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I finished the 28 day bootcamp challenge - I rock! -and so can you!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

I finished my bootcamp today!

What an incredible feeling to have committed to this and accomplished it! My body has really made some incredible changes and now, EVERYTHING is different! It isn't just that I dropped a pants size and lost 6 lbs. either. When you make a commitment to do yourself some good, lots of other good happens too, lots of other commitments...

About my body though, I feel so motivated to make this body soo freakin incredible! To dress like a Fembot at Halloween! To go to Victoria's Secret, baby! I have gained way more than just improved health, I feel different about myself an unstoppable force;

a person who can allow herself to love and enjoy food, any kind of food, and not be afraid of the bad stuff;

a person who is so high on fitness that I could just scream to those who haven't found this kind of mood yet "HEY, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR????!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO FEEL FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!"

My life is different, and I made it different because of Sparkpeople, 10 minutes at a time! NOW, I'm gonna go find the next challenge and absolutely kick it in the pants!

:) emoticon

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SEAGIRLRUN 5/6/2012 10:16AM

    Way to go Beachwalker! Keep it up!

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1BEACHWALKER 5/6/2012 12:38AM

    I saw your post on the comments on the 28 day bootcamp challenge and saw you had finished. Just wanted to congratulate you! When I feel like giving up and see how well you and others are doing or even the struggles and the keep going attitude, makes me glad I have stuck with it! Day 3 done of week 3! I have bad knees and some exercises I can't do, but I find others to do to substitute or improvise. It is really helping me get stronger! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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ROSIEB1213 4/16/2012 10:28PM

  I love this much energy! emoticon emoticon

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A little alcohol goes a long way...toward the dark side!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last week I was hormonal and I was hoping I was just retaining water. But, I went to weigh in wearing as little as possible that also included undergarments (lol) and found I was down .2 lbs. I'm taking it! After all, I'm always the first to say, "1/4 lb lost is still going in the right direction, babe! One stick of butter less on my shiney hiney! I figured (mistakenly) that once my body went into it's regular cycle again a great loss would show up the next week.

Well, here I am, 2 days from my weigh in on Friday and so far I'm up .6 lbs!

You know, it's hard to admit to you all (if any) who read this when a week is hard, when I lose it and and honestly sometimes, I don't even know where I went wrong.

This time I know. The usual suspects. emoticon emoticon

#1 emoticon Alcohol. Whenever I drink, caution is thrown to the wind. Sometimes just a little, other times, complete oblivion. and I'm not talking alcoholic binging either. I hardly drink. One shot, one jigger, 1.5 ounces of bourbon and suddenly, "just a few chips" while dinner is cooking.

I ate over my points from Friday through Tuesday, with last night really taking the cake at 65 points--something I don't usually do. My hubby was trying to help me last night by comforting me that it was too late to beat myself up emoticon and that tomorrow is a new day and new start. Nobody can be perfect all the time emoticon, that's why it's a journey! Besides, where would the fun be in that?

#2 emoticon Missed Vegetables. I usually am militant about eating all the servings of vegies and fruits. and whenever I'm over my PP for the week, I can ALWAYS look back and see that I missed vegi and fruit servings and ate a bunch of salty carbohydrates. (tortilla chips, baked ruffles, french fries, and more). You miss the vegis and fruits, you don't feel as satisfied and you still want to eat the same volume of food, so guess what? carbs! True Story. Go check your own food logs...on the weeks you lost more, I can almost guarantee you ate more produce and when you plateau or gain, probably not enough because instead, you were eating ice cream, cheeseburgers, fries & baguettes. (or your demon processed carb of choice emoticon).

#3 emoticon Missed exercise. I have a new booth in Marietta Square, a growing art and historic district in NW Atlanta. It was an important first "First Friday Art Walk" and I got up very early to get things done and somehow, ironically, I often miss working out on the days I attend my Weight Watchers Meetings! So, no exercise on Friday, which continued on Saturday and Sunday because the hubby had taken a holiday and whenever he's on vacation, so am I (by choice or not). You miss the workout, you kiss the fat burning goodbye and the metabolism responds by craving that crap you used to eat when you didn't care if you gained or not. True Story. (totally conjecture).

#4 emoticon Missed snacktime. I have learned through studying my hunger and dangerous eating times that I need to eat a snack about 4:00 pm every day. period. If I don't I risk entering the danger period, while dinner isn't quite ready with no armor. Protect yourself and eat [1 Tb peanut butter and 7 wheat crackers] [an apple and a string cheese] [12 almonds and a 1/2 cup yogurt with strawberries] --anything that has protein and fat and carbs -- about 2 hours before dinner and you'll control yourself better while you're cooking!

*Alternative - Make your partner cook so you stay away from the kitchen!

#5 emoticonNot enough sleep. I try to track that I am trying to get 8 hours of sleep per night, but lately, I haven't been able to check off the boxes in my goals. I know this is affecting the equation, whether it being too tired to want to exercise or late afternoon wanting to eat (instead of nap).

So, Rebecca, what's my lesson this week?.... emoticon

Maybe I wait to have a drink with my dinner instead of downing it while I'm cooking or before.

Maybe I have a snack much closer to dinner time, or even as I'm cooking if I know I'll be drinking then.

Don't beat myself up about overeating. Learn from my own behavior!

