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Progress During 2008

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The beginning of a new year is a time for reflections about mistakes and small successes that have occurred over the past year. It is a time to examine your inner most thoughts and determine if you are in the same old rut; or is it time for you to add a little some extra to your life. Now that could mean a new job for some, redecorating one or more rooms in your home, it can be relatively simple or very complex. For me it was a time to examine my personality traits and come up with a workable plan that help me to better myself. I know that I am an impatient person. I know that I tend to procrastinate. I know I tend to be sarcastic when people irritate me. I wanted to strive for better self control of these negative traits that I had developed over time. I know where most of these traits came from, or how they came to be a part of my life; and of course recognizing that they were even there was a big step.

On the physical side of gains and losses, my goals were not met to my complete satisfaction but at least I did show losses in every instance, even though they were not as great as I had hoped for. As I list my 2008 figures against my new 2009 figures you will see what I mean.
Weight 2008 = 155.2 vs 2009 = 149.2; Upper chest 2008 = 36" vs 2009 = 34.5 a loss of 1.5"
Ribcage 2008 = 33.5 vs 2009 = 32.5 a loss of 1"; Waist 2008 = 31 vs 2009 = 29 a loss of 2"
Hips 2008 = 39 vs 2009 = 38 a loss of 1" and Thighs 2008 = 22 vs 2009 - 20.5 a 1.5" loss.
All in all I was pleased with the new numbers. I was wearing a size 14 the beginning of 2008 and now I can wear a 12 and sometimes a 10. Eagerly looking forward to what I will achieve in 2009. The support I get from SP is tremendous and makes me feel so good.

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MARGOMCP 1/4/2009 9:58AM

    I really love that you are meticulous with your numbers. I always want to know those things about myself "later" only I don't take care of them "now". I remember when I started journaling in the mid-90's and was following a system that didn't date things but suddenly a year or so later I wanted to know "when" and how much, etc. and what days of the week. I didn't have that information and it was very frustrating.

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The winter holidays start tomorrow......

Saturday, December 13, 2008

emoticon The holidays are upon us and the following is written as a link to my Team called "Writer's Workshop" on a challenge where we are given one sentence (see above) and we elaborate on it.

I start tomorrow on my countdown toward Christmas. I know that most, if no all, of my schedules, notes and actions between now and "C" Day will literally drive my husband nuts, but this is what we face each and every year. If you'd like a brief rundown of what all this entails, let me take you on a merry little tour.

Day One: I get up early, clean the houe thoroughly and then begin to drag in all the Christmas boxes. Actually I usually try to get my husband to participate in the dragging in part. The tree is the Center of Attraction, so it is put up first, and the 'theme' is what dictates how the rest of my decor will look.

Day Two: The tree is assembled and put up, with hubby's help. He's even gotten to where he will hang some of the higher ornaments on the tree, but when I begin to turn into Ms. Perfection he's gone -- out of there as though his very life depended on it, and maybe it did. Some of the other decorations are also put into place. The brass reindeer with the sleigh full of presents gets the mantle, plus each deer has a red candle in it's special little holder. The Mother/Father/ Son/Daughter Christmas carollers are on the island in the kitchen. Wreaths are placed on the front door, both inside and outside, and a big basket of pine cones are placed by the fireplace. Did you know they are a great way to start the fire?

Day Three: Things are shaping up and it's time to spend the day shopping. I know one day won't take care of it, but let's get some of the ho-ho-ho out of the way, so I don't start to develop ulcers! Let's see, there's Dillard's, Best Buy, Costco, Macy's, and Penny's. Did I forget Best Buy, Fry's Electronics and Walmart? Also for special picky people I frequently go to Home Goods, Pretenses, Hallmark and the Athletic Club. And if I don't know them, and haven't a clue? Then it's Gift Cards or Baskets of Fruit will do! I'm worn to a frazzle and the day is now over, tomorrow I'll wrap 'em and that will be it.

Day Four: Wrappings and ribbon, bows and gift cards. Oh, and let's not forget the mailing list for the cards. My daughter peeked in to see if she could help, and now she is up to her elbows in cookie baking. For the neighborhood families and friends and all of those kids who you see all year long, they're looking forward to the things that we bring.

Day Five: The 18th already! I'm getting quite nervous, the "C" Day is only one week away. Do I have time to finish? Will I get it all done? By the looks of this mess I haven't even begun!

