lots of big claims for this expensive little "snack". I am trying them before bed but may use one before exercise as that is when I'm tending to get my low. I am all for protein shakes to help the metabolism rev up but I need the fiber too so it doesn't happen too quickly. Juice for me is not just about the calories but the sugar spike then low that follows it. You know a lot about food so I'm just sharing my thoughts to see what triggers with you.

Moving is great especially to break up not moving. I find when I'm in pain I just want to stay still. So pain management is important and also seeing a benefit towards the pain when you are moving. If the moving makes me feel better then I am more likely to do it. I think I move enough between errands and cleaning here that USUSALLY it is not a problem. In fact I have sort of rolled my eyes at the whole "fitbit" craze on one of my teams. They have finally set up a thread for it as I was getting annoyed that that was all anyone was talking about..... but it does give you feedback for how much you are moving. For some people they seem like a really good reminder. Personally I would leave mine off, on the dresser, or drop it in water.... but it might be a thought.

So much right now is about mindfulness. Being aware of what we are doing or eating at any one time, I am starting an elimination diet Monday with a few foods and am wondering how NOT drinking coffee in the morning is going to affect me. I have been grumpy this morning already just thinking about it, lol. My next guest has a lot of food issues and I'll be doing all the food for the week. Her boyfriend is doing an elimination diet for the week so I figured the timing is good for me too. Jennifer has agreed to do ti too!!!! I'm hoping to figure out what causes my skin to be dry and maybe find something that helps the pounds slip away. Hahaha... reminds me of something I read... let me see if I can find it...

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KELPIE57 1/11/2013 9:37AM

    Glad to see you back, and I'm sure that you'll work out the right way for you!

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KASEYCOFF 1/6/2013 2:42AM

    All of which goes to prove there's never an easy answer - if only there was one thing we could change that would do the trick--! But it always seems to be a mix of several things. I guess the good part of that is we don't have to do a major overhaul on one aspect of our lives. Instead, we can take little steps, chipping away here and there until we find a mix that works.

Keeps us busy, ain't, lol...

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Away soooo long!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I've been popping in, reading friends blogs and such, but haven't really had the time or energy to be here on a regular basis. So I thought I would throw down a "stream of consciousness" blog and at least let you know I'm still here!

What I have taken in hand is to sort out a global picture of my health, and I went to a naturopath for that. All because I've been having issues with meds, and the oncologist says "oh, I know nothing about side effects". GRRRR.

So I went to a naturopath, and she took my history from babyhood. She says my body just hasn't recovered from its many traumas, and that I likely have tiny fissures in my intestinal tract that allows stuff to get into my body that normally shouldn't. So elimination diet it was.

Upon reintroductions, I've been reacting - strongly - to gluten, cow's milk and yeast. What a huge difference this has made. AND I've discovered that onions and garlic give me migraines. Who knew!?! So some migraines gone, bloating and pain gone.

So things are getting on the right track food-wise. Now I have to bear down and really start tracking calories and nutritional values again. I continue to try to get to the gym with my trainer 3 times per week, but it has been mostly twice per week. Despite that, I have seen a huge difference in my strength and stamina, and DH and I have recently decided that I'll continue with my trainer at least until the end of March.

So that's a snapshot of me today. How are YOU doing???

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JUSTYNA7 11/24/2012 3:36PM

    Good snapshot of where you are! DH is back from China and I made him come out and do the last yard cleanup outside today. Brrrr! But a good workout. Moving canoes, rocks, snowblower etc. Now I'm sipping hot chocolate while he is at the hardware store. Ah.. the guilt. Not! Glad you are going to keep the personal trainer. She has been sooo good for you. Justyna

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BRACEYM1 11/24/2012 1:44PM

    Sounds like things are going better for you. Yeah!

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37 Days til my Bday

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My 100-Day self-challenge has been going pretty well. On June 17, 100 days to my 51st birthday, I planned to*:

* Keep all my gym appointments with my trainer, regardless of how I feel (even if I have a terrible migraine). At worst, I'll have to come back home; at best, it will get me past whatever... k

Well, I have missed one where I was throwing up from the migraine, and one where I fell asleep on the sofa (more on that later), but overall I'm pretty happy with this one.

* Do cardio (stationary bike or walking) every day for at least 10 minutes, working my way up.

Haven't done any biking away from the gym, and have to get on it tomorrow (went to the gym this morning).

* Declutter the house at least 15 minutes per day

Still going on this one - I can't believe the clutter! But I seem to be less reluctant to let things go, and so it's really just a matter of time getting through it, freecycling, returning things to people we've been "storing" things for, etc.

* Bring my lunch to work at least 4 days out of 5

Again, this is going well. I love leftovers!

*My ultimate goal (so far, only one) is to do a 5K on October 7.

My ultimate goal has changed, though. Now I want to do the trail up King Mountain in Gatineau Park. I guess I'm just not the type of person to be in a crowd to do a walk.

