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The Nomads Meet their Match

Saturday, November 22, 2008

**A kindly sorceror meets a band of desert nomads. The result is disaster."
So, to continue on with the story let us go to the band of nomads travelling the desert, there are six total in the band. Beards, long hair, earrings in their ears and one with a black patch over his eye. At least where his eye used to be. An unhappy incident with a sailor took care of that, but that's another story. They traveled far and they traveled wide, and any loot they were able to pick up along the way was divided evenly among them. Who said there was no honor in thieves? These thieves divided and they divided evenly without squabble.

As they were riding midday through the desert, the parching sun took it's toll, but there was no shade to be found anywhere. Suddenly they see a large tent in the distance. "How could that be," they exclaimed in one voice. There has never been a tent here before. But they were not in the mood to dispute their good luck and made haste to investigate. As they approached they could hear the sound of music and laughter. Immediately a pint of brew popped into their minds and they urged their mounts to make even better time.

The tent had two smaller tents to one side, and as they approached they saw that horses and camels were in one of them, leisurely drinking water, and hay was spread about so they could enjoy a feast as their masters refreshed themselves. This was too good to be true, for a fact, but one must treat their mounts as well as a lady friend or they could find themselves with no transportation out of this hell hole. They all dismounted, removed the saddles from the backs of their mounts and placed them on the bar provided for such. No creature in their right mind would wander into the midday sun, so there was no threat of their animals wandering off. The nomads went as a group into the larger tent.

Music was in the air, tables of food were placed conveniently to lounges, and inside the air was cool and fresh. What kind of magic was this? A lady came up to them and asked if they would like refreshments, or perhaps a bath? "Yes, yes, all of that. Who is in charge of this place?" they all wanted to know.

"It is a kindly sorcerer, there is only one rule that must be adhered to. Otherwise everything is free and you may stay a long as you like."

"The first thing I want is something to drink, then I'd like a bath -- after that I'd like to eat and perhaps have a companion to entertain me," said one of the men.

The other men shook their heads in agreement. "But we never found out what the rule was that we must adhere to," one of them mentioned.

"Who cares? How bad could it be? It's likely nothing at all." and they laughed and began to clean up and drink their fill while they were enjoying all the atmosphere. Later there was food and ladies to talk to, dancing to watch, and animals performing tricks.

Suddenly all six of the men found themselves in the middle of the desert, no animals to ride upon, only a towel about their waist and no tents in sight. "What happened, what did we do to deserve this? What was the rule? What will we do now?"

But there was nothing but silence. Moral of the story: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Find out the rules before you indulge.

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MARGOMCP 11/27/2008 12:34PM

    Very interesting! But it makes me want to know what the rule was, LOL.

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Ho! Ho! Ho! Holidays are coming!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Some animals hibernate when this time of year rolls around, but not this chick. Nope I get right out there in the midst of things and taste and drink my way right through to the New Year! You could always say the "devil made me do it" and you wouldn't be far from wrong.....all those Brownie's, and Fudge, and Christmas Cookies. Hey! That's just Christmas, it will start pretty soon with the golden roasted turkey, the stuffing, the cranberry sauce, and the mashed potatoes with gravy. And when you can't put another bite in your mouth out comes the pumpkin pie with the 'real' whipped cream, and maybe even pecan pie! My advice is either be really, really good for the next three weeks -- or else HIDE THE SCALE. At least until this madness is over for another year!

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MARGOMCP 11/6/2008 11:48AM

    My trick for not eating too much whipped cream is to "test" it in a cup of coffee. When it comes on an after dinner dessert, I have a cup of decaf also and put a dab of the whipped cream in my coffee (and "scrape" the rest off the dessert or otherwise separate the whipped cream from the dessert) and then I watch the cream melt. If it leaves an oil slick on top of the coffee, it's Cool Whip or other processed/fake cream! They're made with oil. In that case I don't drink all the coffee or eat much of the dessert. If it melts away without a trace, it's the real deal so I drink the coffee and eat some of the dessert but still don't eat any more of the cream. I only comment on it at restaurants and distract the other diners from seeing I'm not eating it all; it wouldn't do to embarrass Aunt Ethel or a friend, etc. by pointing out they're using the fake stuff :-)

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Beware of the Birthday Month

Sunday, October 12, 2008

OK! October is my birthday month and right now the big 70 is just one week away! Am I depressed about this? No -- I'm numb, in shock, bewildered, all sorts of things, but not depressed. Mainly I'm wondering how this happened without me being aware of it. What happened to the years between 60 and 70?

