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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Here's the story: I *have to* get the tax stuff together, and between being a small business owner plus having an out of state rental property, taxes tend to get pretty complicated (and I refuse to pay Ray, the accountant, to sort stuff I can sort perfectly well on my own.) I usually have all this done in February, but this year, well, between playing here with you guys, doing some new art, working on the book and in general putzing around instead of taking care of business, well... here we are in April.

It's spring: which means, as a grower, I have to be sure I'm up to date with all the organic details and have all the equipment ready to go. Also have to decide what we're growing, and when and to whom we'll be selling, and start getting it together. Shouldn't all that have been done already as well? You better believe it should.

Last but certainly not least, I have a couple SoulCollage cards I've been working at, and I want to get them finished, probably in the evenings before I fall over.

All this means that the book gets shelved (ha! I made a funny!) for the time being - I can work on it in my head as I do outside grunt work, but anything more than that is out for now. And it also means that I'm going to have to cut back on my SparkPeople hours (and I do mean hours) if I'm going to have any time left over for little details like eating and sleeping.

The good news is that I always get plenty of exercise in the spring, and with today's resolve to take better care of myself, I hope to see that weight ticker start to move in the correct direction.

I'll think of you all fondly and check in when I get a minute - and if you see me here too often, chase me off! I am SO BAD with the whole self-discipline thing! emoticon emoticon emoticon

(Why the groundhog? I dunno - I just liked him!)

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WRITERGIRLMEL 4/14/2010 6:02PM

    Whew! You have a big to-do list! Good luck, and we'll leave the light on for ya!

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RUSSELLORAMA 4/13/2010 9:37PM

    I haven't done taxes either. Guess who's filing an extension? LOL!

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MOMMA_GRIZZ 4/11/2010 8:31PM

    Yeah for Spring! Boo for taxes! Have a great time outside :D

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HIPPICHICK1 4/10/2010 9:06AM

    I could have written this blog myself, esp the part about the taxes. YOIKS! emoticon

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SHERYLDS 4/7/2010 5:56PM

    A woman with a plan....I love it. Go for it

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    When I recover I will have to do the same.

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You Gonna Get Your Mind Right

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Everyone's favorite Cool Hand Luke quote is always the "failure to communicate" one, and that's good,too, but this is my favorite:

Captain: You run one time, you got yourself a set of chains. You run twice you got yourself two sets. You ain't gonna need no third set, 'cause you gonna get your mind right.

That's my favorite because it seems like I always have to take at least two or three cracks at something before I can do it, carrying an extra set of chains each time, and it's the same here with the weight loss thing.

I guess I really wasn't ready to admit that it was going to be difficult - after all, until the last couple years, I really didn't have much of a weight problem. I'd gain a few, cut back, lose them and forget it, always hovering around the 150 mark, plus or minus ten. (I got down to 133 once with Nutrisystem, after baby #2, but it was too difficult to maintain.)

So I lied to you guys - and to myself - that I was making progress here. I lost ten pounds, then regained two, lost three, regained another two, lost one, gained one, lost three etcetcetc. I never bothered to update my weight ticker because it really wasn't going anywhere.

And neither was I.

The fact is that I'm having a real time of it, draggin' my you-know-what out of bed every morning, planning healthy meals, and cutting out the alcohol. I don't have a drinking problem, but I do have a *habit* problem. I habitually take a nap I don't need in the midmorning, take a cocktail I don't need in the late afternoon and often a brandy at bedtime, eat things I surely don't need just because I make them for my husband.

And whilst doing all those things I don't need, I ignore the ones I do, like the twice-daily meditation I used to do, the long dog walks, the yoga that started every morning, and the million and one little habits that used to keep my weight in check - stairs instead of elevators, yogurt instead of mayo, black coffees instead of two-and-twos.

Sure, I've got plenty of excuses. Maybe even a few good ones that I delude myself into believing are actually "reasons", rather than "excuses", like the injured foot that keeps me from walking the dogs the way I used to (but have I called the orthopedic guy? What do you think?) and the boatloads of stress (like everyone doesn't have stress, right?)

I'm trying to avoid the temptation to just get up tomorrow morning and be someone else entirely - I can do that, sure, for a while anyway, but it doesn't *solve* anything. And I'm awfully damn tired of slapping band-aids on problems.

So it's time. I've got a diet plan (South Beach, recommended for my husband's non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, but good for me too), an exercise plan (a Y membership I've almost never used, a bunch of DVDs, two dogs to exercise and a farm to walk them on, a stretchy thing with handles, and a huge ball that I believe I sit on... and probably other stuff I've forgotten about) and all the support a body could possibly want right here on SP.

Yep. Time to get my mind right.

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JENSHAWN 4/8/2010 5:54PM

    I hear you...I hope it helps just coming "clean"! Just keep the faith and you will get to where you are going!

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SHERYLDS 4/7/2010 5:52PM

    I bought the South Beach Book a while ago and never got a chance to really read it. Some pretty good stuff in there. Good luck with the plan.

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HIPPICHICK1 4/6/2010 11:32PM

    It's a slippery slope when one thing gives way to another, then another...
Good for you for getting back to business!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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And now for something completely different....

