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Cool nice weekend

Saturday, August 11, 2012

It is so nice to have cooler weather. Only got a little rain but some is better then none. Walking in the morning is so confortable now. Been doing at least 1 mile and sometimes 2 every morning. Watching the eating real well and avoiding the scale. Took the DS and DGS our for their birthdays last night, they had pizza and I had a turkey wrap and salad. Everyone is going in different directions today. The 16 year old (now) is headed over to friends for Fertile Days and the 40 year old son is headed to friends later today for a party the coaches are throwing for him. We will be going over to friends tonight for a patio party. Will take my veggies and water. Next week will be very busy. I serve my church circle on Monday and have Zumba that night, Tuesday we go to the Cities for a Twins game and will stay over night then home on Wednesday. Right now it looks like we are going out to Slinger, Wisconsin on Thursday to see the grandson out there play some soccer.

My mood has gotten better and I feel great so not letting the scale get me down. The hip and leg has bothered me the last 2 nights, so taking Tylenal to get sleep. I will not let it stop me from getting out and doing my walking and Zumba. We will be starting bowling league the end of the month, so 1 night a week will be a different kind of excercise that will be good.

Love my life, love my body, love my family. emoticon

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A-NEW-TARA 8/11/2012 11:47AM

    I love the idea of staying away from the scale for a while. You are doing all the right things, that's what matters. Bowling will be fun! Keep it up and enjoy your weekend!

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Another week

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Muscles are better this week. Have done my walks and also Zumba on Monday night and will go again on Wednesday. Trying to watch what I eat and pushing more protein. Just have to learn to stay away from the scale. I had stepped on it on Wednesday and it said 184 but then when I did my weight in on Sunday it was 185 so I got frustrated. I have got to ignore it, which is hard when you want to loss so bad. This is a quiet week. We have 2 birthdays this weekend, the son and grandson. There is a party on Saturday. Next week will be my turn to serve my church circle. Planning on fresh fruit and ham/egg cups plus English muffins. Got the egg recipe from here and tried it and it was very good. Then we have tickets for a Twins game on Tuesday so will travel to the cities to watch them. We are talking of going out to Wisconsin to the daughters for 3 or 4 days. Need to see the grandson play soccer, plus the son-in-laws birthday is also in that week.

I fill tired out and down in the dump today, but will get myself boost up. Decided God will make the decision if I can get more off and not let it bother me that i haven't move the scale for over a month or so. Patience has never been a good point with me.

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A-NEW-TARA 8/7/2012 6:15PM

    It can be frustrating when we are doing everything we've done to this point and lost weight, but then it stalls. Have you tried switching things up a bit? Different types of exercise and even adding more calories can get things moving again. It kind of shocks the body into noticing something different and can really help get you over that hump. Maybe get yourself a dvd of a form of exercise you haven't been doing; like tae bo, yoga, a different aerobic routine, different strength training. If you aren't doing much strength training, that could be the ticket...building muscle will burn more calories which is what you want. I did a search on plateaus on the site and here is a link to a list of different ideas people have used to break a plateau.


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AUNTB63 8/7/2012 5:56PM

    Your menu for your church circle sounds yummy. All the things I like for breakfast, although tonight it's going to be dinner. DH has some leftover brats (which I am not fond of) so as I didn't have eggs this morning I will have them tonight.
I'm with you on not having patience. Did you do any body measurements? Maybe this would help instead of just using that pesky scale. Just a thought. Don't beat yourself up about this "stalled" time. There are many reasons for this. One could be the heat and humidity we've been having. I know I am waiting for fall type weather....this has been one heck of a summer. I have a brother who lives in Arizona and I just can't imagine those kinds of temperatures. They say it's a dry heat and that makes a difference. I say 100 degrees is just that 100 degrees. Have a good night and does help. emoticon

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Hump day

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

After tearing up carpet and laying tile in my hallway I am tired out tonight. I have sore muscles in my legs and back. Decided I needed to go to Zumba tonight just to losen up. I t helped but sure wore me out more. The cost for the one here is $4 a night or $30 for 30 times out.

We talked at class tonight and they tink I might not be getting enough protein in me. Never was a big meat eater. Plus maybe not budging the weight because of too a low calorie count. So have to check into that more.