But turning 70 isn't all bad. By 70 you no longer have to justify why you have wrinkles on your face, gray hair and a few extra pounds. Well, everyone expects it of a 70-year-old. You can take naps without feeling the least bit guilty. You can even be forgetful.

Gee! In a year or so when I turn 80 (well, it'll SEEM like it) I can add a whole slew of things to this list that I'll be able to get away with.

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MAINLADY 10/30/2008 4:21PM

    Hi and happy birthday to you. I'm 67 and loving every minute of it. I hate to hear people moan about another birthday, especially when they're only going to be 40. I relish every day I get and look forward to my next birthday in April. I've had cancer twice and each birthday is a blessing and one to be shared with those I love. I'm so happy to hear someone say they're glad to have another birthday. BTW, getting older does have some you say, taking a nap without feeling guilt, not having to justify the wrinkles, bags, or sags, and being a little forgetful. We can get away with anything...ha! Have a great day.


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MARGOMCP 10/22/2008 10:50AM

    Glad 70 is so good! I'm just coming up on 60. Goes that fast does it? I'll have to try not to blink.

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BAYPINTO316 10/15/2008 5:50PM

    I'm going to be on your team! Check out my site, baypinto316

I have a black Scottie with gold hairs mixed in like a frost job on a lady??? ; Ralph, then I have Hoochie, who is half Corgi and half Scottie, he is wonderful too, have you seen the movie "Second Hand Lions"? He is in it, in the row of dogs that watch everything they do in the movie... it is a great movie and has duval in it. I also have a Rat Terrier that was my grandson's before he went in the Army, "MAX" and a half Beagle and half Red Heeler; Betty Davis, she has beautiful eyes. I am only 67! I have one question, why does time speed up right when you get to figure out what you wanna be when you grow up??????
~~~~~~I wanna keep ridin...joyce emoticon

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YELLOWROSIE 10/12/2008 8:37PM

    Happy Birthday, Eve! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Be Happy Be Healthy and Have Fun! emoticon emoticon emoticon

Haven't Heard from you in a while. Hope You are doing well!

emoticon Jan emoticon

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MDMNINA 10/12/2008 2:52PM

    Besides, 70 is the new 50.

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A New Phase of Life

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, folks, didn't expect to be writing this kind of info, but it's happened again. I just finished an online college course and one of the points that stood out in my mind is "we are responsible for our failures and our successes -- for we create it all." I dwelled on that new bit of information and realized my life was not what I had hoped for. Only one person could really change it. ME! And so I did; I made the momentuous decision to start over again - alone! Was it the right choice? For me it was, for you it may not be. It takes a special person to make it alone. And I just figured I'd rather be unhappy and alone than unhappy and together. It's hard to open that new door if you haven't got the courage to close the old one.

Life is full of decisions and choices, and each one brings about different results. Life is full of "what if's" but I try not to dwell on those. Face the future with the decisions you have made, go on with the self-confidence that you made the right decision. If you don't say the good words to "yourself" who do you think IS going to say them? You will succeed; just believe in yourself.



I've completed three months on SP

Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've been on SP for 3 months now. Three months of ups and downs, but I feel that I've learned a lot, not just about food and how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat, but I've learned about myself as well.

I've found that it is much easier to stick with a plan and a new lifestyle when you are surrounded by friends and are getting constant feedback and support. I'm amazed each time one of you wonderful people choose to add me as a friend, or send me a "goodie" and it is such a warm fuzzy to get these benefits. I think they are helping me stay focused.

While I haven't lost lots of weight, I have gained a lot of knowledge, and for that I'm thankful. I believe, sincerely, that the next three months will show a marked improvement in my battle for weight loss and a big improvement also in my outlook on life.

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MSALWILLIAMS 2/28/2008 12:14PM

    That's wonderful. Everyday you stick with the new lifestyle not only do you help yourself lose weight but you improve your general health. I know you can do this and you are going to be one great looking lady that's going to be making heads turn. Keep up your great work your body will thank you for it.

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