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Not Strong Enough

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A few months ago I made a goal to be 20 pounds lighter than I currently am. The goal I set in February is still my goal--I have not given up and I will not give up, because I want to achieve my goal weight!

Although I did not make my goal, I know that I can learn from this failure. I searched and found a quote by John Christian Bovee that best expresses what I must admit: "A failure establishes only this, that our determination to succeed was not strong enough."

My determination is now stronger and my motivation is ignited. I want to reach this goal more now than ever! Watch me shrink!


Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Yes, it's true. This morning my scale showed that I have achieved an important goal in my journey towards the me I seek to be! My weight this morning was 182.6 pounds. This new weight shows the loss of ten percent of my former self!

There is a saying that "good things come to those who wait!" It has been twelve weeks ssince I began my weight journey on Sparks People. Upon reflection, these twelve weeks have not been such a long period of time. In fact, waiting to reach this ten percent goal has passed rather quickly. Using this time to produce a healthier me gives me great satisfaction, pride, and appreciation for those who have inspired and supported my efforts.

My journey to the me I wish to be continues to be one of patience, determination, endurance and adventure. Step by step, ounce by ounce, the new me is emerging!

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CLADY326 4/2/2009 12:45AM

    What an inspiration you are. 10% is HUGE!!! Just shows what you can do, what we all can do, if we set our minds to it!!! emoticon and emoticon girlfriend!! Woo Hoo!! emoticon

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MINDYHGP 4/1/2009 5:32PM

    What a great "Aha" moment! I had the same one! Look how much was accomplished in only 12 weeks! Imagine if you hadn't put the work into it..those 12 weeks would still be gone and you wouldn't be this healthier you! But you did put the work in and you did become 10% less and Healthier!!! Way to go!

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Keep on Keeping On!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yesterday the weather, after nearly a week of spring temperatures and sunshine, reverted to winter "misery." Since I was feeling cold, I reached into the closet for something warm and cozy to wear. The maroon sweater, which has resting on a shelf for over a year, seemed to call my name. Reluctantly, I tried it on, expecting that it would still be too tight to wear comfortably and that I would need to place it back on its shelf for another trial in the future. As you probably guessed, the sweater fit, and it fit very comfortably! Oh, how I loved wearing it again! It is proof that I am making strides toward becoming the me I want to be!

Wearing the sweater reminded me there are important changes happening, even if the numbers on the scale appear to decrease slowly! The happiness which I experienced yesterday was my reward for continuing to use patience and determination--for keeping on!

I often have heard that Rome was not built in a day! I am aware that the new me, which I seek, will not happen as quickly as I wish. However, today I feel empowered that I will reach my goal!

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MINDYHGP 3/25/2009 3:53PM

    Oh Congratulations!!!! It's like going shopping without spending money! LOL Being able to wear old clothes that didn't used to fit is BETTER than new clothes! Great job!

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My February Journey

Friday, February 20, 2009

I just realized that I did not blog my monthly efforts toward achieving a healthier me!

From January 2 to February 7 my weight seemed to stablize in the 189 to 191 pound area. This, I believe, was a weight plateau. Each morning when I weighed myself, my scale would show numbers in this range.

I am not new to weight loss programs. I know from experience that plateaus are to be endured. With time and patience, my body will eventually release weight. Of course, waiting and continuing to do the right things without reinforcement are difficult experiences!

On January 14 I decided that my goal was to be under 185 pounds for Valentine's Day--a weight of 184.9 would be a good thing for a Valentine's Day gift to myself. This would be a loss of five pounds, which I thought was a goal which I could reach in a month's time.

On February 14 I weighed 187. I did not make my goal of 184.9 pounds. Yes, there was a bit of disappointment, but I focused on the positives--I was continuing to eat and exercise appropriately!

February 9 the scale showed my weight to be 186.4--the lowest weight I have seen since I started with Spark People. I was excited and hopeful that my plateau period was over.

February 20--Since February 13 my weight has been decreasing from 187 to today's weight of 185.2. Today I hope that when this month ends my scale will continue to show smaller digits. Good-bye, plateau!


Keeping On!

Friday, February 20, 2009

It has been far too long since I typed a message in this blog. I have been examining my journey for a healthier me and found some optimistic news.

First of all, my weight is decreasing again. My body did not seem to want to leave the 188-192 pound area! For days and days, my weight fluctuated in this zone. Yes, I believe I was on one of those dreaded plateaus that people who seek weight reduction fear! Yes, I believe there is fear, because there is no way to know when (or if) the plateau will end and smaller numbers will appear on the scale again! However, the plateau gave me time and opportunity for practicing patience and reflecting on myself. I have considered questions such as: How much did I want a healthier body, mind and soul? How long was I willing to maintain the new lifestyle I was using? What am I willing to do to obtain my goal for better health? The answers were that I would do what I needed to do to get the results I desperately want!

For the past week or two I have noticed that my body was revealing a new form. I have a slight indention at my waist, my stomach is smaller, my thighs appear firmer and tighter, and my chin firmer! The jeans that were almost too tight to wear at the beginning of December are now almost too big to wear!

No one has remarked about the "new" me that is emerging. I have not received a single comment about the changes in my weight or appearance. Since I have been on too many weight reduction programs in the past to recall, I know that these comments usually begin after I drop twenty or so pounds. Of course, positive comments are always welcomed and I enjoy recognition for my efforts. However, to be honest, I do not seek or miss any such comments. I am creating "a new me" for myself and not for anyone else.

I resolve to keep on "keeping on!" My desires to be healthier and, thus, happier necessitate such a course of action. I have faith in myself and in my knowledge and experiences with this healthier lifestyle. When all is said and done, "if it is to be, it is up to me" to make it happen!

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MINDYHGP 2/20/2009 5:25PM

    Beautiful Blog! Great job! You're very inspirational! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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