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Ah, the blame game

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 which I blame everything else for my troubles.

I stepped on the scale this morning and then informed my husband it was mean to me.

Yeah, probably not. It's just a scale. It reports the facts, ma'am.

I blame work stress, but work stress isn't forcing me to make bad habits.

I blame lack of sleep, but my bed isn't lined with iron spikes to keep it from me.

So, as always, as ever, I need to be more mindful. Of the choices I make. Of my responses to stress. Of what happens when I stay up too late. I need to find ways to cope. I ought to find a way to redirect myself. Drink some of my slightly flavored water when I feel the need to put something in my mouth. Take a walk when work makes me want to scream.

In spite of this all, I lost another half an inch off my waist.

I've started physical therapy, which should help resolve lingering knee pain from my surgery in December.

My skin is clearing up, so I'm moving in the right direction.

I'll get there. I'm a work in progress. :)

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SKIMBRO 3/25/2014 8:00AM

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Monday, March 03, 2014

The scale said unhappy things to me this morning.

I reminded myself that I am sick, I stayed up too late, and I didn't sleep well.

However, the waist measuring tape said "good job! Another half an inch gone!"

Also, my skin says "Hooray! Feeling much better!"

While the scale may not reflect the progress I want it to, everything else says "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!"

And I will. I'll also try to get more sleep, which will help fight the sinus infection, too!

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EJRANVILLE 3/3/2014 11:02AM

    Keep up the good work and that scale will get on board with the right message emoticon

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

I was significantly more successful last night. Less mindless eating and better choices. My evening snack was a serving of almonds. Still pretty high calorie but definitely a better nutritional punch than the candy from the night before.

Baby steps. Real changes. Better decisions.

I'm in a new office at work and, in two days, I'm already less stressed and sleeping better. It can't hurt at all to tie in a healthier eating plan to this!

To be honest, I haven't stepped on a scale yet. I don't want to. I know it'll send me into a spiral of shame and sadness. I'm not sure when I will - hopefully next week, but I want to prove that I can eat well before stepping on and having the opportunity to tell myself that I'm a failure/can't do anything right/why do I make this so hard on myself. I'm proving that I'm not a failure and that I can do it right, so, yeah. Scale, later. Emotional well being and better food choices now. :)


Track track track vacation track

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Okay, back from vacation. It was a great vacation. I didn't watch what I ate, but I ate only stuff that tasted good. We walked everywhere all day every day. I hit up the gym 3 or 4 times while we were on the ship and the other days, I counted the all walking as my exercise.

Anywho. Back to tracking as of yesterday. I skipped Sunday, but we'd opted for healthIER superbowl options. Like, fruit with a low fat vanilla yogurt dip. Or some cheese with crackers. We skipped the greasy, the fried, and the pizza. Partially, you know, because we were just back from vacation and we were tired of heavy foods, but mostly because we're both wanting to lose some of our weight. Go us.

Yesterday went well until I got home and then it's like I hadn't seen food in a month. Some candy hearts? Why, sure thing! Air popped popcorn? A-ok! Oh, look, chocolate...! Wait, what? Oh well. You know. I logged it, I owned up to it, and said "tomorrow is a new day" (since it was 10pm when I realized what I'd eaten and, let's face it, I wasn't giving up on the day since there was no day left and sleep beckoned).

Today IS a new day. Let's see what I can do with it. i'd like to really make progress and I'm getting things set up to make it happen. I've been moved to a new department. No, really. We're a new department. So we don't have a microwave, yet. We don't have a toaster, so I'm thinking I might just buy one and bring it in rather than justify it. We have a fridge. We don't have easy access to water, but walking up and down two flights can't hurt. I hope.

Oh, but my ankle isn't 100% yet. Getting there. Some of the walking was KILLER - after awhile, I couldn't walk as far as fast as I'd like. Of course, it's not like I was walking on a track, but on city sidewalks... which were uneven and crumbling or cobblestones. One point, I was clearly overtired and twisted my ankle twice in a few steps. We stopped, rested, and got back. It did swell, some. I took some pain meds (ibuprofen) and rested. The next day, I still had soreness, but I didn't twist and I didn't swell. I'm so happy.

Our basement is done (with this phase) so my exercise bike will be heading back down there. I'm hoping it's cooler. I might close some of the vents to make it so.

Let's see how long it takes me to lose 5lbs. I can do this!

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MYUTMOST4HIM 2/5/2013 10:11AM


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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I have successfully completed my first week of tracking, tracking, tracking, regardless of whether it was good or bad. And it was some of both. Tracking certainly helps give me pause, when I reach for that... thing.

Like, Monday. I've got another sinus infection. When I'm sick, for whatever reason, I crave sweets. I think because it's a very strong flavor and it can penetrate the head fog. Anyway. I wanted a Frosty. I had the opportunity to get a Frosty. I was able to talk myself down, then, to a smaller less calorie intense sweet. Success!

(I've also found that the flavored sparkling water is a real great distraction. I'm talking the kind that is just flavor and water; no sweeteners)

I'm working this week, on being in the lower calorie range. I anticipate pretty good success with this because I know I can do it! Of course, my workouts are suffering a bit, because it's hard to breathe and I'm coughing quite a bit. I'm doing the best I can, so that's as good as it's going to get.


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