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My Quiet Sunday!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I blog because I like to write, it's almost like talking to a dear friend. Granted, that would be a friend who had very little to say as it's me, me, me doing all the talking here. But regardless, it is like sitting down and writing an email to a friend, or chatting on the phone.

My Sundays are a time for ME! A time to do what I want, when I want and how I want; and never with any feelings of guilt. I can eat a dish of ice cream (the full fat version) or make a batch of cookies and make myself sick from eating raw cookie dough. I can wear my PJ's all day and lay down and read until my eyes droop closed and I'm napping. Or.... in a burst of energy I can work in my yard and forget all about eating lunch. It's so peaceful and healing to be outside working on trimming shrubs, blowing stray leaves onto the lawn and then sucking them all up into the lawn mower as I cut the grass and clean the yard all at the same time! It is better for me than paying hundreds of dollars to a shrink -- it is my think time and for me, a time for meditation. I can go shopping and 'shop til I drop.' And if you know me at all, you know that is the most unlikely of all the scenarios that I've thus described. And how do I know about all the various ways of spending my Sunday? Because I've tried them all, and for whatever mood I may have been in, I've enjoyed them all equally!

Isn't it time YOU had a little me time? A time to spend on yourself, a time to indulge? You'd be a better person for it, and it would energize you to go back to being everything for that important 'someone' in your life.

emoticon it's what life is all about!

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NANCYCA555 1/10/2010 5:48PM

    What a happy blog about finding a bit of serenity for ourselves. You're so right about the importance of finding time for ourselves. You are a good writer. Have you written poetry?

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I Need My Nap Because.....

Saturday, January 09, 2010

I can't seem to function without my daily naps. How do I know this? Because of the way my body reacts on those few days when I cannot get one! When I don't get my afternoon nap here is what happens to my evening:

1. Ready to go to bed by 8:30 p.m.
2. Too tired to take my dog for her afternoon walk.
3. Feel like if I stuff myself with something sweet in the evening I'll feel better.
4. If not in bed by 9:00 I actually get grouchy!
5. Do not have enough energy to finish up even interesting projects.
6. Sometimes forget to turn off my computer.
7. Just plain feel bad.

So when you consider all that a nap does for me -- why not take them?

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--KREN 1/12/2010 10:00AM

    Rosie and I take naps. We get in the recliner, cover up with our blankey, and relax. I usually have a book plugged into my ear, or sometimes I sort of meditate. Now and then I fall asleep. But it's my "quiet time" and Rosie gets impatient if I don't get in that chair when I'm supposed to, lol. Karen

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USFBULL 1/10/2010 3:56PM

    Sleep is a wonderful thing that I often take for granted, Naps help when I have not gotten a good nights sleep. Living in the city sometimes I have been waken by some commotion and don't even know it but feel really tired through the day, those are the days a nap is the ticket for me. Sometimes exhaustion causes a very deep nap. I must get better at sleep time management, naps help but the overall sleep must improve for me. Thank you for sparking this thought about sleep with this blog. emoticon Jeff

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CATLADY52 1/10/2010 1:26PM

    As I sit here reading, I am yawning. That means I either have to get up and do my exercise or go take a nap. Since it is Sunday, I think I will take a nap, then do my exercise. Thanks for your blog. It helped me make up my mind.
emoticon emoticon

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IWILLBE145 1/10/2010 3:52AM

    If I don't take a nap, it sometimes takes me! I will sit down on the couch, and wake up an hour later! Well one of the things we need to do is get all the rest our bodies need. I'm much better at naps than exercise!!

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The More I Did.......

Thursday, January 07, 2010

I never realized it before, but the more I do, the more energized I get. I'm a procrastinator by nature, but once I actually get out and start something I love it, enjoy myself and generally feel a lot better by the time I have finished. Today was no exception.

I was scheduled to record books for the blind this morning. Knowing I did not have a set time that I had to do this caused me to delay, delay, delay! But finally at noon I had myself in the office and was ready to get down to work. I recorded for about an hour. Then it felt so good outside I decided to drive over to the Library and introduce myself to the afternoon volunteers so they would know who I was. I have recently taken over the position of Volunteer Coordinator, so each of them would be talking to me on the phone from time to time. When that was finished, I was really getting energized and I went home and worked for about a half hour trimming branches (with a saw) off a mesquite in my front yard. I let my dog come out with me, and she liked it so much that it softened my heart enough to give in and take her for a 1-1/2 mile walk. Wow! I love it when the energy just flows like it did today!

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ANNANN63 1/21/2010 6:38PM

    I am currently putting off a job that I don't want to start. Once I start it will probably be interesting so I don't know why I don't just start. I am reasonably well organized and I get all the important things done but sometimes things wait because they "haven't become important yet."

I used to work really hard every day to get everything done so I could have the rest of the day to myself. Years ago my life got too busy for that to happen. There is always something more to do. Right now I have:

Organize tax return documents
Sort filing
Purge Files
Do a volunteer accounting task (the one I am currently avoiding)
Do a bunch of research on the internat
Plus a ToDo List for things around the house--none is urgent

By the time all my tasks are done, there will be more. So I stopped rushing to finish everything and I take time to do things I want to do and sometimes I put things off until I can't do that anymore.