Sunday, April 04, 2010

My daughter's developmental cell teacher found this little gem:
Funny stuff, especially for the scientifically minded! emoticon

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SHERYLDS 4/4/2010 11:55AM

    thought you and your kids might enjoy this one.
Big Buck Bunny on

Comment edited on: 4/4/2010 11:55:32 AM

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SHERYLDS 4/4/2010 11:50AM

    Very cute emoticon

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FITMARY 4/4/2010 9:59AM

    Ho, Ho, Ho! Thanks for the laugh!

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Hey, look what I found outside today!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

White crocus...I forget which one - probably Jeanne d'Arc

And this is a dwarf iris (Iris reticulata 'Pixie')

The afternoon sun melted the morning snow off, and these guys were out when I went outside to get the mail. For those of you in sunnier places (which, frankly, is just about anywhere) a few flowers are nothing new, but here in Central New York, where we usually have a couple feet of snow on the ground now, this is pretty fancy stuff.

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HIPPICHICK1 3/24/2010 11:00PM

    Ooooh, purty flowers!

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STARLASUE 3/24/2010 9:06PM


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SHERYLDS 3/24/2010 8:01PM

    Yay Spring. More walking, sunshine, and blue skies

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RANJINI4 3/24/2010 7:51PM

    I have a few new flowers that are blooming.All the colors are seen in the bright sunshine!

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SWIM_2_SLIM 3/24/2010 7:28PM

    Spring is such a blessing to be able to see new life starting. It really warms my heart!!!

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TRISHAANN56 3/24/2010 5:13PM

    It nice to see signs of spring somewhere, where I live we had snow yesterday, today, and expecting more later this week. So seeing the pictures of spring arriving was great, thanks for the posting the pictures.

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ERINLINDSAY83 3/24/2010 4:48PM

    I saw a bunch of flowers blooming yesterday too on my walk! So exciting!!!!!

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Question of the day (ladies only):

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Why is it that you can pluck your eyebrows wrong *just once* and then you spend the rest of your life filling them in with a pencil, but you can pluck the same "witches hair" out of your chin for twenty years and it just keeps growing back????? emoticon

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MONKEYGIRLRAIN 3/22/2010 12:38PM

    wax wax wax! That is my answer... but I have to admit, the witch hair does come back from time to time! Damn.


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CANYOWALII 3/21/2010 8:24PM

    Yeah! Mine sneak up on me and then it practically takes an act of god to pull it out of my chiny chin chin.


Comment edited on: 3/21/2010 8:24:22 PM

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ROOBYBEGONIA 3/21/2010 5:46AM

    I have a very faint blond mustache - I use a Nair made especially for facial hair. It's much more gentle, works really well, goes a long way, and you don't get stubble. I've had my lip hair waxed a couple of times, and I've had a reaction both times. I'm a freckled redhead, and my skin is really sensitive.

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PUDLECRAZY 3/21/2010 4:06AM

    emoticonIt stinks, doesn't it?

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SWIM_2_SLIM 3/20/2010 10:49PM

    Life just isn't fair for a woman!!! lol

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MARY1313 3/20/2010 10:09PM

    LOL! I will join the club. I have the perverbial mustache and my hair is dark red so you can see it. I bleach it, but sometimes I shave it too. ACK!!

emoticon (Am I wrong or does this emoticon have a mullet? LOL)


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HIPPICHICK1 3/20/2010 9:49PM

    yeah....why *IS* that?

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STARLASUE 3/20/2010 9:48PM

    Oh Dear! I actually do shave! LOL Every day since I was about 35! Too many to pluck. Seriously, I am lucky to be a natural redhead or I'd have a 5 o'clock shadow.

My kids made me promise I'd never let my face hair get out of control like my mom's and other females in the family. They were all dark haired and the face hair was obvious. So after talking with the dermatologist shaving is the cheapest option we came up with.

BTW, it is an old wives tale that it gets coarser and heavier if you shave. Mine has not changed much in the 20 years I have been shaving. But you do need to extra careful about razor burn and nicks - takes practice. Not so attractive on ladies.

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SCOOTER4263 3/20/2010 3:58PM

    LOL Excellent!!

And as for you, Mel ... your turn will come!

Thanks, guys. That was fun.

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WRITERGIRLMEL 3/20/2010 3:28PM

    Because God really does have a sense of humor, and everyone has to be the punchline at some point!

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SHERYLDS 3/20/2010 1:58PM

    see for an interesting blog on this. enjoy

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TEDDYTEDDY 3/20/2010 1:25PM

    Yep, I got one of them wirey chin hairs and it comes out about every 3 weeks or so and drives me crazy.... also have the salt and pepper eybrows and whenever I try to pluck one of the grey ones I always accidentally get a dark one. and then there are the black ones that curl all over the place and when I pluck them I don't have any eyebrows left...guess it comes with age.... emoticon

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SOULCOLLAGESUE 3/20/2010 11:45AM

    That's a good enough question for Wikipedia, lol! (No solutions here.)

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DHSPARK 3/20/2010 11:38AM

    That's a "hairy" topic! I wonder that same thing...LOL! I'm always saying, "I'm going to go 'shave' now (which means plucking)". At least they're turning white so others don't see the hair but I feel it!

emoticon Deb

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