Don't wait to get back to exercise. It just feels good when you do it. Even if you dread it, just do it. You'll feel so great after and so empowered! I know, I know, It sucks when you dread it, but this weekend, I missed it and now I know I'm hooked on the rush of feeling fit because I started with little Spark Streaks and now I'm living the lifetime healthy habit of sweating every day! It's just 10 little minutes per day. Once I do the ten, move on, if I get it done and have more time, then do some more! I know I have time for that. Anything else is just an excuse. And, if I can do it, so can you!

There are 1000 tricks to not snacking before dinner, and I usually enlist one or more of them, except when I'm drinking. But, here are a few that might help you, all from years of Weight Watchers meetings!

Drink a glass of water before you succumb to a binge, maybe you're just thirsty. (personally, this trick is something I always do, and it has never prevented unwanted eating for me, but at least I get in a glass of water.)

Drink hot chicken or vegetable broth while you're cooking to give you a semi-full feeling...This does work for me.

Have cut up vegies ready to eat and put them out while you're cooking so you'll grab those instead of an easy chip.

Eat a salad. If what you're cooking is super luscious, you probably will get the salad last, eat it now! Measure 1 Tb of dressing (Newman's Own Lighten up is good), or dip your fork into the dressing then into the salad for almost no calories!

Drink warm water with 1 tbsp of vinegar in it beginning about 30 minutes before your meal. It is supposed to help aid digestion, but also, if you can stand drinking this, you wont want to eat anything.

Drink a milk serving, maybe with some vanilla and a splenda. yum! or a WW smoothie.

Grapes. A cup in a little bowl. Pop 'em slowly and enjoy. Somehow they seem to ward off the desire to eat other things because they are tart.

emoticon Pirates rule! (Ok, that has little to do with anything. I just like pirates).

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SEAGIRLRUN 4/11/2012 1:41PM

    lol. totally! Cheese is so yummy, but boy those calories add up fast! My man loves to take out the can of mixed nuts and some dates when he gets home....there on the counter, those nuts beckon....He eats them with the bourbon. so good.

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OFFDREA 4/11/2012 1:34PM

    I have such a hard time not grazing while cooking. It has got better but sometimes I still catch myself reaching for extra cheese or meat. Veggies I allow but extra cheese is a big NO NO lol

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Captain's Log, Star Date 4.5.2012

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Today was day 18 in the Sparkpeople's 28 Day Bootcamp Challenge
...dragging in the morning still...
Did my requisite bootcamp video
then 46 min. of Zumba.
Totally did not want to do cardio again today, but forced myself.
Tomorrow I will probably eat first then exercise later because apparently I am either not sleeping well, hormonal or I'm just plain hungry OR.....Still need to get iron supplements.

At least it's done! woot woot!

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GIANTMICROBE 4/6/2012 7:14AM

    Love the title :)

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SEAGIRLRUN 4/5/2012 2:55PM

    yea, I guess I need to. :) tomorrow I will do it!

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GOLFCHICK2-0 4/5/2012 2:50PM

    One of the biggest things I did was that I have protein before every workout. It has helped tremedously with my energy. More energy to start.. more energy to finish!!
Keep on plugging through. You'll make it.
Spark on!!

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Choosing to splurge, but making some good choices!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Omg, tonite was our meal out, the one day of the week where I eat my "whatever I want within (some modicum) of reason" meal. We went to the restaurant a few blocks away, famous for it's creole-cajun cuisine, ie. tres fattening!. We didn't stop there, one little drink gave us the bright idea to stop at the store for a slice of cake to share and ice cream. I also thought it clever to grab some hot fudge...Luckily, I haven't missed a day of exercise in nearly a month and I love that I could make a choice to eat this without guilt.

What did I do right?
I took one tiny piece of the crazy good cornbread, placed it on a plate, and used my fork to sample it, eating less than half of a 2" piece.
Salad dressing on the side, dipped my fork in it and still had a full cup of it when I was done.
Ordered the fish instead of burger.
Asked for it to be cooked as dry as possible - light oil/butter.
Ordered the sauce on the side (thankfully, it didn't even need it)
Split the piece of cake and scraped the frosting off the cake (it was way too sweet after eating so healthy for so long!)
Measured the light vanilla ice cream- only 1/2 cup
Measured the hot fudge, only used half.

Yay me!
So, even after attempting to make decent consolations and of course doing my best to estimate on my tracker, I still consumed approximately 1500 calories for dinner and about 2300 calories for the day.

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    I'm impressed! You did awesome!!!

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Pizza Pizza Pizza

Friday, March 23, 2012

If you love pizza like we do, then give this one a try. It's quick, easy, affordable and most of all, easy on your waistline!

Instead of going out for pizza tonite, which could realistically have 2000 calories and 50 grams of fat (and that doesn't include the beer!), why not try this very satisfying pie! At 500 calorie and 13.9 gr fat, your body will be very pleased tomorrow morning, and there's no guilt attached either! And, it's even REAL pizza dough!

Heck, I ate it last night and my weekly weigh in this morning has me down 2 lbs! Does a body good. he he

Here's a link to the recipe, which uses Publix store bought pizza dough found in the bakery section. If you don't have a Publix, Find an actual dough (probably in the frozen section) that has 300 calories per 4 oz portion. The trick to get a large pie is rolling out super thin, then you can cover it with yummy toppings!


Homemade Artisan Pizza:

:) Happy healthy eating!


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