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Another week, another pound or so

Friday, July 15, 2011

Which was good! I weighed myself this morning and I'd lost another pound. Hooray! We're not to the official weigh-in date for the week, but I was delighted.
Of course, I also ate a candy bar and drank a glass of milk yesterday. I was seriously craving chocolate, and can't have chocolate without milk.
Hopefully, this lapse won't permanently affect me and I'll get back on track today.


Made it thru the weekend

Monday, July 11, 2011

Okay, well, I made it. It wasn't a diet extravaganza, but it was a relatively successful weekend. What I did discover is that I'm addicted to coffee--I know because I tried to give it up, and didn't have any on Sunday (I ran out) and woke up today with the Headache from Hell.

So, okay, I bought more coffee and I'm fine. I had tried to cut it out since I read that coffee could be responsible for depressed moods, but I'll just have to work on something else to elevate my thinking.

Most of the conventional wisdom states that sugar, red meat and junk food is responsible for causing depression, as the hormones get all imbalanced when you eat this stuff. So I can cut down on the sugar (in progress) and the red meat (ditto) and the junk food (done) and hope for better days.

I don't lose weight very fast. There are other women in our weight loss group who have already lost 7 pounds, and I've only lost 2--if that, since I weighed myself initally at the fattest time of day, and then again at the skinniest, which as everyone knows can cause weight fluctuations.

I haven't lost weight quickly since I was in my 30s. How depressing! When I was on Optifast a few years ago, it was a struggle to peel away those half-pound increments. A two-pound week was a major victory, bought at horrific cost in terms of moment-by moment hunger and wretchedness.

So heck, I haven't wanted to do THAT again. But I want to be healthy and not tired anymore, and I want to buy my clothes in a regular-size clothing store once more, and I want to look nice. I want to smile for the camera and know that the final result will be an attractive snapshot of a pleasant looking person with only one chin and a trim waistline.


Four days, not so bad

Saturday, July 09, 2011

So I'm beginning my fifth day on this new plan. I've been doing all right with the eating part except on Thursday, Day Three, when I gave in to the call of this big piece of blueberry coffeecake that I'd made on Sunday.
Once I ate it, I felt over-full and queasy and I've got to remember that feeling. It will help me avoid doing that again.
The other thing I've noticed is a slight sense of depression. I just feel a little sad, and I catch myself having negative thoughts in which I imagine myself being ignored, neglected and disliked by my friends. I know they're not real or logical thoughts, and I know I get them every time I go on a diet. No idea what causes this, but it happens. Hard to shake, sometimes.
Well, maybe someday I'll figure out how to beat those blues. In the meantime, I'll do my best to stick with the plan.


A good beginning!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Well, I've been following the diet plan for a couple of days, and although I am modifying practically everything, I think that's going pretty well.

Today's big news is that I planned to wake up early and exercise! My husband was skeptical--he always is--when I said I'd wake up at 6 am and exercise. He gets up at 6:30, so I decided I'd get up with him. I wanted to start slow, anyway. Not a lot of exercise to begin with or I'd quit.

But, but, but. Six thirty rolled around, and I even sat up on the edge of the bed. But I was so tired, I fell back asleep. I could almost see my husband shaking his head as he saw me still in bed a half-hour later.

Better late than never! I got out of bed, put on my exercise clothes and went downstairs to exercise. I tried about 10 minutes of this Radiant Heart Yoga DVD (meh) and then did the 5-minute warmup from the Bollywood Dance Blast DVD (not bad).

But hey, I did it! It's a good start, and tomorrow I'll be in better shape to do it again!

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JUGGLERCHIC 7/7/2011 8:33AM

    Way to go on a good start! I have been starting over again and it has been harder for me to get up earlier in the morning than I remember. Hopefully I can become more like you and just do it later so that I get some in! Keep up the great work!

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