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wow day 1

Monday, August 04, 2008

ok so i started my program today. Working third shift so it's already my monday. Boy oh boy excercise videos are something else!
Since i have been inactive for so long i am starting out slow and only doing the 10 min jump start cardio workout and 15 min desk workout video's. Being the very first time i can't believe it was so hard. In the cardio my hips really started to hurt but i actually pushed all the way through it. And the desk workout my legs started to hurt a good one, but again i pushed through it!
I can't believe that i pushed myself through it and actually made it and didn't come out of it discourged!! Talk about my first big accomplishement!!!
I have already ditched the soda and started drinking water, although i hate the taste so i flavor it with those crystal light things. But hell it's working. And at breaks i grabbed crackers and not candy!!
My first day is so far has been a success even though it's early in the day yet. But i feel proud for doing what i've done and i'm actually stoked to keep going!
And believe me after my wieght and measruements to day it's a miracle!!

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BARBARACRAIG 9/8/2008 9:53PM

  scarktty, This is an admirable and very realistic goal, which is not to say easy, it's very practical, and worthwhile, to say the least, best wishes on devising a realistic plan for its achievement, and to do so in your own time, pressure-free, keep us posten Best wishes.

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my supplements

Sunday, August 03, 2008

ok so i wanted to post the list of supplements that i take since i am not on any of my prescriptions.

150mcg 3 pills 2x a day
natural source of Iodine, good for my hypothyroidism

300mg 2 @ bedtime
Helps alleviate symptoms of arthritis, promotes restful sleep, enables body to reserve & sustain energy, is also an ayurveda herb, also called indian ginseng.

500mg 1 pill 2x a day
helps lower blood pressure, movement of potassium, magnesium and sodium, helping maintain cell integrity, antioxidant, helps reinforce immune system, strengthens heart muscle, stabilizing heart rhythm, prevent blood clots, helps guard against diabetes.

500mg 1 pill 2x a day
lowers cholesterol, helps in weight loss, fat burning properties.

Vit E
1 pill 1x a day
Aides in absorption of iodine, relieves leg cramps, helps protect against approx. 80 diseases.

My medical conditions are hypothyroidism, arthritis (hips, knees, hands), heart palpitations, depression, trouble going to sleep and staying asleep, lower back pain due to disks, upper back, shoulder and neck pain (probably from big boobs, what i wouldn't give to get a reduction!). I also have a lot a heart disease and diabetes in my family. My daughter had type 1 diabetes.
So this is what i do, i know it can not replace a doctor but until i am either making better money or obtain health insurance it's better than doing nothing. These are also all the reasons why i started here, to set goals and hopefully reach them. I am tired of feeling like i'm 75 when i'm only 36. I can do better than this!


Starting it

Saturday, August 02, 2008

OK i believe i have my plan all worked out now. I work third shift and working over the weekend so i am going to start on monday, which will actually be sunday night for me. My plan is to watch the calorie intake, switch my bad snacks for better more healthier one's,. Start a excercise routine. Since i haven't worked out in eons i will start with the 15 min work out at work video, That should get me started and once i'm at a comfortable pace with that move up to the boot camp series of videos. I also figure that it would be easy for me to dance for an hour 2-3 times a week. I already walk 3-8 miles a night at work. I am also going to GNC and refresh my supply of suppliments for my hypothyroidism.
When i do my errands sat morning i also want to get a set od scales to get my actual wieght before i start and a tape measure to measure myself. Turning fat into muscle doesn't always mean wieght loss though i will expect that sometime i will drop a few pounds doing this. I've done all my research and planning now i'm preparing to start my journey. Thanks t this site though i have found workouts and good hearted people. So Here's to my starting!!!
Yay, i'm on my way now!