Day Six: I'm planning our Christmas Day feast, sitting down to the computer. I need times and schedules to make it come out right, trust nothing to memory, or wonder if you bought it. And if you bought it, where did you put it. I'm starting to worry, my memory is no good. My hubby came to my rescue today, he fixed me a Nog and I told him "OK" and it tasted so good and went down in a flash, that I fixed us another, and sat on the couch.

Day Seven: I've thought of some more stuff I need at the store, so back to Macy's I went like a streak, I forgot my husband, and that wouldn't do, he'd laugh at me, and tease me, like my brothers used to do. A cashmere sweater will be just the thing for him, and suspenders for Uncle John will be sharp, and a dozen shirts in colors for my older sister's husband. I know that sounds like an awfully, awfully lot, but he's spoiled rotten and my sis will take some back. I'm tired outagain and all I can think of is sitting down in a quiet little pub with some Christmas cheer of my on.

Day Eight: It's Sunday and I got up late. I'd better go to church cause I've asked an awfully lot of God in my prayers lately. It's time to show respect and my love, by golly! Sitting quietly does the heart good, especially his time of year, and it's safe to say Merry Christmas in here. We all know it's Christ's Day and not just for presents. Let's keep that in mind; we so often forget.

Day Nine: We've got all of the baskets laid out on the table, with cute lacy linings all in place, so let's get these cookies organized and may our little assembly line be successful. Two sons and a daughter I've enlisted to help, and a hubby that's promised to be a good elf; and he will deliver as soon as we're ready! Come Dancer, come Prancer, we'll need ALL of you. In a flash we had all of the baskets near filled, and I've wrapped them in cellophane and tied in a bow, so all of the goodness will clearly show through. My husband is loaded them all up in the van and soon he'll be ho! hoing! all over the land (well for a couple of blocks anyway).

Day Ten: There's today and tomorrow and then it's the big "C" -- everyone is nearly ready, hey! even me! I've surprised myself, and it wasn't too bad, lists really do work, and with a little help, even the most disorganized family can come through. We've wrapped, polished or decorated everything in sight. Even the dog has a bow in her hair, and yes, of course it's the red and gold ribbon that I choose to use. Hey honey! Is there any eggnog left?

Day Eleven: Here we are at last, tonight is Christmas Eve. I've bathed, fixed my hair, put on make-up and a brand new dress of red; I've fussed and preened and know I look my best. A spritz of perfume and I'll meet you at the tree! As I come down the stairs, my heart pounding with anticipation, I call out in glee -- "Honey let's have a little Christmas spirit, and I'll see you at the tree!"

Merry Christmas to all. emoticon

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MTNMAMA~K 12/17/2008 11:25PM

    good job gal! enjoyed the build up & the anticipation was palpable.
nice...really nice!!
Hugs Katie

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ALDEBARON0626 12/15/2008 11:59AM

    Love your story. I found myself "living" the story along with you, which to me is the mark of a great writer.

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CAMERABABE 12/14/2008 12:58PM

    You sure do a lot for the holidays. God bless you for all you do.

This was good.


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Life Is How You Perceive It

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It's taken me a long, long time to realize this, but I'm my own worst enemy. I get gloomy about things as most people do, but instead of mulling it over in my mind for a day or so and then forgetting about it, I tend to pick up on little comments made by friends and blow it all out of proportion. I take comments that were made in complete innocence and look at the negative side of it, because it fits in with the way I'm feeling right then.

I'm not sure exactly how I am going to stop this habit that I've developed to a fine art over the years, but surely there is a way to stop even this! The first hurdle is that I have discovered it. And now that I realize what the culprit is, I can keep my eyes and ears open for the telltale signs that it is showing it's ugly little face. Perhaps the next time I see it poke it's ugly face around the corner I can shout at it and scare it off. Tell it how unwelcome it is and banish it from my life once and for all. Laughter should be a good thing about then. Nothing can stand up to laughter, not self pity, not sadness, not depression, nothing at all! So from now on, if you hear the sound of laughter coming from my little corner of the world, you'll know why!

