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The more things change...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Checking in with a brief omnibus update.

I am no longer working hard at being Paleo, but the couple months I spent at it do seem to have changed my tastes in food. I don't want extremely sweet things, anymore. For example, while I did eat a (single) Eggo waffle at breakfast this morning, I ate it without any syrup or other sweetener. At my parents' house last week my mother made chocolate chip cookies, and I repeatedly decided to eat something else when I had the munchies. When circumstances force me to take my preschooler to the grocery store, I buy her a donut, but I'm not tempted to get one for myself.

Sweet stuff just makes me feel so bad that usually I don't want it. And that's a major shift in perspective.

I am also addicted to my hour-long walks, either on a nearby trail or at the gym, depending on the weather. I do them five days a week, skipping on the days my daughter goes to preschool (cuz those are working days for this indie author). I absolutely depend on them to sleep well, feel good during the day, and stay sane. They're when I have my mind to myself, on the days my daughter is home, and they're when I do my best thinking about my current projects. The day before we left for my parents' house I couldn't take that hour for myself, and oh boy, was I grumpy about it.

HAVING SAID ALL OF THAT, I currently weigh 195 pounds. That's exactly what I weighed when I signed up for the gym last December. I was briefly down to 191 pounds, at the height of my Paleo phase. As soon as I started eating some grains again I bounced back up. So that wasn't real weight loss, just an illusion.

So, you know. Whaddaya gonna do. Losing weight is an excruciating process for me, and I don't know if I'll ever succeed in any significant amount of loss. I feel that I have healthy habits, though, so frankly... weight loss can go hang. I have multiple metabolic conditions. I have other priorities for my life and time. I can pose for a picture and not look completely horrible. My husband likes me. End of story.

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IVYLASS 7/13/2014 12:22AM

    You looked very pretty in your picture with Diana. The scale is just one measure of health have more energy, you're making good food choices, and fitting in time for exercise. You are doing everything you should be doing!!

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Pretty well stuck in

Sunday, February 16, 2014

I've been going to the gym regularly for two months now and eating Paleo for about six weeks. Well, the Paleo has undergone a little revision. I was having headaches, dragginess, and some digestion problems after a couple weeks of following it 100%. Then I found "Scottish oatmeal" at the grocery store, and for reasons irrelevant here, couldn't resist trying it. It's really nice, it has a texture like Irish/steel cut oats but can be microwaved in three minutes. I let myself have a serving after I go to the gym, and I'm feeling 100% better.

The weight loss has slowed down dramatically; only two pounds in nearly a month. I'm expecting another drop after the gym today (yay temporary dehydration). I have had a lot of days when I ate something off-program, and on those days there's no redemption. Too much sugar or grain makes me hungry, draggy, and bloated for the rest of that day, and it's "lost" as far as weight loss goes.

But the more I go off program and feel rotten because of it, the less tempted I am to go off program. So there's that.

I'm very happy about the situation. Weight loss without suffering, however slow, is completely new to me.

I think I'm starting to look better too. Less pudgy around the middle.

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    A single step, no matter how smaill, toward a worthwhile goal, is progress

Make Today the Greatest Day of Your Life

emoticon Until Tomorrow

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Five pounds

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And today I am officially down 5 pounds since January 7. So there.

I'd like to reiterate that my weight problem didn't have anything to do with greed, laziness or stupidity. I guess it did have something to do with ignorance--I didn't understand to what degree insulin resistance was affecting my hunger levels. I'd also like to reiterate that the insulin resistance isn't the result of greed, laziness or stupidity. It's a genetic condition that was activated at puberty, and I lived with it for twenty years before figuring all this out.

I'm feeling good about the future.

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MASON_EMKAY 1/21/2014 5:24PM


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Two week mark

Monday, January 20, 2014

Today marks two weeks on my modified Paleo regimen. I am down 4.2 pounds. Half of that came off in the first five days... the rest of it I count as legitimate fat loss. In the past four days I've lost .4 pounds.

After my crazy pipe-dreams of being a single-digit size for summer, this is a letdown, but the fact remains that I am losing weight and not suffering much while doing it. No hunger or cravings or paranoia or even feeling grumpy about what I'm currently eating and not eating.

One caveat: I have felt run down ever since I started. There are secondary factors contributing to it, first a nasty head cold and then the monthly hormonal hurricane. Both of those should be subsiding very, very soon if not right away... but man. I have been constantly exhausted and with a never-ending niggling headache for two weeks now. Crummy. I won't decide that it's definitely the Paleo state of things bothering me until I'm at the one-month mark though. I guess it's pretty normal to still be feeling weird after two weeks without grains.


Getting "churched" at the gym

Friday, January 17, 2014

Just after Thanksgiving I joined the local gym. I'd been pestering my husband with ill-formed family fitness ideas and he finally told me to just sign up. He works from home, he will watch our daughter while I'm gone.

A chance to get out of the house by myself, to do something for myself? I was on it.

The local gym is spartan in terms of cushy amenities--it doesn't even have showers, much less a sauna or juice bar--but it has tons and tons of interesting equipment. Also when you sign up for the first time, you get a personal training session in which a weight and flexibility routine is designed for you, based on your fitness and goals. So I met one of the trainers, had my session, and have been doing that in addition to walking an hour on the treadmill every time I go--which is five times a week when the weather cooperates.

The local gym is owned by an old lady. A fit old lady, but an old lady. And she thinks I need to be ministered to, I guess. My trainer was another old lady who was easy to talk to, and I talked too much. She told the owner. The owner now wants to have regular discussions with me about my diet and exercise. And I am over it. I'm 33 years old. I have a degree in animal physiology and a PhD not wholly unrelated to that. I've tried plenty of things, and I've exercised hard in my life. Really, really hard. I know how to do that. I'm not doing it now. So please lady, leave me alone.

Anyway, I was glad to be able to tell her that paleo was working for me, so that part of the discussion could end. Now I just have to get her to leave me the hell alone about my choice of cardio. I'm there to have some time to myself. I want to walk for an hour and read my book. I don't want to go balls-to-the-wall on the rowing machine for twenty minutes. GO AWAY.

I really must be growing up, to not give a rat's ass about what an older person wants me to do.

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IVYLASS 1/17/2014 5:56PM

    Tell her you are following your doctor's recommendations (whether you are or not.) That should shut her up.

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