Unfortunately, I've run into some issues with my thyroid meds, which don't seem to be working well at all (I gained 20 lbs in a month!). This led to some foot pain which I've addressed by wearing instep insoles - what a difference! It was like an overnight miracle. Why haven't I done this before? Why hasn't any medical personnel ever mentioned this to me? I tried it out of desperation, and now I'm getting some for my other shoes. They meds problem has also led to extreme fatigue, where I was falling asleep at my desk, at the supper table,... you get the idea. So they've increased the meds (the only answer the onco is giving me - ugh) which will of course lead to another increase in BP and increase in heart meds.

SO I had it and am going alternative medicine. I still have to take the meds, but hope to eventually cut out the heart meds (I have no thyroid so can't cut those out, but can reduce the amount I have to take). I've gone to a naturopath and in looking at the whole picture of my medical history figures I've been in a crisis state even before the thyroid cancer. So we're addressing the whole picture with an elimination diet and supplements, than when I get stronger we'll integrate more foods and test for allergies. Right now, I'm reacting to just about everything.

So although it may sound kind of blah, for me it's really looking up! And for the first time at the gym this week, while I was waiting for DH in the lobby, I had an image of myself thin and healthy. I haven't been able to do that on my good days, and take it as a sign that things are finally falling into place!

How has your week/month been? I'm going to check out blogs -- I've been away too long!

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KASEYCOFF 8/19/2012 2:45AM

    Glad to see you're back - and the '100 day birthday challenge' is brilliant! I don't have 100 days to go (yikes!) but I see no reason not to do a self-improvement countdown challenge... Now see what you've (ahem) sparked?

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JULIEANNCAN 8/18/2012 6:59PM

    emoticon Way to go on all of your hard work! I'm sorry to hear about the gaining weight due to medical issues, but you will get to where you want to be. I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best! emoticon

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NJJ-EXERCISE30 8/18/2012 4:36PM

    good! emoticon

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Wow - it's been a MONTH!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I can't believe a month has passed since I last blogged. I continue to work out with my trainer, and came to the conclusion that I have to go whether I'm up to it or not. So my DH is dragging me over even if he has to wake me from a deep sleep. It feels so great once I'm into it, and my trainer is wonderfully encouraging.

My own personal 100-day challenge is going pretty well. The house and gardens are looking so much better from the decluttering, and it has somehow coincided with DH and I starting to dream about the future again rather than being totally focused on chores and me just trying to regain my health. We went to the Laurentians last week-end, nice together time, had a massage. It was glorious. Now we're planning our next getaway for our birthdays in September. Can't wait.

My wrist is well on its way back to normal - no more cast or brace, and my trainer has me working it so I'm feeling confident that it will NOT take the year that the doc said it would before I could do housework and gardening.

Finally, wrt my challenge, bringing food to work has been great. I discovered that a snack of quinoa cooked in coconut water with apples and chopped walnut is the perfect snack for me before I leave work so I'm not too hungry before I get home for supper (AND I don't stop for fast food! WooHoo for quinoa!!!)

That's about where I'm up to right now. Off to catch up on other SparkBlogs and then out to the garden centre! Have a great week-end!

  Member Comments About This Blog Post:

JUSTYNA7 7/23/2012 9:55AM

    Very very nice. You know, this blog is so postive and happy. I love it. Quinoa is pretty great. I have NOT tried cooking it in coconut water. Hmmm. I am very grateful for this long time love affairs.... DH is out on the deck eating his oatmeal so I'll go join him. Just nice knowing someone so long and so well, through thick and thin, pain and joy. Mmm. We are pretty lucky!

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JULIEANNCAN 7/21/2012 9:49PM

    emoticon Way to go! I'd love to have that recipe!

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So Proud of Myself! and 100-Day Challenge

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm so proud of myself. Friday night I went to the gym to meet with my trainer, more to discuss a way forward than anything else as my cast came off Friday. I have one of those velcro casts now, and can start rehab. Anyway, she took one look at me, said "you look exhausted" and we both sat down to plan. But then I asked if we could work-out anyway, and we did a full work-out after our discussion. WooHoo!

I also realized that it's 100 days to my 51st birthday, so a great day to start my own personal 100-Day Challenge. My plan so far is:

* Keep all my gym appointments with my trainer, regardless of how I feel (even if I have a terrible migraine). At worst, I'll have to come back home; at best, it will get me past whatever...

* Do cardio (stationary bike or walking) every day for at least 10 minutes, working my way up.

* Declutter the house at least 15 minutes per day

* Bring my lunch to work at least 4 days out of 5

My ultimate goal (so far, only one) is to do a 5K on October 7.

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JULIEANNCAN 6/17/2012 12:50PM

    emoticon These are great goals. I know you can do it!

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JUSTYNA7 6/17/2012 7:28AM

    These are great and I'm proud of you too! I'll be doing my challenge right along with you. It is day 74 for me (of 77). I cannot believe it because I have lost 3 pounds! Anyways, it is all about consistency and I have sciatica so I know the feeling of doing it anyways. Even yesterday I found time to go out in the garden when I felt like I was not going to. I saw a rainbow on starting day and rainbows have always been a sign of something amazing going to happen.

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