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Thursday, August 19, 2010

....looks like ulcerative colitis & apparently in a very nasty flair up right now (Biopsy results will be back next week). Colonoscopy was really not that bad thanks to the wonderful drugs they give you now...impressed as I saw the specialist Tuesday and he asked them to get me in ASAP and 2 day's later there I was.

It is what it is and we go from here....just nice to know after 3 years of having issues this flair up finally showed them what was really going on.

Still a bit loopy so off to take a nap. Hope you all have a great rest of your week.

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LMWST36 8/20/2010 12:56PM

    Oh man! I am sorry to hear, but glad that you got a diagnosis.

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*MADHU* 8/20/2010 12:07PM

    That is emoticonthat you have your diet in check emoticon

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SBINCALI 8/20/2010 11:23AM

    Thanks...they started me on meds yesterday. it is what it is and at least I now know what it is. On the diet front the doctor said my diet is good and I don't need to change anything just keep up the healthy eating emoticon His nurse was blown away and told my mother in law that I am one of the very few he has every told that to emoticon she has been working with him for years and apparently he has only told 1 or 2 other individuals that emoticon Thank goodness for Spark and the wonderful recipes I find here!

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*MADHU* 8/20/2010 10:45AM

    With a confirmed diagnosis, your Dr. would be putting you on meds soon. Now is the right time to focus on a proper diet to prevent flare ups and worsening of UC.

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MAMADWARF 8/19/2010 8:56PM

    Sorry to hear that! MY daughter (20) suffers from Crohns disease so I understand how you are feeling. Good to have a diagnoses tho. Sounds like you have a good dr. too and that is half the battle! Be well! Jan

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The Makings of a Really Crappy Day

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seriously this is not fun....I have a last minute colonoscopy tomorrow that was scheduled yesterday. The doc is going to biopsy tissue from the large intestion to finalize his diagnosis. As of now its looking like the issues I have had the last 3 years are ulcerative colitis or Crohn's......I am still hoping for a nasty bacterial infection as that can be treated with antibiotics and go away. Sigh oh well they say their are really good drugs out there now to treat the flair ups and symptoms as they appear. Just not looking forward to the possibility of steroids as they tend to put weight on & they still want me to take it easy. I guess its time to cancel the gym membership since I can't do any of the hard core workouts I loved I am going back to yoga & walking which I can do at home.

It is what it is and I am going to make margaritas out of the lemons :) I lost the bulk of the weight walking so its time to go back to that @ emoticon

hope you all have a fantastic day

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WALKING_ANGUS 8/18/2010 3:14PM

    I wish you luck at the doctor's office tomorrow. You seem to have a good attitude going into the day, which some think is half the battle. Your SparkFriends will be here for you no matter what the doctor tells you. Keep up with the walking. You have now proved to yourself that it is an effective weight management/loss strategy.

Kate emoticon

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SBINCALI 8/18/2010 1:05PM

    Thanks Madhu :) I should get back into the callanetics! thanks for the reminder :)

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*MADHU* 8/18/2010 12:14PM

    I hope things turn out in your favor and the diagnosis is not something very serious. And YAY for one of the best, definitely NOT hard-core workout i.e. callanetics.

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Having a “woe is me” moment

Friday, August 06, 2010

I know there are others who are going through a lot more than I am right now. Hell I just lost a dear friend to pancreatic cancer a few weeks ago. But I am just frustrated b/c I have been having some minor (in comparison) health issues & here 6 weeks later my doc still won’t release me to workout…I can’t even ride my bike to work (SOB that’s my main workout in the summer and I love it). I am pretty much stuck to walking and swimming…we have a pool but I hate the water….I prefer to sit in the spa and enjoy a nice cold beer ;)

…no clue when I will get to workout hard again but it’s not looking like anytime soon. I have a few appts with some specialists later this month & might have to have some surgery so I don’t see any use keeping my gym membership as I have already paid for about 3 month’s this year that I haven’t been able to go. I would LOVE to go back to yoga at the gym but the time doesn’t work with our family life.

