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Digging! I'm a digger! Mouahaha!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

One half hour of digging burns 285 calories!
And tonight I discovered another fringe benefit - beside getting rid of the nasty ground cover, the yew roots, and getting the ground ready for seeding...
I did the Leslie 3-mile fast workout (last mile with 2 lb. weights) and discovered that my stamina and overall body strength was so much better!
I am using a pickax to break up the ground, and I have to pause a bit from time to time to let my lower back rest - but I have had no back pain from this.
It really feels good to be getting stronger!


Gardening...who knew?

Friday, June 11, 2010

I have gardened before, but not for a while, since this year my garden is a mess, due to nearby construction, & it would have been a waste of time to do much in it. BUT my neighbor has a bunch of ivy that needed to go. emoticon
Soooooo out I went with the trusty wheelbarrow, spade, cutters, etc. Not a bad day for it and after 2 hours, the ivy was GONE. This burns an amazing number of calories, it turns out! I never knew how many until I started Sparkpeople.
Now my neighbor can Roundup the remaining roots which I could not dislodge...and next week when they are dead, I will hoe them up and prepare the ground for grass seed. Woo hoo and variety of exercise too! I feel every muscle of my midsection and then some, but it is a GOOD tired! emoticon


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