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CATLADY52 1/9/2010 12:21PM

    I feel energized just reading about your day.

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DEBBIER9 1/8/2010 11:20AM

    emoticonI feel your energy. emoticon
For now my dogs and I are enjoying the snow we have .
Glad you enjoyed the walk with your four legged kid

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VITCHY-VICKI 1/8/2010 7:34AM

    I would love to just have sunshine and no more snow.
Enjoy your weather wish I was there with you

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USFBULL 1/7/2010 10:14PM

    Great way to spend the day, way to go. emoticon Jeff

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Yesterday .... and Then TODAY!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

emoticon Tuesday is always a busy day for me as I'm a Caretaker in the afternoon. I try to get things done in the morning, but I'm a procrastinator and somehow it slips away and suddenly I find it's time to shower, shampoo my hair and get presentable. And what have I accomplished thus far? Not much..... sometimes nothing! Oh I've read my emails and diddled around checking out things that were time consuming, I've drank coffee and eaten a healthy breakfast...... and all those things include the way I enjoy spending a morning. But the way I enjoy my morning doesn't include getting much done.

Yesterday was no exception and when I returned from my good deed of visiting with my 92- year old friend, I did my usual, ate dinner and sat down at my computer. I found to my disappointment that I had not made a dent in the 50 Spark Points I set as a goal to achieve each and every day..... I had not made a single entry/post..... I had not answered a single note from friends..... and of course I hadn't done any work either. All I had actually accomplished that was on my "to do" list was pick up my prescriptions from my health care facility. At least I had accomplished one thing. Unfortunately it took me until after 11:00 p.m. to get my 50+ spark points and get everything done that I considered necessary. A good book was waiting by my bedside also. Would I have the energy to read for a bit before falling asleep?

As I entered my weight on "Daily Weigh In" I lamented the fact that the scales had gone up from 145.4 to an even 146. Depressing in itself, and as I had not so much as taken a walk around the block I figured I see an even bigger increase in the morning. Well, I'm happy to report that I was wrong. God must have figured it was time to give me a little motivation by lowering the scale instead of raising it -- I was so happy when the scale showed over a pound loss this morning! Miracles do still happen. If you don't expect big miracles you can see them happening everywhere in your life, so do keep an eye out for them. And don't get so wrapped up in the petty little things of life that you fail to notice them. For me it's what makes it all worthwhile!

Hugs to all, may your day be as great as mine! Eve

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ANNANN63 1/7/2010 7:03PM

    I think you should give yourself extra credit for caregiving. I have been in that position three times in my life and now I have a few things that I need to do for DH-quasi-caregiver. It is rewarding but it is not easy. Anyone who does it is a hero. Bless you for being such a good friend.

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LUIGIE 1/7/2010 6:16PM

  I feel like I could have written this too! I do have days like that when the morning disappears and I feel like I have done nothing. Yet we have. I think we are doing the things we want to do, and at this point in life we are priviledged to be able to do that. Isn't optimism wonderful? emoticon

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As we Begin a New Year!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

emoticon A new year always seems to make us take the time to ponder about our lives, our accomplishments, our goals, where we've been and where we're heading. As we look back over 2009, try not to beat yourself up if you didn't make all of your goals. If there was improvement over the prior year -- REJOICE!

The new year is a time for NEW BEGINNINGS! But it doesn't take a new year, or any other milestone for you to make a new start. You can do it anytime, anyplace, anywhere and for any reason! Why not now? They always say, why wait if you can do it now!!

You know, it's never too late to improve your current situation. If you are looking for a new romantic interest in your life - rejoice that you are still young enough either in age or heart to want someone in your life! If you are mourning the loss of a loved one - rejoice for all the time you did have with that person, and remember how they enriched your life! If you are rich give thanks for your good fortune, and if you are poor, think of all those who are even worse off than you! Each night as it is time to go to bed, take a few minutes to just run through your mind some of the blessings you had during the day. There is always something you can be thankful for -- for example, today I was thankful that I met a friend for lunch, that the weather was so beautiful (75 degrees) and that I was feeling wonderful. When I returned home I did not have a significant other to greet me, but my dog was really happy, and I was glad to share our reunion by going outside with her for a nice walk!

I did not reach all of my goals that I had set up for 2009; but I do not lament this fact. I am glad that I made headway -- moving ahead is the positive thing to do, and as long as I am able to move ahead, I know I will creep closer and closer to my goals! Things do not just "happen" so when the scale reads a higher number than it did the day before -- do not kick the scale, but take a look in the mirror if you're wondering about the reason. Did you eat right? Did you get in some exercise time? I'm a real fan of giving in to temptations on a regular basis, but the key is to do so in moderation. For me, one or two bites of ice cream will make me happy; sure an entire bowl is great -- but then you suffer the consequences! But if you know there is NOTHING that you can't have you are not as likely to feel depressed about your healthy lifestyle. Remember the portion control and those goals will suddenly be right at our fingertips!

Stay Sparking Everyone!


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