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Thursday night

Friday, March 30, 2012

Since i won't be around this weekend I thought I would make my blog tonight in case I don't get time in the morning before I leave. Worked hard today getting things done and also got time on the treadmill. Sounds like thunder tonight but the weekend sounds like nice weather. My bowling tonight was bad for the leg was hurting. Makes me wonder why I am going to state this weekend. Guess I have to look at it as time away and fun and not worry how I bowl. Just tired of hurting and feel like I am getting down on myself. Time to fight that feeling of going to the kitchen to eat my feelings away. I have a friend that is fighting for her life, needing a transplant. She is bad tonight and I am afraid she will not make it thru the weekend. Her battle has been going on for over a year now and I think she is giving up. So I feel like why am I complaining about some pain when hers is worst.

I need to regroup and get out of this down mood. April is around the corner and we will soon celebrate our 44th anniversary and DHs birthday. Not sure as of yet what we will do, but want to plan something special.

I hope all have a great weekend and live your life to the fullest. Will return on Sunday and hope I will be in a better mood and be glad to see how everyone made out on their healthy trips. emoticon emoticon

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KAYECAN 3/30/2012 3:11PM

    You are so right about taking a minute to see what other people are going through in their lives and it always makes our pain so trivial. I know our pain is real, but we get through the day and have the ability to make choices. Many people don't. Working in a hospital, I see so much sadness like your friend's situation. We need to really strive to appreciate all we have. Look at you......44 yrs married!!! That is something to celebrate every single day. At the very least....deserves a daily hug and a "thank you" to your spouse to begin each day with. I hope you have a great time at State this weekend. I hope God will take away your pain and give you a happy heart to really enjoy yourself to the fullest. Let us know how it went when you get back.
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The sun is shining and life is too.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Decided to get my blog done this morning. Had a rough night last night. I woke in the middle of the night with lots of pain in legs. So sat on the heating pad and took one of the pain pills that I hate taking. I feel so drugged out when I take them and it takes half the morning to get moving again. The sun is out this morning but chilly. Hope as it warms some that I can get out and walk. Nothing special for the day but to enjoy. emoticon

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IAFARMERWIFE 3/28/2012 7:49PM

    emoticonChin up and away you go! emoticonEnjoy the beautiful Iowa weather! emoticon

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AUNTB63 3/28/2012 10:51AM

    Sorry you had such a bad night.....I know what you mean about pain pills....I hate taking them too for the same reasons.... here's hoping your day goes well and it warms up....I'm planning on cutting some more grass today and hoping to get in a walk with the sun shining........they say our 55 today is going to change to 44 tomorrow.
What a ride this weather is giving us....not complaining though I like to see everything budding and coming to life again. Makes me energized. Feel better soon and if you can maybe take a nap later.... emoticon

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KAYECAN 3/28/2012 9:39AM

    Sorry about the poor nights sleep and the pain. Hope it warms up more and the sun will get you outside for a little walk. It was sunny here most the day yesterday so after my dentist appt, I was able to do some more raking of leaves in the back yard. I love working in the yard.
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Thank you for the spark goodie this morning. Wish I had some of those actually growing in my yard right now. Can't wait for some color to pounce out here. Hope you can get out and enjoy some of that sunshine.
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I'm not taking my trip till the middle of May. I'm sure excited about it though. Can't wait to see my kids and grandkids. Two-thirds of them will be there anyway.