August is not quite as busy a month for us. Baseball is over and school starts the 21st. Will [probably sub off and on as usual. Daughter wants us to come visit, so as soon as we know what the soccer schedule will be for GS in Wisconsin, we will go to Slinger for a visit.

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A-NEW-TARA 8/5/2012 1:23AM

    Sounds like a plan for checking into the calorie and protein idea, may well be the issue for your weight right now.

I bet the tile looks great and how rewarding to have done it yourself, keep it up!

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QUEENXQUIZIT 8/1/2012 10:03PM


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Last Monday in July

Monday, July 30, 2012

Well its Monday and the month of July is almost over. It was nice to have a cool weekend but in my 1 mile walk this morning I can feel the humidity coming back. It is to be a hot one again this week. The weekend was quiet and I got lots of walking in. Tonight will be Zumba again, so hope I sweat off some weight.

I made some lemon cupcakes over the weekend. It is one package of Betty Crocker Lemon Cake Mix and one can of Sprite Zero, mix and bake in muffin tins. Makes 14. They are so good that I wanyted to overdue so I put them in the freezer so I will only thraw and eat one at a time, now and then. They are only 106 calories a cake, so figure they won't hurt as a treat once in awhile. I want to try the banana muffins that are only 83 cal., when I get a chance. I will make them with wheat flour and plain yogurt.

I can always use ideas from all on different foods that I can try. Did orange chicken last night and that was good.

Happy August all.

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A-NEW-TARA 8/1/2012 4:41PM

    I'm glad you at least had a couple days reprieve from the heat and got some walking in. How is the Zumba going? I saw a sign for a Zumba class in the neighborhood and thought about checking it out if it's not too expensive. Have a wonderful week as we welcome August.

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AUNTB63 7/30/2012 11:48AM

    Glad you are getting your walking in....I know what you mean about the humidity returning...not looking forward to the heat again. Thanks for the lemon cupcake recipe....going to have to try the citrus tastes in almost anything. DH not so much so I do two meals at times. As far as the cupcakes I will make a batch of chocolate ones for him.
Here's hoping we both have a good week and we will keep moving forward. emoticon

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The hot tuesday.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This heat is really doing me in. I do get out and walk my mile every morning very early before the heat moves in too bad. I skipped Zumba last night for it is in a building with no air and I just didn't thinbk I could handle it. The weight still isn't budging. Not sure what I am doing wrong but trying not to let it get me down. The grandson did a basketball camp the last two days, so he has moved on to his next sport. DS heads out to football camp for the next three days so he too is moving on to the next sport. A very busy life for them both.

After last week I have been worn down so taking it easy. Cleaned house and caught up on laundry. Must go get groceries today some time for out of fruit and other things. DH will go golfing this afternoon so will do my running then.

I have to start pushing more fruits and veggies and hope that will help the loss. Just have to get out of my funk and start concentrating on me again. emoticon

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A-NEW-TARA 7/28/2012 10:25PM

    You're doing great, hang in there and this plateau will pass. Our bodies just seem to need time to get use to the changes some times. I read an article about plateaus that talked about increasing caloric intake for a week or so..not drastically, just a bit 100 calories or so a day to switch things up, most people do the opposite and lower their caloric intake and that can have the complete opposite reaction than what is desired. Also changing up our exercise routine can be helpful at getting the body past a stand still. Maybe give step aerobics a try, or something off the Spark videos that is different from what you've been doing. Just a couple ideas from what I've read. Just don't lose heart, you've come a long way!
emoticon emoticon

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AUNTB63 7/24/2012 5:48PM

    It's not easy getting out of a funk. Got to find something to perk you up. Maybe a good book?....with a tall glass of iced tea. Or just hop on that "dreadmill" and walk awhile. You've been doing really well and you need to find your Spark again. If you like cherries .... found some very sweet Rainiers the other day....they actually made me feel good and I've been able to find some peaches that are really tasty too....been making salads for dinners lately...right now I am not in the mood to cook, haven't been for a couple of days. emoticon One day at a time. Put a smile on our faces and get sparking..... emoticon you will find a way out of this funk. emoticon

I just read a couple other blogs and boy oh boy there are a lot of people working on getting out of their "funks"...YOU my dear are not alone. Maybe it's the drought in part of the country and floods in the other....Sigh!

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JILLITA55 7/24/2012 12:08PM

    you are doing all the right things. Keep it up

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