I have already gained some weight over the last few months but I know its b/c I haven’t been supper careful about what I put in my mouth…that’s gotta change if I can’t do the hardcore workouts….I can’t eat like I did when I was working out 1.5-2 hours a day….yes a little bit of junk is going to hurt me now :*(

Anyway that’s it I am over it…thanks for letting me cry…I feel better now. I plan to at least get back to walking a bit as its better than nothing.

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LMWST36 8/9/2010 6:40PM

    Hope things get better soon! I agree walking will help clear your mind.

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WALKING_ANGUS 8/6/2010 4:17PM

    I hope you feel better after blowing off some of your frustrations. I agree with DLM1227. If all you can do is walk then walk as much as you are able to every day. If done at a quick pace it does raise the heart rate and it burns calories. If you use nordic poles (called nordic walking - an activity from Europe that is hundreds of years old) you will burn 30% more calories than just walking with no poles at the same pace. Just a thought. Whatever you do don't give up!

Kate emoticon

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MIAJOEB 8/6/2010 3:13PM

    We are here to encourage not to commiserate.
I agree with DLM1227 WALK

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DARLENEK04 8/6/2010 2:39PM

  Envision me patting you on the back and telling you all will
be well....JUST DON'T GIVE UP! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

You will get back in the groove soon as you get that release.
In the meantime don't try to overdo and mess up your getting
sprung from the dr.

Come on, girl it could be so much on what you
can and let the rest slide until you are better able..............


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SKINNYPANDA2015 8/6/2010 2:37PM

    If all you can do is walk, then walk walk walk walk. It's great exercise, and if you do enough of it, you'll burn enough calories to at least stop gaining.

Don't let your current situation stop you from reaching your goals - it's just a speed bump!!

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2 Day's in a Row!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2 day’s into the new emoticon am workout schedule. I can’t lie and say its easy to get up at 4:15 am and get to the gym by 5 am but I can say I feel so alive and refreshed all day now. I emoticon my afternoon workout & being able to attend the classes but it just didn’t fit with our family schedule…when I treid workout in the early am before it was too hard to get to the gym, get home for a shower and then to work on-time. Trying to workout at home with P90X was just too much and waking up the family trying to sleep didn't go over so well…maybe in few years when our son doesn’t get up so early I can try it again.

Now I hit the gym, head to work and take a shower there (thank goodness we have a shower here :D) and then start my day so I am home to my full time job of Mom & Wife.

If I can just keep this up I think it will make life so much easier!

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LMWST36 6/24/2010 6:36PM

    YOWZA! 4:15 in.the.morning.

I know the gym is soooo not even close to being crowded at that time - I used to love getting their early (but not that early!). Six was probably the earliest for me.

Glad to hear you are fitting it in!


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BIKERBABE2BE 6/22/2010 3:03PM

    emoticon emoticon I have to exercise in the morning, or there is no getting it in. It takes time, but it is so nice to have it done for the day. Good luck!

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*MADHU* 6/22/2010 12:29PM

    emoticonYou inspire me to try the AM workouts (I've been trying and hitting the snooze emoticonfor past 5 years)

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So I wanted to loose the last 5 lbs just not this way

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ugg stinking stomach bug....on the down side I feel crummy and can't even keep water down...on the + I have lost 5 lbs in 1 day&I have a clean slate to start eating super healthy again. I know the weight won't stay off once I can eat again. Sigh...there goes the workouts for the week emoticon

I am just freaking out the 5 year old is gong to get it....he won't be able to handle it very well. Send some positive thought the rest of family is safe! emoticon

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LMWST36 5/27/2010 3:41PM

    Oh man! I hope you are feeling better soon! Get lots of water and rest!!!!


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*MADHU* 5/25/2010 1:33PM

    emoticonTry some Jell-O, Ginger Iced Tea...Wishing you a speedy recovery and keeping you and your family in my prayers for good health.

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