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Gone, but recharged and reinvigorated!!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

So I have been gone for a while and have been easing back into this the last two weeks. I just switched my diet stage strategy and even got up at six this morning and pulled a full hour on the elliptical!!! That was quite a push I tell you but I think it got my metabolism going strong for the rest of the day. In the month or so I have been gone I think I did fairly well also (I did gain weight but only five pounds).

Now with the new year I feel reinvigorated and I have two months to go before my field season starts and I am gone almost everyday. Some days I will not even have internet access. So I figure I had better give it one good push. I think it would be great to be down another 30 or so pounds before I go and float around 260 - 270. I always seem to lose weight during the eight month field season. I have done really well and cut the alchohol consumption down to maybe twice per month so those useless calories will not be added. I started last field season around 360 lbs and dropped 23 over the eight months. Now, however, armed with the knowledge I have I am sure I can keep a ten pound a month pace!!! That will put me around 200 lbs by next winter!!! I think that would be fantastic because it is during the winter where I can really focus on that last thirty. So, I was gone for a while but I came back with a definate plan of action and I am recharged to carry it out!!!

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L1TTLEONE 1/6/2007 10:30PM

    It's so great to be able to look at a goal and realize it's reachable, isn't it? Congrats, and welcome back!

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Working My Way Back

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have been doing pretty good about getting in at least four days of excercise a week while I have been working. Also, I have been keeping my calories down alot, sometimes too much. Today I only had ~750 calories. I am pretty tired and don't really feel hungry (hopefully my stomach is shrinking). I need to keep the calories a bunch higher (more than double) otherwise I will just go into starvation mode. I am happy to say I am down to 307lbs now. I am only seven shy of my goal of 300 by Christmas!!

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BABBLES1232000 12/24/2006 2:44PM

    wow, you are making great progress....don't beat yourself up when you laspe, and don't forget that you are human....we all make mistakes, but this is a doable goal, and you have the right incentives to do can keep going, and even with some laspes, make your goals reality...good luck

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L1TTLEONE 12/20/2006 3:06AM

    Careful not to go too low on your calories! You have to stay healthy!!!!

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Back on the Ball

Monday, December 11, 2006

Well i did very well yesterday and today and when I got on the scale today I was 310 lbs. Down another one. Not bad I think considering my last lapse. I was able to do alot of excercising today and watch what I ate very closely. So all that being said, I think I am back on track and here comes those ten pounds by Christmas!!


My Return

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Well a little over a week and I have really faltered on my dieting and exercising. I had the trip to Nebraska earlier this week that went very well. Although I did not get to exercise I did not go crazy with food, but the beer and alcohol yes. That spilled over to Friday night when I went a little wild too and wound up drinking for 12 hours. So yesterday was a day of recovery and today I have returned to track all of my foods eaten and to excercise. I have plenty of time off coming up over the next few weeks so I am really gonna focus on me. I want to hit that goal of 300lbs by the end of the year.


A Trip to Nebraska

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Well I got on the scale today and the weight is just coming off now at a pretty good pace. I am putting some distance behind that wall now. I woke up weighed myself and saw I was 111 lbs. All the exercising is paying off now I think I have increased my metabolic rate. I feel more full of energy than before and when I wake up I look forward to the day ahead.

I have a tough trip coming up for the next three days where I am going to try to eat healthy. the problem is we are staying at a convention center so it will be vrey difficult for me to track calories. I will do my best to and I will probably leave food on my plate. I am also going to pack some yogurts, some low sodium V8 juice, and fruit to have for breakfast and lunches. Hopefully they will have a fitness center but I am at least going to pack my resistance bands.


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