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I'm going from a caterpillar into a butterfly

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Worked for 2 hours today at school then stopped about getting my hair cut for the weekend. She wasn't busy so told me to sit down. Got it cut short and she added some colored strings to my gray hair to give me "bling". It was fun for a change. Then when I got home DH said we better go shop for some pants that will fit right this weekend. Went to Kohls and got some blue jean capris and a top for bowling. Was shocked to find I could get into a size 16 w. No wonder my 20s were a little big on me and I needed a belt to hold them up. Just need to get down some more so I can get 16 petites because of being short. Regulars are just to long for me. Made my day for sure. emoticon

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KAYECAN 3/27/2012 10:26PM

    And you WILL get down more and more. Focus on the positive healthy changes and the results will follow. You are going to be stylin this weekend and I bet the good feeling you have is going to flow into your bowling skills too. Getting healthy gives us more energy and lifts our spirits.....we can move and bend easier....lots of positives to being healthy and we are doing it!!! There are going to be lots of new butterflies this year!!!! And thank you for the "good morning" wishes. It helped get my day off to a real good start (well, except for the dentist thing, but that only lasted an hour...ugh).
Have a restful night.
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The week has begun

Monday, March 26, 2012

Not use to it being so cool. Didn't want to get out of bed this morning, just wanted to snuggle down in the blankets more. Did my 14 min. on the treadmill and then went into work at school for 2 hours. It was a good day there. It has rained with thunder all afternoon, but we do need the rain. Hips and back hurting but alot of it could be the weather. Took an afternoon nap, so feel better.

Making my turkey casserole for supper, it is one I really like. Tonight is The Voice on TV which I like so my night is planned out. emoticon Someone had cinnamon rolls at work today and I am proud of myself to say no thank you. Most of them think that I have a problem with foods because of my esphagues problem so that helpsd them not argue with me on eating.

Have a wonderful evening!!!!

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KAYECAN 3/26/2012 10:05PM

    Today you lived the life of a healthy person. Congratulations!!! What a great start to a new week. I did good on my food menu today as well, but then I wasn't tempted by someone putting a cinnamon roll in my face. Good for you for keeping to your plan. That is success!!
Have a good evening. Take care of that back. Ouch.
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P.S. Thank you for all the support you've given me on my blogs and spark page. I appreciate all the advice and nice comments and take each one to heart. Thank you.

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Another weekend done with another good week ahead

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The weekend has ended and will get on to another great week. I will work at school on Monday and Tuesday for 2 hours each day and then the rest of the week should be quiet. Hoping for lots of walking time. On Friday morning I leave with 10 other girls for state bowling in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Looking forward to a fun weekend with just women. I will have to push my self to get to the excercise room on Saturday and Sunday morning at the hotel. I know I can do it now for I feel like I can't sit down unless I get my time in walking. I finish off the pills the doctor gave me for my back this week and then go back to see her on the 4th of April. Will see what the next step will be then. Probably an MRI the way she talked.

I wanted to be at least 195 for my trip and I made it. Maybe with Gods help I will be below that but if not I am happy. Now setting my next goal of getting to the 180s by May when we go to Wisconsin again for my grandsons play.

Everyone stay positive and we will win this battle and have developed friendships besides. It is so good to have support and to be able to support others. emoticon

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KAYECAN 3/25/2012 8:39PM

    Hope the Relay for Life went well. Next weekend's bowling trip should be alot of fun for you. Sounds like it must be two women's teams going together???? At least you will have some days off of work to be good and rested for it.
Spring finally arrived in Montana today. The sun has been out all day. It started out in the mid 30's but climbed up to 56 today....yeah!!! I raked my front yard for about 5 hours today and now my arms feel like they are on fire. I have a big front yard and an even bigger back yard. However, the front yard is the worst because I have two giant oak trees that are beautiful but produce zillions of leaves and tend to hang on to them most the winter so the majority of my raking takes place in the spring. I still have piles of snow where it's slid off the roof and in areas where the sun doesn't hit very much but I just raked around them. Looks tons better. The back of my truck is full of bags of leaves. Tomorrow I will take them to the compost pile at the dump and empty the bags and bring them home to be reused. I just love working outside in my yard.
Hope you have an enjoyable evening and your back holds up for work tomorrow.
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And thank you for the comments you left on my blog and my spark page. The support is very much appreciated. I take all the comments people give me to heart.

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