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DONITA1978 12/30/2008 8:13AM

    What a wonderful attitude to have. Since my son has died, I have had to work on the very same thing. Some of the things that people have said to me are meant in a good way, but if I pick the comments apart, I can find something wrong about them. I have made a conscious choice to live this life to the fullest and to do my best to stay positive. Life isn't fair -plain and simple- it never will be - but it is ours to make the best of....Thanks for sharing! emoticon

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MDMNINA 12/2/2008 10:26PM

    I really, really know exactly what you mean. If you find the solution, let me know! emoticon

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The Nomads Meet their Match

Saturday, November 22, 2008

**A kindly sorceror meets a band of desert nomads. The result is disaster."
So, to continue on with the story let us go to the band of nomads travelling the desert, there are six total in the band. Beards, long hair, earrings in their ears and one with a black patch over his eye. At least where his eye used to be. An unhappy incident with a sailor took care of that, but that's another story. They traveled far and they traveled wide, and any loot they were able to pick up along the way was divided evenly among them. Who said there was no honor in thieves? These thieves divided and they divided evenly without squabble.

As they were riding midday through the desert, the parching sun took it's toll, but there was no shade to be found anywhere. Suddenly they see a large tent in the distance. "How could that be," they exclaimed in one voice. There has never been a tent here before. But they were not in the mood to dispute their good luck and made haste to investigate. As they approached they could hear the sound of music and laughter. Immediately a pint of brew popped into their minds and they urged their mounts to make even better time.

The tent had two smaller tents to one side, and as they approached they saw that horses and camels were in one of them, leisurely drinking water, and hay was spread about so they could enjoy a feast as their masters refreshed themselves. This was too good to be true, for a fact, but one must treat their mounts as well as a lady friend or they could find themselves with no transportation out of this hell hole. They all dismounted, removed the saddles from the backs of their mounts and placed them on the bar provided for such. No creature in their right mind would wander into the midday sun, so there was no threat of their animals wandering off. The nomads went as a group into the larger tent.

Music was in the air, tables of food were placed conveniently to lounges, and inside the air was cool and fresh. What kind of magic was this? A lady came up to them and asked if they would like refreshments, or perhaps a bath? "Yes, yes, all of that. Who is in charge of this place?" they all wanted to know.

"It is a kindly sorcerer, there is only one rule that must be adhered to. Otherwise everything is free and you may stay a long as you like."

"The first thing I want is something to drink, then I'd like a bath -- after that I'd like to eat and perhaps have a companion to entertain me," said one of the men.

The other men shook their heads in agreement. "But we never found out what the rule was that we must adhere to," one of them mentioned.

"Who cares? How bad could it be? It's likely nothing at all." and they laughed and began to clean up and drink their fill while they were enjoying all the atmosphere. Later there was food and ladies to talk to, dancing to watch, and animals performing tricks.

Suddenly all six of the men found themselves in the middle of the desert, no animals to ride upon, only a towel about their waist and no tents in sight. "What happened, what did we do to deserve this? What was the rule? What will we do now?"

But there was nothing but silence. Moral of the story: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Find out the rules before you indulge.

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MARGOMCP 11/27/2008 12:34PM

    Very interesting! But it makes me want to know what the rule was, LOL.

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Holidays are coming!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Some animals hibernate when this time of year rolls around, but not this chick. Nope I get right out there in the midst of things and taste and drink my way right through to the New Year! You could always say the "devil made me do it" and you wouldn't be far from wrong.....all those Brownie's, and Fudge, and Christmas Cookies. Hey! That's just Christmas, it will start pretty soon with the golden roasted turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, and the mashed potatoes with gravy. And when you can't put another bite in your mouth out comes the pumpkin pie with the 'real' whipped cream, and maybe even pecan pie! My advice is either be really, really good for the next three weeks -- or else HIDE THE SCALE. At least until this madness is over for another year!

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MARGOMCP 11/6/2008 11:48AM

    My trick for not eating too much whipped cream is to "test" it in a cup of coffee. When it comes on an after dinner dessert, I have a cup of decaf also and put a dab of the whipped cream in my coffee (and "scrape" the rest off the dessert or otherwise separate the whipped cream from the dessert) and then I watch the cream melt. If it leaves an oil slick on top of the coffee, it's Cool Whip or other processed/fake cream! They're made with oil. In that case I don't drink all the coffee or eat much of the dessert. If it melts away without a trace, it's the real deal so I drink the coffee and eat some of the dessert but still don't eat any more of the cream. I only comment on it at restaurants and distract the other diners from seeing I'm not eating it all; it wouldn't do to embarrass Aunt Ethel or a friend, etc. by pointing out they're using the fake stuff :-)

Comment edited on: 11/6/2008 11:47:44 AM

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